Philadelphia 76ers and the Prophecy of 9/23


Moses Malone joins Darryl Dawkins as the second Philadelphia 76er alumni to die in the past 17 days. Any criminal investigator worth his salt will look for patterns to find any connections between the incidents; and brother, the patterns that emerge boggle the mind. The Gematria coding of these two basketball superstars not only link up with each other, but are heavily coded with references to the upcoming Jesuit Pope Francis visit to America, where he will be in Philadelphia on Sept. 26th, the Jesuit Order’s birthday. 

Many truth-seekers have been calling attention to this fateful visit in this auspicious / ominous time of year, predicting some major event to transpire – particularly on 23/9 – possibly an assassination of either the Pope or the President.

Malone passed away in his sleep at age 60, potentially poisoned, on Sept. 13, 2015 – known in the Hebrew calendar as the 29th of Elul, 5775, the end of the Shemitah (the Biblical Sabbatical Year) and the beginning of Rosh Hashana – Jewish New Year’s.  

  • 9+13+20+15 = 57. Rosh Hashanah = 57. 
  • Rosh = 33/60. Hashanah = 33/42/60.
  • 60 = Conspiracy / Malone / Darryl Dawkins / Seventy-Sixers

Shemitah means to release, and during the last two Shemitahs we saw the 9/11 Mass Ritual and the 2008 market crash of 777 points. According to Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashana is the day that God begins the process of judging the entire world in preparation for Yom Kippur.

[Notice the three red sashes in the background forming the Hebrew letter Vav (V/W) for 6: an encoded 666 message, just like www, unconsciously saluting Satan / Saturn every time you type an Internet address. Notice too that “I’ll see you in Philadelphia” = 121 (Antichrist / Revelation); 1053 (Apocalypse Prophet / Evangelical Preacher / Religion is Evil / The Manifesto of the Antichrist); and 247 (Hidden Messages in Numbers / Numerology is the Key / Corrupted Politicians / Satan Devils Antichrist / He Who Serves God and Satan / May the Force Be With You). 

  • Just as the cycle of seven weeks points to the 50th day, called Pentecost, a cycle of seven sets of seven years points to the 50th year, the year of the Jubilee. This is followed by several major events. The Ten Days of Awe ends with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, Sept. 23 – the date in focus for many. This is the holiest day of the year, the day on which God seals his judgments, as well as the autumnal equinox. This date can be written as 9/23 and 923 = Torah in Jewish Gematria. This is also the day that Pope Francis is meeting with President Obama at the White House; the 226th day of the year and the 226th Pope… Recall that the Pope is a supporter of the Palestinian state, which is motive enough to make him a target of Zionism. When we convert Sept 23 into Hebrew we get the 10th of Tishrei, 2776, which in numerology reduces to 33; along with 150 (Harbinger of Doom) and 42 (Freemason / Blood Moon / Delta). 
  • Speaking of which, the Feast of Tabernacles (on Sept 28) is also the last of the four blood moons which make up the Blood Moon Tetrad (four consecutive total lunar eclipses – coinciding on Jewish holidays – with six full moons in between). These special lunar Tetrad cycles coincide with major events for Israel throughout history, including the establishment of the Israeli State in 1948, the liberation and union of Jerusalem following the Six Day War in 1967 (the last Jubilee Year), and the Roman destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD. 

Blood Moon = 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Equinox / Saviour / Symbols). Also, the original story broke at 1:39 PM ET: 139 = Freemasonry.


With the extremely rare combination of sacred Jewish events in mind, let’s dig deep into the Moses Malone / Darryl Dawkins Assassination Prophecy and see what’s being hidden in plain sight.

First of all, the initials of Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins both break down to 44, one of the Kill numbers in Gematria (MM=13|13 / DD=4|4). [Obama is the 44th president, elected 44 years after the Civil Rights Act and JFK was the 44th-term president. Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4th, 4/4.]

Further, with the S-exception, Moses Malone = 59 (Kill / Pope Francis / John F. Kennedy / Slave / Negro / Blues / I Am Become Death), a number often coded on black folk throughout history. In simple Gematria, Darryl Dawkins = 159. Malone was born in “Petersburg,” VA = 59. 

  • Malone passed away 17 days after Dawkins – and 17 is the kill number in Pythagorean Gematria (2+9+3+3). [That’s all three major Kill numbers in one…] “Moses” also = 17.


