XXXTentacion & Jimmy Wopo: Twins Trick Ritual Sacrifice & the Golden Ratio 666

Two rappers were gunned down on June 18th, just 1 hour 27 minutes apart: XXXTentacion (Jahseh Onfroy) near Parkland FLA and Jimmy Wopo (Travon Smart) in Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania and Parkland reminding us of the Stoneman Douglas Massacre a week after Philly won the Super Bowl, its school mascot an exact replica of the Eagles logo. XXXTentacion (pronounced ex-ex-extension) wrote a song about the school shooting called ‘Hope’ and was moved into a mansion in Parkland shortly before his death – a ritual sacrifice if there ever was one. Indeed he even posted a video on Instagram where he talked about, “If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice,..”

First running the date counts as we do, we find that the two men were born 1 year 11 days apart; Wopo born on (1+13+97) =111 and birth names Jahseh Onfroy + Travon Smart =1110 died a span of 1110 weeks 1 day after the blood sacrifice of Biggie Smalls, who in turn died 1 year 11 months 11 days after the sacrifice of Eazy-E. The Mark of the Beast =111. The Holographic Universe =111. Mind-Blowing =1111. Hidden Knowledge =1111. PHI =111.

  • Jimmy Wopo =191 (in Francis Bacon like the synchs from the previous post) was born Travon Smart =161 (in Ordinal, the standard A=1 B=2 C=3 method) and to be precise, XXXTentacion died in Pompano Beach =161. Gun Violence =161. Rap =161. Satanism =191. Of course Rap = Satanism, especially these days. The Mark of the Beast =191. The Beast System =191. Broward =161. Broward County =1910 where Parkland is located.
  • Drake =191 who XXXTentacion had been feuding with, probably who the blood sacrifice is for. And remember the death earlier this year of Chicago rapper Fredo Santana on 19/1? He died at the age of 10,061 days old… Ritual Sacrifice =616 [Jewish G] like Tupac born 6/16. 

The 161/191 coding represents the Phi-Cycle, a pattern we’re going to blow wide open in this post. So if you’re new here, be sure to explore the calculator links up top and stayed tuned for my upcoming How-To-Decipher series. Remember that PHI is 1.618 and in numerology the 1 preceding a series of digits represents the latter’s fulfillment – making the date 6/18 absolutely perfect for the phi-coded deaths of XXXTentacion + Jimmy Wopo =618.

In the Greek alphabet, Phi =21/210 is the 21st letter. X =21 died in Deerfield Beach Florida =102 exactly 21 weeks after his birthday while Travon =21 died at age 21 in Pittsburgh PA =201 a span of 210 days before his next birthday. Jahseh Onfroy + Travon Smart =1121.

  • Rap =210. Rap Star 21. Drake =21. Onfroy’s second & final album, ?, debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart on (3+1+6+2+0+1+8) =21 with the hit single ‘Sad =21 when he was 20 years 1 month 21 days old. And as a cherry on top, Onfroy was released from prison on 4/18/17, exactly 1 year 2 months before his ritual sacrifice.

Hoax =21/12. Sacrifice =1020. Blood Sacrifice =121. Tupac =121 and Biggie =121 died 21 years ago. 2Pac =21. Notorious BIG =210. 

XXXTentacion =41 aka X =14 aka Triple X =104/41/1004 was born on (1+23+19+98) =141 in the town of Plantation =41 and died in Parkland =41 exactly 14 months after his prison release. Similarly, Jimmy Wopo =41 aka Travon Smart =41 aka Travon Da Shawn Frank Smart =104 was born on (1+13) =14 in Pittsburgh =140.

  • Rap Music =41. Golden Ratio =41. Phi =14. Rap Sacrifice =104. Blood Sacrifice =104. Death Hoax =41/401. Rap =140/141. Rapper =114. Murdered =114. XXXTentacion =114. They died 4 months 11 days after the death of Bronx’s Lovebug Starski, the old school rapper/DJ who may have coined the term ‘hip-hop’, and 11 weeks 4 days after the death of Maine rapper Alias =141 at the age of 40 years 11 months (26 days) old. Bender =114 was a Canadian rapper who died last month.

Drake =14 was born 4110 days before Onfroy =411 who was born 10 months 14 days before the death of Biggie and 1 year 4 months 11 days after the death of Tupac; Jimmy Wopo aka Travon Da Shawn Frank Smart =411 was exactly 1014 weeks old when Prodigy from Mobb Deep died, and was born 1014 days after the death of Kurt Cobain, as well as 4 months 1 day after the death of Tupac. Kanye =14 was 41 years 11 days old for their twin sacrifices.

Now check this shit out. 

  • Jahseh Onfroy =144 (in Ordinal). X =144. Tragic Death =144. June Eighteenth Two Thousand Eighteen =144. XXXTentacion Fake Death =1404. Mark of the Beast =144. The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666, as we all know.

