“The Unabomber Hoax” Proven by Gematria

I remember making jokes about the Unabomber when I was in middle school and that infamous police sketch is still branded into my memory, Halloween costumes of a hoodie, sunglasses, and moustache. Ted Kaczynski, everyone’s favourite Luddite. The math-genius anarchist environmentalist turned reclusive domestic terrorist, mailing out 16 bombs over two decades. In a 35,000-word manifesto titled Industrial Society and its Future, Kaczynski argued that his bombings were extreme but necessary to attract attention to the erosion of human freedom necessitated by modern technologies requiring large-scale organization. He wanted to “dismantle the industrial system,”or so we’re told. Yet he targeted the bottom strata of the food chain. Unknown professors and small computer store managers, no-name losers and crisis actors. You’d think that if this “genius” really wanted to strike at the heart of technology he’d target someone like Bill Gates, or his pick of the executive litter at Microsoft. Yet just as the manifesto published in the major newspapers reads like a fascist pretending to be an anarchist, heavy on the self-critique to further demonize environmentalists and other like-minded free-folk, it’s apparent that Kaczynski is an agent/actor participating in yet another psychological operation hoax. Especially upon the decipher. 


Ted Kaczynski = 888 (Jesus in Christian numerology) & 49 (Lord / I Am God / Garden / Media). This is the exact same gematria of his first victim, Buckley Crist (888/49), a man with an odd name, especially when you consider his Christ numerology. What are the chances of the Unabomber having a double gematria match with his virgin victim? Basically impossible. This stands as evidence that this Kaczynski psy-op is a mass ritual organized and carried out by the Masonic Zionist fronts of the secret society. They love their biblical references and this event appears to allude to the martyrdom of Christ.

  • Unabomber = 37 (Hell / Hades / Hex) =410 (The Son of God / Mechanical Christ) =91 (Manhunt, Prison, Deception)
  • His birthdate numerology (5-22-1942) = 69 (False Flag)

His second bomb was allegedly stowed away on American Airlines Flight 444. That number is the equivalent of 74 in Simple Gematria (divided by six), a commonly coded number referring to Jesus / Lucifer / Muhammad / Occult / Gematria / Masonic, etc. The bomb was a dud and the incident happened on 11-15-1979, which equals 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Saviour / Nine-Eleven). I mention the 9/11 reference for two reasons: American Airlines (AA=11) has a long history of participating in hoaxes; and Unabomber: The True Story was released on September 11th, 1996 – a date with a 135 numerology (9+11+19+96) which is equivalent to “Terrorism.” 


Also, the movie came out just a few months after Kaczynski’s arrest, years before the trial was over (in ’98), so where were the filmmakers getting their facts for this “true story”? Oh that’s right, the CIA and the Masonic Zionists control Hollywood too. It’s all part of the full-spectrum psychological warfare, which is ultimately a military operation. Notice too that the propaganda movie runs 1 h 37 min, or 137 = Mind Control. 137 is also the 33rd prime number, because you know they need to leave their stamp.

All the character names of the agents playing the role of victim in this fairy tale are coded with the numbers of the conspiracy. As the story goes, the first injury happened in 1985 to Air Force Captain John Hauser, who lost an eye and four fingers in the letter bomb. Aside from the implicit All-Seeing Eye symbolism, Hauser allegedly received his acceptance letter into NASA’s astronaut program the very next day. Tragically, after the accident he would never be an astronaut… give me a break, what an overly dramatic crock of shit, stirred up for the home audience believing the news as gospel truth. 

