Jurassic Park & The Sacrifice of Kirk Korver

NBA all-star and Cleveland Cavalier guard Kyle Korver was excused from a game versus the Toronto Raptors after the death of his brother, Kris Korver, on March 20th. That’s three days after Kyle’s birthday, born on 3/17 St Patrick’s Day just like Cardinal Keith O’Brien (born exactly 43 years apart) as we covered with Ireland winning the Six Nations on St Paddy’s. No slouch, Korver holds the NBA record for highest three-point field goal percentage in a season (with 53.6%). Further, he played college hoops for the Creighton Bluejays (another bird team / another Jesuit team) who lost in the first round of March Madness to the Kansas State Wildcats, now facing off against the Kentucky Wildcats, and brother Kris played ball at University of Missouri Kansas City.

Korver =37/73. Kyle was 37 years 3 days old for Kris’ death and Kris played for University of Missouri Kansas City =3703. A perfect hit, and these ritual events lately seemingly sponsored by FedEx Corporation =373. John Michael Crichton =373. And you know what’s great about this? Korver will be exactly 37 years 3 months old for Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

  • You’d think that’d be a sacrifice for another Cavs Finals, but perhaps this Raptors clue is worth exploring. As I wrote in a previous post, Raptor means “Bird of Prey” and as Jurassic Park taught us, dinosaurs evolved into birds. So they say. Jurassic Park was written by Michael Crichton and Korver played for Creighton. Those names are pronounced the same, and as we’ll now see there are some fun synchs here.

37 years 3 months is equal to exactly 447 months, Korver’s age on Game 7. As it turns out, Korver was also 4470 days old when Jurassic Park =47 opened in 1993, a span of 147 days before the Toronto Raptors =174 were founded. Jurassic =47. Raptor =147/74. The Raptors =47. Toronto =470 (J). Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom =407 opening this June 22nd, the 174th day. Jurassic World =1074. Vince Carter =1074.

Jurassic Park first premiered on 6/9, the day the ’93 NBA Finals began, where the Bulls beat the Suns for their third title in a row. Korver used to play for the Bulls and Penny Hardaway (who was just as big as Michael Jordan for a few years in the 90s) replacing Tubby Smith as Memphis coach the day Kirk Korver died, used to play for the Suns. And remember the scene in Jurassic Park where they’re feeding the raptors? They lower a sacrificial bull into the pen – the opposite result occurring in the ’93 NBA Finals.

  • Michael Crichton died on November 4th 2008 – incidentally, the 15th birthday of the Toronto Raptors, founded November 4th 1993. That’s exactly 180 months later. The ’18 NBA Playoffs begin 10,008 days after Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park published (11/20/90). Raptors =108. Twenty Eighteen =1080/180. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom =810. Raptors coach: Dwane Casey =108. Casey =108. 

And now there’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming out on June 22nd, five days after Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the day after the 2018 Draft. It’s a sequel to Jurassic World which came out on 6/12/15 – four days before the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Michael Crichton =193. Federal Express =193. University of Missouri Kansas City =193. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom =93. Kyle Elliot Korver =193 was exactly 1931 weeks old. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Finals =1931 in Jewish G, a perfect hit. Further, Kirk Korver was sacrificed 1931 days after the birth of Kris’ first born child (12/5/12). Toronto Raptors =931.

  • 1931 is the 294th primeAustin =294. Ted Kaczynski =294Raptors =492Fallen Kingdom =2640. Michael Crichton =264.
  • Let’s take this a step further and see that 193 is the 44th prime number. With end date Kyle’s brother died 4 days after his 37th birthday and 37 years is exactly 444 months, meaning Kyle Korver was 444 months 4 days old for the death of his brother. Raptor =444.

3/20 was also the gunman incidents at Princeton =444 and Great Mills =44 where Tubby Smith =44 was alumni and former coach, the day after his firing. Austin =440. Federal Express =440. FedEx =44. Raptors =44. Cavs =44. Creighton =144. Kyle Korver was born 441 days after his wife, a pop star named Juliet, and Kirk Korver wore #44 with the Kangaroos. Ritual Sacrifice =44. 