But the other day I decided to experiment with PHI and discovered an absolute mind-blower, one that apparently according to Google I’m the first to find. As it turns out, the first 144 decimal points of PHI also sum to 666. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.22.59 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.19.59 PM

Yes, the first 144 decimal points of Pi AND Phi BOTH sum to 666. That’s so crazy. Maybe that’s not the most elegant way to show my work, off the Gematrinator calculator, but it’s legit. I was going to reveal this glorious bit of mathemagic in a feature post but turns out this current case study works perfectly, the 666-code running deep, as we’ll see. 

X=6 X=6 X=6. Jahseh =666 Onfroy =966 shot in an Apparent Robbery =966 [Jewish Gematria]. And they died on 6/18/18, a date that reduces to 6/(6+6+6)/(6+6+6). Jimmy Wopo’s birth name: Travon Smart =966. Rap Music =696. The Beast System =1666. Hoax =669.

  • Jimmy =1069/69 Wopo =69/690 and Jahseh =66 Onfroy =69 died on the 169th day leaving 196 days remaining, quite the alignment. Especially considering Drake =96 was 11,196 days old that day. Jahseh Onfroy =196 shot outside RIVA Motorsports =196 on June Eighteenth =906. Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy =96. XXXTentacion =906. Satanism =96. 

They died when Wiz Khalifa was exactly 1606 weeks old, and Jimmy Wopo was an affiliate of Wiz (perhaps a blood sacrifice for him). They also died from gun violence exactly 609 weeks after Fabolous got shot, 661 weeks after Cam’Ron got shot, and 6600 days after 50 Cent got shot. And there’s 666Tentacion rocking a Team Satan hat in a vid he posted to social media.

Rap Sacrifice =216. Onfroy + Smart =216. Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy =216 died in Parkland =2166x6x6 =216. As the first 144 = 666, the first 44 decimal points of Phi sum to 216.

We’re going to be exploring all this much deeper as we move forward. But first we find another glorious example of mathemagic when we see that the first 36 decimal points of Phi sum to 180. The 36th triangular number is 666 (the sum of 1 through 36) and 18 can be expressed as 6+6+6.

  • Hip Hop =36/18. Death Hoax =36/81. Travon =36/801. X =18 was shot dead 360 days after his cousin got shot, and 3 months 6 days after the death of Craig Mack =36 and 30 weeks 6 days after the death of rapper Lil Peep =36. 
  • XXX =18/1800. Jahseh Onfroy =180/1080. Onfroy =18. Drake =18. The two rappers dying on the 18th of June in the 18th year of the millennium. Fake Death =81. Golden Mean =180/1080. The Spiral =108/810. Holographic Universe =108. 

Further, Jimmy Wopo died at the age of exactly 1118 weeks old. Rap Music =118. Satanism =118. Death =118. Homicide =118. Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =118. 

Onfroy =119. Travon Da Shawn Frank Smart =119 was exactly 1019 weeks old when he founded his label, WOPONESE. And remember the good old days, when Jerry Heller died exactly 1119 weeks after the death of Eazy-E =911 (in Jewish G).

Ritual Sacrifice =303.  Triple X =330 born on 33 numerology and these rappers associated with Florida (like Jacksonville Jaguars) & Pittsburgh (Steelers) died exactly 33 weeks before the Super Bowl. And we see Jimmy Wopo pictured in some baseball swag so we’ll see if any predictive programming is to be found in these ritual sacrifices that even the BBC is discussing might be death hoaxes. The fake death angle to these events seems unlikely to me due to the whole liability issue, and who’s this XXX guy to deserve some vip treatment like a fake death and new identity or whatever. Nah i’d say it’s another twins trick ritual sacrifice by the numbers, which are looking more and more Phi-focused on the daily.

Brooks Koepka & The PHI Coding of the US Open and Beyond

So the PHI coding did not in fact lead to a Phil Mickelson victory at Shinnecock Hills =161 on June Seventeenth Two Thousand Eighteen =1610 as we discussed in this post BUT – flip that and the Back-To-Back US Open Winner =1601 was none other than Brooks Koepka =191, in Francis Bacon (the optimal cypher when dealing with names). Koepka was born 19 years 10 months (18 days) after Mickelson, further supporting this pattern – as if Phil didn’t need win to be a source code regardless. He was still the talk of the tournament with his scandalous putt fiasco, sparking controversy after double-tapping before the ball stopped rolling thus disrespecting Golf.

Koepka =618 and Phi is 1.618. Which reminds me that the Hoover Dam was dedicated in a Masonic ceremony a span of 10,618 days before the last day of the state funeral of Herbert Hoover.

And this connects because on the day Koepka won the US Open a man in an armoured truck blocked traffic on the bridge over the Hoover Dam, allegedly in protest to release the OIG Reports (that were released the day prior). It happened exactly 696 weeks after construction began on that bridge, and Koepka’s US Open win last year came when he was 9909 days old.

The perp’s name was Matt Wright =191, also in Francis Bacon for a perfect anagram with Brooks Koepka =191. But that’s not all: Brooks Koepka =139/49/68. Matt Wright =139/49/68.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 3.17.02 PM

And as for that 68, as Derek covered, the 68th prime is 337 and Koepka turned 337 months old a couple weeks before his win. Now here’s the kicker: Curtis Strange, the only other golfer to win back-to-back at the US Open, was exactly 3307 weeks old on Sunday, as he shook Koepka’s hand and told the press that the kid can threepeat.