But get this: the name John Hauser would return in another psyop, thirty years later, when one John Russel Houser allegedly entered a theatre in Lafayette, LA, playing the movie Trainwreck, and fired a couple shots of his BB-gun, unloaded some pepper spray, then bruised a man with a hatchet before being mowed down in a hail of police bullets. Houser’s hoax shooting came in the wake of the James Holmes trial, the Aurora Theatre hoax which used a similar name. Still fresh in the mind of the gullible public was the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax, blamed on Dylann Storm-Roof. Houser, Holmes, and Storm-Roof. Are you noticing a pattern here? As it turns out, Kaczynski engaged in a similar pattern in choosing victims:

The FBI theorized that Kaczynski had a theme of nature, trees and wood in his crimes. He often included bits of tree branch and bark in his bombs. Targets selected included Percy Wood, Professor Leroy Wood Bearson and Thomas Mosser. Crime writer Robert Graysmith noted, “in the Unabomber’s case a large factor was his obsession with wood.” – Wikipedia, Ted Kaczynski 

Because he’s a tree-hugger! Get it?! And all tree-huggers are dangerous threats to society and not to be trusted! What a fucking joke. The psychopathic occultists have their fingerprints all over this. Let’s examine the gematria of some other victim characters to reveal who is really behind this operation.

  • John Hauser = 119 (All-Seeing Eye / Star of David / Order of Death / Kabbalah Wizard / High Priest); =47 (Mafia / Judge / Obey / Authority / President / Caesar) and the inverse of the 74.
  • Hugh Scrutton = 174 (New World Order) and the 74 again. Notice the airline’s flight AA74=1174, another coded NWO gang-sign.
  • William Dennison = 74
  • David Gelernter = 72 (Money / Gentile) =144 (Killer / Mark of the Beast / King Solomon / Satanic Hexagram / Fourty-Four [44 the Kill #])
  • Phillip Sharp, also = 72 / 144
  • Charles Epstein = 154 (The Antichrist / Satanic Truth) =64 (Israel / Zion / Thelema / American / Tiamat)
  • Joel Gelernter = 146 (Global Control / The Apocalypse / Manifeststion / Annuit Coeptis)
  • Thomas J Mosser = 49 (Lord / Revelation / Destruction) =175 (Pope / Holy Trinity / Consciousness / Satanic Worship / Ignorance is Bliss)
  • Gilbert Brent Murray = 93 (Propaganda / Saturn) and the number of Thelema.

There are more connections and names at work here but you get the idea. Some of the most powerful numbers of the conspiracy – 64 / 74 / 93 / 119 / 144 – are encoded all over the victims. 

So informed, we now understand the Unabomber psy-op: Kaczynski was neither a lone-wolf terrorist nor a mind-controlled patsy. He was a CIA actor, playing a role in a ritual hoax. He was yet another disguised agent of the COINTEL-PRO / MK-ULTRA recruitment at American universities during the 60s, planted and programmed to espouse theories, ideas or politics that the government wishes to discredit. 

‘Ezra Pound played the same role as Anti, instructed to attack Jews, the U.S. military, and the banks, before being “proven” to be a madman and sentenced to a mental institution. The lesson? Those who speak out against Jews, the military or banks are madmen. Charles Manson was another Anti, posing then as a hippie and still posing today as an environmentalist. Once he was locked away as a madman and murderer, the audience learned the lesson that those who are hippies and environmentalists are madmen, and may be murderers.’ – Miles Mathis, The Unabomber Was Another Psy-Op

In case it’s not obvious, the purpose of the state infiltrating grassroots organizations to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” any and all leftist groups (including hippies, anti- war protesters, and environmentalists) is due to the fact that they were and still are considered dangerous elements – since they threaten the profit margins of large parts of corporate America. It’s really the most effective and efficient way to blackwash a positive movement like environmentalism. For those with eyes to see, it’s also the most transparent. 

