FIFA World Cup & the Death of Roger Piantoni: Germany VS Brazil


Roger Piantoni, an old-timey French footballer whose squad finished third in the ’58 FIFA World Cup (the first ever won by Brazil with the international debut of Pelé), has died on 26 May 2018 at the age of exactly 1037 months old (86 years 5 months) and 137 is of course the 33rd prime number. La France =33 with Paris =33 and its +33 country code.

  • Roger =33. Soccer =33. Football =133. Brazil won ’58 exactly 3133 weeks before this year’s FIFA World Cup =133. Twenty-First FIFA World Cup =333. Piantoni’s parents were immigrants from Italy =133/33 reminding us of the recent ritual sacrifice of Italian footballer Davide Astori on the day of the Italian election. And further with the French-Italian connection, FIFA is a French organization headed by an Italian.

Italy is the only nation in history to win back-to-back World Cups, both with the same coach, Vittorio Pozzo, in 1934 & 1938. Germany is now aiming to tie the record, shooting to go back-to-back with their coach Joachim Löw (sounds like Love and spelled Loew in English) and legendary goaltender Manuel Neuer. Astori =330 and Neuer =330, both in Jewish G, and Loew =330 was 3030 weeks old when Astori was killed, leaving behind a young daughter by the name of Vittoria, the feminine version of Vittorio, a name that means conqueror.


Roger Piantoni =138 was born on (12+26) =38 a span of 13 years 8 months before the birth of Franz Anton Beckenbauer =83, the only man to win the World Cup both as player and manager, a man from Germany =38/83. Beckenbauer =38/83 will be 3800 weeks old for this year’s Final in Russia =38/83, and Italy repeated as victors in ’38. Football =83.

  • As I covered back then, Astori played for ACF Fiorentina =1380 in Florence =138 and died in Udine Italy =1308 at the precise age of 11,380 days old. What I missed back then, is that he also died 138 days before the 2018 World Cup Final. Pele =38 aka Edson Arantes do Nascimento =138/381. The President of FIFA is an Italian named Infantino =138 

Pelé will be 77 years 7 months old for the World Cup, where Brazil & Germany are tied as favourites to win it all. Remember that in the last World Cup Germany humiliated Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals, in Brazil. So both teams have a strong narrative going into the mega-ritual occult event that is the FIFA World Cup.


Piantoni =118 was born 10,080 days (or exactly 1440 weeks) after the founding date of FIFA =18. Pele =18. Football =81 and here in ’18 we find the Twenty-First FIFA World Cup Twenty Eighteen =1801 with the favoured matchup: Brazil + Germany =181. 

  • Pozzo was 18 years 81 days old when FIFA was founded, and from Pozzo’s death we find a slew of similarly synchronized long counts: Pozzo died 18 years 18 days before the birth of Astori =108/18 and 8 years 10 months 18 days after the birth of Loew =81. That’s something, and if we count to the day before the semi-finals, Pozzo will have been dead for 18,101 days. 

Not a direct hit there, but passing that milestone on the eve of the finals further cements this code.


With those tasty eighteens we gotta do a reminder of this crazy synch: Sylvio Berlusconi (five-time Italian Prime Minister and convicted criminal) acquired A.C. Milan on [2/20/86] or 10 months 18 days before the birth of Astori. Berlusconi =118 then sold the team to Chinese investors 31 years later on [4/14/18], or the exact same span of 10 months 18 days before the death of Davide Astori.


Piantoni died 114 years 5 days after FIFA was founded and Infantino became FIFA President when he was 45 years 11 months old. Astori was exactly 1405 weeks younger than Joachim Löw and died 14 weeks 5 days before the start of the World Cup. Vittorio Pozzo =450. Neuer =450. 

  • With end date, Piantoni =46 died 114 years 6 days after the founding of La Federation Internationale de Football Association =164/460FIFA World Cup =64/146. And this year’s starts on 14/6 (incidentally a span of 14,600 days after Argentina’s first World Cup win). Joachim Loew =146. Astori =460 would have been exactly 1640 weeks old the day before the start of the World Cup =164. 

Piantoni was also born 460 weeks 4 days before the birth of Pele =64. Two Thousand Eighteen World Champions =164. Neymar =64. Neymar Jr =164. 


Roger Piantoni =966. Franz Anton Beckenbauer =699. Brazilians =666. Vittorio Pozzo was born 6906 weeks before this year’s Final and Gianni Infantino was hired on as President of FIFA a span of 111 years 9 months 6 days after FIFA was founded. Twenty Eighteen World Champions =696 who will be crowned on July Fifteenth =966 the 196th day with 169 days remaining.

Thomas Mueller, who scored the second most goals last World Cup was 9069 days old when his team hoisted the 2014 Trophy. Deutschland =666. Joachim Low =966 was 16,961 days old when he became German manager. Playing around with some long counts here I also see that Roger Piantoni =966 died 16,661 days after the 1972 plane crash in the Andes with the Uruguayan rugby team who went cannibal – and that crash happened 699 days or 99 weeks 6 days after the Marshall football team’s plane crash, as documented previously.