The inverse of 337 is 773 and this June 17th date came 7 years 7 months 30 days after the Hoover Dam Bridge opened to regular traffic, for another connection there.

Koepka was 10,272 days old for his back to back win at the US Open =27/72 on June Seventeenth =270. Twenty Eighteen US Open =270. One Point Six One Eight =270. Golden Ratio =172/720. The bridge over Hoover Dam opened to traffic 2070 days after its construction began.

As some more food for thought, Drake’s track ‘Back to Back’ dropped 1055 days or 150 weeks 5 days before Koepka =55 went Back to Back =551. Curtis Strange =1155. Germany is going for back to back World Cups, that final exactly 155 weeks after Drake’s song. Golden Ratio =505. 

Coded Censorship Rituals and the Eagles Super Bowl Ring

Robbie Williams flipped the bird during the opening ceremony of the Twenty-First World Cup =440, leading to news outlets around the world drawing Censorship =144 parallels with the Nipplegate Super Bowl, 14 years 4 months 14 days earlier. Williams was 44 years 4 months old when he fingered the camera and Justin Timberlake was 444 months 4 days old when he performed the last half-time show, 14 years 4 days after exposing Janet’s breast.

  • Gematria =444. Janet Damita Jo Jackson =1044. Robert Peter Williams =1440. Williams =144/44. Jackson =44. To really emphasize this code, as if we need it, Williams & Jackson were born exactly 404 weeks apart.

World Champions =144. Philadelphia Eagles World Champions =1440. #FlyEaglesFly =44. 

Robbie Williams =219. Middle Finger =219. On the same day as this news, the Philadelphia Eagles received their Super Bowl rings – with 219 diamonds. Why 219 diamonds? Eagles + Patriots =219. United States =219. Eagles + World Champions =219. 

  • Super Bowl LII came 4 days after the Philadelphia-born basketball player Rasual Butler was killed in a Los Angeles car wreck at the age of exactly 2019 weeks old.

Roger S Goodell =912 was born on 2/19 which is Presidents Day (President =219) and Goodell will be 21,900 days old on the day of the 2019 Super Bowl. The Wizard of Oz, eh…

PHI-L Mickelson US Open & the PHI Code

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 8.44.32 PM.png

Phil Mickelson is shooting for a career grand slam at the upcoming 118th US Open at Shinnecock Hills, the only Major he’s yet to win. The Grand Slam theme is in full effect lately, as we’ll explore with Justify, Ji-Man Choi, Maria Bueno, and a few others – all of whom suggest through synchronized Phi-Coding that Phil has a solid chance at winning the Open.

Justify just won the Triple Crown, the Grand Slam of Horse Racing, at Belmont =161 with Gronkowski coming in second. That horse is named after New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski, who was the GOLDEN age of 10,618 days old. The golden ratio, or PHI, is 1.618. If you’ll recall, I documented this PHI code with The Eagles =161 of PHI-ladelphia winning Super Bowl LII =161, with the hidden 161 in the logo.

On 6/9, the day Justify won the Belmont Stakes, a South Korean baseball player named Ji-Man Choi hit a grand slam against the Philadelphia Phillies, the day after the Golden State Warriors (originally from Philadelphia) won the NBA Finals. His career batting average after the game was .191Ji-Man Choi =161/1610 was born in 1991, a span of 1091 weeks after the 6/16 birth of Phil Mickelson.

The day the Warriors won saw the death of Maria Bueno, a Brazilian tennis player (the most successful in South American history) who was the first woman to win a calendar year Grand Slam. Bueno was born exactly 1601 weeks before P Mickelson =161. Career Grand Slam =161. 

  • P Mickelson =161 born 1091 weeks before Ji-Man Choi =161 and exactly 1601 weeks after Bueno is going for the Career Grand Slam =161 at Shinnecock Hills =161 with the final round on June Seventeenth Two Thousand Eighteen =1610. That’s impressive.

The only golfer to ever achieve the Grand Slam in a single calendar year was Bobby Jones =161/161 who just so happens to have died the day after baby Phil turned 1 year 6 months 1 day old. Now how about that. If Mickelson wins, he’ll be the second oldest golfer to ever win a Major, the oldest being Julius Boros =161/1061. 

Julius Boros =966 became the oldest golfer to ever win a Major 696 days before the birth of Philip Mickelson =696 (Satanic Gematria) who was also born 6906 days before Gronkowski (if we count to the day before, as we did with Jones’ deathday & Mickelson’s birthday). Bobby Jones =966. Men’s Grand Slam =666 as it’s officially known. This year’s US Open at Shinnecock Hills =966. 

