Simpsons Predictive Programming: Bowie / Palmer / Fernandez / Prince

Truth-Sleuths, I’ve sprung for the Premium WordPress so no more pesky ads and a proper .com domain. Here’s another Simpsons selection from the book. You may be familiar with some of it because the first two episodes I’ve covered before, but its very much worth repeating, I think, especially when appreciated together. I’m most tripped out by the finds I made in the Adventure Time themed couch gag, and some of those Prince/Queen connects are pretty wild too.


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.46.42 PM.png

“And she has a cat with different colour eyes. His name is Bowie!” – Principal Skinner

As Skinner is gloating to Bart about his new girlfriend, on whom Bart also has a crush, he for some inexplicable reason makes an ominous finger-across-the-throat gesture while saying the line about Bowie, who of course had different coloured eyes. Upon hearing this final example of how much personal information Skinner knows about their mutual love interest, Bart (with a mustache due to drinking hormone-filled milk) screams NO! You need to see the clip, as it’s rather spooky how Skinner emphasizes the name “BOWIE” causing Bart to immediately yell out in abject horror.

And as it turns out, David Bowie’s death was announced the very same Sunday evening that this episode first aired, the news breaking within the next hour after the credits rolled.

Making the scene where Bart screams NO! to the mention of Bowie even eerier is an earlier  scene where Lisa wakes the family that same morning screaming NO! She has zits due to the hormone milk but Bart immediately asks: “What happened, did jazz die?” Another quote that very much ties into the death of the legendary musician that very evening. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 8.52.00 PM.png

If you’re not weirded out by The Simpsons making a Bowie reference on the night he died, choosing to chalk it up once again to coincidence, this next example will make the randomness argument pretty damn flimsy – because the exact same thing happened again.

On the very Sunday evening the news broke of the death of golf legend Arnold Palmer, the season premier of The Simpsons featured not one but FIVE mentions of Arnold Palmer. Mainstream publications covered the “spooky coincidence,” which they did not do for the Bowie reference, nor does it ever appear in mainstream lists of Simpsons predictions.

The reference is that Homer comes up with a prank: “I’m gonna fill a Super Soaker full of lemonade, Carl’s gonna fill one with iced tea, and we’re gonna ARNOLD PALMER Lenny when he walks in!” He laughs and Marge replies: “ARNOLD PALMER Lenny. You’re going to ARNOLD PALMER Lenny…” Homer clarifies: “Yeah, you see ARNOLD PALMER was a golfer, and he made up this drink where it’s not a full glass of lemonade or a full glass of iced tea.” Homer’s prank then backfires and he ends up getting it in the face as Lenny shouts, ARNOLD and Carl shouts PALMER.


This is the shot right before the scene where Homer gets Arnold Palmered. The illusion known as a predicament escape, or water torture cell, is featured as either Sherri or Terri appears to teleport from one tank to the next. Comic Book Guy scoffs and says, “This is just a simple Twins Trick; they pull the other twin out of the tank behind the curtain.” However, it’s revealed to the viewer that the other twin has in fact drowned.

There are several things that are spooky about this.

First it’s a depiction of a public death followed immediately by the second Arnold Palmer reference (fifth time saying his name), again the episode airing on the night he died. Second, the twin reference to magic and death as not one but two sports superstars were sacrificed on the same day, Palmer and José Fernández – pitcher for the Miami Marlins – the latter of which said to have drowned.

Is the Twins Trick the name of an actual occult ritual involving the dual killing of celebrities? I’ve adopted this term to use whenever we see deaths on the same day that share strong synchronicity. Third, notice the one missing shoe – that’s a classic Masonic symbol, one that appears often in staged hoaxes and false flags as a sort of calling card or signature.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.51.54 PM

Yet not only does this episode feature a major Arnold Palmer reference on the day he died, it opened with a back-handed reference to José Fernández on the day he died. The chalkboard gag read “This arm needs Tommy John surgery,” which is the reconstruction of an elbow ligament, named after a pitcher for the LA Dodgers who was the first to have the operation. So not only is this a direct nod to MLB Pitchers, but Fernández himself had Tommy John surgery, two years before dying in a boating accident.

And this next one’s more than a little eerie, if you ask me:

The episode’s couch gag is the intro sequence of Adventure Time recreated with Simpsons characters. It moves fast, but the following images leap out when you go frame by frame. The character known officially as Old Jewish Man is shown with the halo of an angel. While Palmer may or may not be Jewish, it is confirmed that he was a Master Mason.

Next we see Bumblebee Man who says Hola (the only dialogue in the entire intro, in Spanish by a Latino character who also has wings) as he points to the excavation of a fallen angel. Fernández was a Cuban-American, and the next second we’re in Bart’s treehouse where a newspaper reads “Joes Too Sloppy” – which of course contains an anagram of “José.” Especially ominous next to severed doll heads and an empty bowl.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.34.56 PM


The 2008 Halloween episode foreshadowed the tragic (and suspicious) death of Prince, seven years later on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. All numbers and predictive programming aside, Prince dying on the Queen’s birthday is remarkable, especially with their shared proclivity for the colour Purple =108. On the Queen’s 90th she was exactly 1080 months old: Prince Nelson =1080. Queen Elizabeth II =1008.

A spoof of Mad Men, the short titled “How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising” features Homer getting hired to be a Celebrity Killer by an ad agency who want dead stars for their campaigns because they can use their likeness without having to pay them a dime. So Homer proceeds to murder George Clooney, Prince, and Neil Armstrong.

  • How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising =1752 and Prince =275 died 7 years 5 months 20 days after it first aired.

For further proof of a tribute to the Queen Elizabeth sacrifice of Prince that was already planned and in the pipeline, her coronation was held exactly 55 years 5 months before the episode aired. Purple Rain =555 in Jewish Gematria.

That’s also 20,242 days later, an interesting sequence as this is this Season 20 Episode 4 as well as the 424th episode overall. Queen Elizabeth =240/142.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.19.31 PM

Siegfried & Roy: Tiger Mauling Illusion

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.24.34 AM.png

Truth-Sleuths, my apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been cranking overtime on finishing a mini-book on Predictive Programming which I’ll launching on Jan 22nd as a pdf to purchase for a few bucks. I might do a post on the Hawaiian Missile Scare (obviously not an accident) and the sudden death of the chick from the Cranberries as it pertains to Zombies and the deaths of George Romero and the stuntman from the Walking Dead, but most likely will just throw some examples of my book work over for you guys. I’m currently compiling all the highlights of all the very best foreshadow instances from The Simpsons – which led to these beauty discoveries here: 

One of the other most well-known examples of real-life events predicted by Simpsons jokes was the time that Siegfried & Roy were mauled by their own tiger in Las Vegas. Roy Horn was attacked by a white tiger named Montecore at the Mirage Resort and Casino on 3 October 2003, bitten on the neck and dragged across the stage on his 59th birthday.

The incident happened a span of exactly 511 weeks after the Simpsons episode. Siegfried Fischbacher =115. Roy =115. Montecore the White Tiger =115. Mirage Resort & Casino =115. Nevada =115. Psychological Operations =115. Sorcerer =115. Witches =1115. And curiously, Montecore died on 3/19/14, exactly 14 years after the “Bart to the Future” episode, or if we exclude start & end points, 5111 days later.

  • Siegfried & Roy =159. The Simpsons =159/59. With our focus on numerology it’s quite the detail that Roy (born Uwe Ludwig Horn =59) was attacked in Las Vegas =59 on the day he turned 59 years old. Magic =59. Magician =159. Illusionist =159.

Especially since the 59th prime is 277 and and October 3rd is the 277th day in a leap year (as was Horn’s birth year, 1944). Further, Siegfried & Roy were born exactly 277 weeks apart. With all those synchs, it appropriately happened at the Mirage Resort & Casino =277.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.49.28 PM.png

Psychological Operations =277. Under the banner of US Special Forces, a PSYOP is designed to “convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.” And just putting it out there, but what better location than the Mirage to pull off a major illusion, like faking a tiger attack.

