Delta State Shooting Psyop – Masonic Ritual Foreshadows Assassination 


(CNN) An employee at Delta State University is a suspect in the shooting death of a history professor there Monday, police said. Shannon Lamb, an instructor at the school in Cleveland, Mississippi, remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous, Cleveland Police Chief Charles Bingham told reporters.  

“Deadly Campus Shooting” = 87 (Inside Job), 96 (Freemason / Satanism / Knowledge / MK-Ultra / Society / Jackboots), and 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Blood Moon / Equinox / Pyramids / Symbols).

Teachers are killing teachers now?! What’s next, dogs marrying cats? Maybe I should open an online shop selling TEACHER LIVES MATTER swag to cash in on this fake tragedy; or I could just decode the living hell out of this staged psychological operation / mass occult ritual and unravel it to the point where there is not a sliver of a doubt remaining that this is indeed a conspiracy by the numbers, subliminal predictive programming for an upcoming high-level assassination coinciding with a major Jewish holiday.

Today’s date: 9+14+20+15 = 58 // Mississippi = 58 / 94 (Terror) 

58 (heavily coded into hoaxes lately – next presidency will be 58th-Term) = Destruction / Agenda / Jade Helm (which is scheduled to end tomorrow, Sept. 15th) along with 85 = The Pope / Violence / Awakening. Probable ritual programming in a lead-up to some event planned for the Pope’s visit to America.   


How about that suspect’s name fitting oh so perfectly. If you recall the cop shooting hoax of Darren H Goforth (=85) at a Chevron (=85) in Texas on Aug 28/15, the alleged shooter’s name was also Shannon. (Shannon J Miles: Miles =58) Notice that Shannon is an androgynous name, applicable to both men and women, which is fitting considering all the transgender stories of late. [FUN FACT: Conspiracy, Androgyny, and Abraham Lincoln all share the same gematria: 123]

Shannon’s last name, Lamb, has an NLP connection to Christ, which again connects subliminally to the Pope. Agnus Dei is a Latin term meaning Lamb of God; it refers to Jesus as the the perfect sacrificial offering that atones for the sins of humanity. Sacrifices and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement eh. Another dimension of meaning is the derisive connotation of the brainwashed sheeple, following trends and obediently believing whatever they’re told. 

It’s also programming us to consider even the timid little lambs around us as powder kegs, ready to blow at any given minute. So we need more security and someone to take all our guns away please so that the state can have a monopoly of force. And more fear frequencies and another coded mass ritual like another ingredient in the potion that is planning to be made manifest sometime soon, perhaps next week. It’s mind control, any way you swing it.

Lamb’s full name is ridiculously coded too: 322 (Satan’s / God of Israel / Bad African Pope [is Obama the bad African?] / The Rebel Barack / Obama as Renegade) and is the number of Skull & Bones, the secret society from Yale, which when inverted reveals its true multidimensional meanings: 223 = The Synagogue of Satan / Masonic / Patience / Global Genocide / God As Man / Life of Crime / Bankroll / Cosmic Eagle / Reptilian Bloodlines / The Experimentalist / Underground Portal / Friday the Thirteenth / Secret Numeric Proof / Reocurring Numbers / Complex Simplicity / Look For Connections / Corrupted Politics / Jesus the Water-Bearer / Fifty-Two Letters. Well, that’s a damn-near perfect description of the psychopathic occult secret society, all sharing the same basic vibrational frequency as the notorious #322. 

  • (Notice the 52-Letters is a Masonic gematria wherein lower-case alphabet is 1-26 and upper-case is 27-52. In this format, G=33, further illuminating the Masonic logo and importance of their other callsign 33. 
  • The Charleston Church Shooting Hoax happened at 110 Calhoun Street. Calhoun = 322. 
  • Another major hoax stamp, consistently coded, is the 113 = Dishonest / Mainstream / Green Screen. Notice it’s composed of their two favourite double-digit numbers: 11 & 13.


Now, the victim’s name is ETHAN SCHMIDT = 52 (Pope – number of years since JFK shot), 61 (God / Fake Death / Miracle / Fifty-Eight), 124 (Judgment Day / Programmer), 398 (Message of Hate / Confused / From Satan / Rest in Peace). English Gematria = 744, a combo of 44 – the kill / execution  number – and 74 (Jesus / Masonic / Occult / Weapon). 