Kirk Korver =804. Michael Crichton =84 died exactly 804 weeks after the 6/9/93 premiere of Jurassic Park, which opened exactly 1148 weeks before Jurassic World, the latest of which itself opening 148 weeks before the ’18 NBA Playoffs begin. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Finals =148. The Raptors =480/840. Life Finds a Way =804. Theodore Kaczynski =804 arrested 8004 days before the Austin Explosions began.

As another example of life as a wheel, 11 days after Jurassic Park hit first theatres in 1993, Ted Kaczynski mail-bombed a geneticist named Charles Epstein, followed two days later with a computer science professor at Yale. Of course other than dinosaurs Jurassic  Park is full of geneticists and computer scientists. Man playing god, just like the Programmers who rig reality by the numbers. And so-called coincidences never end.

*And Raptors Coach Casey ALSO alumni of Kentucky Wildcats, as a player winning the NCAA Title in 1978 over Duke – 40 years 7 days before this year’s Final, which could very well be a rematch – then coaching five seasons with the UK Wildcats.

Coach Tubby Smith & the Great Mills High School Shooting

Another school shooting in the United States on March 20th at Great Mills High School in Maryland – a student named Austin Rollins opened fire on his classmates with a handgun, severely wounding two people before dying in a shootout with the school resource officer. As always, we should investigate the ‘notable alumni’ of these locales for what often turn out to be prime clues. We see it here, too, as a certain college basketball coach named Tubby Smith went to Great Mills High – the former coach of the University of Minnesota & [if you can believe it] BOTH Texas Tech and the frickin Kentucky Wildcats, the latter I just wrote about in the previous post.

Indeed, Tubby Smith (the second coach in history to lead five different teams to the NCAA tournament) coached the KU Wildcats to the 1998 NCAA championship – at the Alamodome in San Antonio, same host as this year. What a coincidence! In fact I’d already read Tubby’s wiki page a couple weeks ago, noticing that his profile pic has a different name; and not just any name but “Coach Wright” –  like Jay Wright, the head coach of Villanova, another Wildcats team still alive in the tournament. As are the Texas Tech Red Raiders, making that TWO of Smiths’ old teams.

And as if we need any other ridiculous coincidences, Tubby Smith was officially fired as the head coach of the Memphis Tigers – the day before the shooting – and replaced by Penny Hardaway.  And this is doubly crazy because just earlier today with the Austin Parcel Bombing / Unabomber story I was looking up the FedExForum – the fucking home arena of the Memphis Tigers. We could wrap all this up right now and turn off the lights, but of course we have some awesome numbers too.

Tubby Smith =191 {FB}. Great Mills Maryland =191 {JO}. Hardaway =161 {FBs}. Villanova =161 {R-FB}. Memphis Tigers =161 {O}. San Antonio Texas =191 {O}. Alamodome =191 {J}.

  • Again, 191 the 43rd prime, our core codes here, and this shooting happened 34 days after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas. Great Mills MD =134. Maryland =34. Great Mills HS =143. And the shooter was Austin Rollins =143 [K]. Obviously coded parallel.
  • Wright =34. Jay Wright =134. Or as his Wiki calls him: Jerold Taylor Jay Wright Jr =434/304. Texas Tech =143/43. Red Raiders =134. Villanova =134. Hardaway =43 aka Anfernee Deon Hardaway =431.

Great Mills Hornets, are the team there, green & gold. I’m not watching any of the tournament but I’m pretty sure no one remaining as these colours. Tigers are definitely associated with Wildcats, though. No stretch there. And again, Tubby Smith not only went to this same high school that experienced a shooting the day after he was fired (as two of his former teams are in the Sweet 16) but his first ever coaching gig was with those same Great Mills Hornets. It’s out of control.

Tubby Smith =131 {RO/JO}. Smith =131. Coach Wright =131. Championship =131. The Alamodome opened 131 weeks after its groundbreaking ceremony.

Hardaway & Tubby were born 20 years 18 days apart, here in 2018. And there’s Tubby’s profile pic with Coach Wright’s name. Also the Memphis Tigers have the big M logo, just like the Marshall Thundering Herd that I compared with the Michigan Wolverines. And again, Memphis’ FedExForum on the same day the FedEx center is bombed just outside San Antonio, hosting the NCAA tournament in the same city where Tubby once won with the Wildcats. “Verrückt” as they say in Deutschland.