The facts are that eye witness accounts are muddled and no video evidence is available, which means that yet again the home audience must simply believe what the mass media tells us to be so. It’s said that Montecore damaged an artery carrying oxygen to the magician’s brain, crushing his windpipe leaving him partially paralyzed, a story still being circulated despite Roy’s explanation that he suffered a stroke on stage and the tiger was dragging him to safety as he would a cub.

“I died clinically three times on the operation table,” Roy later said. And while it may seem far-fetched to suggest he faked his injuries as part of some larger occult ritual, we’ve seen it several times since, and with Hollywood special effects one can achieve almost anything – especially when pretty much the entire audience is consuming this information through a carefully controlled medium. Mass perception management, with the real illusionists as the Programmers who manipulate from behind the red curtain.

We find another clue in the Number of the Beast, the 666 that represents the so-called Beast System, which ultimately denotes the world of Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Their Simpsons parody characters were called Gunter & Ernst =966 like their official former show name: Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino =666.

  • And as it turns out, Siegfried & Roy had a cameo in the film Oceans 11, where the Mirage is robbed of something valuable. It opened in theatres on 12/7/01, a perfect span of 666 days before the tiger attack (or exactly 95 weeks, for the reverse of the 59 sequence).

Which brings us to one we can’t leave out: Roy was exactly 708 months old (59×12) for the incident. Sorcery =708 in Jewish Gematria. Which indeed this appears to have been.

To segue from the Siegfried & Roy Attack in the the 2017 Las Vegas Attack, they happened 5112 days apart; Montecore the Tiger died the exact same duration of 5112 days after the “Bart to the Future” episode first aired. (And then we carry into the Simpsons programming for the Vegas Shooting, which is even crazier than I’d originally covered). 

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.18.27 PM.png

Motörhead & the Sacrifice of Fast Eddie Clarke

Fast Eddie Clarke =118 passed away on 1/10/18 at the age of 67. Clarke was the last surviving member of the classic lineup of Motörhead, following the deaths of Lemmy & Phil Taylor who went late 2015, a span of 1 month 18 days apart. Death =118.

  • Or to be precise, Edward Allan Clarke =135 was exactly 3510 weeks old when he died. Lemmy =135. Burston =135 was a later guitarist for Motörhead, joining in ’84, better known as his stage name Würzel, which means Root =135 (who died on 7/9/11 at the age of exactly 3220 weeks old). Kilmister =353 (JG). Eddie =53. Death =53. Sacrifice =53. Phil Taylor =53/35. Taylor =35.

Death =213 in the Satanic Method. Clarke died 2 years 13 days after Lemmy and 2 years 1 month 30 days after Philip Taylor =213, so we know there’s a definite 213 pattern at play here, which we can now search for. (FYI I’ve currently got a gematrinator spreadsheet open with at least 2,000 variables from previous research and not a single instance of 213 or 312).

Edward Clarke =1113 (JG) died exactly 113 weeks after the death of Philip John Taylor =113. Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister =113. Michael Wurzel Burston =113.

  • Eagles =113 are playing the Div Final on 1/13 versus The Falcons =113 who can go 11-13 all-time in the playoffs. And I’m reminded of Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris Attacks of 11/13 – which will be exactly 113 weeks later on Jan 12th, or the period between counting to 1/13. That’s the exact same duration between the deaths of Taylor & Clarke, and just as Taylor died two days before the Paris Attacks and Lemmy died two days after his birthday perhaps we’ll see some fireworks on the 12th or 13th?

Curiously on the 13th Lemmy would have been 72 years 20 days old.

Ian Kilmister =174 aka Lemmy =74 died at his optimal age of 70 years 4 days old and 47 days after the death of Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor =1704. Edward Allan Clarke =740 was born 1747 days after Lemmy and died 744 days after him. Eddie Clarke =74 was also born 1447 days after Taylor, connecting all the members around this sacred sequence. Lemmy + Taylor + Clarke =74. Lemmy + Philthy Phil + Fast Eddie =1704.

  • Clarke died when another Fast Eddie, the former Governor of Pennsylvania [2003-2011] and former Mayor of Philadelphia [1992-2000], Ed Rendell =474/47, was 74 years 4 days old (well, the day after). Rendell =174/714. Edward Rendell =47 is a big fan of the Eagles =47 and currently has a show doing postgame analysis. Pink =47. 

Clarke’s death reminds us of Philthy Phil Taylor who reminds us of Philly and the new Justin Timberlake track Filthy that he’s performing at the Super Bowl. Timberlake is from Tennessee (“Fast Eddie” reminding us of Titans old RB Eddie George) and P!nk is from Philadelphia (actually just up the road in the town that serves as the location in M Night Shyamalan’s Signs). I’m also reminded of Philthy Phil Philanthropist from NOFX’s Heavy Petting Zoo released in 1996, two days after the Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX.

And I’m just free associating shit here so pick up the ball and run with it as you wish.

Also interesting is Motörhead’s last album Motörizer has a track called “When the Eagle Screams,” reminding us of the death of Jerry Van Dyke from Coach who played the defensive coordinator for the fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles. Hmm.

  • Mike Tomlin, the current head coach of the Steelers (the other team from Pennsylvania) was formerly the D Coordinator for the Vikings in 2006. He also played college ball at William & Mary when Falcons coach Dan Quinn was assistant coach and Tomlin and Quinn both got their first paid coaching gigs together in the same year (1995) at Virginia Military Institute. Could play with the twin theme, also Twin Peaks is back after 25 years for SB 52.

Eagles and Eddie further associates with Eddie the Eagle, the legendary British ski jumper who had a film made about him that premiered at Sundance on 1/26/16.

Fast Eddie joined Motörhead in March 1976, which means he died 41 years 10 months later or 502 months in the lead-up to Super Bowl 52 on 2/5 in UK. Sunday February Fourth =252. Death =52/25. Edward Clarke =525. Lemmy =52. Michael Burston =152/52.

  • Eddie the Eagle Edwards =252 born 12/5 and the Eddie the Eagle movie premiered 52 days after his 52nd birthday. Eddie the Eagle reminds me of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. I also notice he has the #24 on the movie poster, like the SB date 2/4.

Lots more avenues to explore given the right turn-off but I gotta leave you with a shorter piece today – and this final thought about Fast Eddie. That’s river terminology right there, continuing the water theme, as an eddy is a swirling, reverse current. Getting caught in which is a lot like becoming ensnared in a well-placed distraction.


Check back on this post as I’ve left a lot of stones unturned and I’ll most likely be updating it later. And if you’re reading these posts through email notification, please click through to the site as there’s hardly a single post I do that isn’t edited and added to in short order – plus it just looks so much better when viewed in proper formatting. 

Trump & the 25th Amendment: President Oprah and the Golden Dawn

Donald Trump’s description of himself as a “very stable genius” sparked new debate this weekend about the 25th Amendment, the provision to the US Constitution discussing the forced removal of a President from office – an alternative to impeachment but a last resort measure that would most likely require more than failing grades on a mental health test. Amendment XXV was adopted on 2 February 1967, a date that provides some extremely suggestive long counts for us to ponder.

The 25th Amendment came exactly 2606 weeks before Trump took office and 2660 weeks before Super Bowl LII. Trump Administration =266. 

  • Remember when Kathy Griffin decapitated Trump in a photo shoot? (Post worth revisiting).  Kathy Griffin =266 was 20,660 days old in the picture. Going back into the archives we have the 266th Pope visiting the White House on the 266th day of 2015, as well as Apollo Eleven =266 landing on the Moon a span of 2060 weeks 6 days after the birth of Edwin Buzz Aldrin =266 and 2066 days after the assassination of JFK.

For more previous examples of this number showing up: Kurt Cobain was born 260 weeks 6 days after John Glenn made the first orbit of Earth and Chris Cornell was the exact same age of 260 weeks 6 days old for the Moon Landing. There were also 2,606 people killed in and within the vicinity of the Twin Towers, Nelson Mandela was in office for exactly 266 weeks, and JFK died 16,602 days after the Solar Eclipse =266 of 1918.