On this subject, a football team from Brazil was killed in the plane crash of LaMia Flight 2933 on 28 November 2016, an event that might have some bearing on the upcoming World Cup where Brazil seeks to extract revenge. (It happened 996 days after the disappearance of MH-370). As an aside, if you guys happen to ever come across any errors in my work, please let me know! It’s always important to fact-check, and figuring out exactly how these numbers came about is great practice for you to work on honing this skill. And the more people working together on this the better we all become. 

Winter Cherry Shopping Mall Fire & the Alex Ovechkin Connection

Washington Capitals smash the Tampa Bay Lightning to move on to the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals versus the Vegas Golden Knights – the team in the NHL playoffs with the highest percentage of Canadian players & personnel versus the Caps with one of the lowest (14th fewest Canadians out of 16 teams). Unfortunately I forgot about this post in my drafts folder from March 2018 about the fire at the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo Russia.

  • The 2018 Kemerova Fire killed 64 people (now down to 60) – including 41 children who died in a movie theatre watching the premiere of Sherlock Gnomes. “Maybe there’s a movie clue here,” I thought. The title and promos make me think of the recent fairy tales of Russian spies poisoned in England, and the Gnome (a small underground humanoid) reminds us of this little person theme we’ve seen with leprechauns and the death of Verne Troyer. Also gnome looks like genome, referring subliminally to our DNA but I digress.

Anyway, turns out there’s a Russian film from 1985 called Winter Cherry, just like the name of the mall, and one of the characters is a “crude hockey player named Alexander”. Ovechkin, the NHL’s top scorer this season (same as in six other seasons) is a Russian beast playing in the heart of the American capital, in the midst of all this Cold War resurgence. And speaking of which we must reiterate that on March 1 this year Putin released a propaganda film showing nuclear warheads striking Tampa Bay Florida – and lo & behold, Alex Ovechkin and exactly twelve weeks later the Capitals smash the Lightning in Game 7 in Tampa Bay.

So at this Russian mall (a symbol of Western capitalism within the old Soviet Union – the inverse of West Germany as an isolated island with the USSR) we were originally told there were 64 dead a span of 6040 days after 9/11/01. Fire =64 [FB]. Mall =64 [FB]. Soviet Union =64 [R]. USSR =460 [J]. And it happened 64 days before the Stanley Cup Finals begin. Washington Capitals =64. 

  • Sherlock Gnomes =164 which was a sequel to Gnomeo & Juliet =146. Kemerovo Russia =1146. One of my first associations with this news was the Westgate Shopping Mall Attack in Kenya 2013, and what do you know: this fire at the Winter Cherry Shopping Entertainment Complex =646 [FB] came 1646 days later, or a synchronized span of 4 years 6 months 4 days.
  • Winter Cherry Shopping Mall =146. Grenfell Tower =1146 burned on 14/6 (the birthday of Donald J Trump =46 in ‘46) exactly 40,600 days after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, notable for causing the first four skyscraper fires in world history (none of which resulted in collapse like the three on 9/11). That Russian Nuke flick from 3/1 aired 406 days after Trump took office. Fire =46. 

The Washington Capitals =1464. The Capitals =164/46. Alexander Ovechkin was born 4 weeks 6 days before the release of Winter Cherry and 4116 days after the founding date of the Caps, who made the Finals 1 year 6 months 14 days after Trump’s election. Washington DC =64. Vladimir Putin =164. The Caps were founded 1460 weeks 4 days after the birth of Donald Trump.

Just to reiterate here, Winter Cherry & Washington Capitals: WC =604. And in reverse reduction the initials W=4 C=6. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =604. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =461. 

Kemerevo =104/41 and there were 41 children killed. Winter Cherry =104/41. Putin =104. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =140. Russian =114. President Donald Trump =104. Trump =114. The Capitals =114. The Winter Cherry movie released 11,414 days before Trump took office and just 1 month 4 days before the birth of Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin =140/104.

  • Washington Capitals =104. Capitals =41. Washington =140. Capital One broke ground 1114 weeks after Capitals founded. And curiously Winter Cherry also had an actor named Alexander =104 (Lenkov) who died 10,410 days after the movie in ’14. The Washington Capitals =401. Game 7 comes 104 days after the Russian nuke propaganda video pointing at the target the Capitals proverbially destroyed.

Stanley Cup Finals =1410. This year’s season began on 10/4 and the playoffs started 4/11 or April Eleventh =141. Golden Knights =410. Winter Cherry also opened 11 years 4 months 11 days after the Capitals were founded, to really hammer home the connection here. (11×4=44 and Caps in their 44th season like Trump the 44th man to be President). Further, German Reunification occurred 10,114 days before Game 6.