The fascist media published Kaczynski’s 35,000-word manifesto, allegedly to stop further violence, but clearly it was a huge part of the psyop – a theme we see continuing in 2015 with hoax shooters always turning in the necessary manifesto. As always, it reads like a propagandist wrote it. For example:

“In spite of all its technical advances relating to human behavior the system to date has not been impressively successful in controlling human beings… If the system succeeds in acquiring sufficient control over human behavior quickly enough, it will probably survive. Otherwise it will break down.” – Unabomber Manifesto

Of course controlling behaviour is exactly the thing America has been most successful at, as the sign of perfect propaganda is its invisibility. And what kind of anarchist advocates top-down control? Kaczynski is supposed to be a hardcore leftist, mouthing ideas about autonomy and self-reliance, ideas the government doesn’t want promoted. Which is why he threatened more violence unless they published his manifesto. Yet a lot of it is pure neocon agenda. Most likely they correctly assumed that the vast majority of people wouldn’t read it and be satisfied with knowing that Unabomber = Evil. Such is the reach of mind control.

Other Curiosities:

  • Kaczynski is said to have killed 3 and injured 23. There were 203 of his fingerprints recovered. Double reference, perhaps to the 23 Enigma and the Law of Fives.
  • As supposed evidence, we are given the actual cabin, which they now exhibit at the Newseum in D. C. But that isn’t evidence of anything. It is just a pile of wood. They could have dragged that in from anywhere. Actually, it’s evidence of a psy-op, since you should find it very strange to find an alleged serial killer’s cabin in a D. C. museum. The entire Newseum is obviously a museum of propaganda. It was opened in 1997, while the Unabomber trial was still going on, and looks to have been built just to promote the continuation of the Unabomber story (among others). 
  • There are little to no records of the first fatality victim, Thomas Mosser. His information appears to have been scrubbed and his death is not listed in the Social Security Death Index. Since 1994, the story of his employment as executive at Burson-Marsteller has been changed and now he never worked there. The company in question is the top propaganda firm in the US, working closely with government, military, and Intelligence. Top clients of Burson-Marsteller include Monsanto, Phillip Morris, and Union Carbide. They ran PR for the Indonesian government during the genocide in East Timor. They also worked with the junta in Argentina in the 1970’s, whitewashing its brutal image. What are the odds that Mosser would work for such a firm and also be involved in the Unabomber psy-op? 

Ted Kaczynski used aliases on his packages, which shed even further light on the conspiracy. On one bomb he allegedly wrote,”Wu—It works! I told you it would—RV.” R is the 18th letter (1+8=9) and V is the 22nd (2+2=4), so RV=94 which is the gematria value of “Terror.”

In the Mosser case, he used the alias “HC Wickel” to accompany his letter-bomb. In Pythagorean Gematria it equals 38 (Bible / Kabbalah / Death / Fire / Aflame / Jew / Alpha). Also notice H=8 C=3. In Jewish Gematria, 958 (Instruments of Death / Control Reality / Ego-Driven Agenda). But here’s the clincher:  

Boom: Yet again, the favourite number of the Cabal. 74 = Masonic / Occult / Weapon / God’s Authority / G-D / English / Mother Nature / Gematria. Recall he tried to blow up American Airlines Flight 444. The secret societies and the intelligencia absolutely love to encode these stories with their brandings. Michael A Hoffman II, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, sums it up well:

“Studying how the cryptocracy fabricates and packages the ‘Unabom’ ritual on the stage of public affairs, reveals a virtuoso performance of masonic psychodrama, wherein terror, symbolism and code language synthesize to form the alchemical elixir for the processing of humanity.” – Michael Hoffman

However, Hoffman is missing the most vital component: Gematria. 

Kaczynski also referred to himself as “FC” (Freedom Club), speaking on behalf of the people. 


FC =63 (I Love / Crowd / Public / Folks / Whole / Hunt / Reveal / Demonic / Witch). See how the categories of words with the similar vibrational frequency tell a story that deepen the meaning of the surface term? But get this: 405 = “Freemasonic Lodge” and “The Book of Lies.” Haha, does it get any clearer? Well, 624/104 = Big Brother / The Dark Side / The Deceiver / The Hidden Hand / Karma Police. It all paints quite the picture of who is really behind Freedom Club.