This February 7th 2018 will be 2600 weeks 6 days after MLK Jr died and exactly 2606 weeks after his assassination brings us to 3/14/18, Pi Day. Seventy-Fifth Golden Globes =266. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.05.44 PM.png

The 266th prime is 1699Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn =1699, and Golden Dawn in Latin is Aurora Aurea =699, both of those in Jewish Gematria. That’s the magickal order associated with Freemasonry & Thelema to whom we see ongoing tributes as the occult elite herald in the Aeon of Horus (aka the Aeon of Ma’at) most memorably DJ Golden Donna’s warehouse party at the Oakland Ghost Ship becoming a ritual fire sacrifice – EXACTLY one year before the staged suicide of the CEO of Golden Krust, its logo a rising sun.

  • Both those Golden Dawn references coming on 12/2 could be a tribute to Aleister Crowley who died the day previous, December 1st (1947). Second of December =696. 
  • Arcane Occult =696. Witchcraft =666. Astrology =666. Black Nobility =666. Secrecy =666. Secret Society =996. One World Order =996United States Constitution =669.

This recent talk of Oprah Winfrey running for President in 2020 really fits the narrative – and the numbers – perfectly. Oprah Winfrey =996 will be the harmonic age of 66 years 9 months 6 days old for that next election. We see this 666 variation repeating yet again in the episode of the cartoon series The Boondocks that predictive programs Oprah as President of the United States. The episode “Return of the King” features an alternative history where Martin Luther King Jr is shot on 4/4/68 but instead of dying remains in a coma until 10/27/00.

That’s one day short of being exactly 1699 weeks, bringing it full circle.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn =138. Order of Thelema =138. The Return of the King episode aired on 1/15/06, a clean span of 13,800 days after the assassination of MLK, the civil rights leader shot the day that Donald Trump =138 turned exactly 1138 weeks old. Crazy.

  • And you’ve probably heard about this vlogger Logan Paul catching a firestorm of shit for a video he posted on 12/31 with a dead body of a victim from Japan’s notorious Suicide Forest, wearing a ridiculous hat and making jokes. According to Forbes, this dude makes USD $150,000 per Facebook post and $80,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

Logan Alexander Paul =183 was 8310 days old for the video, a real nice reversal of the aforementioned run. It’d be a real weird scene if Trump killed himself, with lots of people making fun of it and lots of other people shaming those who mock. I’m reminded of the alleged suicide of Chris Cornell, probably the most recent high-profile suicide, who died when Trump was exactly 3800 weeks old. That was followed by the suicide of Cornell’s buddy Chester Bennington =183 killing himself two months later, on Cornell’s birthday.

There’s definitely something going on here.

United States Constitution =1176. Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution =671 was adopted 1176 days after the Kennedy Assassination and Richard Nixon =167 died 1176 weeks before Trump’s election. Mentally Unstable =1176. Nixon =67. XXV =67 adopted in ’67. Harpo Studios =67, her Harpo brand in pace with the occult law of reversals. Horus =67. The Age of Aquarius =167. New Aeon =671. 

JFK was killed in the 187th year of the United States and Amendment XXV =187 was adopted exactly 178 weeks after the birth of Trump. The US Constitution =78. Richard Nixon =187 passed away exactly 1187 weeks before Trump took office. Logan Paul was exactly 1187 weeks for the suicide video. Orpah Gail Winfrey =187. 

  • As Dex points out, Oprah’s birth name Orpah is a Hebrew word meaning Fawn =87, a newborn deer to continue the Golden Dawn symbolism like all this President Oprah talk after the GOLDEN Globes. (Or maybe it was meant to mean the faun, the half-human half-goat symbol of fertility). The Age of Aquarius =87. 

The deer is also the symbol of spiritual authority in many cultures, appropriately enough for Orpah. Dex also suggests that the reason we’ve seen so many newscasters et al predominantly dressed in black, like that award show and this weird moment of the Trump’s visiting the Pope, is due to an occult mourning of the old age and the ushering in of the new. Makes sense to me.

Amendment XXV =1555, in Jewish Gematria. We said this last post and it very much bares repeating: Trump was elected exactly 1555 weeks after the 1987 televised suicide of R Budd Dwyer, Pennsylvania State Treasurer, and Trump took office 15,505 days after the resignation of Richard Nixon on 9 August 1974.  

  • Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law =555. New =555. Revolutions =555. Cycles of Time =555. Dawn =555. Remember that Grace Kelly was born 11,555 days before the birth of Princess Diana.
  • And how’s this for a date to see what Trump does: Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics on 2/9 will be exactly 2270 weeks after the resignation of Richard Nixon. Trump’s tombstone appeared 227 days before his election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport. The Aeon of Ma’at =227.

R Budd Dwyer died 7 years 22 days after the formation of another Golden Dawn, the far-right ultranationalist political party in Greece, still active. Oprah Winfrey =314. The Mystery =314. The Collective Consciousness =314. Know Thyself =314. Mind-Controlled =314. Subliminal Messages =314. Military Intelligence =314. The CIA was formed 30,104 days after the assassination of Lincoln; JFK was killed 30,014 days after President Garfield’s assassination (and 3 years 14 days after his election); and Martin Luther King Jr was shot 3 years 1 month 14 days after Malcolm X.

Golden Dawn =1026. Golden =126. Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae =602. R Budd Dwyer died 6 years 2 days into office. The Aeon of Horus =162. Age of Aquarius =1260. New Age =26. Winfrey =126. President Oprah =1260. President Winfrey =126/262. The Boondocks episode “Let’s Nab Oprah” (2/12/06) aired exactly 626 weeks before the first day of the 2018 Olympics and 11 years 10 months 26 days (exactly 621 weeks) before the 75th Golden Globes that launched the President Oprah predictive program into the next stage of alchemical manifestation.

1/26 of 2018 is exactly 266 weeks after 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Also on March 8th, Trump will be exactly 26,200 days old. Another one to watch for. 

BONUS FIND: There’s also buzz about Ivanka Trump being groomed for President. Maybe we’ll see her run against Oprah, as the two women were born 10,137 days apart (137 the 33rd prime) or one day short of exactly 333 months (27 years 9 months 1 day). Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae =333. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law =3330.

Golden Krust CEO’s Alleged Suicide

We got another CEO of a food company dead within a month, as Lowell Hawthorne of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill allegedly shot himself on December 2nd 2017. Hawthorne, founder of the beef patty empire, is said to have committed suicide apparently due to fears of tax evasion investigation, though as the numbers strongly suggest – the man was murdered by the Illuminati. (Or had his death faked or whatever, doesn’t really matter to me, though it may to his family, if they’ve come searching and found my work). And like the others, his death is full of clues.

Lowell Hawthorne =1146. Golden Krust =146. Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill =1406. He wrote a book called The Baker’s Son: My Life in Business =406. And he died on December Second Twenty Seventeen =146. Pennsylvania =146/1406. R Budd Dwyer =146. A rags to riches story, Hawthorne was a Jamaican immigrant who co-founded the largest Caribbean franchise chain in the United States. That sequence reminding us of Trump born 14/6 of ’46 who is obviously A Very Stable Genius =406. 

Lowell Hawthorne =2207 (in Jewish Gematria) would have been exactly 3014 weeks old for Super Bowl LII, which comes 31 years 14 days after the death of R Budd Dwyer. Golden Krust Bakery =413. Presidential Assassination =314. Trump Suicide =314. And the President really should be on suicide watch, smashing a reported eight hours of TV per day and moping around doing whatever his handlers tell him to do while overcompensating his feelings of inadequacy by hiding behind his vulnerable ego. I’ve been wondering for a while now that if we do see Trump taken out it will be staged as being done by his own hand. These recent deaths of CEOs may be priming the pumps.

Amendment XXV =314, now being discussed with regards to the removal of Trump.

  • Hawthorne was featured on an episode of CBS’s Undercover Boss on May 22nd 2016, making him another CEO / Reality TV star. He died 560 days after the show. Golden Krust =56. Caribbean Bakery =56. Jamaican =56. The Apprentice =56. A Very Stable Genius =56. R Budd Dwyer =56. 
  • He also died 1 years 6 months 10 days after the show aired. Lowell Hawthorne =191. Richard Cousins =161Compass Group =161Super Bowl LII =161. Hawthorne died 1610 weeks after R Budd Dwyer blew his brains out on live television in 1987, a pretty crazy story of the Pennsylvania State Treasurer (and former football coach) sticking a .357 magnum in his mouth at a press conference and pulling the trigger.