In Jewish Gematria, Moses Malone = 411 (Assassin). JFK was assassinated from 411 Elm Street and we are currently in the time of the 114th Congress. 131 = Pope Francis I / Death Penalty / Islamic State / Serial Killer. Is this alluding to a hit on the pope and blamed on ISIS? 

  • In Pythagorean Gematria, Moses Malone = 41 (USA / Damned / Al Qaeda / Pontiff / Fourteen). 
  • It’s been 14 years since 9/11/01 and 41/14 are being heavily coded lately as well.
  • Moses Eugene Malone = 41 (same as his name without the middle), 89 (Virginia / Religion)

Malone’s nickname was “Big Mo” = 46 (Hero / Papal) and 98 (September Twenty-Third / Obama Dead).  That 98 is a doozy, considering what we are coding for. Notice his nickname Gematria is an inverse of his full name.

  • The Pope has recently been “Obamified” = 46 / 64 / 116 (Anointed One / Prince of Peace / Peace Symbol / Rothschild / Goldman Sachs / Powerful / Royalty).  


Malone’s birthday is March 23, 1955 = 81 (Masons’ / Patsy / Black Pope). 

  • 3/23 = 323 (Lucifer / Catholicism / Cult / Great Flood / Barack Dies Death (666) / Barack’s Head Death (666) / The Barack Is Dead (666) / Supporters of Terrorism)
  • 3/23 is also the release date of Shooter (2007) – a movie about an assassination plot on the President in Philadelphia while a religious leader is visiting… I mean, c’mon.

March 23 is also the release date of the Zionist documentary, Four Blood Moons (2012), which has an IMDB rating of 5.9, like Malone’s kill Gematria. Recall the fourth Blood Moon will coincide with Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. The ominous tagline from the movie, “Something Is About To Change” = 270 (Holy Spirit Dove Sacrifice / Martyr of the Antichrist / Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner). 

  • The film’s runtime is 84 min. 84 = Jesuit (Pope Francis is the first openly Jesuit pope and his life number is 84) / Obama (whose birthday is 8/4) / United States of America / Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (spiritual leader of Iran, whose capital – Tehran – has a population of 8.4 million) / Iran War / Bomb. Also, on 8/4, while Serena Williams was receiving a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics, at the exact timing during the American anthem as the lyrics, “Our flag was still there,” the flag mysteriously dropped and floated to the ground. 
  • Perhaps this coding is indicating that Obama and/or the Pope will be assassinated during the last week of September (most likely another staged hoax) and it will be blamed on Iran, creating the necessary Hegelian dialectic (problem-reaction-solution) to manufacture consent for the long-awaited invasion of Iran. 
  • And speaking of Iran and 411=Assassin, the U.S. House of Representatives just voted 245-186 to pass Resolution 411, which edges toward legal action against Obama for failing to comply with  terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Notice that 245-186 = 59, a number you should now becoming familiar with. 

And dig into these juicy numbers of the director of Four Blood Moons, Kieth Merrill = 68 (Tetrad / Barack Obama / One-One / Ein Sof (the hidden infinite aspect of God in Kabbalah) / Marduk (Sumerian God of Law and Order) / Hermes (son of Marduk, messenger of the gods, and God of Thieves) / Amun-Ra (Egyptian God of Gods) / Helios (Sun-God) / Sophia (goddess of wisdom), 396 (The 226th Pope / King Solomon / Dishonest) and 152 (Masonic Imagery / Veiled Allegory / Lost Symbol / The Secret Sign / The All-Seeing Eye / Thirty-Six).


For a complete numerological reading you need three values: name Gematria, birth numbers, and birth place Gematria. 

  • Malone was born in Petersburg, VA = 55 (like Malone’s birth year) and 64 (Israel / Zion / American / Jubilee). 
  • Petersburg = 50 (America / Fraud), 59 (Moses Malone / Kill), and 121 (Antichrist / Revelation). 
  • Petersburg, Virginia = 103 (The Vatican), 112 (Catholicism / Divinity) and 220 (Religion). Curious connections, truth-seeker.

This 76ers tweet, captured from the breaking CNN article, is chock-full of symbolism (is that play button an illuminati pyramid?) and coded Gematria, as per usual. They love sneaking code into tweets.