“The reason we are seeing these words come up in these events is that we have a wing of Intelligence telling the rest of the Intelligence community it is there. The faux-occult wing of CIA, say, is inserting these words to tell FBI, ONI, DIA, and the rest of CIA that this is its event. It is saying, ‘We are here! We did this. The event is not real, it is a manufactured event and we manufactured it. Stand down.'” – Miles Mathis

After researching the Unabomber Hoax, my theory is that Kaczynski now holds some high rank within the crypto racy, having been recruited some fifty years ago to successfully play his role. This brilliant mathematician, one of the top ten math minds in America, by accounts, was perhaps initiated into a ring nearer the inner circle. Perhaps he not only knows Gematria, but helped code the quantum supercomputer that manifests these tragically beautiful and poetic coded stories for the ongoing psychological warfare waged against Human Beings of Planet Earth. Whatever capacity his true role may be, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Ted Kaczynski is an agent that only comes into prison for the rare interview to keep up appearances. I should spark up a penpal connection with another inmate of ADX Florence, a.k.a. the Alcatraz of the Rockies, although I have a feeling they run a fairly tight ship there. 


Florence =209 (Black Holes / Cartel / Gang Lord / To Kill / Anti-Kill); =78 (Endless / Selfish); =42 (Freemason / War / Gun / Pay / Self / Sin / Nigger / Bad / Rebel). They also love to code 42: it’s the number with which God creates the Universe in the Kabbalah (a tradition intimately connected with Gematria); the Gutenberg Bible was known as the “42-Line Bible” and in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams calls 42 the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. And as Wikipedia states: “The supermax unit at ADX Florence houses about 420 male inmates, each assigned to one of six security levels.” The precursor to this prison was USP Marion; Marion has an English Gematria of 420.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole, there are exactly 408 supermax prisoners listed at ADX Florence. 408 = Ein Sof (the hidden infinite aspect of God in Kabbalah) / Marduk (Sumerian God of Law and Order) / Hermes (son of Marduk, messenger of the gods, and God of Thieves) / Amun-Ra (Egyptian God of Gods) / Helios (Sun-God) / Sophia (goddess of wisdom) / Root / One-One (11) / Barack Obama / Planet / House / Language / Years / Total / FBI Files / Denver (the city 100 miles north). Wow, what a number of the Gods. It certainly illuminates the Masonic importance of 11, as well as the Messianic branding of Obama. [FYI: In Simple Gematria 408 = 68]

OK, final point: Wikipedia’s ADX Florence page references “Control Unit”. Just get a load of the inside jokes here about this prison housing all the characters from popular psyops like some all-star team of actor agents. Control Unit = 692 = The Manchurian Candidate / Attack on Pearl Harbour / I Hold the Truth / Role-Playing / EBay Sniper / The Image of a Mountain / Gray Skies / No Booty / Cubic Equation / Pyramid Hanoi / Rogue Spooks / Spying Ear / Foiling the Illuminati / Trolling Treason / The Irony / Holy Redeemer /  Three Sixes /  Mark of Babylon / Is The Enemy / Organize / Gematria is a Hoax / Gematria is Nonsense / Nothing is Something / iNeed an Apology. 

But it keeps going! Control Unit = 161 = Masonic Grand Lodge / John D Rockefeller / Do Not Fear Eleven / Planet Saturn / Satanic Megalomaniac / Seal of Solomon / Satan’s Project / Indestructible / Terrorists / Secrets Revealed / Negro Slavery / Talismanic Word / The Divine Alphabet.

Maybe the Alcatraz of the Rockies is really a top front for a secret deep underground military base. That would explain the pentagons. Maybe insiders are spilling the beans in hopes that we organize and flip the script. Perhaps that’s the whole point of this game called life. Perhaps it’s at least one point of many. 

5 thoughts on ““The Unabomber Hoax” Proven by Gematria

  1. Completely agree, but they did a very good job on his manifesto unlike most of the other patsy terrorists. His message was very well thought out, convincing and accessible.


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