  • As Shannon’s first name reveals clues so perhaps will Schmidt’s: ETHAN = 48 (Hoax / Evil / Blood / Crime). Its reversal, 84 = Jesuit (first openly Jesuit pope’s life # is 84) / Obama (birthday 8/4) / United States of America / Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (spiritual leader of Iran, whose capital, Tehran, has a population of 8.4 million) / Iran War / Bomb / (American flag fell on 8/4 during Serena’s Olympic medal ceremony). 
  • “Beloved” = 786 (Last Trumpet / North American Union / Reptilian Shapeshifter / Dear Pres Obama, Go Suicide); 65 (Knights Templar – which reduces to 11).

So we have the shooter coded with secret society 322-branding and the victim coded as Pope / Jesus / God. We can thus interpret this event as a Satanic mass occult ritual designed to symbolize the destruction of God – and foreshadow the assassination of either the Pope or the President. The characters are assigned roles to play in order to act out Biblical allegory, which we know is a Masonic ritual. 


The same sort of symbolic ritual took place with the Roanoke Reporter Shooting Hoax, where Alison Parker = 58 was dressed in the red and black of an archbishop and the other lady in all white like the Pope. Parker was heavily coded in Bride of Christ / Mary Magdalene references while the shooter was coded as Jesus. Similarly, Shannon is the Lamb. Thus in the act of dramatized murder, shooter and victim were symbolically bound in unholy matrimony. The Roanoke shooter was killed and I’m betting that Lamb will be sacrificed as well. [Two minutes after I made this prediction I checked CNN and sure enough Lamb “shot and killed himself as police closed in.”]

  • Notice too that Schmidt’s 124 = Judgment Day, and this staged shooting took place during Rosh Hashanah, the Day of Judgment for all of mankind.  
  • In Jewish tradition, our fate is held in balance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement – on Sept. 23, the ominous date in focus and the scheduled meeting of President and Pope. 
  • The 226th day of the year and the 226th Pope; and the typical human gestation period from conception to birth is said to be 226 days. 

Tomorrow, Sept 15th, is the start of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, where the subject of Palestinian statehood might be decided. Next week is “World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel” = 166 (Freedom / Ancient / Curse / Cain and Abel / Thirty-Three). Indeed the Arab-Israeli conflict is a modern incarnation of Cain VS Abel, which alternative historians connect all the way back to the Annunaki sibling rivalry of Enki and Enlil. Still manifesting in karma loops to this day. Obama and Pope helping establish a Palestinian state would certainly tick off Israel and cause the Empire to Strike Back. Of course it’s already scripted by the numbers, we’re just decoding it as the prophecy unfurls. 


Bolivar County Deputy Coroner “Murray Roark” = 60 (Conspiracy / Police / Pontius Pilate), 1012 (Governor / Zion Protocol / The CIA Did Nine-Eleven), and 159 (Amy Prentiss / Project Monarch / Birth of King David / Twenty-Six [God] / The Coming Prince / Come Lord Jesus / Christ the Lord / Vatican Secrets / Forgiven of Sin / This September). 

  • Perhaps this man is playing the symbolic role of Pilate, the Governor of Judea who washed his hands of responsibility before reluctantly sending Jesus to be crucified at age 33. 
  • “Murray” and “Cleveland” = 33. (Palestine = 330). 
  • Notice Pilate was the fifth prefect of the Roman province of Judea from AD 26-36 (God-666). 
  • 60 was also coded all over the recent sacrifices of the two Philadelphia 76ers superstars, with 60 = Seventy-Sixers / Darryl Dawkins / Malone (who also died at age 60). 
  • Also the ROA prefix brings me back to the Roanoke Ritual, emphasizing that link, as well as ROAR = 52 (Pope / years since 1963). There’s been an abundance of lion stories and symbols in the media since we entered the sign of Leo – which is Obama’s horoscope (8/4).

Cleveland Police Chief Charles Bingham = 66 (Thirty-Three / Palestine = 606); 304 (Propaganda / Fear Monger / Iran and America / Caliphate Barack / Barack Obama Defect / Bad Obama Ends Peace); 120 (Illuminati / Masonic Logic / Palestinian / Golden Ratio / The Truth / Discovery / The Architect / Rosh Hashanah / Christians / Hidden Master). 

  • So there encoded in the Masonic Police Chief we have both Palestine and Palestinian, Propaganda, Illuminati, and Rosh Hashanah. Truly remarkable.