  • Also on 6/9 – the day that Justify and Choi both scored Grand Slams – two football players died, Kenyatta Jones from the New England Patriots and Fadil Vokkri, the President of the Football Federation of Kosovo. Jones & Vokkri were born exactly 696 weeks apart. Then the following day it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as Sebastian Vettel =699 (Satanic Gematria) won the Canadian Grand Prix while Rafael Nadal =69 won the French Open =996 at the age of 11,966 days old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The French Open =669. Grand Prix =666. Nadal won the Grand Slam 17 times.

The oldest man to win the US Open was Hale Irwin in 1990, exactly 1461 weeks before the upcoming Final of the 2018 US Open. Astonishingly we find this exact same complex sequence linked to Irwin’s first US Open victory in ’74: Irwin won on Mickelson’s 4th birthday, when Phil was 1461 days old… AND when Donald Trump (born 14/6/46) was 1461 weeks old. Mind-blowing!

But the parallels continue.

Trump is a huge golfer, the best handicap of any US President – and the OLDEST man to ever take office. This year’s US Open begins in New York on Trump’s birthday and Mickelson could become the oldest player to ever win this tournament (at age 48). And as a cherry on top, Irwin’s historic victory at the 1990 US Open (at age 45) just so happened to be the major championship debut of Phil Mickelson. Amazing. And with a slight variation, this pattern continues.

  • The duration from Phil’s first PGA Tour win to his last PGA Tour win is a span of exactly 1416 weeks. Phil Mickelson + US Open =1416. One Hundred Eighteenth United States Open =416. Mickelson =416.

Phil Mickelson is the 13th favourite to win at +3300 odds, where $10 wins $340. And with these epic patterns afoot, I’d reckon it’s worth a gamble. And shoutout to Derek at Gematrinator for his preliminary finds on Choi & Gronk. Dude does a lot of good work. 

NBA Finals: English Civil War Continues

My previous report on the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup climaxed with the 666 sequence: National Hockey League =669. Its Commissioner, Gary Bruce Bettman =1696, the proverbial Wizard behind the scenes, 66 years 6 days old when he presented the trophy to Captain Alexander Ovechkin, who signed his contract with the Capitals 669 weeks 6 days before they defeated The Vegas Golden Knights =666.

And lo & behold, the very next day, 6/9/18 in the UK (reduced 6-9-9) and the Golden State Warriors sweep King James and his Cavaliers, a jaw-dropping span of 19,606 weeks after the start date (22 August 1642) of the English Civil War. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Champion =1966, in Jewish Gematria, and Golden State Warriors VS Cleveland Cavaliers =1966, in Reverse Satanic – not one but TWO mind-fuckingly perfect fits with that extreme long count. This is all big proof that these are vectors we need to be seriously considering when projecting the outcome of future events, which is where all of this work should ultimately be heading.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 4.23.05 PM.png

The NBA Finals =666. Cavs Warriors =996. English Civil War =696 which was waged between The Cavs =666 (Royalists) & the Roundheads =966 (Parliamentarians), now being played by the Warriors. So there again, King James is defeated on Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday, the day after the Golden Knights loss & the King Trump issue of TIME. Royalty =696. Adam Silver =966, the Commissioner of the NBA. Staged Sports =966. Curry Five =696. 

Steph Curry was born on Pi Day, 3/14, and on his 30th birthday this year, Under Armour released the Curry 5 shoe (314 pairs) with the Pi symbol on the side and the digits of Pi on the bottom, meant to represent “what it means to achieve the impossible, to break the mathematical norm and expectations of what a basketball player can be,” per the news release (exactly one year before he won the Title). You gotta watch the promo vid, it is esoteric as all hell, and they even highlight the Squaring the Circle problem that is integral to Freemasonry – hidden blatantly in plain sight for those who know what’s what.

  • 3.14 =22/7 just as Twenty-Two Divided by Seven =314. The Commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, took office exactly 227 weeks before this Warriors win on June Eighth Twenty Eighteen =1722, and 1227 days before their last Title. History =227. Oliver Cromwell, leader of the Roundheads, died 7 months 22 days before his birthday & the Civil War =1722 was fought between the Roundheads & Cavaliers =314.

And for yet another big clue about how these patterns function, the shoe released on Curry’s 30th birthday – meaning he was exactly 360 months old. There are 360 degrees in a circle and Pi always equals the circumference divided by the diameter of a circle. Warriors won the 72nd NBA Finals (like two full spins equals 720 degrees). Seventy-Second =360. A Circle =306. The Warriors =306, which as I documented last year, the 306th prime number is 2017 – the year they won, and the year this season began. More clues to how this all works. And remember the icon of The Warriors movie, the ferris wheel called Wonder Wheel =2017, in Jewish Gematria, which can of course be also measured by using Pi.

Last year, I showed how the 1979 film The Warriors was perfectly coded to their 2017 Championship: The Warriors =1403 (Jewish Gematria) released 14,003 days before they hoisted their second-last trophy. And as it turns out, Steph Curry =304 was 11,043 days old when the Golden State Warriors =3411 won the 2018 NBA Finals, a perfect black mirror. Curry Five =431/34. Staged Sports =143 (an anagram of 3.14). Head coach Steve Kerr =34 was 13 years 4 months 13 days old when The Warriors hit theatres. Kerr =34. Stephen Kerr =314. 

