Mac DeMarco’s Masonic Ownership

This dude grew up an hour away from me in Alberta, and I’ve seen him a few times in the past before he blew up into the massive worldwide phenomenon that he is today. But is his success due merely to his groovy tunes and electric performances? Or is there something deeper, something numerological… Indeed it would seem that Mac was destined for stardom; his gematria adds up perfectly, suggesting outside influence.

Mac’s great-grandfather was Vernor Smith, Alberta’s Minister of Railways and Telephones (1921-1932), a position which most likely connects him with Freemasonry. Notice he served for 11 years, a magic number to Masons. Mac is fascinated with the occult, as he’s revealed in several interviews, and his song “Chamber of Reflection” is about the meditation room a man sits in before being initiated into Masonry. He said that song summarizes the recording of the album, although perhaps more than being cooped up in a tiny room, Mac is alluding to it being his initiation into the Club.

“Spend some time away / Getting ready for the day / You’re born again / Spend some time alone / Understand that you’ll soon run / With better men // Alone again, alone again, alone // No use looking out / It’s within that brings that / Lonely feeling / Understand that when you leave here / You’ll be clear / Among the better men.” – – Chamber of Reflection, Salad Days

Now let’s examine his gematria, and ask ourselves if this is coincidence or conspiracy.

The gematria of 76 is numerologically equivalent to Guitar, Master, and Rock On… Pretty perfect matches for a guitar-playing rockstar. Curiously, 76 equals “Barack H Obama,” and the gematria of Mac’s full name, Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV, equals 163 – “Barack Hussein Obama.” Not sure what that means, maybe nothing, but it’s interesting.

In Pythagorean Gematria, Mac DeMarco =40. His bandmate, Alex Calder, also =40. On the Ying Yang album cover, the words “Big Year” equal 40. Mac’s music is described as Blue Wave; “Blue” = 40. Other similar themed words with the same gematria (and thus similar energetic frequency on the level of waveform information fields) include: Mind / Maya / Dazed / Life.

In numerology, the number 4 represents creativity, originality, and inspiration. For a detailed read on a person, you’ll want to find the numerology of three details: name gematria, birthdate, and birth place. For the name, notice 4+0 is equivalent to 7+6 (=13, 1+3=4). [We’re not counting Jewish Gematria here.] Mac’s birthdate is 4-30-1990 and summing the digits (4+3+1+9+9) gives us 26, or reduced, 8. Mac was born in Duncan BC (4+3+5+3+1+5, 2+3) which just so happens to also have a Pythagorean Gematria of 26.

GOD =26 in Simple Gematria (7th letter + 15th letter + 4th letter). There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, which isn’t a coincidence. The English language was designed with gematria coding in mind. Indeed gematria, or coding numerology into words, has been around since at least Plato and Pythagorus and the Ancient Greeks, who used it as did the Hebrews. As legend goes, the knowledge was bestowed upon humanity via the Egyptian god Thoth, also known as Hermes in Greece, via an emerald tablet from the rulers of Ancient Sumeria who most likely hail from another planet and/or dimension. But that’s a story for another post.

Mac’s numerology of 4-8-8 suggests that in addition to the creative aspects of 4, he has double strength in the 8, which stands for power but can also entail sacrifice. Eight is sometimes thought of as a heroic number; it signifies gallantry and noble courage. In Chinese numerology, 8 is the luckiest number, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune that arise from the exercise of power and energy.

Now, this album cover here is what got me researching Mac in the first place. Clearly filled with Masonic symbolism, but is he simply making an homage? Perhaps asking for an invitation into the secret society for fame and fortune? Or is this proof of who really owns Mac’s ass. Closer examination of the apparently random words reveals a deep coding is indeed in place.

MAKEOUT VIDEOTAPE =66 (Thirty-Three) =183 (Egyptian Pyramid / Order Out of Chaos). Of course this is intertextual reference to the pyramid symbol with the All-Seeing Eye, which is drawn here with 13 lines, just like the 13 steps on the dollar bill. 33 is the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (whose slogan is Ordo Ab Chao: order out of chaos) and the callsign of the dark occulted secret society.

YING YANG =48 (Evil / Sex / Blood / Buy / Crime). Curious theme there, very much related to the lower chakras and reminiscent of so much of what the mass media is about: sex, violence and consumerism. In Simple Gematria, “Ying Yang” =102 (Slavery), which accurately summarizes what all the aforementioned is intended for. But the breakdown is even curiouser. Notice the feminine aspect Yin has been perverted into YING – the extra G like the symbol of Freemasonry, which in upper-case letters stands for 33 – as we see reflected in English Gematria (0’s drop in numerology):

YING =55 (Satan / New Age / Piano / Song / Opera / Heaven). Now get this, the album’s release date of (12-13-2010) has a numerology of 55! (12+13+20+10) And as it turns out, 55 is the God number in Western numerology.

YANG =47 (Mafia / Obey / Authority / Judge / President / Caesar). The inverse, 74, is another God number for the Satanic Secret Society and one of their favourites to encode: 74 = Gematria / G-D / Lucifer / Tempt / Muhammad / Jesus / Messiah / Joshua / Yshua /  Cross / Masonic / Occult / Mother Nature / English / Win / Energy / Weapon / God’s Authority. And check this out: 47=Judge / 74=Jury; 47=Candy / 74=Fruit; 47=Beast / 74=Beauty…

Thus, we can surmise that “Ying Yang” is most likely code for “Satan’s Mafia,” which is an extremely accurate name for the psychopathic secret society that runs the world in secret from behind the veil, hidden in plain sight.