34 days after the movie Winter Cherry =134 released was the birth of Alexander Ovechkin =340. Ovechkin =34. Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin =403/304. The Washington Capitals =134/143. And Winter Cherry also released 11,343 days before the election of Trump.

  • Soviet Union =134. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =134/340. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =430. Capitals + Golden Knights =304/143/341. Capitals are in their 43rd year of play and advanced to the Finals on the 143rd day of the year.

The fire at Winter Cherry =330 happened 3 months 3 days after the Davao City Mall Fire in the Philippines and 3033 days after the Lame Horse Fire, the deadliest all-time in Russia. Winter Cherry Shopping Mall Fire =333. Russian =333. Putin =330. Capitals + Golden Knights =330. Capitals advanced to the Final round exactly 33 weeks after the season opener.

Caps =33/137. The 33rd prime is 137 and Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin =333 was born 11 years 3 months 7 days after the Capitals were born in Washington DC =137. Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals (on 6/4 like the first run) comes 3 months 3 days or 13 weeks 4 days after Putin’s nuke video; Game 6 comes 14 weeks 3 days later.

Washington =130. Kemevero Fire =1030 (Jewish) and it happened 13 weeks 1 day after the Davao City Mall Fire =103 at the New City Commercial Center =103/131 in the Philippines that killed 38 last year. The Russian nuke video aired on 3/1 and 3 months 10 days before Game 6, while Winter Cherry =113 released 31 years before Trump’s election, and to be exact, 31 years 11 months 11 days before the Vegas Attacks. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =311. Washington Capitals =113. 

  • Winter Cherry =1710 in Jewish Gematria, and it released exactly 1701 weeks before the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals begin, which is neat. Capitals =107. Golden Knights =71. The Caps advanced to the Finals when Trump was 71 years 11 months 10 days old.

And for the last one here, Ovechkin was 1699 weeks old when the Playoffs began and 1696 weeks old on the day of the fire at Winter Cherry =996. The Washington Capitals were founded on 6/11/74, meaning that on 6/6/18, the day before Game 6, the Caps will be 16,066 days old. Further, two days before Vegas Attacks was 11,666 days after the release of Winter Cherry, and on the day of the mass shooting there it was exactly 1666 weeks 6 days later.

Quite the coordinates: The Vegas Golden Knights =666.

Luis Posada the Anti-Castro Spook

We find an interesting follow-up piece to the previous report on the crash of Cubana de Aviación Flight 972, as a man named Luis Posada died five days later on May 23rd. Posada was a Cuban exiled anti-Castro militant, CIA agent and convicted terrorist – quite the CV – and one of ‘his’ terror jobs included the 1976 bombing of Cubana de Aviación Flight 455, tying right into the ongoing narrative. And as we’ll see from his numbers, he’s got S-P-O-O-K written all over him.

Luis Posada =525 {in Jewish Gematria} was born on 15/2 and his nickname was Bambi =215. The bombing of Flight 455 blamed on him on behalf of the CIA (killing all 73 people onboard) occurred exactly 15,200 days before this recent jet went down, both by the same airline: Cubana de Aviacion =125/52. Central Intelligence Agency =252. 

  • Spook =251. Luis Posada =205 whose first gig was the failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs =152 was 1251 weeks old when the Queen took the throne in ’52 – exactly 1 year 5 months 20 days before the start of the Cuban Revolution =1152 and 2521 days before its end date. Fidel Castro died last year on 11/25. 
  • It’s also said that twenty Cuban pastors & their spouses from the Church of the Nazarene =251 were killed in the latest crash (exactly 40,030 days after the founding of the Church of the Nazarene =1143, in Jewish G; remember Jesus said to have been killed on 4/3/30).

Making things even more interesting, this latest Cubano crash happened 20,520 days after the 3/13/62 date of Operation Northwoods =52. This means that Posada died 20,525 days later, reminding us that the American-Israeli embassy moved to Jerusalem 25,205 days after Israel’s admission to the United Nations. And a reminder about the Northwoods memorandum – the justification for US military intervention in Cuba – that suggested “sinking a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated)” and the hijacking and shooting down of drones disguised as passenger airliners, as well as “conducting funerals for mock victims.” Classic.

Luis Clemente Posada Carriles =162. Posada =26/62. Code name: Bambi =26/162. Posada =206 and Cuba =206, both in Jewish Gematria. Cuban Revolution =206. Cubana de Aviacion =162. Cuba =162/26. Bay of Pigs =126. 

  • Castro =62. Fidel =62 was born 1 year 6 months 2 days before Posada – and 16 weeks 2 days after Queen Elizabeth – and Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =1062 became president on 16/2Operation Northwoods =260 was dated 62 days before the assassination of John F Kennedy (and exactly 2061 weeks before 9/11/01).
  • Spook =260/26. The CIA =126/62. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Church of the Nazarene =626. We see that Posada also does exactly 20 years 6 months after the death of his platoon mate Jorge Mas Canosa, future president of the Cuban American National Foundation. Posada was also 16,020 days old for the birth of Justin Trudeau – whom an internet rumour says is actually Fidel Castro’s illegitimate son.