Wardell Stephen Curry =3434. Eighteen NBA Finals =340. Golden State + Cleveland =340. Philadelphia =3040. The Warriors are originally from Philadelphia =43, the original capital of the United States before it was relocated to Washington, and the Warriors won back-to-back as bookends with the Philadelphia Eagles in the middle, exactly 34 weeks on one side, 4 months 3 days (til the day before) on the other.

And notice that with the end date included those counts can be 11,044 days and 14,004 days, tying into the 144 run I made for the Capitals. Golden State =144. Steph Curry =144. English Civil War =1404. Cavs Warriors =1444. King’s Dead =444, the ominous track by Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar released this February, Californian rappers spewing about “my team gon’ hold up.” Squaring the Circle =144. Stephen Has Achieved The Impossible =144. And the sum of the first 144 digits of Pi equal 666, to bring it back full circle to where it began – like staged revolutions. 

  • Adam Silver & Gary Bettman, the Wizards of Oz, became Commissioner of their respective leagues exactly 21 years apart, or 252 months. And the Warriors won this year exactly 2052 weeks after the release of The Warriors movie. Curry Five =252. GSW =25/52. 

Silver & Bettman were also made Commissioner 7670 days apart, and this number we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled with regards to Championships all year. Search the blog for more, but it’s the motto of Thelema: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =767, in the basic English Ordinal.

More screenshots from this Curry 5 shoe promo: Equations That Can’t Be Solved =282. Source of Mathematical Anomalies =282. Both in Jewish Ordinal. Which brings us to yet another riddle. Going through my notes: United States of America =282. Trump =282. Hitler =282. Puppet Dictator =1282. Richard Nixon announced his resignation when Trump was 10,282 days old. Rex =282. Obey =282. Time =282. 

Washington Capitals: Stanley Cup Champions & the Wizard of Oz

The Washington Capitals won the 2018 Stanley Cup on June 7th, the first ever for their franchise. They won in Vegas on the birthday of Vice President Mike Pence, a much-needed morale boost for the nation’s capital city in these times of fear & loathing. They won with their star player Alex Ovechkin, a Russian embedded in DC like so many Cold War spy stories; like rumours of Soviet collusion. Like those clues we saw in the Winter Cherry Fire, and those in the TV series The Americans about secret Soviet agents – its last season featuring a Russian national hockey player – and its series finale just a week before the Caps hoisted the Cup. But perhaps most astonishingly of all the examples of predictive programming, this fiction foreshadowing future, is to be found at the end of a yellow brick road.

The Capitals =114 were founded 1114 weeks before the groundbreaking of their home rink, Capital One Arena, and they won the Stanley Cup 4 years 1 month 1 week after the groundbreaking ceremony of T-Mobile Arena – and exactly 4111 weeks to the day after the 1939 film release of The Wizard of Oz. This is especially curious considering the Emerald City is said to be a metaphor for Washington DC.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 9.57.32 PM

Oz =14/41. NHL =14 / Hockey =41. The National Hockey League =114. Emphasizing this code, the playoffs began on 4/11 and the regular season began on 10/4. Washington Capitals =104. The Washington Capitals =401. Washington =140. Capitals =41. Their hashtag: #ALLCAPS =114. And they won the Finals with a series score of 4-1. 

  • The mascot of the Capitals is a hockey stick named Slapshot =41/104 – which just so happens to the exact same name of the mascot for the Humboldt =401 Broncos =41, the Canadian junior team killed in the bus crash – so there was the big clue.
  • Caps’ coach: Ted Leonsis =41. Caps’ top gun: Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin =140/104. Caps’ goalie: Braden Holtby =41 (from Saskatchewan like Humboldt). Caps’ Head Coach Barry Trotz (played his junior hockey in Saskatchewan) & Caps’ GM: Brian =14 MacLellan =140 were both hired on the same date: 4 years 11 days before 6/6/18, and Caps won the day after. Holtby, Trotz & MacLellan are all Canadians, and they defeated the one team in the Playoffs with the highest percentage of Canadian players.

Verne Troyer =114. The death of Mini-Me on the Queen’s birthday triggering a few of us to go researching the symbolism of dwarves, and lo & behold, 33 days later and it’s the death of the last surviving Munchkin from The Wizard ofOz, Jerry Maren. And to make matters even more spectacular, the author of the Wizard of Oz, L Frank Baum, died 40 years 1 month 1 day before the birth of Mike Pence, who celebrated his 59th bday as the Caps won.

  • The British Empire =1104. The United States =1140. Remember that Trump =114 (born 411 days after Hitler died and 4 years 11 days before the Korean War began) was coded with references to Pink Floyd =104/41 via The Wall – and the Berlin Wall =104 with its collapse leading to the fall of the Soviet Union – and now again with their Oz association: Dark Side of the Rainbow =411. Freemason =411. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow =1140. Aleister Crowley =1140. Crowley =114, the grand master magician whose occult philosophy of Thelema is summarized in his constitutional document, Liber OZ, said to be one of the many esoteric layers embedded within the allegorical film.