Hawthorne died at the age of exactly 3005 weeks old, quite a clean number. Especially as he also died 30 weeks 5 days after his birthday. Golden Krust =531. Lowell F Hawthorne =153 died 1530 weeks after the death of R Budd Dwyer. CBS Undercover Boss =1530. Apprentice =503. President Donald John Trump =353. Best Patty Ever =353. 

That means he was exactly 3009 weeks old when CEO Richard Cousins was killed in the Sydney Seaplanes crash. A Very Stable Genius =309. Dwyer died 9 months 30 days after his birthday (303 days) and THREE DAYS before Super Bowl XXI, Giants =139 beating Broncos 39-20, the game I just talked about in the Governor Ventura post as the Broncos losing back-to-back championships. Dwyer being from Pennsylvania, maybe we do see Pittsburgh beat Atlanta.

  • Cousins & Hawthorne were born 1 year 1 month 2 days apart. Hawthorne =112. Suicide =112. Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill =112. Caribbean Bakery =211. Chief Executive Officers =211. Richard Cousins =211. Compass =112. Donald =112. President Donald Trump =112. The Apprentice =211.

Hawthorne & Cousins, the two deceased food CEOs, were also born exactly 57 weeks apart, which is interesting because Lowell F Hawthorne =75 of Golden Krust Bakery =57 was also born a span of 5070 days after Trump =175 who was elected exactly 507 months after Nixon resigned. Undercover Boss =175Dwyer =75Amendment XXV =57.

Lowell Hawthorne was born on May 1st 1960, the 184th anniversary of the Bavarian Illuminati. Robert Budd Dwyer =184. Super Bowl XXI =184. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =84. Cousins =84. Donald Trump =48. Golden Krust =48. Illuminati =48.

  • Amendment XXV =1555 (JG). Trump was elected exactly 1555 weeks after Dwyer’s live suicide and Trump took office 15,505 days after Richard Nixon resigned.
  • Dwyer & Trump were also born a span of 6 years 6 months 24 days apart, which reduces to 6-6-6.

And looking into some other high profile executive suicides we find Bernie Madoff’s eldest son Mark hanging himself with a dog collar for the Triple 7 date count. [Mr Jackpots.] And speaking about financial fraud, US Bank Stadium =777, in Jewish Gematria.

Lowell Hawthorne’s friends and family say no way he would have killed himself, completely out of character for the “happy family man, a man of great faith and one who was thrilled with all the exciting things that were happening in his dream life.” As one close colleague of his who wished to remain anonymous put it: “A lie dem a tell. Absolutely crazy talk. Nutten nuh go so.”

Nutten nuh go so, indeed. {Rastafari -> Dreadlocks -> Predator -> Prey/Pray}

Compass CEO Killed in Plane Crash

Richard Cousins, CEO of Compass Group (square & compass anyone?) the largest contract foodservice company in the world, was killed in a plane crash in Australia on New Year’s Eve. The seaplane carrying five passengers – Cousins, his two sons, his fiancee and her daughter – went down in Jerusalem Bay, of all places, what with the current drama over the Israeli capital. Compass Group operates several major brands including Papa Johns Pizza, whose CEO and company face John Schnatter stepped down on New Years Day, hours after Cousins death. Interesting timing, especially as Papa John resigned due to his comments about the NFL negatively effecting his profits due to the anthem protests fiasco.

  • Richard =366 and John =366. Cousins was exactly 3066 weeks old when he died onboard a bird operated by Sydney Seaplanes =366.

There was also a top dog hedge-fund executive and his family killed in another plane crash on 1/2 in Costa Rica. Bruce Steinberg worked for Bridgewater Associates, which reminds us of Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater, fresh back from injury on 12/17, the 50th anniversary of Australian PM Harold Holt vanishing at sea like MH-370. There’s also a Bridgewater University in Massachusetts, its campus a half hour drive from Patriots’ Glilette Stadium in  Foxborough.

Quick tangent here on the Cousins angle, the quarterback for the Washington Redskins is Kirk Cousins =76 who will be 10,760 days old the day before Super Bowl LII (when Eagles’ Nick Foles will be 10,607 days old and N Foles =67 took over at QB 7 weeks 6 days before the SB). Teddy Bridgewater =1706/167 and Vikings Coach Zimmer extended his contract 1 year 6 months 7 days before Super Bowl LII. Cousins’ final game was defeating the Georgia Bulldogs in the 2012 Outback Bowl – exactly 314 weeks (6 years 7 days) before Bulldogs play the National Championship in Atlanta =314Atlanta =67. 

  • I see too that a South African rugby player for the Border BULLDOGS named Mlungisi Bali was stabbed to death on January 3rd. Mlungisi Bali =1176/79 was murdered at the age of 10,079 days old. Dick Cousins =179. 
  • The Border Bulldogs =79. The Georgia Bulldogs =97. Alabama =79/76. William Jacob Fromm =76, the Georgia QB, was born 1179 weeks after the birth of Georgia’s Coach Kirby Smart =67 and  Fromm was 7097 days old when Bali died.

Notice the Border Bulldogs rock the red & black like the Atlanta Falcons, AC Milan, and Bridgewater State University (the latter specifying crimson red & black). We could also note that in the CFL, the Calgary Stampeders lost the last two Grey Cups back-to-back. They’re also red & black (and two years ago lost the championship to the Ottawa Redblacks, ha).

Richard Cousins =966. Compass Group =966. He was replaced as Compass CEO =966 by a man named Blakemore =966 born in 1969. Jerusalem Bay Australia =696. They crashed near a river called Hawkesbury =1696.

  • It’s said the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft went into service in February 1964, making it approximately 19,660 days old at the time of the crash. CEO Assassination =669. And with all these synchs we should find it very suspicious that not only were Papa John and Cousins born 969 days apart, Teddy Bridgewater was born 9096 days after the disappearance of Harold Holt.
  • On the day that Matt Ryan the Falcon =666 was 1696 weeks old he announced that his wife is expecting twins.

Searching for other high-profile CEOs to die in plane crashes we find that of Christophe de Margerie of French corporation Total SA (one of the seven ‘Supermajor’ oil companies in the world, who was killed on 20 October 2014. That’s 166 weeks 6 days before Cousins. His plane crashed (3 months 3 days after MH Flight 17 and 227 days after MH-370) after his visit with the Russian President and French authorities opened a manslaughter investigation.

Cousins became CEO of Compass Group on May 31 2006, meaning he was killed exactly 11 years 7 months later. Compass Group CEO =711. Earlier this year Cousins was named #11 on the 2017 100 Best Performing CEOs in the World by Harvard Business Review. Christophe de Margerie =117. Vikings =117. Minneapolis =117. The Minnesota Vikings =117. Remember the Aussie PM Harold Holt =117 vanished while out for a swim fifty years ago on 12/17.

  • I covered a bunch of 107s in the previous post, well the 107th prime is 587. The Minnesota Vikings franchise will be 58 years 7 days old for Super Bowl LII.
11 years 7 months is exactly 139 months. Teddy Bridgewater was 1309 weeks old when he returned from injury on 12/17, the anniversary of Holt’s disappearance. Bridgewater =1193/913. Kirk Cousins =139. Twins =139. And Falcons QB Matt Ryan, who shares a birthday with Tom Clancy’s CIA analyst Jack Ryan, announced on Nov 21/17 that his wife is expecting twins.

Then the internet took the piss, referring of course to the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead at half-time against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. 283 is the 61st prime. Ryan =61. Super Bowl LII =161. Minneapolis =161. Twin Cities =161. 

Falcons are playing Eagles on 1/14, Bird VS Bird, and the Golden Ratio is PHI = 1.61 like Philadelphia, which happens to be Ryan’s home town. Eagles QB Carson Wentz, out for the season, launched the AO1 Foundation on 7/11 last year. O=15/6 so AO1, as he has tattooed on his wrist, is code for 161. Ryan made his Twins announcement 161 days after Beyonce, who performed at his last Super Bowl loss, gave birth to twins (which she announced four days before that last SB).

Fun Fact: Ryan & Foles are born 1345 days or 1344 days apart and the winner will face either Theodore Bridgewater =1345 or New Orleans Saints =1344. 

