Operation Northwoods – Decoded

Northwoods was a 1962 plan to manufacture consent for a military intervention in Cuba. It involved high treason and deceit, focusing on false flag terrorism on American soil to be blamed on the enemy. The memorandum was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the top generals of each branch of the US Armed Forces – and submitted to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, though it was never officially authorized. However, it’s logical to assume that Northwoods went underground to be carried out at a later date, such as when America has replaced the Evil Communists with the Evil Terrorists as the bogeyman du jour. Indeed many of points revealed through this insight into the psychopathic mind of the war criminals in the White House (and the secret societies which pull their strings) have since come to pass, including but not limited to the hijacking of passenger planes and (most recently) the faking of funerals. 

NORTHWOODS =1372 (Project Mayhem / Circling the Wagons / Martial Law UK). Here we have some fascinatingly relevant terms that share a Jewish Gematria with “Northwoods.” Project Mayhem is the name of the cult-like terrorist organization in Fight Club tasked with bringing down modern civilization. ‘Circling the Wagons’ means to assume the defensive position and get ready for an attack, deriving from the old west where pioneers would form a protective circle with their chuckwagons to stave off Indians. And the UK is a trial ground for Martial Law, which is one ultimate goal of false flag attacks. 

NORTHWOODS also shares an English Gematria (151) with “Jesus Christ.” Viewed from the lens of the Satanists behind these coded messages, we can understand the irony in coding a plan based on deception with the name of a god whose message they’ve manipulated to deceive. 151 is replete with God references, including (Holy Spirit / The Lord Jehovah / Lord’s Prayer / Jesus is Lord / God’s Name Number / Love is the Law / Supreme Love / Valentines Day / Revolution. To further confirm the Satanic deception hypothesis behind the false flag plot, Northwoods =52 (Big Lie / Devil / Abracadabra / NWO). 

Playing Madlibs with our new word choices, we could very accurately reimagine Operation Northwoods as “Operation Big Lie” or “Operation Abracadabra.” The full name of the document is “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba (TS)” =218 (Policeman / CIA Killings / Grand Lodge / Made in America / The Book of Revelation / One Small Step for Man / Uncover the Truth). 

Researching the gematria of “Operations Northwoods” I discovered that “William Jefferson Clinton” and “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton” curiously share the exact same gematria, 264. 


The date of the Northwoods document holds much significance: March 13, 1962. This date can also be expressed as 13/3 or 133, which equals: Government / White House / This Is a Hoax / Mysteries / Booby Traps / Alien Agenda. The document was declassified and made public on 11-18-1997, a date with 145 numerology. 145 = Numerology / Numerological / Nostradamus / Psychology / Order of Thelema. It would appear that the release of this information is intended to do more than merely illuminate the truth of the treasonous false flag plot. Through an analysis of gematria we receive a synchronistic confirmation on the importance of numerology, the criminal psychology of the secret societies (connected to Aleister Crowley’s Order of Thelema), and Operation Northwoods serving as prophecy for things to come. 

Further, the document was released in full and published online on 4-30-2001, a date with 44 and 55 numerology. Those are big numbers: 44 is the Kill number (11+9+12+12=44) and equivalent to Military, Lie, and Preview (indeed Northwoods was a preview of the military lies to come in just 19 weeks on 9/11). 55 is the God number in numerology and is equivalent to Satan, Judas, Laws, and New Age. Indeed there is betrayal and deception involved in the Northwoods inspired terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, which preciptated new draconian laws, like the Patriot Act, and ushered in a New Age of the War on Terrorism. 

Operation Northwoods was signed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lyman Lemnitzer. As L is the 12th letter, it reduces (1+2) to 3, making his initials a coded 33. Lemnitzer shares a name gematria with George Washington (187 – the police code for murder) and he was born in Honesdale PA, a town with the ominous gematria of 223 (Masonic) the inverse of 322 – the infamous number of Skull & Bones, the secret society from Yale which Tim Russert twice referenced to President George W. Bush and Presidential hopeful John Kerry, before he soon after passed from a heart attack. It is also a number coded into many movies dealing with apocalyptic, dystopian scenarios. For example, 322 equals “Origin of Man” and in Prometheus (2012), scientists travel to planet LV-223 in search of the origins of human life. Again, L is the 12th letter, or 3, and V is the 22nd letter; so LV-223 could also be represented as 322-223. Other 322 words include Satan’s / Bermuda / God of Israel / Military Industrial Complex / Extraterrestrials Among Us. 

Robert McNamara =61 (GOD / Hebrew / Fake Death / Trick) =503 (Mr. President / Protocols /  False Doctrines / The Letter R) =142 (Forty-Two / Terrorist / An Alien Deception). McNamara playing God while being one of the true terrorists of the modern era. Notice the 42 for Freemason – he died on 7-6-2009, a date with 42 numerology. (Lyman L Lemnitzer (333) died on 11-12-1988, a date with 111 numerology.)
Notice that the plan suggested conducting funerals for mock-victims, possibly in lieu of an actual ship sabotage. This is compelling evidence to the hoaxes of present-day. Particularly since Sandy Hook of Dec 2012, completely fabricated hoaxes are being routinely passed off as real events. Staged shootings in the mainstream are continuously exposed as being nothing more than fictional fairy-tales involving actors and intelligence agents. Indeed false flags have reached a new meta-level of falsehood, beyond mind-controlled patsy assassins. Nowadays you must make it all up on a set, filmed in some deep underground military base, or choreographed and orchestrated in a carefully controlled public place, where no-one is even injured or killed – despite the official narrative sold to the gullible masses. We are continuously presented with no evidence in these cases, save for the official statement by authority and a mock funeral passed off as legit. 


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