On 8/2/18 it will be 20,600 days after Operation Northwoods, making Megan Markle & Barak Obama’s birthday 20,602 days later. Northwoods =126. Cuba was removed from the US State Department’s list of state sponsors of terror 20,602 days after the Cuban Revolution ended, as if they’re not keeping track of the long counts.

Further, I covered a list of 777s & 555s in the previous post: Posada was 1777 weeks 7 days old for the Operation Northwoods memo and the Cuban Revolution lasted 5 years 5 months 5 days.

  • Posada died at the age of 90 years 3 months 9 days old exactly 3099 weeks after the end of the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara was born on the same day as Donald Trump, exactly 939 weeks earlier, and died at the age of 39 years 3 months old.

Luis Posada Carriles =1704 was also exactly 4710 weeks old at his time of death – exactly one week younger than Fidel Castro who died at the age of exactly 4711 weeks old; Fidel =74 was also in office for 11,407 days. Anti-Castro =714/470/474. Spook =147. The Central Intelligence Agency =147. Havana =47. The failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs was on 4/17. Northwoods =714/47. Freemason =147. Freemasonry =1147. The latest Cubano plane crash occurred 147 weeks 4 days after US & Cuban embassies reopened.


The CIA =696. Posada was also born 666 days after Queen Elizabeth. I also see that July 27th this summer marks exactly 969 weeks into the millennium – wonder if we’ll see a Firework =666.

Cuban Plane Crash as the Jets Go Down

Cubana de Aviación Flight 972, a Boeing 737 passenger plane carrying 113 people, crashed just after takeoff from Havana Cuba on 18 May 2018, killing 111 people after it went down in a fireball into a farmers field in the village of Santiago de las Vegas. The Jet’s down in Las Vegas… and a few hours later the Winnipeg Jets went down 3 games to 2 in Las Vegas with a loss to the Golden Knights. And two days later the Jets lost the series, the Knights moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year in the league. Now how about that shit.

If you’ve been following the other gematria blogs you’re probably aware that there’s been a lot of hype about a Canadian team winning the Cup this year. Yet as I covered at the start of the playoffs, the team with the highest percentage of Canadian players is in fact the Vegas Golden Knights – with 20. Further, their coach and GM are Canadian, and while their captaincy is vacant, 4/5 of their alternate captains are also Canadian as are 4/5 of their goaltenders.

  • (As for the other two teams going into Game 7 tonight, the Capitals only have 8 Canadian players + GM & Coach, while the Lightning have 19 players, also with a Canadian GM/Coach combo – so if the trend is on, the Lightning with the 2nd highest CND% should beat the Caps then lose to the Knights).

This is the worst Cuban Plane Crash =131 in 30 years with 111 dead. 30-111. The first ever F-18 flight (from the Jets logo) happened 30 years 11 months 1 day into Elizabeth’s reign. 30-11 1. Cubano de Aviacion =113 (the country’s largest airline, wholly owned by the Cuban government) crashed with 113 people 3 years 10 months 1 day after Malaysia’s MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine, and its MH-370 vanished 3 years 11 months 13 days before the Russian crash of Saratov Airlines Flight 703 crashed on 2/11/18 killing all 71 people onboard. This Cubano crash in Santiago de Las Vegas also occurred 110 weeks 3 days after the T-Mobile Arena opened in Vegas. T-Mobile =113. Las Vegas Strip =1113. Fleury =113/1131 the Knights goalie (who won the last two Stanley Cups with Pittsburgh) and McPhee =131, Knights GM.

Santiago de las Vegas Havana Cuba =3006. MH-17 went down 1306 days (and 3 years 6 months) before Saratov 703, which went down 13 weeks 6 days before this crash in Cuba =306 a span of 1063 months after Cubana de Aviacion was founded – and 63 weeks after start of operations for the Vegas Golden Knights =1063. Vegas =36. Gallant =63. Gerard Gallant =136 their coach, and GM: George McPhee =136. 

Cuba and Russia with the Cold War connections & the Missile Crisis.

  • Miguel Díaz-Canel assumed office as the 17th President of Cuba just 30 days earlier, and on the day of this Plane Crash =33 with call-sign XA-UHZ =330 operated by Global Air =330 out of Mexico =33 that left Jose Marti Airport =303 and crashed near Havana Cuba =30, Díaz-Canel was 3030 weeks 3 days old.
  • Saratov =33. Fleury =33. Las Vegas =33 advanced to the Finals exactly 33 weeks after the Vegas Massacre. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =303. Las Vegas Strip =333. In 2016 there were 303 fatalities from airplane crashes worldwide (and officially 666 killed in 2003).