Jerry Van Dyke & John Young: The Minnesota State Screaming Eagles

Jerry Van Dyke died on January 5th (the same day as legendary astronaut John Watts Young, Apollo 10/16), which is crazy because we were just talking about his brother Dick Van Dyke on 12/29 [Bronx-Mumbai Fire Ritual] in association to the death of Rose Marie (12/28/17), who co-starred on the Dick Van Dyke Show with Jerry & Mary Tyler Moore (who died 1/25/17, her show set in Minneapolis) as well as the death of Heather Menzies (12/24/17) with her connection to Julie Andrews who starred as Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke. You with me?

Anyway, less than a week after researching Dick Van Dyke and his dark Disney ties, his kid brother gets popped off. Best known for his character on the TV sitcom Coach, Jerry died the day before the NFL Playoffs began. Looking into this show for Super Bowl clues, we see that it stars Craig T Nelson as Hayden Fox, head coach of the fictional Division I-A college football team the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. That’s right. MINNESOTA + EAGLES. Dying 17 days before the NFC Conference Championship that could very well be Eagles VS Vikings to decide who plays in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

Coach =62. Van Dyke =162. Screaming Eagles =1602. Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles =162. Purple and Gold =26/62/206. Philadelphia =62. Coach Fox =26. Fox =216. Hayden Fox =612. And Coach Fox reminds us of John Fox, former head coach of the Carolina Panthers (and recently fired by the Bears), who entered the NFL as defensive coordinator for Pittsburgh in ’89, the year that Coach premiered. And speaking of which, here’s Dick Van Dyke with some Penguins.

Mary Tyler Moore =62. The Dick Van Dyke Show =126. Dick =26/162. Kelly Jean Van Dyke =1062. Super Bowl LII comes 26 years 10 days after the last time it was held in Minnesota and, on theme of astronauts, 2601 weeks after the death of Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space *cough* bullshit *cough*).

  • Another astronaut just died on 12/21, Bruce McCandless II, who died the same damn span of 2601 weeks after Christopher McCandless, the vagabond kid from Into the Wild, who shares the surname (no relation) and was born 6 weeks 2 days before the death of the fraudulent Gagarin. I might have run that one a bit off-track but we’ve been discussing NASA coding for years, which reminds us of these old classics that fit the bill here:

Including end dates, Kurt Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after John Glenn made the first orbit and Chris Cornell was exactly 261 weeks old for the Moon Landing, which happened when Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old. The Eagle =261. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =261. The Philadelphia Eagles =261, in Francis Bacon.

There’s another connection here with Minnesota and NASA as there’s an astronaut from Minnesota currently “in space” on the International Space Station: Mark Vande Hei =666. John Watts Young =996 died the same day as Jerry Van Dyke =996 and 16,696 days after his moon landing and two weeks after McCandless II =666. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666.

  • Fox =666. Super Bowl LII =966. The Eagles =966. Falcon =666. Marvin John Nance =966 (Jack’s full name). Jerry’s nephew / Dick’s son Barry Van Dyke will be 66 years 6 months old for the Super Bowl, born 17 days after Jesse Ventura, just like Jerry Van Dyke dying 17 days before the Conference Championship. Purple + Gold =666. The Screaming Eagles =666. (Both in EE.)

And get this, the real life Minnesota State University is home to the Mavericks, whose alumni now playing in the NFL is apparently a list of one: Adam Thielen, WR for none other than the Minnesota Vikings, going to the Pro Bowl this year. Thielen =696 was 9999 days old for the death of Jerry Van Dyke =996 (which sets up his days after for some sweet long counts).

Barry Van Dyke (born in ATLANTA) is a bit of an enigma. Wikipedia says he lost his wife, Mary Carey Van Dyke, in 2017 but no where can I find the date she died. What I do find, however, is many articles claiming that BARRY died, including this one that says he passed away on 29 May 2017. There’s also a Reddit forum about a Mandela Effect of people swearing that Barry Van Dyke killed himself in the mid-nineties. Weird stuff.

It gets weirder when we find out that Jerry Van Dyke’s daughter, Kelly Van Dyke, was a porn star (known as Nancee Kelly) who actually killed herself in 1991. Maybe that’s the confusion with the Mandela Effect claim. Turns out Kelly was married to Jack Nance, best known as Pete Martell from Twin Peaks and his awesome performances in many David Lynch films. They married 7 months before her death, and Nance died young too, under mysterious circumstances, in 1995 (apparently from a brain injury he sustained from a brawl in a donut shop parking lot after telling off some kid). Kelly died 26 years 2 months before SB LII. Jack Nance =26/62 died 21 years 1 month 6 days before SB LII.

Before landing the role of Coach Fox, Craig T Nelson played a football coach in the Tom Cruise movie All The Right Moves (1983) – which is filmed in Pittsburgh and set in a shitty company town in Pennsylvania dominated by a steel mill. The high school football team even wears the black & yellow, Cruise in #33. The flick opened 12,525 days before SB 52. Jerry was born 2052 days after his brother Dick. Adam Thielen =205 was born 1 year 5 months 25 days after Coach premiered.

  • And here’s another ruby of a find: the actor who played Predator in the first and second films was one Kevin Peter Hall, who died of AIDS at the age of 35, just four months after Predator 2 opened. Hall is from PITTSBURGH, of all places. At 7’2″ he was the tallest actor in Hollywood. (Fun Fact: Hall went to the same high school as Barry Church, Jaguars strong safety, and Aaron Donald, Rams d-tackle – both players on 2017 Wild Card teams).

Hall also starred in that TV sitcom 227 which we’ve talked about before, and on the Pi tip he died 31 weeks 4 days before the death of Nancy Van Dyke. Minneapolis–Saint Paul =227. The Minnesota Vikings =227. Franklin Steele =227. The Running Man opened exactly 28 years before the Paris Attacks or 10,227 days (and Predator opened exactly 29 years before the Orlando Nightclub Shooting). Schwarzenegger =1314 was born 3 years 11 months 14 days before Ventura and took office 2 years 27 days after 9/11.

3/14 (March 14th, Pi Day) this year will be 17,770 days after the Moon Landing and 2027 days after Neil Armstrong died; a good day for Buzz Aldrin to buzz off to other worlds than this. Buzz will also be 32,202 days old on 3/22, which will be 17,777 days after the Moon Landing. Interesting eh, and as it turns out, John Young (and Jerry Van Dyke) died 17,700 days after the Moon Landing. The square root of Pi is 1.77.

  • The series finale of Coach came 1077 weeks before the death of Van Dyke and Thielen was born 77 weeks 1 day after it premiered. Minnesota State University =1177. McCandless =177. Christopher Johnson McCandless =177. Kelly Jean Van Dyke =177. Jack Nance died 7707 days before Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium =777. 

Van Dyke =107. Young =1117/17 landed on the Moon =17/170 a span of 1007 days after the Apollo 11 Landing and 7110 days after the death of Alan Shepard, the first American in space. Young was also born 7 days after Edgar Mitchell =117, the astronaut who was a major proponent of alien conspiracies and died 701 days before Young. NASA =17. Kelly Van Dyke (aka Nancee Kelly) died on 11/17. Thielen =117. Adam Thielen =117 will be 10,007 days old for the Division Final on 1/14 (and 10,014 days old on 1/21). The roman numerals LII is an upside-down 117.

So weird how everything we look into here keeps showing up clues for Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Minnesota. Jerry Van Dyke’s assistant coach character on Coach is named Luther Van Dam, which is interesting because Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally billed to play Predator and JCVD was in Sudden Death – the movie featuring terrorism at the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup that I reported with last year’s death of Powers Boothe setting the stage for the Penguins’ back-to-back Stanleys.  Boothe died on 5/14/17 – exactly 20 years (240 months) after the series finale of Coach. 

Boothe co-starred with Bill Paxton in Tombstone and Paxton (who died on 2/25/17) was in not only Apollo 13 for the NASA synch but also PREDATOR 2. And good call Nicky T that Alabama QB Jalen Hurts is a dead ringer for the Predator with those dreads so we’ll see if the Predator theme continues: Falcons using their talons on the sheep, Titans (like the OG gods of Greek mythology and Nashville home to the Predators) defeating the Native Americans, and Jaguars devouring the buffalo. If Panthers maul the Saints I’d say we’re go for launch on the pattern.