  • Penny Hardaway was 17,047 days old when he was hired as new Memphis head coach, the day before the Great Mills shooting. This number rings a bell because on this very day, the day of the FedEx Bombing in San Antonio, FedEx turned 7474 days old. Wildcat =747. Alamodome =474. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Final Four =1474. It also happened 704 days after Tubby =704 {J} resigned as head coach of Texas Tech.

And what’s funny is I google image search “great mills high school” and the 17th pic is a student with a bloody face on a stretcher – so I click thinking this is from the shooting and of course it’s from a Safety & Security Festival from 2013. Crisis actors. The 33 featured predominantly. School Shooting =1333. False Flag =33. FedExForum =303. Austin Rollins was killed by the school resource officer, Blaine Gaskill =33. And on this same day a gunman shot dead at Princeton University at a restaurant called Panera =330/133. 

Great Mills =696. Memphis Tigers =966. School Shooting =669. San Antonio TX =966. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Final Four =699. It’s all totally insane. And the shooter’s name was Austin, like the Unabomber 2.0 reincarnated currently in Austin TX, the hometown of Eagles’ Nick Foles, like Austin Dillon winning the Daytona 500.

And if anyone finds any good #246 or #757, as depicted in the top image, which is making the rounds worldwide, please share! All I found was “The Unabomber” =246 to go with the other story of the day and “School Shooting” =575 on the flipside. Maybe some NCAA teams share those numbers…

Unabomber & the Austin Package Explosions: March Madness Riddles

March 20th: An explosion at a FedEx facility outside San Antonio – host of the ongoing Final Four tournament – is believed to be the fifth parcel bombing in Texas since linked the so-called Austin Package Explosions began on 3/2. I’m thinking we’ll find some Unabomber tributes – and clues to this year’s March Madness champion. Indeed post-thought searching turned up several articles suggesting there’s a new Unabomber out there – history repeating by the numbers, as wheels within wheels within wheels.

Austin Package Explosions =1081 [Satanic] that started on 3/2 have been subliminally associated with the Unabomber =181 who terrorized the American public in the mid-90s. If this is a clue to the code, we find Duke =181The Duke Blue Devils =181. Nevada Wolf Pack =1801 [in Jewish G]. Wolf Pack =181 is playing Loyola, whose coach Moser was 18,101 days old for their shock upset over Miami. The Society of Jesus =1181 [J]. Loyola Chicago VS Nevada, wolves versus wolves in what appears to me the most interesting matchup of the Sweet 16.

  • Ted ‘The Unabomber’ Kaczynski was arrested on 3 April 1996, two days after the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Syracuse Orangemen in the NCAA Basketball Final. This year both teams have also made the Sweet 16, Wildcats playing the Wildcats (Kentucky V Kansas State) and #11 Syracuse facing off against #2 Duke. And continuing on the wolves theme in this the Year of the Dog, Ted Kaczynski’s alma mater was the University of Michigan – the Michigan Wolverines also in the Sweet 16, making quite the theme party.

It should also be noted that in 1978, the year of Kaczynski’s first bomb, the NCAA Basketball Champions were Kentucky Wildcats, again (over Duke). The year of the first Unabomber fatality, 1985, it was the Wildcats AGAIN as champions, only Villanova that time. If we look at our other example, FedEx was incorporated in October 1997, placing it between the ’97 Champion (Arizona Wildcats) and the ’98 Champions (Kentucky Wildcats) in the year Kaczynski was sentenced to life in prison at ADX Florence where all the government patsies go to retire.

And as always, the only evidence we have is a bunch of pictures of emergency personnel standing around behind police tape pretending to look busy.

Theodore Kaczynski =804 [Satanic] was arrested (4/3/96) a clean span of 8004 days before the Austin Package Explosions =84 began on 3/2. FedEx Corporation =804. Serial Bomber =408. Cats + Dogs =408. Bomb =84. Wolves =84. Jesuit =84. Austin =84. Austin Texas =48. Ted Kaczynski =148. Federal Express =148. Bomb =1480. 