4×11=44. Thelema =44. The Capitals won in their 44th Season during the administration of Donald Trump =144, the 44th man to hold office as President =144. Caps won 4 months 4 days after the Philadelphia Eagles =144 won the Super Bowl. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =144. Brian =44 MacLellan =144. Capital One =1044. 

  • Alexander Ovechkin =144, his first game as a Capital was 11,440 days after the team’s founding date, and they won 14 weeks 4 days before his 33rd birthday – and 1444 weeks after German Reunification. They also won when legendary Canadian sportscaster Don Cherry was 4400 weeks 4 days old, and whenever his deathday is lined up for, that’s gonna be a big one for The Great White North =444. Canada =144.

L Frank Baum =144. Wizard =1404. Munchkins =144. The Emerald City =144. 

Indeed the viewing of The Wizard of Oz as political allegory is backed up by its gematria: Washington DC =187.Emerald City =1087. Troyer =87 died at the age of 18,007 days old. JFK died in the 187thyear of America & 9/11 happened 187 years after the Burning of Washington. Michael Richard Pence =187 turned exactly 708 months old on the day Washington =780 won the Stanley Cup with Ovechkin =87 (who led the team with 87 points) a span of 8 weeks 7 days after the Humboldt Bus Crash. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =187. Over the Rainbow =187. Dorothy =87. Dorothy Gale =780. 

United States of America =314. Capital =314. Jerry Maren was the last surviving Munchkin following the ’14 death of Ruth Duccini, the two little people dying exactly 227 weeks apart. Capitals won 22 years 7 months after the groundbreaking on Capital One Arena. This is the pi code, as 22/7=3.14.Dwarf =227. Midget =314. Over the Rainbow =227. Dark Side of the Moon =722. Wonderful Wizard of Oz =3114. The dissolution of the Soviet Union began 10,314 days before 6/6, the eve of the win, which came when Coach Trotz was 3110 weeks 4 days old.

  • Further, the day before the Final, pundits were jabbering about how Trump asked Trudeau, “didn’t Canada burn down the White House?” He was referring to the War of 1812, which began 2 years 2 months 7 days before the Burning of Washington – or exactly 114 weeks.

Brian MacLellan was hired as Capitals GM & Vice-President (like Pence) when he was exactly 20,300 days old, which reminds us that L Frank Baum died at the age of exactly 23,000 days old. Quite the duration. Over the Rainbow =2030, in Jewish Gematria, & Aleister Crowley died 3020 days after the release of The Wizard of Oz.

The Washington Capitals =161 win the same year as The Eagles =161 both emblazoned with the same symbolic winged beast. Capitals =161 were founded 16,010 days before these Playoffs began and they won exactly 6160 weeks after the original publishing date of The Wizard of Oz book. The Burning of Washington occurred exactly 1616 weeks after the end of the Revolutionary War. Wizard =161. Freemason =191. Lollipop Guild =191. Jerry Maren born 1919, the year that L Frank Baum died.

In that last game of the Stanley Cup Finals, there was a clock malfunction, where with 1:49 left in the 3rd period the time suddenly jumped to 15:19. That’s equivalent to 919 seconds, as Gematrinator documented here. However, the key detail he missed: Stanley Cup=919, in Jewish Gematria. That’s one for the photo album, an alphanumeric tribute impossible to call coincidence. And it’s blatant stunts like this that really get me wondering about the deliberate unveiling of the Craft, like the Programmers are hoping we will discover the hidden truth of our reality; like they’re helping us do it.

Soviet Union =519. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz =519. The Dark Side of the Moon =915. 

Speaking of Illusion =666, let’s talk about the 666.

Liber Oz =666, in Jewish Gematria, the number written into its logo (pictured above) by the man who mastered Gematria, the first man to write books on it. Liber Oz =996 in English Extended. Munchkin =996. Lollipop Kid =996. Princess Ozma =996, the rightful ruler of Oz in the story. Super Bowl LII =966. Philadelphia Eagles =966. The Eagles =966. Gary Bruce Bettman =1696, the NHL Commissioner (the Wizard of Oz?) turned a perfect 66 years 6 days old the day he presented the Cup to the Caps.

National Hockey League =669. The day before they won the Cup was 6/6/(6+6+6) which incidentally was both 9660 days after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and 16,066 days after the Caps were founded – as well as a perfectly synchronized span of 669 weeks 6 days after Ovechkin signed with the Capitals. Ovechkin was also 1699 weeks old when this year’s Playoffs began, giving more evidence to the theory that a 1 before number represents its ‘fulfilment’, as I read in an old manuscript I once found in a used bookshop on Vancouver Island.

Exactly 33 weeks after the Washington Capitals win will be 10,666 weeks after the Burning of Washington… This future date to watch out for is 1/24/19, incidentally the 100th birthday of Jerry Maren, the last surviving Munchkin now pushing daisies.

  • I’m reminded of the urban legend about the hanged Munchkin allegedly in the background of a forest scene in The Wizard of Oz. As covered in the previous post – 6/5: Kate Spade hangs herself; 6/6: Queen Maxima’s sister kills herself; 6/7: Capitals win the Cup; 6/8: Anthony Bourdain hangs himself. That sounds like another riddle.