  • In 646 retweets we have both aforementioned 46 and 64
  • 8:55 = 85 (The Pope / Basketball) and 55 – the God number in numerology; and 49 =Lord / Revelation / Destruction / September / Global / Crash.
  • #FoFoFo = 36, which summed (1 to 36) = 666. It also = 63 (Eleven) and there are 11 days between the day Malone died and Sept 23. Also, both F and O reduce numerically to 6, so this quote of Malone’s that prophecied a playoffs sweep has a subtextual meaning of 666/666. 
  • And now his prophecy is being used in another prophecy, because life is a fractal – more evidence of a holographic reality and the source code that programs. 


Perhaps the Sixers refers to the Six-Six-Sixers. In Gematria, “Sixers” = 574 (President Barack Obama / Reagan Antichrist / Declaration of Israel / End of Muslims / The Infant Moses / Murderers / [and get this] MURDER POPE). Sixers = 94 (Judgment [talking about the Day of Atonement] / Holy One / Patriarch / The Church / Terror / The Miracle / Second Chance / Do The Math. In Pythagorean Gematria), 31 = Chief. 

  • Seventy-Sixers = 60. Darryl Dawkins = 60. 
  • Malone died at age 60. Malone = 60.
  • Conspiracy = 60. Nigger = 60.
  • Rosh =60. Hashanah = 60.
  • If you spell it out, Sixty = 899 = Yom Kippur (23/9).

Darryl Dawkins died on August 27th, the 239th day of the year. The numerology of both his birthdate and death-date equal 25. Another method of calculation shows his death-date equalling 70, which is the Gematria of his name with the S=10 exception. 

  • His nickname was “Chocolate Thunder” = 73 (Sacrifice). 
  • The first time Dawkins smashed a backboard during a game (the first time in NBA history) was in Kansas City on Nov 13, 1979 – the year of the first papal visit. 
  • Now get this: both Gematria of Kansas City and numerology of 11-13-1979 = 122 (Pope Francis).

Moses Malone’s jersey number with the Sixers was #2.

  • “Two” = 58 (Agenda / Destruction) and its inverse, 85 = The Pope / Basketball. 
  • 58 is also the age at which Dawkins died. 
  • “Fifty-eight” = 115 (Freemasons / Killing / Spectrum – the name of the Sixers’ arena). 
  • “Two” also = 1050 (LAST DAYS OF THE POPE / Order of Eleven). 
  • Malone’s career numbers are highly Masonic: he began his career in ‘74 (Masonic), joined the NBA in ‘76 (Master), and was honoured in ’96 (Freemason / Satanism / Knowledge). 

Summing Malone’s championship playoff stats — 31.9 points and 12.8 rebounds — it adds up to 44.7. Voila the kill number 44 and the mirrored magic combo of 74/47.


Finally, let’s examine the other two characters mentioned in the CNN breaking story. 

  • NBA Commissioner “Adam Silver” = 940 (Secret a Society) – notice the 94=Terror and the aforementioned 49; = 104 (Jerusalem / The Talmud / Big Brother / The Hidden Hand / LAST POPE). 
  • And Philly 76er’s CEO Scott O’Neil = 132 (Hidden Messages / Predictions / ROMAN CATHOLIC), and 467 (Alchemy / Coordinator). Notice the reversal encodes a 76er and a 64/46 – the numbers of the Papal Hero and Anointed Symbol of Peace. 

So time will tell! If something serious goes down in the last week of September we have the incriminating evidence that proves it was a conspiracy by the numbers – especially if either the Pope or Obama are assassinated. As you’ve seen, there is a mind-blowing amount of coding alluding to the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. What I’ve presented here is just the tip of the iceberg. The coding is ubiquitous and relentless. Predictive programming on a subliminal level, perhaps literally programming our holographic matrix. 

And if nothing goes down, perhaps we stopped it. Perhaps the awareness shift of us fellow truth-seekers uncovering and deciphering and sharing this information changes the future. Maybe we averted a major crisis and none of us will ever know. As much as I want the predictive ability of Gematria proven true, I’d rather we slide through unscathed. Yet the mind control needs to end. The psychological warfare needs to end. It’s time we deprogram from this matrix of lies and take back the power that is ours by right. It just may require a major event to shake us out of our hypnosis. 


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