  • And this may be totally inconsequential but I’m currently right near the site of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, one of the most decisive battles in military history and Rome’s greatest defeat, as the Germanic tribes (many who would have been dressed in wolf skins) ambushed three Roman legions in one of the world’s most notorious inside jobs (a wolf in sheep’s clothing story). The date commemorated is 24 September 0009, which just so happens to be exactly 104,800 weeks before the 4/2 Hoops Final. Maybe we’ll see some ritual reenactment of this event. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =1048. Meghan Markle =48/148 born 8/4. 

The first victim of the Austin Package Explosions was Anthony House (the second Draylen Mason). The first victim of the Unabomber to suffer a serious injury was John Hauser. Also interesting is that the first two Unabomber targets were at Northwestern University in 78/79 – that’s none other than Meghan Markle’s alma mater. Markle was born 166 weeks 6 days after Kaczynski’s first bomb for a cheeky 666 connect.

The Unabomber =43 was born on numerology of (5+22+1+9+4+2) =43. Unabomber =34. Kaczynski =434. Serial Bomber =434. The first victim of Austin’s mysterious serial bomber: Anthony Stephan House =343. FedEx =143. Parcel Bombs =403/191. The 43rd prime 191.

  • San Antonio Texas =191. Federal Express =161. Society of Jesus =191. False Prophets =191. Freemason=191. Wolves =191. Austin Texas =304/161. Alamodome =34/191. Manhunt =1043/343. 
  • Nevada Wolfpack =134. Wildcat =143. The Wildcats =43. Rachel Meghan Markle =434. The Michigan Wolverines =1434. Unabomber Ted Kaczynski =1434. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing =1434.

While I haven’t watched it I have noticed that Netflix keeps promoting a series called Manhunt: Unabomber that premiered on 8/1/17. That’s 30 weeks 3 days before the Austin Bombings began on 3/2 and exactly 33 weeks before the latest bomb on 3/20. UNABOM =33 the name of the first episode after the government’s official nickname for Kaczynski. Wolves =33. Wolf Pack =33. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 3.04.30 PM.png

Manhunt Unabomber =302. Theodore Kaczynski =302. Unabomber =32. Austin Package Explosions =132. Parcel Bombs =32. Mail Bombs =32. Bomb =32. The first Austin package bomb on 3/2 and now the fifth on 3/20 at the appropriately coded FedEx =320 {Jewish}.

  • Austin Package Explosions =260. The Final comes exactly 20 years 6 months after FedEx =26/620 was incorporated. The Unabomber =620. Ted Kaczynski =162. Wildcat =26. UNABOM =1626/62/126 as the Feds called him.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” – Matthew 7:15. Emphasis on Ravening Wolves =676 [Satanic] for more insight on this code we’ve been following. Oh and how’s this, the 1986 film Wildcats starring Goldie Hawn opened 1676 weeks before the 4/2 Final.


So maybe the question now is, which Wildcats? The first Wildcats team to win after the movie released was the ’96 Kentucky Wildcats, exactly 3700 days later. Wildcats =37Ravening Wolves =370. Wolves =37. Kaczynski =37. Unabomber =37. 


The Ritual Sacrifice of Disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien

In the midst of this Irish research we get the news that Keith O’Brien, the former Archbishop of Edinburgh and leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, has died on 3/19 from a fall at the age of 80. He was born in Northern Ireland on 17 March 1938, meaning that Ireland won the Six Nations on his 80th birthday. Cardinal O’Brien was forced to resign in 2013 following allegations of predatory sexual abuse, the stereotypical wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And as it turns out, O’Brien was tight with notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile (as was Prince Charles), and in the Savile report I did in August 2017 I even included a picture of the two sick fucks together. And now his death from a fall following his fall from grace perfectly fits the pattern of ritual sacrifice with the ongoing Jesuit tributes and the death of a former Arizona Cardinal from Syracuse leading to the Orange’s “improbable” run to the Sweet 16.