Also, the day after the Golden Knights lose the Stanley Cup Finals, King James & the Cavaliers lose the NBA Finals. Not going so well for the Royals, symbolically anyway. All of which makes the cover of TIME with Trump as King, released the day Washington won, that much more prescient. And speaking about my previous post, with World Cup 21 & Blackjack, may I direct your attention towards the suit that Don Cherry was wearing that same night of June 7th in Vegas:

Before we close I want to discuss the Burning of Washington that’s been brought up into the mainstream consciousness. The British (with the assistance of their Canadian colonies) invaded DC on 24 August 1812, and indeed set fire to the White House, known then as the Presidential Mansion, along with putting the torch to much of the city as the elected officials ran for the hills. It was the only time since the American Revolutionary War that a foreign power has captured and occupied the United States capital.

But get a load of this:

“Less than a day after the attack began, a sudden, very heavy thunderstorm—possibly a hurricane—put out the fires. It also spun off a tornado that passed through the center of the capital, setting down on Constitution Avenue and lifting two cannons before dropping them several yards away, killing British troops and American civilians alike. Following the storm, the British returned to their ships, many of which were badly damaged. The occupation of Washington lasted only about 26 hours. After the ‘Storm that saved Washington’, as it soon came to be called, the Americans returned to the city.” – Wikipedia, Burning of Washington

Sounds fishy as fuck. Hours after the British invade Washington and set the torch to its government buildings a HURRICANE & TORNADO COMBO magically appear like some sort of deus ex machina and save the good people of America… Right. Or no one’s still around to argue with the fanciful rewriting of history. And the ‘Storm That Saved Washington’ reminds me of the lightning storm that hit DC as they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Conference Finals.

Though maybe it did happen like we’re told, since truth is stranger than fiction. Maybe it was a false flag, or the Brits (working with the Americans at the top of the pyramid) staged it to occur as a storm was inbound so as to salvage the buildings that ultimately always belonged to the Crown Corporation, to the Occult Elite as the Knights of the Round Table, and never to Americans. Perhaps a more detailed takeaway here is that just like last year’s NBA Finals perfectly synched to the English Civil War, a symbolic re-creation of history – as is the Masonic way – we find proof of another staged sports championship in tribute of a past war. Which begs the question: What global conflict will play itself out again at this year’s World Cup?

[HUGE shoutout to our main truth-sleuth TwoTwoFourConnection for making these most epic Wizard of Oz discoveries] And thank YOU, for reading. 

Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity Suicide or Ritual Sacrifice?

The previous week saw a string of celebrity suicides, starting with fashion designer Kate Spade on June 5th, then Inés Zorreguieta – the sister of Queen Máxima of Holland – on June 6th (at the age of 33), followed by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain on June 8th. What I want to know, as always, is which alphanumeric patterns exist between these people and why. While many conspiracy researchers will find a few numbers matching occult synonyms (like 33s or 67s, 44s or 38s) and call it a short day, quickly concluding they were obviously ritually murdered as blood sacrifice or had their deaths faked as coded tributes in some Grand Masonic allegory, I’ve come to believe that it shouldn’t be so easy to solve. Especially when equally glorious patterns emerge in the deaths & lives of average joes & janes, as I continue to reveal through my Extra-Capsa Personal Numerology Reading service (order yours here if you’ve yet to have the experience).

Does every single high profile celebrity death fall into the category of ritual sacrifice? Surely not, though nothing is impossible & truth is almost always stranger than fiction. We find these harmonic patterns again in the alleged suicides of Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain, the same alphanumeric code of gematria supporting date counts (and not the other way around, in my opinion) that we see in other celebrity deaths. Patterns of Nature, potentially harnessed by the high priests & priestesses of the occult elite for some purpose that remains largely theoretical to us researchers & truth-sleuths; potentially the fruition of organic karma cycles, wheels within wheels within wheels. This difference between authentic & synthetic synchronicity is one of the most challenging aspects of our study, for the patterns are always there, hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see, as they say. The more I learn the less I know – so you be the judge.

There’s the late Inés Zorreguieta circled in the red cap behind her sister Queen Maxima, this same outfit of her in the cap of sacrificial red shown in so many articles, as if more pictures of her don’t exist. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find a birth date for Inés so she’ll continue to play a background role in our investigation. 

We see that Kate Spade of Kate Spade New York died in New York =555 at the age of 55 years 5 months old – not an exact decimal point count considering the 12 extra days, but a triplet that sticks out regardless. We’re reminded here that the American Invasion of Baghdad began 555 days after 9/11/01, the 5-5-5 Pentagon across from the 555 ft Washington Monument, George W Bush & Dick Cheney born 5 years 5 months 5 days apart.

  • Donald Trump born 155 weeks 5 days before Orwell’s 1984 was published, his inauguration 15,505 days after Nixon resigned; the Cuban Revolution lasting 5 years 5 months 5 days. Cycles of Time =555. Revolutions =555. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555. 