Jets =45/54. Fidel =45/54 Castro =1454/454 died 540 days before this Airplane Crash =450 of Flight Nine Seven Two =450 on the day of the shooting in Santa Fe Texas =45/54 on the eve of the Royal Wedding. Fleury =450. Golden Knights =145 were named 545 days before they advanced to the Finals. The Havana airport is named after the revolutionary hero José Martí, who died at the age of 15,451 days old – on May 19th, exactly 123 years before the royal wedding. The F-35 Lightning II (measuring 15.4 m long) had its inaugural flight 11 years 5 months 4 days before this crash.

Yes this brand spankin new jet that made the BBC front page on 5/22 is the LIGHTNING.

Cubana de Aviacion =177 had its latest Airplane Crash =177 go down in Santiago de las Vegas =177 exactly 77 weeks after the death of Fidel Castro. Santiago de las Vegas Havana Cuba =177. Grettel Landrove=1177 was one of the three survivors who later died. Landrove =77. Washington’s Capital One Arena opened 777 days after its groundbreaking. Fleury =777/711. MH-370 and MH-17 were Boeing 777s.

  • MH-17 crashed on 17/7 exactly 17 years after its maiden voyage.
  • Cuba =107 with 107 passengers in Santiago de las Vegas Havana Cuba =117. Vegas =107. George McPhee =107. Las Vegas =117. Sin City =117. The Vegas Attack happened on 10/1/17 a span of 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks and 70 years 11 days after the formation of the Central Intelligence Agency =117.

This crash happened when Queen Elizabeth was 4804 weeks old – as well as 10,484 days after the worst crash in Cuban history and exactly 848 months after the CIA was founded. Stanley Cup =484. XA-UHZ =480/84. The Twin Towers stood for exactly 1484 weeksSantiago de las Vegas Havana Cuba =1848.

Cuba =206/162. Castro =62. Cuban Plane Crash =1062/162. Airplane Crash =62. XA-UHZ =26 was the call-sign of the crashed jet in Santiago de Las Vegas on the same day the Jets crashed in Las Vegas Nevada. On Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Coach Gallant will be exactly 20,000 days old – meaning he’ll be that magic royal number of 20,006 days old on Game 6, June 10th. Gerard Gallant =162 was born exactly 62 months after McPhee =260. Fleury =26. Marc-Andre Fleury =162 the Finals starting exactly 26 weeks after his birthday.

The Vegas Golden Knights =260. Golden Knights =206/62. Las Vegas Strip =206/261. T Mobile =26/216 opened 2 years 6 days before Playoffs on The Las Vegas Strip =1206. The Vegas Attack happened exactly 12 years 6 months after the release of Frank Miller’s Sin City and 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01.

  • Washington Capitals =206. Alexander Ovechkin =1206 played his first Caps game exactly 626 weeks before season start. Alexander Mikhailovich Alex Ovechkin =162/216. Alexander Ovechkin =1026. Barry Trotz =62. TCapital One Arena =1620 opened 1062 weeks before Playoffs began.
  • Lightning =126 in their 26th season. Bolts =262. Jon Cooper =262.

The only two people to survive the crash out of 113 people were two women, Mailen Diaz =26 and Emiley Sanchez =206/62 as we’ve been covering the feminist theme in this centennial year of Women’s Suffrage =206.

Royal Wedding & the Mysterious Suicide of a Playboy Playmate

Stephanie Adams, Playboy Playmate of November 1992, died from defenestration on 5/18, the eve of the Royal Wedding, falling to her death from the 25th-floor penthouse of the Gotham Hotel in New York – while clutching her 7-year-old son Vincent. With no note left behind “it’s unclear if it was an accident or a murder-suicide” – notice no mention of the elephant in the room: that she was murdered in a ritual blood sacrifice. But who is Ms Adams and why would it be symbolic?

Exactly like Meghan Markle, Stephanie Adams was a biracial American model who traced her lineage back to key politicians – in this case, to founding father John Adams. Stephanie was earlier known as the ‘best lesbian sex symbol’ after being the first ever Playmate to come out, then a few years later married a man and said she’d actually been straight all along. Adams was also a self-made millionaire, author & CEO who won $1.2 million in a police brutality lawsuit against the NYPD, and was once dubbed the Goddess of Wall Street.

A feminist icon, some might say, just like Meghan Markle who walked herself down the aisle, and now Adams & her only child have fallen to their shared deaths the day before Meghan’s official induction into the Royal O’Cult. Already it’s spooky, but the numbers tell the tale – and all but solve the case that the Adams Family was in fact murdered in a ritual occult killing.

Stephanie =101 Adams =11 was born on (7+24+70) =101, making her an occult perfect 11 years 11 days older than Meghan =111 (who was married here exactly 11 weeks before her birthday) and Adams died in New York =111, all of which is quite suspect right off the bat. And she was Playmate in Nov ’92, which reduces to 11-11. The British Royal Family =111. 