Jalen =666 (Jewish) Hurts =216 (Satanic) and he’ll be exactly 233 months old (the 51st prime and 13th Fibonacci number). A Crimson Tide is a Bloodbath and as per the Coach angle we should amplify the focus on the coaching staff and see what comes up.

UPDATE: Priests beat Panthers, maybe Sexual Predators trump Big Cats.

Governor Ventura: Super Bowl LII Clues

Presumably Jesse Ventura was presented with this Vikings #98 jersey sometime during the ’98 Season when he was elected Governor of Minnesota. Incidentally, Minnesota is hosting the Super Bowl in the 98th Season of the NFL – in which the Vikings are looking mighty strong to become the first team in history to play the Big Game at home. Ninety-Eight =62.

Saint Paul Minnesota =206/62 is the Twin City of Minneapolis =62 – host to Super Bowl LII =62 – and has a new mayor: Melvin Carter, the city’s first African-American mayor who assumed office on 1/3 of this year, the day after the new Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey (a 36-year-old Jew replacing a woman from Baltimore). Mayor Frey =126. Jacob =206. Twin =206. Mayor Melvin Carter =206. Carter 26/62 replaced Christopher B Chris Coleman =126/162. Coleman =126. Jacob Frey + Melvin Carter =126, the new mayors of the Twin Cities who as we’ll see, are full of clues for the Super Bowl =260. 

  • Indeed all these men are perfectly coded up with the cities they represent, the ubiquitous  and omnipresent 26/62 coding we see continue: St Paul =26. Minneapolis MN =162. Minneapolis–Saint Paul MN =1602. Twin Cities =260. Twins =260. 

But the discovery that made this deserving of a post is where the trail led – straight to the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura =62. Jesse =26 Ventura =1126. Governor Ventura =62. His real name James Janos =26. And of course Mr Ventura was a former WWF wrestler and Navy SEAL who, like his co-star of PredatorThe Running Man (Schwarzenegger & Ventura born 206 weeks apart), graduated from entertainment to politics. This theme we’ve just been reminded of with the (s)election of former soccer star George Weah to the President of Liberia =126. Ventura’s character in Running ManCaptain Freedom =216/620 and in Predator: Blain Cooper =162. 

Born on 9/1/61, the previous mayor of St Paul – Christopher B Chris Coleman =261 (EO) as its written on his Wikipedia – will be 20,610 days old for Super Bowl LII, which comes 26 years 10 days after the last time it was held in Minnesota (Super Bowl 26 on 26/1 of 1992). Governor of Minnesota =261. Minnesota Vikings =261. Justin Timberlake =261.

  • Teddy Bridgewater =162. Minnesota Vikings =1206. Viking =26. Franklin Steele =26 was the founder of Minneapolis, born in Pennsylvania =206, which suggests Pittsburgh Steelers VS Minnesota Vikings =206/260 in Super Bowl LII. Steelers Vikings =260. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania =2062. Timberlake =262. Denny Green =626, the former Vikings Coach who died the day before US Bank Stadium’s grand opening.
  • Jesse Ventura reminding us of another football-themed movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective =262. Ace Ventura =162. The movie that features the Philadelphia Eagles =2016. Philadelphia =62.

26 weeks 2 days is equal to exactly six months, perfectly half a year. If we subtract that from Super Bowl LII on 2/4/18 we arrive back at August 4th 2017, the very first NFL preseason game, Cowboys over Cardinals (man defeats bird).

As it turns out, August 4th 2017 was exactly 50,002 days after the death of Franklin Steele =52. Let that sink in for a quick second before carrying on. Again, he’s the man from Pennsylvania =152 who co-founded the city of Minneapolis MN =52 (read about him here). Minneapolis–Saint Paul MN =250/252. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =152/125. The cities once again coded up with their mayors: Coleman =125. Mayor Carter =125. Mayor Frey =125/250/1052. Jacob Frey + Melvin Carter =225/2052. Synched to SB 52 like 52 weeks in a year.

  • Steele =25 built the first permanent bridge to span the Mississippi River =152. Steelers =205. Pittsburgh + Minnesota =250. Pittsburgh the City of Bridges and the Minnesota Bridge Collapse of 8/1/07 that happened 152 years after that first bridge (1/23/1855) and 10 years 5 months 20 days before the Conference Championship. Half-time show by Justin Randall Timberlake =251/252. 
  • As Dan @ Mindless Freaks talks a lot about, there really does seem to be Bridge theme in play. Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater who returned on 12/17 from a devastating knee injury in 2016 training camp that reportedly nearly cost him his leg. Bridgewater’s first Playoffs game on 1/14 will be 502 days after that ACL “injury” (from 8/30/16). There’s also news recently of an executive from Bridgewater Associates who was killed in a plane crash (post on that other recent plane crashes the draft folder).

Also on 8/4/17, Dennis Earl Green =255 would have been 25,005 days old. The City of Bridges =255. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =255 and 255 days after it is the release of the latest movie in the Predator franchise called simply: The Predator =52. Coach Zimmer was born 255 weeks after Jesse Ventura who was born 125 weeks after Coach Green.

Eric Robert Rudolph =252 was captured exactly 2500 days after the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics =52. Which deserves mention again in light of ongoing patterns (and that perfect 2500 day span). And one of the defining features of the Predator is its Dreadlocks =255. Perhaps we look for teams with players wearing dreads.

George Weah the new President of Liberia =25/52 was born 52 years 25 days before Super Bowl 52. Predator =520 and Running Man =125 both came out in 1987, a span of 5 months 2 days apart. Predator also came out 5205 days before 9/11 and 11,025 days before the death of its actor Sonny Landham, the native tracker who died on 8/17.

Schwarzenegger & Ventura were actually in a third movie together, Batman & Robin =152 which opened exactly 10 years after Predator, or 521 weeks. And another thematic film, Schwarzenegger in Twins (1989) which opened 1521 weeks before Super Bowl LII. Ninety-Eight =521. And tying it back around, 521 is the 98th prime – this the 98th Season like Ventura’s #98 jersey.

  • Ace Ventura Pet Detective =125 came out 1252 weeks before Super Bowl 52 which will air on 2/5 in Europe. Pet Detective =250/52. Ray Finkle =52. Super Bowl XVII is featured in Ace Ventura (Redskins over Dolphins) with John Riggins as MVP. Riggins was born on our Aug 4th date and will be 25,020 days old for Super Bowl LII.
  • (Stated another way, Ace Ventura =142 opened on 2/4 exactly 24 years before this 2/4 Super Bowl. Ace Ventura Pet Detective =242.) Of course Ace Ventura is based in Miami and features the Dolphins, host to Super Bowl 54 on 2/2/2020.

The ’87 Super Bowl on 1/25 was the inaugural year of the “I’m Going to Disneyland” =252 campaign, which we mentioned previously. The pattern that sticks out to me between the ’87 & ’88 Super Bowls (Predator & Running Man opening between the two games) is that the Denver Broncos played – and lost – both. Perhaps a clue to the Falcons repeating this year? Or is the other bird team, the Eagles? After all, the conclusion of Ace Ventura was a Super Bowl between Miami & Philadelphia, with Ventura whooping the Eagles mascot, Swoop =25.

Now I once again got carried away, as these 666’s of Ventura was the whole original purpose for this post.

African-American =696. St Paul MN =696. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =696 and its lowest elevation is 666 ft. Ventura will turn 66 years 6 months old on 1/14/18 for the Divisional Round Final between Vikings and the Wild Card Winner, which means that for the Conference Championship he’ll be 66 years 6 months 6 days old. He took office on 1/4/99 which means that the day of Super Bowl LII =966 will be exactly 996 weeks later. Denny Green =666. Teddy Bridgewater was 9066 days old the day before the 98th season began. Ninety-Eight =966.

  • Eric Rudolph =669 was born on 19/9/66 and is the patsy for the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =1666 at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta GA =966. There’s a TE for the Vikings called Kyle Rudolph whose got some numbers on him (he’ll be 10,301 days old for the Conference Championship and 10,314 days old for the Super Bowl). Rudolph’s also born with 52 days remaining in the year.