Before we move on I want to throw in another triplet here, which I just discovered while thinking about the peculiar death of Prince on the Queen’s birthday back in 2016. Freddy Mercury from Queen died 44 years 4 days after the wedding of Queen Elizabeth.

Continuing on the 9/11 reference, Kate =116 (Jewish Gematria) Spade =116 (Reverse Francis Bacon) died 6111 days after 9/11/01 – a perfect mirror-reversal date – like Bourdain dying three days later at 61 years 11 months old. And even when we break down Spade’s death date we find this same sequence: (6+5)=11 / (1+8)=9. And to boot it’s been 16 years since 2001. Kate Spade =161. Celebrity Suicide =161. 

  • Blood Sacrifice =611/116. Alleged Suicide =116. Choked =116. While none of the graphic details were given in the death of Inés, we’re told Spade & Bourdain both hanged themselves, reminding us of the alleged suicides of musicians Chris Cornell (on 5/18/17) & his buddy Chester Bennington on (7/20/17, Cornell’s birthday). We’re reminded that Cornell’s final music video depicted him faking his own death via hanging.

Anthony Michael Bourdain =106 died at the age of 61 years 11 months (& 14 days) old & Chester Bennington died 10 months 16 days before Kate Spade, who died 1 month 16 days after the other alleged suicide of Tim Bergling =116 aka DJ Avicii. Queen =61 Maxima =61. And on the very day the Dutch Queen’s sister allegedly offed herself, a Dutch national football player named Tinus Bosselaar =161 born on 16/1 also passed away, here in the week before the FIFA World Cup begins. Maxima is an Argentinian, and her sister died there in Buenas Aires… perhaps a clue.

Speaking about clues, let me just go off on a quick tangent here. This the 21st World Cup, like 21 for Blackjack, which begs the question: who’s the King of football and who’s the Ace? Brazil and A for Argentina? Spades, like Kate, like the future Queen of England. The Queen of Holland an Argentinian whose sister died there. And I found these images of Bourdain, his face on the Ace of Hearts; wearing a Club shirt – the man with a big heart & the king of… dinner clubs? That’s a stretch. But Kate Spade was also known as Kate Valentine, another heart symbol. And rockstars dying and decks of cards reminds me of Lemmy from Mötorhead, the Ace of Spades, who happens to share a birthday with Kate Spade. High profile deaths and decks of cards like special ops hit squads taking out terrorist leaders… What can you add to this riddle?

Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain were born exactly 6 years 6 months apart and both allegedly died from Suicide by Hanging =66. Fake Suicide =66. 

  • Kate Spade =966 & her similarly coded birth name: Katherine Noel Brosnahan =999 (Satanic Gematria), perfectly synched with New York =666, Bourdain’s hometown where Spade died. Avicci aka Tim Bergling =696. Alleged Suicide =696/606. Maxima =606 whose sister died on 6/6/(6+6+6). Asphyxiation =966. Choked =696. 

Rockstar =666. Audioslave =966. Chris Cornell =66. Chester Bennington =69. Chester =666. Bennington =66. And we should take this opportunity to remind ourselves that Kurt Cobain died at the age of 9906 days old, his body discovered 9909 days after his birth.

Suicide =23/320. Alleged Suicide =230. We also find a 23 connection as Bourdain =132 died 2 weeks 3 days before his birthday and Spade died 203 days before hers. Chris Cornell =132 died 2 months 3 days before his birthday – the deathday of Bennington =32, who in turn was born on 3/20 & died 320 days before Kate Spade, aka Valentine =203/32.

  • This means that Bourdain died 322 days after Bennington’s death date – and exactly 2203 weeks after Bennington’s birth date, for another nice alignment. Bourdain had one cameo in an episode of The Simpsons titled ‘The Food Wife’ (pictured above, devil horns & baguettes, him dying in France) which aired when Bourdain was 20,230 days old. Further, Kate ‘Valentine’ died 3 months 22 days after Valentines Day.

For our final decode, the father of Queen Maxima & her sister was Jorge Zorreguieta, the Argentine Minister of Agriculture during the country’s brutal military dictatorship (1976-81). I find it very interesting that in 1978, during the height of that regime, Argentina hosted the World Cup – and won (over Holland, no less). Even the most fanatical of coincidence theorists should be easily able to imagine the bribes and threats that allowed the home team to win.

Jorge Zorreguieta passed away just last year, 302 days before his daughter, and exactly 223 weeks after Maxima became the first Latin American-born queen consort in the history of the Netherlands. The Argentinian Coup d’Etat of 1976 occurred 2203 weeks before the start of the Twenty Eighteen World Cup =302.

Read up on this Swedish mockumentary: Conspiracy 58. The plot of the film is that the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden did not really take place, but was faked and exists only as forged television and radio coverage in a conspiracy between American and Swedish television, the CIA and FIFA as part of the Cold War. The ’58 World Cup was the first win for Brazil, and Conspiracy 58 released a few days before the 2002 World Cup began, one that would go on to be won again by Brazil….