Bolivar = 79 (Murder) and reminds me of Simón Bolívar, the Venezuelan revolutionary who triumphed over the Spanish monarchy and won independence for the South American colonies. And that, in turn, reminds me of the Palestinian War of Independence against Israel, a particularly cogent clue in light of recent revelations. Bolívar died at 47 (Mafia / Christian / President / Caesar / Judge / Authority / Obey) on a date (12-17-1830) with numerology of 77 (Christ / Judaism / Power / Hexagram / Funeral) and 59 (Kill / Slave / Negro / I Am Become Death / Pope Francis / John F Kennedy). 


Now, about that book that Schmidt is holding in his media picture up top: “Native Americans in the American Revolution” – a book written by him, chronicling a parallel saga to that of Bolívar and the Palestinians. A book in which Schmidt thanked Lamb in the acknowledgements. What are the odds of all these pieces culminating on the day before the UN meets to discuss Palestinian statehood? Rather, this appears as a razor sharp threat from Israel through the Zionist-controlled fascist media – or subliminal predictive programming. The theme is outrageously apparent. 

“Native Americans in the American Revolution” = 182 (Lincoln / Archon / Dragon / Lakota / Blood Libel / Hidden  Fate / Radical Change / Synchronicity / Fractal Dimensions / Quantum Mechanics / The End of the World / Jesus is Baphomet / Tibetan Book of the Dead / Magnetic Poleshift / Punish the Enemy / False War Treaties / Alien Surveillance / Hour of Judgment / US President Obama / Christ Returned / Did Jesus Really Die? / “This is It” Message).


Nice Illuminati logo eh. STATE = 296 (Blood Moon). The shooting happened in Building 33. DSU has 3,300 students, a rural campus size of 330 acres, the last digits of its zip code is 33, and its located on the 33°44′ parallel. 44 is the Kill number. Wikipedia lists academic staff as 122 (Pope Francis / Great Deceiver) yet I wonder if the -2 edit has been lodged. If it drops to 120 (Illuminati / Masonic Logic / Palestinian) The incident occurred the day before Delta State’s 90th anniversary. Also, Delta = 42 (Freemason / Blood Moon).

“Delta State” University. Get it? The fourth state of brain wave frequency associated with the unconscious sleeping mind, the state where awareness is fully detached? It’s an inside joke the vast majority won’t catch because they are the hypnotized sleepwalkers. 

  • Now how’s this: Delta State = 426 (Mind Control / Free Palestine / Philadelphia Phillies / Muslim Mafia / Sabotagers). Can the coded conspiracy be any more obvious? 
  • In Simple Gematria, Delta State = 107 (Atonement / Forgiving / Hidden Meaning / The Occult / The Messiah / The Code of God / Holy Grail). Palestine + Philadelphia + Yom Kippur + Sabotage + Occult Knowledge + Biblical Prophecy Playbook? Gematria is looking more and more like the Holy Grail.

Delta State University is approximately 115 (Freemasons / Religious / Killing) miles south of Memphis. University President William LaForge = 71 (Amy Prentiss  1158 (Stateless Society / The Star of David); 143 (Federal Reserve / Wizard of Oz / Corrupt Media / Sanctification / Ninety-Three: 93 = Propaganda / Saturn / order of Thelema). LaForge makes me think of Jordie, the blind crewman from Star Trek, which is perfect for the university of the unconscious. But for those still awake, get a load of the full gematria:

Delta State University = 89 (Religion) and 98 (PROPHET / SEPTEMBER TWENTY-THIRD / OBAMA DEAD / IRAN ATTACK). Wow, that should be the cherry on top right there. But we go deeper.

Now, the Delta State- Mind Control reference leads us down the rabbit hole of MK-Ultra and its even more top-secret offshoot, MK-Delta: remote-controlled and programmed military assassins. 

“There are four types of brain waves: alpha, beta, delta, and theta. The four basic models of Monarch slaves have the same names as these four types of brain waves. High level Illuminati models may have programming that includes all of these types. According to one ex(?)-government source, the CIA has been labeling their harmonic-created total Mind-controlled slaves by the following: Bravo 2 series models are men programmed to run the Beast computers. Delta series are models for espionage and assassination. Juliet series are sexual mind controlled slaves. Kilo 5 series is military espionage. Michael 1 [Michael Dunn] series slaves are CIA agents under total mind-control… Much of the high level programming in the 1980s and 1990s is no longer done with human programmers, but is done via programmed machines using drugs, electricity and harmonics… Delta programming is military-assassin programming that has trickled into popular consciousness through movies like La Femme Nikita, its American remake, Point of No Return, and The Long Kiss Goodnight.