80 years is exactly 960 months. Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien =96. Scottish Roman Catholic Cardinal =96. Satanism =96. Royal Family =960. Gordon Gray =96 his similarly coded predecessor like his similarly coded successor, Cushley =96. Jimmy Savile =69. Savile =69. Catholic Church =69. Jesuit Order =196. O’Brien =196. Six Nations =196. Irish =196. 

  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien =666. Keith O’Brien =696. James Savile =696. Sexual Predator =996/669 [Jewish/Satanic cyphers]. Patrick =666, O’Brien’s middle name & he was born on St Patricks Day =996 reminding us that Michael Collins & Henry Wilson were born 9960 days apart. O’Brien’s successor as Archbishop is Leo Cushley =1666 who was appointed 1699 days before O’Brien’s death. Pope John Paul II, the second longest-serving pope in modern history (who installed O’Brien), served for 9666 days.

Pope John Paul II =66. Jimmy Savile =66. Savile =66. Roman Catholic =166. Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien  =1166 [Satanic]. His term ended 10,066 days after his installation and O’Brien =99 died 9009 days after the death of his predecessor. Paul VI =990. Thirty-Three =66 and 1999 is the 303rd prime.

O’Brien died two days after his birthday and Savile died two days before his birthday. Collins assassinated exactly two months before Wilson and O’Brien dead exactly two months before the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle =303. 

  • Patrick =33. O’Brien =33. Cushley =33. Cardinal O’Brien =331 was Archbishop for 10,133 days and appointed by Pope Saint John Paul II =133 who replaced Pope Paul VI =133 – known as the 33-Day Pope for dying 33 days into office.

James Wilson Vincent Savile =133. James Savile =33. Savile =33 died exactly 303 weeks before the death of Liz MacKean on 8/18/17, a journalist credited with exposing Savile’s atrocities, and 333 weeks 3 days before the death of O’Brien. CRAZY. Especially as we just discovered that Coach Eddie Jones was exactly 3033 weeks old when he lost the Six Nations final to Ireland, just as Sir Henry Wilson (the British Field Marshall in charge of stopping the Irish rebellion of the early 20th century) was assassinated at the age of exactly 3033 weeks old.

Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien =447 was in office for 1447 weeks and died 14,470 days after the death of the 33-Day Pope, as well as 477 years after the Jesuits were founded.

Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh =1767. Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson =767. Father Keith O’Brien =167/76 was sacrificed 676 weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II =167/67 who created O’Brien as cardinal. Thirty-Three Day =676. More of these codes…

  • 6+7=13 and we find another wild long-count here based on the 13. Pope John Paul II died at the age of exactly 31,000 days old. Pope =13/103. The Vatican =103/131. Pope Paul VI =130 aka Thirty Three Day Pope =103. Thirty-Three Day =1300. Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien =130. Satanist =103. Scottish Roman Catholic Cardinal =130/1003 (J). Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =1003 (J).

The Beast =311. James Wilson Vincent Savile =311 born 31/10. Keith Patrick O’Brien =113. Satanist =113. That can also make 31,001 days old with Pope JP2 – and it’s also 1380 weeks. Which rings a bell because Michael Collins & Henry Wilson were born 1380 weeks apart. Jimmy Savile =138Saint Patrick =183. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =1183.


Michael Collins & Henry Wilson: More Rigged Sport as Ritual Allegory

While away on my digital detox I was reading about the assassination of legendary Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, and returned to find the Irish had won the Six Nations. I was reading the book I’d referenced in a previous post, Assassinations, written by a woman’s father I know who was in MI6. He compares Collins with the assassination of British Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson by the IRA, exactly two months before Collins, who’d ordered the hit on Wilson.

Collins =131/130 was shot 1310 days after the Irish War of Independence began and 310 days after his 31st birthday (making him 31 years 10 months old) – the exact mirror age of Italian footballer Davide Astori who recently died at 31 years old and 310 days before his next birthday. Dublin =310. Eire =13. IRA =131/103. Irish War of Independence =130. Henry Wilson =130. Field Marshall Wilson =301. Authority =31.

Michael Collins =47 was killed 407 days after the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War lasted exactly 47 weeksSt Paddy’s Day =47. Authority =47. 