And as if we can handle any more synchs, Mayor Frey was born 10,966 days after Ventura. The previous Super Bowl was 10,969 days after the aforementioned ’87 Super Bowl and half-time show this year is Justin =669 Timberlake. This year we also saw the death of the native tracker from Predator, Sonny Landham who played Billy Sole =666/966. The Predator wears Dreads =666.

That’s 30 years 8 days and Ventura was the 38th Governor of Minnesota =38 just as Schwarzenegger was the 38th Governor of California =138 both actors starring in Predator =380. Theodore Bridgewater Jr =308. William M Sonny Landham =308. US Bank Stadium =38. Ace Ventura =38. There’s a new Predator film coming out on 8/3 of 2018 and filming on it wrapped 8 months 3 days before the Super Bowl. Football =83. Dreadlocks =38/183. 

Now seriously, who in these playoffs has dreadlocks? I see Johnathan Cyprien =251 for the Titans (who will be 10,052 days old for the SB….), Sammy Watkins =552 & Todd Gurley =125 for the LA Rams =125. The Steeler on the right is DeAngelo Williams who has a pretty funny resume as after being let go by Pittsburgh last year he became a pro wrestler, reminding us of Jesse Ventura, then retired 3 months 3 days after his first appearance (his career lasting officially only three days).

  • Also before I even got onto the Predator tangent I had a free-association of St Paul’s new mayor Melvin Carter with rapper Wayne Carter =125/52 aka Lil Wayne =25 whose got himself some good dreads and is from New Orleans (though supports the Packers and is associated with the Atlanta scene).
  • Then I thought of Sean Carter aka Jay-Z who just dropped his 4:44 album 205 days before the Conference Championship. Justin Timberlake will be 444 months 4 days old when he does the half-time show, and the 444s is a story for another day. Timberlake =1044 performs 14 years 4 days since his last half-time show, the notorious Nipplegate (between Patriots beating Panthers).

I may have gone way off track here, imagining that as the Predator alien gets defeated in the films, so too will the Rams & Titans both go down in the Wild Card round, so let’s bring it back to something concrete. 

There are 446 bridges in Pittsburgh. Timberlake =446 is doing the half-time show and Schwarzenegger & Ventura are born 1446 days apart. Once again we see this synched with the new mayors of the Twin Cities: Jacob Frey + Melvin Carter =446. I’ve seen this sequence show up a few times lately but haven’t kept track, so let’s keep our eyes peeled for it eh.

Munich Massacre & the 2018 Olympics

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.04.56 AM.png

The search for the history of Olympics terrorism begins at the Munich Massacre of the 1972 Summer Games and connects to the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing during the 1996 Atlanta Games (another Georgia clue as we have the Georgia Bulldogs playing in the College Football Championship and Falcons QB Matt Ryan sharing a birthday with Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan). Before we get into the decipher I’d like to point out how both the Super Bowl LII logo and that of the PyeongChang Olympics both feature stars, probably an occult reference to Sirius/Lucifer. I also in both see hidden 11s or Twin Towers and most clearly in PyeongChang, the Pi symbol (π) on perhaps a blood-stained ground.

The 2018 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony on February 25th, a date we identified in the previous post as hot target, comes 16,069 days after the Munich Massacre where eleven Israeli =696 athletes were taken hostage in the Olympic Village =966 and murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist =969 group called Black September. That was the ’72 Olympics (whose motto was the ironically yet perfectly coded Happy Games =666) held in the city of München =666 in the country of Deutschland =666. And we can almost guarantee it was a fabricated false flag theatre production carried out by the Mossad to further legitimize the Zionist cause in Palestine.

  • This means that on 2/22/18 it will be a clean 16,066 days after the Munich Massacre, as well as 1999 weeks after the assassination of Park Chung-hee (the former South Korean President and father of ousted Park Geun-hye), and 696 weeks after the release of Team America: World Police, with its satire of Kim Jung-Il. Also on 2/12 it will be 66 years 6 days since Queen Elizabeth took the throne.
  • Adding two more big long counts to this trifecta, 2/22/18 will also be 4444 days after the release of the film Munich and 77 years 7 days after the birth of Kim Jong-il. 2/25 comes 1777 days after the Boston Bombing, another fabrication at a major sporting event.

Olympics Park =996 in the city of Atlanta GA =996 in the year 1996 was the site of the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =1666 blamed on Eric Rudolph =669, the next Olympic terror attack after the similarly coded Munich. That’s a lot of 666, spilling into 2018.

As we started to discuss in the previous post, much is pointing to an event at these Olympics to be blamed on the North Koreans =996 in order to precipitate the Second Korean War =996. Super Bowl LII =966. The impeached former President of South Korea, currently locked up in Seoul Prison (in a crazy turn of events), Park Geun-hye =996 will be an all too perfect age of 66 years 6 days old the day before the Opening Ceremony. Feb 14th, Valentines Day, will be exactly 69 years 9 months after the formation of Israel and, occurring outside our search parameter but deserving of mention, on 9 March 2018 the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka North Korea) will be exactly 69 years 6 months old [North Korea & Israel born 119 days apart].

The ’72 Olympics logo looks to me like an all-seeing eye hypnotizing the viewer, just like the images of men with guns and balaclavas on rooftops presented to the traumatized captive home audience as 100% genuine; despite being absolutely staged for the purposes of mass mind control.

Mind Control =129. Nineteen Seventy-Two Olympics =129. Olympische Sommerspiele =1920 as the Summer Games are called in German, the Massacre happening 1920 days after the start of the Six-Day War (by which Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula and West Bank, more than doubling its territory). Munich =290/29/92. Munich Massacre =292. Munich West Germany =92. Marketed as the Happy Games, or in German: Glückliche Spiele =209. It was the second Olympics in Germany after the ’36 Games which Berlin won the bid for at the 29th IOC Session and featured 129 events. 

(Those Berlin Games also ended 1111 days before WWII began)

  • Israel =92. The State of Israel =209. Zionism =209. Jews =29. Jewish =29. Black =29 September =129. Aman =29/92 (abbreviation of Agaf HaModi’in, Israeli Intelligence =292). The Mossad means The Institute =192/129 and its counterpart is Shin Bet =129 was formed on 2/8/49 – a code confirming span of 19,209 days before 9/11. The three surviving terrorists (read: Mossad agents) were released from prison on 10/29 that year following the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 615, which was threatened to be blown up if they were not set free. The Closing Ceremony of the 1972 Summer Olympics involving so much Israeli terrorism was on September 11th, or exactly 29 years before 9/11/01.
  • Ninety-Six Summer Olympics =2090. Eric Rudolph =129. We should mention that the Crusades in the Holy Land lasted 192 years and ended in the 1291 CE. That’s 727 years before 2018 and the ’96 Atlanta Bombing was on 7/27.

Twenty Eighteen Olympics =292. Two Thousand Eighteen Olympics =129/1290 to begin on 2/9 a few days after the Super Bowl =129, which of the playoffs teams only Steelers =129 (although Saints =292 & Titans =29 & Eagles =29). We can ascertain that 129 is to be in effect this year, like the flip of the 126 so powerful in 2017, with the core code to Korea deciphered.

The Korean War lasted 1129 days and Kim Jong-nam was assassinated when his half-brother Kim Jong-un =129 the Supreme Leader =209 was the perfect age of 12,090 days old. Koreans =29. Pyongyang =29. Kim =29 Jong-nam =29 was killed in Kuala Lumpur =292 a span of 2 months 9 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (Diana & Kate both married on the 29th of the month). The Closing Ceremonies come 292 days after Moon Jae-in took office following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. Jang Song-thaek =219 was executed exactly 219 weeks before our 2/22 target.

  • And of course we gotta discuss the flip here. World War II broke out 1126 days after the Games of the XX Olympiad =262 began in Berlin and 12,060 days before the Munich Massacre went down. The false flag happened 1216 weeks after Israel’s admission to the UN and 12,161 days before the film Munich opened in 2005, a release date 12 years 1 month 16 days before the 2018 Olympics begin.
  • Jewish =1612 {JG}. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea =2016. Black September =262. Israeli Palestinian Conflict =262. Palestinian Terrorist =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. The Mossad =206 aka The Institute =62. The Mossad’s counter-terrorism unit Kidon =26. The ringleader of the Munich Massacre is said to be Luttif Afif =162. Luttif =26 Afif =162. 