  • Hugh =10 Hefner =111 founded Playboy on 10/1. Adams =11 died 10,011 weeks after the July 4th (7+4=11) death of President John Adams =111. Chelsea FC won the FA Cup Final the very next day, the day of the Royal Wedding, exactly 11 years after the last time Chelsea played Man U =111 in the FA Cup Final, which they also won.
  • Prince Harry =111. Harry =11 was the first royal to be named the Duke of Sussex =101 since Prince Augustus Frederick =111 and Harry was 11 years 11 months old for the divorce of his mother, Princess Diana =111. 
  • Further, the day before Adams died, Gina Haspel was confirmed as the first female CIA Director =101 in history, another case of supposed female empowerment here in the 100th year of suffrage. Haspel =101 was born on 10/1, exactly three years after Playboy was founded. Remember Markle’s see-through shirt for her engagement photos?

Especially with the nudie mag connection here, this perfect age difference of 11 years 11 days between Stephanie & Meghan reminds me of the deaths of those two porn stars a few months back, August Ames & Shyla Stylez =110 (their initials AA=11 & SS=11 like Stephanie’s SA=11) who were born exactly 11 years 11 months apart – and died a royal-friendly span of 26 days after one another (obviously more on this 26 code later).

Stephanie Adams =81/810/181Playboy Playmate =108.Adams =18 died in ’18 on the 18th at Gotham Hotel =118 in New York =108 the day before the wedding of Harry & Meghan =118. Prince Harry =810 aka Prince Henry =1080/108/810 born on (9+15+84) =108. Meghan Markle =108 born in ‘81 like Catherine Middleton =81 the Duchess of Cambridge =81. 

  • Cambridge =181. The title of Sussex =81 was first conferred in 1801 and Harry & Meghan were married exactly 1081 weeks after the death of Princess Diana – which happened 18,181 days after the Queen’s wedding. Meghan is now the Duchess of Sussex =81.
  • Gina Haspel =81. Gina Cheri Haspel =810. CIA =118. 

And with these powerful synchs in play, it’s no small wonder that Kate Middleton’s favourite football team Chelsea FC =181 won the Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =818 over Manchester United FC =818/81/180 on the day of the wedding. Especially with the manager/star combo of Conte =18 & Eden Hazard =81 in the 180th matchup of the two teams. In an ominous sign, Victoria Beckham caught flack at the wedding for dressing in a black veil as if for a funeral; her husband David of course a former gun for Manchester United.

I’m surprised the Gotham Hotel wasn’t located in Chelsea, New York.

Prince Augustus Frederick =141 the original Duke of Sussex =1014 had a consort who was born exactly 11,141 weeks before Meghan, wed 41 weeks 1 day after her own birthday. And in the same vein, old Prince Augustus was buried 141 years 4 months 11 days before the birth of Prince Harry =141. Stephanie died on (5+18+18)=41 a span of 10,011 weeks 4 days after the death of her ancestor John Adams.

  • Stephanie was 14 years 1 month older than Prince Harry =141 and was 1414 weeks old when Diana died (411 days before 9/11/01). This matters because the Queen was 1414 weeks old for her coronation. Royal =141. The Royal Wedding =1410. The Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =141. Chelsea FC =141. Chelsea Football Club =114/1044.

Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =144. Duchess of Cambridge =144. Cambridge =44. Harry =44. Gina Haspel =144 confirmed 4 months 14 days before her birthday. Gina Cheri Haspel =144. Vincent Adams =44. Stephanie Adams =444 in Jewish G. Occult =444.

Stephanie Adams =126. Adams =126 in Jewish G, died 2 months 6 days before her birthday. Gotham =26. Royal =26/62. Royal Wedding =62. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =126 were born 162 weeks apart and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex =1062. Prince Henry =162. Markle =612 the Duchess of Sussex =126 and Kate Middleton =126 the Duchess of Cambridge =162. Cambridge =62. Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. 

  • Chelsea =162/26. Chelsea FC =62. Eden Hazard =126. Antonio Conte =62.
  • Adams died 2060 days after the death of Johnny Lewis =206 the kid from Sons of Anarchy who fell to his death after murdering his 81-year-old landlady and her cat.

The first Duke of Sussex died on 4/21 (the future Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, exactly 996 months later) at the age of 2620 weeks 2 days old and Stephanie Adams was born 6262 days after the Queen’s 6/2 coronation; the Queen 1126 weeks 2 days old for her own wedding, or 21 years 6 months old. And never forget that Meghan was born exactly 162,600 days after the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn and was 16 years 26 days old the day before the death of Princess Diana =262. And also that Grace Kelly =1026 (another American actress) was killed in another car crash when Queen Elizabeth II was exactly 20,600 days old.

Gina Cheri Haspel =126/1620 the new CIA Director =206 was born 10,026 days after the birth of the Queen =26/62 in ’26 and 602 days after she took the throne and became Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. This run is epic enough to be a post all of its own but hey, I’m on a roll here!

