Cop Shooting Hoax: Fox Lake Manhunt


9/1/2015 – Fox Lake isn’t any ordinary town. It’s deeply rooted in Masonic / Satanic coding, some examples more explicit than others, as you’ll see. As the numbers will reveal, it’s the perfect venue to stage a cop shooting as pretext for a massive martial law drill – acclimatizing the public to boots on the streets of America, conditioning people to accept an increasingly militarized police state, pumping fear vibrations out into the consciousness like poison, and keeping ’emseparated. Divided and conquered. The War on Police, as the media tells us, based on staged hoax shootings and psyops, not reality. 

In case you missed it, a cop was allegedly shot and killed in a wealthy vacation town in Illinois, sparking an intensive multi-day manhunt for “two white men and one black man,” with no other details emerging ever. Weeks later and the imaginary suspects are still at large. Maybe they haven’t yet found any patsies to frame and/or are awaiting a date with the right astrological significance. 


F=6 / O=15 / X =24 — reduced = 666 Lake. 

“Fox Lake” = 74 (Lucifer / Masonic / Occult / Tempt / Weapon / God’s Authority / G-D). Its coordinates are  42°24′N 88°W = 42 (Freemason) and 88 (Poison / Program). The numbers 74 / 42 / 88 are three of the most powerful and frequently encoded numbers in the occult. Lake County, home to Fox Lake, has an area of 444 square miles. It’s the 31st richest county in America and home to US Navy Command HQ, a major source of psychological operations.

  •  42 = ‘Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything’ in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the number with which God creates the Universe in the Kabbalistic traditions of Jewish Mysticism. There are 42 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, all of which are markings based on the hexagram Star of David – which is a two-dimensional representation of the Merkabah, said to be the divine light vehicle (a multi-dimensional crystalline matrix of two energetic pyramids [male and female] counter-rotating around the seven chakras) used to ascend the 13 spheres (or dimensions) of Metatron’s Cube: the fundamental formation of Sacred Geometry encompassing all five Platonic Solids, the building blocks of all creation. 
  • 88 = number of harmonic tones that form the vibrational frequency which constitutes this holographic reality, like the 88 keys on a piano, all is sound and sound is all. This holographic reality is a direct manifestation of an occult force’s master symposium, manipulating the projection of our collective consciousness as the hidden forces pluck the strings of our program to resonate thought into matter. This is part of the explanation behind the retuning of music from 432 Hz (transmitting beneficial healing energy because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature) to the distorted frequency of 440 Hz (44 = Kill) 
  • It’s said that Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels introduced the retuning to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. It’s an unnatural frequency removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones, all part of the ongoing war on our subconscious mind. The powers that be are successfully lowering the vibrations of not only the young generation but the rest of us as well. These destructive frequencies entrain the thoughts towards disruption, disharmony and disunity. Additionally, they also stimulate the controlling organ of the body – the brain – into disharmonious resonance, which ultimately creates disease and war.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla 

666 Lake was incorporated on 12-15-1906, a date with numerology of 52 (Pope, and a common number in this story to watch for – also the number of years since the JFK assassination) and certified as a town on 5-13-1907, a date with numerology of 26 (God) & 44 (Kill / Execution / Preview). The secret society has been running game by the numbers since the beginning. None of these dates are arbitrary. 

  • 666 Lake has an area of 26 km2 and its zip code holds the inverse: 60020 = 62 (Fox Lake Police / Mason / Torah: which itself has a Gematria of 239, possible heads up for Yom Kippur on Sept 23rd in this the 239th year of America). 
  • The town is situated among the “Chain O’Lakes” = 44. 
  • Al Capone utilized an establishment now known as the Mineola (33) Hotel as a hideout here back in the day. 
  • Town Demographics: 95% White; 0.8% Black.


Officer “Joseph Gliniewicz” (91 = Manhunt); 52 years old, called in suspicious characters at 7:52AM – 52 miles NW of Chicago (the city which has a Gematria of 46, same as the officer’s nickname, GI Joe). 46 also = HERO and is coded on nearly every police story. Police = 33 (the main gang sign) and Officer = 44 (the kill number). He was a 32 veteran of the force. 32 = America / Obama. 

  • He was found dead at 8:09 (89 = False Hero / Death is Fake / Secrets)
  • Reported by Chris Covelli (CC=33), only referring to the officer as “injured” = 36 = Gentile. 
  • Incident happened at Rollins Road (56=Cult), Route 159 (59 = Kill / Slave / Negro / Blues / I Am Become Death / Pope Francis) & Rainier Way (123 = Conspiracy / Hidden Hand / Death Sentence) — less than 1000m from the Fox Lake Police Station.


CNN later changes its story and marks the incident location on a map, 1.5 miles away from original reports, at none other than SAYTON Road…

  • Sayton = 22 (number of books in Revelation), 681 (Optical Illusion / Satanic Brotherhood), 68 (Barack Obama), 94 (Maximum / Terror / The Church / Judgment).
  • “Sayton Road” = 42 (Freemason), 132 (Catholic Church / Roman Catholic / False Religion / Jubilee Years), 32 (Obama / America / 9+23). 
  • The dot is shown at the corner of Saytan and “Kings Road” = 44 (Kill), 291 (USA / Police Force), 98 (Luciferian / Prophet). 
  • In Game of Thrones, the Kingsroad is the main highway in the Seven Kingdoms.   


75 = New World Order. Joe Gliniewicz = 147 (Police) and 75. He radioed in at 7:50 = 75.  Task Team Commander “George Filenko” = 75. Undersheriff “Raymond Rose” = 57. 