  • Collins was killed 1 year 1 month 11 days after the Irish War of Independence ended. Irish War =1110. St Patricks Day =1110. Authority =111. 
  • Collins & Field Marshall Wilson =966 were born 9960 days apart. As we covered in the previous post, Ireland’s Coach Josef Schmidt =966 extended his contract 969 days before they won the 2018 Six Nations on St Patricks Day =996Easter Rising =666. Patrick =666. 

Michael Collins =308 and Henry Hughes Wilson =308/1380 were also exactly 1380 weeks apart. St Paddy’s Day =138. Easter Rising =138. Team Ireland =138. Six Nations =138. The Man of the Match was Tadhg Furlong =380 (exactly 1322 weeks old).

And this is why it’s so important to slog through some long-counts until striking gold – Field Marshall Henry was killed at the age of EXACTLY 3033 WEEKS old (5/5/64 to 6/22/22), the EXACT same age as England’s rugby coach who was EXACTLY 3033 WEEKS old (1/30/60 to 3/17/18) when he lost the Six Nations to Ireland. This is really one of the craziest finds ever. And yet more evidence that all major championships on Earth are really just ritual reenactments of history & allegorical expressions of choreographed sport theatre.

Ireland’s Six Nations on St Paddy’s Day

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.54.24 PM.png

Ireland defeats England to win the 19th Six Nations Cup on St Patricks Day =190 at Twickenham Stadium =190, another improbable & ironic sports story here in the Year of the Dog. Dublin Ireland =119 home to Aviva =109/19 Stadium. Eire =109 [EE] or Airlann =191 [J] as it’s known in Ulster Scots. The tournament began on 2/3/18, a familiar span of 101 years 9 months 10 days after the Easter Rising –  the start of the Irish Rebellion of 1916. Irish football player Liam Miller died (36 years old) 1 month 9 days before the Irish rugby win; a lad very much coded up.

  • 191 the 43rd prime, back to this core code. Team Ireland =43. Irish =43/143. Shamrock =43/34. Dublin Ireland =434. Coach Schmidt =434/134. Irish Rugby =134. Saint Patrick =134. Their captain Rory Best =34. Aviva Stadium opened (5/14/10) a span of 403 weeks before the Six Nations began. Val Mulkerns =143 was a famous Irish author who died on 3/10 exactly one week before the Irish championship, on the day Mulkerns =34 would have turned exactly 34,000 days old. William Peter Miller =1403. 

The top try scorer of the tourney was Ireland’s Jacob Stockdale =918 who was 8019 days old on the 3/17 Final, the same day coach Joe Schmidt was a parallel 19,180 days old. Irish Rugby =816. 


Easter Rising =666. Patrick =666. St Patricks Day =996. Coach Josef Schmidt =966 extended his contract 969 days before the win. Rugby World Cup =996 held in Japan next year, Ireland looking to do better than the quarter-finals, their previous best. Miller =669. Liam Miller =1669/996.

  • Six Nations Cup =331. Six Nations Cup Twenty Eighteen =133. Twickenham =133. England =33. Ireland =33. Aviva =330. Coach Jones =33. England’s coach Eddie Jones was exactly 3033 weeks old for the loss, a sequence that may yet represent sacrifice. Liam Miller =330. Miller =33. 

Team Ireland =195. Ireland =159 won the Six Nations on St Paddys Day =159 at Twickenham Stadium =1590 a perfect 1590 days after Schmidt’s first game as Ireland coach. That’s an awesome span made even better when we that 1590 days is equal to exactly 227 weeks. Schmidt extended his contract on 7/22 of 2015. Six Nations Grand Slam =227.

Miller =93. William Peter Miller =1193 died at the age of exactly 1930 weeks old. Twenty Eighteen Six Nations Championship =193. Saint Patrick =193. We know that 193 is the 44th prime. Liam Miller =44. Saint Patricks Day =44. Twenty Eighteen Six Nations Championship =144. Six Nations =144.