There’s Meghan’s old man, Thomas Markle – an Emmy-nominated cinematographer – in a staged photo reading a picture book about Britain. As you’re probably aware, he didn’t make the wedding. In fact, the one and only member of Markle’s family present at the ritual event was her mother, Doria Ragland, who sat alone. All of this just feels so creepy to me, as if the Royal Occult has officially claimed ownership of Meghan Markle to do with as they see fit, in accordance as always with sacred numerology and ritual reenactments of symbolic allegory.

Now let’s wrap this bad boy up with the classic 33 set.

  • Born 3310 days after Princess Diana, Adams died 1330 weeks after her issue of Playboy =33 and 33 weeks 3 days after the death of Hugh Hefner. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =303 were married 1133 weeks 3 days after Diana & Charles’ divorce while Harry is currently 33 years old. Kate Middleton =133.
  • Chelsea =33 won the Twenty Eighteen FA Cup =331 a span of 33 days after Prince William’s birthday and 333 days before his next; the only goal scored by Eden Hazard =33 whose birthday is 33 weeks 3 days after the match. Further, the 33rd prime number is 137 and this was the 137th FA Cup. Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =137. And I’m not the only one who thought it looked like Man U threw the game.

Masonry =33. Sussex =133/330. Prince Augustus Frederick, the original Duke of Sussex, was Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, which just so happens to have been founded 300 years 330 days before this Royal Wedding. And now you know, the rest of the story.

Santa Fe High School Shooting

Yet another school shooting in the good old US of A, this one at Santa Fe High School in Texas on May 18th, with preliminary reports saying 10 dead 10 wounded. Curiously when we check out its wiki page we see that on 2/28/18 local media in Santa Fe falsely reported a shooting at this very school, then on 3/1/18 local police were investigating threats made on social media against the school, and now on 5/18 the show goes live.

Santa Fe High School =69. Santa Fe Texas =609. Texas =906/69. It happened 96 days after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High =966 and 6969 days after Columbine, reminding us that May 21st is going to be 6096 days after 9/11/01. And the shooter is named as the appropriately coded Dimitrios Pagourtzis =69. Dimitrios =696. As is the sheriff:  Ed Gonzalez =690 and Governor Abbott =169/96. Indians =96 was the name of the Santa Fe High sports teams. The Cleveland Indians =69 like the Philadelphia Eagles =966 connection at Marjory Stoneman Douglas =1969.

  • It also happened 196 days after the Sutherland Springs =96 Church Shooting =906, also in Texas, which occurred when Devin Patrick Kelley =196 shot up a church exactly 906 months after the shooting at Fort Hood =96 (or exactly eight years to the day), which was also in Texas, and happened 1609 days before the second mass shooting at Fort Hood. Read my post on it for many more 96/69 synchs.
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown=169 and the shooting hoax there happened exactly 16 years 9 months after the Dunblane School Massacre hoax.

But check out the age of Governor Greg Abbott on the day of the School Shooting =669. That’s right: 60 years 6 months 6 days old. And on this day the Mayor of Santa Fe is exactly one month shy of being exactly 69 years 9 months old. That one doesn’t need to be mentioned, but this one does: Donald Trump was exactly 66 years 6 months old on the day of the Sandy Hook massacre; a date count that puts a second exclamation mark on this age of the Governor of Texas.

Santa Fe Texas =555. This shooting 5 years 5 months 5 days after Sandy Hook.

  • Prince Harry and Rachel Meghan Markle =555 and Prince William was 5550 days old when his mother was killed. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555. Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =1555 like English footballers Jlloyd Samuel and Ray Wilson dying on the same day born 555 months apart.

Gregory Wayne Abbott =214 [Jewish Ordinal] took office 1214 days earlier. Sandy Hook happened on 12/14 and during the Stoneman Douglas event its said that the majority of the deaths occurred in room 1214. Texas =241. 

Now just as we saw the Sutherland Springs Church Massacre occurring on the anniversary of the Fort Hood Massacre, again we find an anniversary tribute as the Sante Fe High School Shooting went down on the 91st anniversary of the Bath School Disaster – the deadliest school massacre in the history of the United States (and sixth worst in the world).

  • Exactly 91 years later Dimitrios Pagourtzis =910 killed 9 students 1 teacher at Santa Fe High School =91/109 in Texas =19. Governor Abbott =191. Police Drill =1919/109. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =91/109. 
  • And exactly 9 years 10 months after the Bath Disaster was the New London School Explosion in Texas, when a gas leak blew up one of the richest schools in America, killing 295 students and teachers in the deadliest school disaster in American history. Somehow in all my research I’d never even heard of it.
  • Indians =91, the school’s team name and The Cleveland Indians =91/109 are currently 9th favourites to win this year’s World Series; the MLB season starting 1 month 19 days before this shooting and ending 19 weeks 2 days later.