U.S. Guantanamo Base Detention Center in Cuba is referred to as “CAMP DELTA.” Camp Delta is the center of human torture/interrogation and programming after Dr. Mengele’s secret torture/mind control CIA projects. DELTA is also most likely a military intelligence regional code word for Dr. Ochsner’s related special operations involving racist, Masonic and anti-communist asset oligarchs and institutions of the Mississippi River DELTA Basin.” –

Another story that broke at the same time and ran parallel to this one is ’37 Phi DELTA Psi fraternity brothers charged in death of Chun “Michael” Deng.’ 

  • Michael = 33. 
  • MC & Phi = 44. 
  • Phi Delta Psi = 666. 
  • Thirty-Seven = 57 (Phi Delta Psi) and 66 (Thirty-Three / Palestine [606]). 

‘The Pi Delta Psi fraternity was conducting a ritual outdoors for new pledges called the “glass ceiling,” according to police. Glass Ceiling = 301 (Masons / Firmament / Torah Code / Fabrication); 117 (Holy Bible Code / David’s Star / Israelites / Divination / Pentecost); and 54 (Oracle / Car Bomb).

  • These clues all strongly support the thesis that there is indeed a high-level political assassination in the works. Each clue revealed makes it that much more difficult to deny. Let’s wrap it up with one last piece of evidence that this is either a complete staged hoax shooting or a programmed test-run of a Delta assassin: the other victim of Shannon Lamb, a woman named Amy Prentiss (already I’m seeing A. Prentiss: Apprentice), age 41 (Shannon Lamb / USA / Pontiff), shot dead at her home in Gautier, MS.

Amy Prentiss = 61 (God / Fake Death / Miracle / Trick / Fifty-Eight); 71 (Mossad / Hidden Hand / Act of God / Zeus / Extreme Weather / Babylon); 905 (Masonic Symbols / Obama Deceives / The End of Days Eclipse / This Is The Year / Prototype / Convict); 159 (MURRAY ROARK / Project Monarch / Birth of King David / Twenty-Six [God] / The Coming Prince / Come Lord Jesus / Christ the Lord / Vatican Secrets / Forgiven of Sin / This September). 

  • Notice the repetition of that 159 alluding to the Rapture / Second Coming (fake alien invasion?) and notice Project Monarch as an offshoot of MK-Ultra which focuses on trauma-based mind-control slavery. Very appropriate coding for a staged shooting at Delta State in the week before a potential blue-chip political assassination. Recall that 59 = Kill / I Am Become Death / John F Kennedy / Pope Francis.

Gautier = 36 (666 / Gentile); 402 (The American Dream / Dreams Are Real / Israel Go Bombing / Shriners); 42 (Delta / Freemason / Blood Moon / Equinox / Lady / World / War / UFO); 81 (Masons / King David / Horus / Hermetic / Wizard / Black Pope / Patsy / Dream Mind).

I interpret Gautier as a triple Masonic confirmation again focused on next week with its Blood Moon Tetrad, and I see the triple dream references plus the wizard in context of Delta mind control, particularly with Patsy + Black Pope. This is also a third reference to King David:  

  • The following gematria may be little more than coincidence, yet I believe in synchronicity and signs pointing to confirmation of my intuition: Gautier associated with Gotye and their hit song “Somebody That I Used To Know” = 96 (Freemason / Satanism / Knowledge / MK-Ultra / Deadly Campus Shooting)…  

KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, TRUTH-SEEKER, because Shannon Lamb is on the lam and driving a Black = 36 (666) Dodge Avenger = 107 (Delta State / Atonement / Holy Grail) and 62 (Torah = 239 in Jewish Gematria), which is yet another clue to Sept 23 – the Day of Atonement. Plus this is the 239th year of America.


                                                          ***U P D A T E ***

With the Lamb effectively sacrificed, the truth dies with him. There’s no doubt in my mind that if this shooting is real, and the three victims aren’t in witness protection or some deep underground military base, then Lamb was a mind-controlled assassin, a Manchurian candidate, a brainwashed Patsy with orders to self-terminate.

He was a cool dude,” student Noah York told CNN affiliate WMC. Lamb, he said, was a talented musician who played guitar and harmonica. “You know you would have never have thought that something like this would happen. You’d want to be like him and play guitar,” he said.

Why else would this loveable hippy teacher suddenly snap and murder his friend/colleague and his girlfriend? Are we gonna be told that he discovered they were having an affair? Gimme a break. He was mind-controlled to carry out this elaborately coded occult mass ritual that is so transparent upon analysis, as I’ve proven. Perhaps if we da Vinci these codes well enough we can prevent future tragedy…

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