Ed Charles & Augie Garrido: Baseball Twins Trick & the Year of the Dog Continues

We’ve got a baseball-themed Twins Trick on our hands here from the Ides of March 2018, the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Augie Garrido, the winningest coach in college baseball history, has died age 79 and Ed Charles, third baseman for the Kansas City Athletics, has died age 84. Garrido took his programs to 15 College World Series, winning five of them while Charles won the 1969 World Series in his final season with the “Miracle” Mets – one of the greatest upsets in Series history. Sound familiar?

Edwin Charles =3011Charles =113 died at the perfect age of 31,001 days old and he was 301 weeks older than Augie Garrido =131. Charles =131. These numbers immediately have me thinking Jackie Robinson =131 born on 1/31 (or 31/1) who played his first career game when he was 10,301 days old and finished with a career .311 batting average, and sure enough, Charles’ wiki page mentions him appearing in the film 42 in a scene featuring a TRAIN. Sound familiar?

  • August Garrido =213 was born 301 weeks 2 days after Ed Charles (nickname: Glider =213) and died three days after suffering a stroke on 3/12 – the same day that rapper Craig Mack was sacrificed on the 396th anniversary of the canonization of St Francis Xavier =1302Xavier Musketeers =1302 basketball coach Chris Mack born 30/12 like Xavier died 3/12 (Dec 3rd). Ed Charles died 31,002 days after his birth and 321 days after his birthday. The Retrievers =231/1032.

Craig Mack was born 131 days before the birth of Chris Mack, the Championship =131 number like Garrido & Charles dying on March Fifteenth =131. The Xavier Musketeers =131/113. Sanctus Franciscus Xaverius =113. Marshall Thundering Herd =113/1130 with that wicked upset, same coding as the Retrievers =131 and Syracuse =131 who just pulled off another upset (#11 over #3) nine days after the death of former Syracuse football player and current staff member, Christopher Joseph Gedney =103 (read the report here). Remember, Gedney played with Tillman =103 killed in Afghanistan when he was 10,030 days old.

Edwin Douglas Charles =211 & Garrido, coach of The Texas Longhorns =211 were born another awesome span of 2110 days apart. Augie Garrido + Ed Charles =1112. Miracle Mets =112. Saint Francis Xavier SJ =112. The UMBC Retrievers =112/211. The frickin Dogs in the Year of the Dog – so awesome. Like the Loyola Ramblers whose mascot is a WOLF upsetting Miami Hurricanes (as a simultaneous Miami University bridge collapsed) then upsetting Tennessee Volunteers (whose mascot is ALSO a frickin dog). And later today it’s Cincinnati Bearcats VS Nevada Wolfpack.

  • 211 is the 47th prime and August Garrido =147 born on 47 numerology died exactly 47 weeks before his birthday. Augie Garrido =74. The Glider =470/174/47 started his career with Kansas City Athletics =1740 and ended with the Miracle Mets =1074. Kansas City =174. Yet another Kansas reference; UMBC to play Kansas State Wildcats & Kansas Jaybirds to play either Auburn Tigers or Clemson Tigers.
  • Craig Mack =174. Blood Sacrifice =747. Sanctus Franciscus Xaverius =407 born on 4/7 as Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta =147. Pope Francis =174. Julius Caesar =147. Caesar =47. UMBC Retrievers =174. UMBC =74.

They died on March Fifteenth =626 exactly 2062 years after the death of Julius Caesar.

And how’s the #16 beating #1 to make the Sweet 16 with Garrido & Charles both wearing #16. Not only that, 16 with the A makes a 161 and Augie’s number beneath A=1 and S=1 also makes 161, this sequence in full effect all year as we see over and over again. Sixteen =191.

August Edmun Augie Garrido Jr =767. Francis Xavier’s feast day is known as The Day of Navarre =767. This sequence again, remember Christopher Joseph Gedney =1767 and Woody Durham =1767 was the voice of the Tar Heels who just died exactly 76 years 7 months after his birth. And here on 3/18 an easy election win for Vladimir Putin =1767. The Mexican soccer player dead in a Twins Trick on 3/16 was Ezequiel Orozco =676. And how bout them Retrievers from University of Maryland Baltimore County =176/167. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =767.

I’ve been on a digital detox the past 72 hours in a little German village so here is a two-parter of Twins Trick Sacrifices for 2018 Sports Championships for ya. Never a dull moment!