91 years means this Santa Fe show happened exactly 1092 months after the Bath Massacre. New London School Explosion =1902. Bath School Massacre =1092/92. Police Drill =1092/92. Texas =92. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School =192. 

Jlloyd Samuel & Ray Wilson: British Football Twins Trick Sacrifice

We got ourselves an English football-themed twins trick on our hands, as two footballers died in Britain on the same day of 5/15 here in the lead-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Royal Wedding. Jlloyd Samuel of Trinidad & Tobago played for Aston Villa – Prince William’s favourite club – and was killed at age 37 in a car crash like Wiliam’s mother. Ramon ‘Ray’ Wilson from Derbyshire won the 1966 FIFA World Cup at home over West Germany (England’s one & only World Cup) and died of Alzheimer’s at age 83. As we’ll see, their numbers are strongly synchronized, suggesting ritual blood sacrifices made in exchange for a World Cup run by England.

Samuel + Wilson =60. FIFA =60. Samuel was exactly 6000 days old for the death of Princess Diana =60. The upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia =600. Ramon Wilson Jlloyd Samuel =600. 

If we say that Jlloyd Samuel was 6001 days old, counting to the day after with an excuse like ‘the first day without Diana’, we find way better synchs. This year’s FIFA World Cup =610/61/116 ends with the Final 61 days after this British football twins trick and Samuel died 1 month 16 days after his birthday.

  • Samuel made his debut at the age of 6750 days old and died 6811 days later, making that day the near-perfect mid-point of his life by a difference of 61 days. His league debut came as the sub for Gareth Southgate who went down with an injury; Southgate =116 now incidentally the manager / head coach of the England National Football Team. Prince William was born 10,611 days after the Queen’s coronation.

Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =601. Aston Villa FC =610. Ramon Wilson =1161. Samuel + Wilson =161. Two Thousand Eighteen World Cup Champions =161. Wayne Rooney =160/61. Great Britain =61. English =61.  

Ramon Ray Wilson =181. Samuel =181 died in ‘18 and was born in ‘81 a span of 18 weeks 1 day before the birth of Meghan Markle AND exactly 181 weeks after the birth of Prince Harry. This is especially ominous when we see that on the day of the royal wedding it will be exactly 1081 weeks after the death of Diana.

  • FIFA =18. Samuel was 18 years old when he joined Aston Villa Football Club =1118 and he died 18 years later. Wilson =118 played for Everton =810 just like current English captain Wayne Mark Rooney =181. Rooney =118. Southgate =118. Everton FC =810/81/108. Prince William =108. Cambridge =181. Two Thousand Eighteen World Champions =801. 
  • Prince Charles was exactly 1180 days old when his mum became Queen (and you know he still calls her ‘mummy’) and Meghan is 10 months 18 days older than William – who will be 1881 weeks old for the World Cup Final. Harry + Meghan =118. Charles will also be 69 years 6 months 6 days old when he walks Meghan down the aisle in place of her father.

181 is the 42nd prime number. The Royal Wedding on 24/42 numerology. Princess Diana =42. Wilson =420. Rooney =420. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =402. Russia =24/42. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =424. Samuel & Wilson were killed 4 weeks 2 days before the World Cup begins. England =2040. UK =42. Southgate =142. 

Ramon Wilson =1310 [Jewish Gematria] and Jlloyd Samuel =1310 [English Extended]. The exact same gematria, especially curious as we’ve been covering this number lately (Jerusalem =1031 / Championship =131). Samuel played for Aston Villa =1301 [Jewish Gematria]. Aston Villa FC =131 [Jewish Ordinal].

  • Harry + Meghan =131. Princess Diana of Wales =301 was killed 1 month 30 days after her birthday and 1 year 3 days after her divorce. Wilson & Samuel died on (15+5+2+0+1+8) =31 when William was 13,113 days old, exactly 31 weeks before Wilson’s birthday and 31 days before the World Cup begins;  Samuel =301  born on (3+29+81) =113.

England =113. Russia =113/103. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =113/301/311/131. Twenty Eighteen World Cup =3001/113/310. England National Football Team =103/311. Diana died 31 years 1 month 1 day after England’s ’66 World Cup which came 13 years 1 month after the Queen’s coronation and 3 months 10 days after Elizabeth II’s birthday. Rooney =31 was also born 1003 weeks after that ’66 Cup.

We also see that Wilson & Samuel were born 46 years 3 months apart, which if we break it down equals a clean span of 555 months like William was 5550 days old for the death of his mother. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =1555.

Ray Wilson =1590 in Jewish Gematria. Jlloyd Samuel =595. Samuel + Wilson =159. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =1195. Ramon Wilson =59. Ray Wilson =95/159. Prince Harry was born on 15/9 and weds Meghan =1590 on 5/19. Prince Charles was born 11,951 days before the birth of Meghan and Wiliam was born 1590% of a year after the ’66 World Cup. King Charles =159.