Good Vacation & Welcome Home =54 (Love / Sun / Breath / Voice / Play / Note). Inverted for 45 = (Kabbalah / Coder / Leader). Welcome Home & Hee Hee =36 (Gentile / Black / Heard / Feedback / Daze). But the fascinating aspect of 36 is that when you sum 1 through 36 (1+2+3+4…+36) it equals 666. So in the number 36 we have an encoded reference to the mark of the beast – another callsign of the cabal. Big Year =67 (Satanic / Alchemy / Pharaoh / Cycles / Guru / Soul / The One). Notice the name of Neo from the Matrix, The One, connects to Guru and Pharaoh; indeed that movie represented the alchemy of the soul’s journey through cycles – at war with evil forces that can be described as Satanic.

Laura =302 (Church / Most High / Bank Collapse / Be Prepared) =53 (Database / Track / Hacking / Sabbath / Machine / Divide). This is the name on the book, with its four pages perhaps referring to one of Mac’s life numbers. The equivalent words draw a picture of the Big Brother grid, hacked and tracked and worshipping false gods as the great machine exerts itself upon us and through us, where divided we are conquered. Threats of a impending economic meltdown. The database on the book makes me wonder how exactly the dark occultists, those wizards and sorcerers in three-piece suits by day and black robes by night, how they concoct these brilliant spells and perfectly decode everything with the same numbers. It’s mind-blowing, to say the least, and if you’re new here – hang on because you’re in for a ride.

If this all seems like coincidence now, know that I once thought so, too. Until I studied gematria and began decoding messages in the news and in movies and TV shows. And the pattern soon became so obvious that in rapid order there was no doubt left in my mind that I had unlocked the trapdoor to a great mystery. I’d found a way behind the curtain to see for myself the underlying mechanisms; the belly of the beast. And you can too! Cracking the code of the hidden rulers is one of the single most empowering steps a human being can take towards our deprogramming from this Matrix, reclaiming our thoughts and our feelings, and collectively creating the reality that we want.   

Flashing the Masonic Chevron and repping Discordianism’s Law of Fives while decked out in Masonic checkerboard plaid symbolizing duality. 42=Freemason (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5) communicated on Mac’s fingers in reverse. Notice the phrase “Peace Symbol” has a Jewish Gematria of 666.

Other Curious Numerological Connections:

  • Mac’s first talk show appearance was on 3-30-2015 (a 33 date with 48 numerology – same as Ying Yang) on “Conan O’Brien” =110 (Adolf Hiter / Osama Bin Laden / Rockefeller).
  • Debut album “Rock and Roll Night Club” =93 (Propaganda) released 3-13-2012 (a 313 date with 48 numerology.) Name and date both =12 (3).
  • Second album “2” released “in October of 2012” – (October is the only month with 33 gematria). 10+20+12 =42, which is equivalent to “Freemason” and is known as the meaning of life and the answer to everything, not only in The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  • “Salad Days” (23/86/611) was announced on 1-21-2014 =11 (the most magic number) and =36 (the 666 reference) and released on 4-1-2014 =12 (number of completion). Notice that is April Fool’s Day; and in gematria, “April Fool’s” =123 (“Conspiracy”).
  • Mini-LP “Another One” =115 (Freemasons) was released on 8-7-2015 (15/15) =32 (America / 7-4-1776 / Obama; and represents the pyramid with the missing capstone on what would be the 33rd step); =50 (also equals America, as well as Magic).
  • His music has been called “Slacker Rock” and “Jizz Jazz” – both of which equal 44, the kill number and ‘magick.’ Slacker Rock also equals 116 (Peace Symbol / Illuminate / Royalty / Confusion) and 352 (Messenger / The Torah / An Ego Trip); while Jizz Jazz =134 (Evil Lyrics / Go To Bed Already).

In summary, I suggest that Mac DeMarco comes from a lineage of Masons and either learned numerology and gematria early in his career (as the connections even with first album imply) or has had handlers in management positions crunching the optimal numbers for him. With Mac’s super-stardom, it’s safe to assume he’s under the thumb of the secret society who use popular artists like him to brainwash and manipulate the masses. I’ll be keeping an eye on his messages – and will continue to play his records; because despite it all, the kid makes some damn fine music.

And in the meantime I’ll be hoping that I don’t see him sell out completely with an Illuminati one-eye pic.

3 thoughts on “Mac DeMarco’s Masonic Ownership

    • 26 = 2+6 = 8. I’m new to it – and will remain new to it I suspect – but even I understand that much. Numerology is breaking the numbers down and adding them together to get a final number. So ‘clown baby’ would be 9. Mac DeMarco is 10 which equals 1. While a name like Betty Bootyfull would be 14 which equals 5. That’s how the numerology side of it works, which is your question. The gematria, the ins and outs of gematria, I have no idea about. It’s like extracting freshness from a rotten pulping fish.


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