Gliniewicz went to school in ANTIOCH (211 = MASON), the same name as the location of a theatre shooting hoax weeks earlier in Tennessee, at a screening of “Trainwreck” = 122 (Pope Francis). The suspect in that hoax was named Russell Houser, the exact same name as one of the fake victims of the Unabomber, two decades earlier. 

  • Recall too that HOUSER assaulted this theatre with pepper spray and a hatchet just days after a court ruling on James HOLMES for the Aurora Batman Theatre Hoax, and weeks after the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax blamed on Dyllan STORM-ROOF. Notice any linguistic themes?

Joseph Gliniewicz also equals 190 (Synagogue of Satan / Aleister Crowley / Stock Market Hype) and indeed on this same day the Dow plunged 470 points (470 = Manipulated; and removing the zero notice the reversal of 74) with the headline “simply no place to hide.” Cross-reference, anyone? 

GI Joe mentored future cops with the EXPLORER program (113 = Dishonest / Mainstream / Green-Screen – a number encoded on every hoax). And get a load of these Explorers at Gliniewicz’s funeral, flashing the Hail Satan sign. Even if they just thought this meant rock-on, who does this at a funeral?  


When we understand the deeper symbolism of the hand gesture – a sign of recognition between Satanists – especially in the context of Sayton Road in 666 Lake (not to mention the heavy Gematria connections), this picture is downright spooky. Any wonder why CNN chose this image to accompany their article?   

“The day before he was killed, Gliniewicz spoke with Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit about his upcoming retirement, and wanted to make sure the Explorer program would continue after he left the police department, Schmit said.”


9/2/2015 – The day after the GI Joe staged shooting, a police car gets shot up in MILLIS = 74 (same as Fox Lake) in Massachusetts, sparking a second manhunt. 

9/3/2015 – We’re told the officer in Millis shot up his own car and faked the report. Suspicious considering the numbers – do you see yet how vital they can be at connecting dots? What are the chances of two simultaneous manhunts both in towns with Gematria of 74, one of the all-time favourite numbers of the Freemasons? Was another hoax in progress but busted, perhaps due to a bystander filming? There was also a bomb threat at a local school at the same time. Or perhaps the cops punishing one of their own for misconduct is a psyop in itself, as if the corruption isn’t institutional and top-down.   

Curiously, on the same day, Kristin Kiefer (KK=22 = Sayton) was charged with falsifying a police report and misleading the manhunt in Fox Lake, blamed on attention seeking. 

  • Kristin Kiefer = 453 (Hoax Foiled / Selfishness / Captured / Alien Interference / FEMA Camps Confirmed / Prophets / Pope Francesco / American Sniper), 154 (The Antichrist / Hieroglyphics). 
  • Kristin B. Kiefer = 455 (Mind-Controlled / Dissociation / Transference), 156 (33 / 666 / As Above So Below / Biblical Prophecy), 75 (New World Order / Joe Gliniewicz / George Filenko).


Now how’s this Gematria joke: GI Joe’s hefty wife Melodie Gliniewicz = 1625 (Jack Spratt Could Eat No Fat) – because Joe is skinny, and his wife could eat no lean. Her names also suggestively equals: Rejoices in Evil / CNN Shuts Down U.S. / For Military Vehicles / Thank You, Slave / The Satanice Philosophy of Might is Right, = 180 (Gematria Calculator / The Love of Money), 99 (Illinois / Rapture / Ascension — # of days left in the year after Sept 23). 

At the vigil, a poem was read by Retired Fox Lake Police chief Mike Behan = 110 (Chicago, IL), 68 (Sayton / Barack Obama), 41 (USA / Damned / Al Qaeda / Fourteen – it’s been 14 years since 9/11).


The Fraternal Order of Police is directly interconnected with Freemasonry, as their logo shows. This is how the conspiracies are carried out, though the secret fraternity of Masonic police chiefs and those looking to earn brownie points. Psychopaths who get off on the hoodwink. FOP = 116 (Powerful / Execution / Peace Symbol / Confusion — extremely curious Gematria, especially considering the 911 emergency number came into being 33 years before Sept 11, 2001, when its meaning suddenly inverted from rescue to terror), 37 (Legal), 222 (Policemen). 

And if you doubt that funerals would be faked, families moved into witness protection programs with a fat paycheque, know that in Operation Northwoods, the declassified 1962 strategy approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for false flags on America to manufacture consent for invasion of Cuba (which included hijacking passenger planes), they put forth the suggestion to hoax attacks and stage funerals for fake victims.   


9/4/2015 – CNN article “Attacks leave police feeling under seige” uses some interesting names: District Attorney Devon Anderson (DADA=41/41); Chuck Canterbury (CC=33); Chris Cognac (CC=33);

9/11/2015 – 12:35 (123 = Conspiracy / Rainier Way):

“Lt. Joe Gliniewicz had planned to retire in August, but he was asked to stay on for another month. And there he was, 10 days ago, in the most familiar of situations for the Army veteran and father of four. But the last radio call of his more than 30 years on the job was anything but routine. It would signal the beginning of a deepening mystery that has stumped investigators. Now the coroner says he can’t rule out anything — homicide, suicide or accident.”

Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd = 42 (Freemason / Blood Moon), 123 (Conspiracy / Hidden Hand / Red-Flag / Obedience) 

“Doctor Rudd, releasing information which is sensitive to this investigation, puts the entire case at risk,” Filenko said in a statement. “All of the progress made since this tragic incident is potentially in jeopardy. The day before his death, Gliniewicz met with Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit to discuss his retirement plans and to ensure the Explorers program continued without him.


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