As Wikipedia admits, Afif’s mother was Jewish meaning that Luttif Afif is himself Jewish, as were his brothers who he sought to free from Israeli prisons in the hostage-taking of the Israeli athletes. Make any sense? Especially when we see how greatly the Palestinian people were punished for this act of manufactured terrorism, especially when Israel has a long and checkered history of carrying out false flag operations (as we can verify through declassified documents), it ain’t hard to see the truth in Munich.

The State of Israel =261. Zionists =261. Israeli Olympic Team =261. The Six-Day War =261. February Twenty Fifth =261. XXIII Olympic Winter Games =162. Israel responded to the Massacre with an operation code-named Wrath of God =1206 {JG} – a covert Mossad assassination spree authorized by then PM Golda Meir =206 {JG} targeting Palestinian freedom fighters. Operation Wrath of God is said to have lasted at least the next twenty years.

Kim Jong-un was 10,206 days old when his father Kim Jong-il died, which necessitates a reminder that he was also 12,090 days old when his half-brother got popped off. Jong-Il was born on 2/16 and died 1 year 11 months 26 days before the execution of his brother-in-law, Jang Song-thaek, and 6 years 2 months 6 days (or 2260 days) before the 2/22/18 date we’ve identified as hot, which is 2262 days before the Closing Ceremony. This is especially intriguing when we see that Jong-un was born 216 days before Red Dawn opened and Jong-Il died 2620 days after his portrayal in Team America: World Police. 

  • Olympic organizers asked West German forensic psychologist Georg Sieber =162 to create 26 terrorism scenarios to aid the organizers in planning security. His “Situation 21” accurately forecast armed Palestinians invading the Israeli delegation’s quarters, killing and taking hostages, and demanding Israel’s release of prisoners and a plane to leave West Germany. The exact story that we’re told happened. Organizers balked against preparing for Situation 21 and the other scenarios, since guarding the Games against them would have gone against the goal of “Carefree Games” aka Die Heiteren Spiele =162 without heavy security. Another instance of predictive programming.

Park Geun-hye =260 took office 260 weeks before the Closing Ceremony (exactly 5 years) and her father was assassinated on 10/26 at the age of 22,626 days old. Pyongyang =26. Atlanta Georgia =260. Summer Olympics =1206/1062. Atlanta Summer Olympics =126/1620. Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =1126 and it happened exactly 1126 weeks before the 2018 Closing Ceremony. How about that. And think about the bombing at Olympic PARK =26 like the ousted S Korean lady president. Currently in jail just like Trump claimed to want the once future first female president of America.

Another direct connect, the runner-up was none other than Munich Germany.

The State of Israel was founded 8880 days before the Munich Massacre. Zionists =888 in Jewish Gematria. Elders of Zion =888. Tel Aviv Israel =88. Munich West Germany =88. Black September Organization =88. Israeli Olympic Team =88. The PLO =88. Twenty Eighteen Olympics =88. Pyeongchang Olympics =88 where 88 nations are competing and the mascots were unveiled exactly 88 weeks before Opening Ceremony. Pyeongchang South Korea =88. Which by the way is ridiculously close sounding to Pyongyang North Korea =88.

  • Tel Aviv Israel =1280. The Korean War =1280 also lasted 1128 days if we don’t count the end day. Munich West Germany =218/2108. Mossad False Flag =218/128. The ’72 Closing Ceremony happened exactly 280 months after Israel’s admission to the UN. Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =280. 

9/11/01 happened 19,116 days after Israel joined the UN and 6011 days before the Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Olympics. Assassination =611. Palestinian Terrorists =1016. Munchen =116. Golda Meir =116. Israeli =116. Worker’s Party of Korea =116. Black September Organization =119. Kim Jong-nam, Jong-un’s half-brother, was assassinated 1160 days after Jang Sung-taek, Jong-un’s uncle – executed by an anti-aircraft machine gun. As of post time, North Korea has test-fired 117 missiles, suggesting that lucky #119 might be the money ball. 2/22 comes 91 years 10 months 1 day after the birth of Queen Elizabeth II.

And I don’t know about you but this white tiger mascot, named Soohorang, reminds me of the ’72 Munich logo of the hypnotic eye, perhaps some black sun symbolism. And this other image is an official picture of the hostage scene in Munich… I smell chicanery. 

Games of the XX Olympiad =225 as the 1972 Olympics were officially known; their official motto: Glückliche Spiele =225The State of Israel =225. Korea =225. The Winter Olympics =225. The Closing Ceremony for the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 is to be held on 2/25. February Twenty Fifth Twenty Eighteen =5022.

A perfect synch with Kim Jong Un =225 who was born 12,250 days after the Korean War began. 12/22 comes 12,250 days after the ’84 release of Red Dawn – which puts 2/25 at 12,252 days later. The current government of South Korea was formed on 2/25 of 1988, exactly 30 years before the Closing Ceremony, which is exactly five years after Park Geun-hye took office. Shabak =252 aka Israel Security Agency =225 was founded 25,220 days before the Closing Ceremony.

  • Nineteen Seventy Two Olympics =336. Palestine Liberation Organization =336. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea =336. The Munich Massacre came 33 years 6 days after World War II began and the 2018 Games begin exactly 633 weeks after the film Munich. The 2018 Olympics mascots were unveiled 633 days before the Closing Ceremony. Flag Flag Operation =633. The Yom Kippur War began 330 weeks 6 days after the Six-Day War began, the Massacre occurring in the interim. Safady =336 is the name of one of the three surviving terrorists alleged to have been taken out by the Mossad in a revenge hit, a claim heavily disputed by PLO as recent as 2005.

To further make the case for cui bono we can look at what transpired in Germany as a result of the Munich Massacre – drastic law changes to allow the military to operate in their own backyard and one of the largest waves of forced emigration of Arabs in the history of Germany, the expulsion mainly of Palestinians in retribution for a staged and dramatized spectacle involving intelligence operatives & faked deaths; a false flag hoax framed through the all-seeing eye of mass media as REAL in order to justify all the evil delivered upon the Arab people – just like the White Man did to the Aboriginals of North America. If you’re interested in reading more, VexmansThoughts does a solid breakdown of the suspicious facts that suggest (no, scream) hoax.

BONUS FINDS (because we just can’t get enough):

The Munich Massacre happened 3022 days after the PLO was founded and the Munich movie came out on 2/23. That day this year comes 322 weeks after the death of Jung-Il. Soohorang =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Military Intelligence =322. Fascism =322. Colonialism =322. Judaism =322. Shin Bet =322, the Israel Security Agency. And remember the American kid imprisoned in North Korea, Otto Frederick Warmbier =322. 

Ze’ev Friedman was a weightlifter killed by a grenade in the Munich Massacre; he was 10,314 days old. Park Geun-hye spent 4 years 13 days in office. Atlanta =314. Red Dawn =314. Fake Terrorism =314. Kim Jong-Il died 7 years 2 months 2 days after the release of Team America. The Black September conflict that spawned the name of the terror group kicked off in kind 722 days before the Munich Massacre. Otto Warmbier died 7 months 22 days before the start of the ’18 Olympics.

  • The 555th prime number is 4019. The Closing Ceremony on February Twenty Fifth Twenty Eighteen =419 comes exactly 4019 weeks after the birth of Kim Jong-il. The Mossad =419. 2/25 will be 14,002 days after the assassination of Park Chung-hee so 3/14 will be 14,019 days later.
Moon Jae-in, the current South Korean President, who once did some time in the same Seoul Prison where his predecessor now lives, will be exactly 781 months old on 2/25, the Closing Ceremony target, which just so happens to be the date when Kim Jong-un will astonishingly be exactly 1781 weeks old – the fulfilment of 781, the flip of the 187 homicide code. Make of that what you will.

That’s Luttif Afif, the Jewish ringleader of Black September, in the white hat casually and comfortably speaking with Bruno Merk, Bavarian interior minister, and his entourage during the hostage crisis. Other images show him flirting with a police woman.