Cop Shooting Hoax: Goforth Chevron (8/28/15)


“Execution-Style” = 62 (Mason / Train / Torah [239 in Jewish Gematria]) and 71 (Talmud / Mossad / Hidden Hand / Act of God / Zeus). 

  • The date: 8-28-2015 = 71
  • 44 (the Kill number) = Execution / Gas Station / Goforth 
  • Execution = 116 (Peace Symbol / Confusion).
  • Notice the price of gas is 239 (Sept. 23) 

Deputy Thomas Gilliland [=66 (Thirty-three) and 156 (God / Thirty-three / Six-six-six); Gilliland = 44 (Kill / Execution / Goforth / Gas Station)] breaks the news that his brother-in-arms is dead, a statement where he pretends to choke up with the ol’ ‘wiping dry eyes’ routine. CNN soon updated their story at 1:23 AM (123 = Conspiracy / Hidden Hand / Red-Flag / Death Sentence / Genocide) to remove the words “teary-eyed”, but I caught it. I see you, propagandists…

  • The alleged shooting happened at Telge & West = 116 (Execution / Peace Symbol / Confusion – and a reversal of 911) in District 5 = 395 (Terror / Operation); 102 (Murderer / Slavery / Warrior / Thriller / Casualty) where, as the media said: 
  • “Deputy Shot and Killed” = 1130 (or 113 – Dishonest / Mainstream / Green Screen – a number consistently coded on hoaxes). 
  • The shooting happened at 20:21 (with 22 officers previously being shot this year making him the 23rd). 0-1-2-3, another Conspiracy Red-flag. 123 also = Obedience, like subliminal hypnotic commands. 
  • The story then changed to the shooting happened “just after 8:30 (9:30 ET)” – because they have to slip the 93 in somehow. 93 = Propaganda and is the number of Crowley’s religion of Thelema.

And as icing on the proverbial hoax cake, the breaking article emphasized the following quote: 

  • “He Did Not Say Anything” = 96 (Freemason / Satanism / Knowledge / MK-Ultra / Jackboots / Society / 11-22-63).

Notice the hashtag being used to support the cops: #thinblueline = 59 (Kill / Negro / Slave / Strange Fruit / Pope Francis / John F Kennedy / I Am Become Death) and 131 (The Chosen One / Pope Francis I / Death Penalty / Islamic State / Serial Killer / Super Bowl).


(Notice the sick joke? America loves #44.)

  • AMERICA’S GOFORTH = 158 (Remember, Remember / Days of Atonement / Evil President / Children of Israel / Iran Nuclear War / Sacred Geometry / Mother Nature); and 77 (Funeral / Christ / Judaism / Hexagram / Power / The Big Lie).

Chevron = 85 (The Pope / Matrix / Violence / Blackout). 85 and 58 have been coded often lately, potential priming for an incident involving the Pope’s visit to America. Notice the next presidency will be the 58th-term. The Chevron logo is actually the “Double Ashlar” of Freemasonry. The symbol is two three-dimensional boxes (one on top of the other) with the higher box representing the secret societies literally “on top” of and regulating civilization (the lower box). The colors blue and red are also a reference to the blue and red degrees of Masonry. 

As the fable goes, Goforth was executed at pump #8. In numerology, 8 is considered a heroic number, signifying gallantry and noble courage; although it can also entail sacrifice. Fitting place for a hero cop to take one for the team in this newly declared War on Police. Which is of course a total psychological operation to divide and conquer and increase the militarized police state even further. 


Deputy (91 = Manhunt) DARREN (33 = Police) GOFORTH (44 = Kill / Gun / Execution / Gas Station / Gilliland; 47 = Obey / Authority) = 511 (Saturn / Slaughter / Secret Message / Totalitarian); 149 (Skull and Bones); and 77 (Christ / Power / Player / Funeral). 

  • His surname makes me think of the bible line: “Go forth and multiply” = 92 (Fear / Dogma / Rebellion / The Joker / The Koran / Sharia Law / Kronos / Chronos.)

Notice that “Goforth” = 47 and he died at age 47, the inversion of the sacred 74 (G-D / Jesus / Jewish / Messiah / Lucifer / Gematria / English / Masonic / Occult / God’s Authority / Energy / Weapon). Curiously, no birth date is listed on Wikipedia, just the year. Perhaps so we can’t search the records and find out he doesn’t actually exist. 

DARREN H GOFORTH = 85 (Matrix / The Pope / Left Behind / Hail Satan / Violence / Falsehood); 157 (Sixty-Four) [64 = Barack Hussein Obama / American / Israel / Thelema / Jubilee]

The one witness: Mckenzie Stalter = 181 (Subliminal Message); 64 – notice the connection with Goforth’s 157. Hours later the media changed the spelling of her name To fit the Gematria coding — Mackenzie = 42 (Freemason / Gun / War / FEMA / Blood Moon) — but I’d already tracked her down on Facebook. She’s a cutie, if a lying sellout to humanity. And she has a donation page set up in her name, potentially the financial motivation to participate in this psyop. [She never replied to my message looking for an interview but check out the $1,420 – perhaps just a coincidence but 1420 = Fourty-Two / President Obama / Blame Obama]


“A witness named Mackenzie, who declined use of her last name, heard the shots ring out. ‘We were driving on West Road and we heard the shots, and when I turned and looked, the lady was screaming over top of him. So we busted a U-turn into the parking lot and that’s when we saw what had happened,’ she said.” – CNN

Notice that the official narrative makes no mention of a lady screaming over the fallen officer and this is the only time it is mentioned. The incident occurred in the Houston suburb of Copperfield = 302 (Barack Obama Mark / Obama is a Clone / Bank Collpase / Be Prepared); 109 (Witness); and 64 again. 

  • The name Copperfield makes me think of magic and disappearing acts, a field of cops by the rows. 
  • Calling Copperfield home is that shitty white rapper Riff Raff = 420 (Fascism / Vatican / Cursed), 42 (Freemason / Gun / War); and 52 (Pope / California) – it’s been 52 years since 1963.

2:30 AM: Authorities arrest man in Crystal Lake suburb at his mother’s house. 23 = Fake; and is connected to the occult Law of Fives. The character providing this report is County Sheriff “Ron Hickman” = 106 (Prophecy [which = 666 in Jewish Gematria] / Divine Plan / Destroy); and 52 (Pope / Riff Raff).

  • Crystal Lake = 730 (Police the Streets / September Solar Flare) / 73 (Sacrifice); 127 (Hussein Obama / Vatican City); and 37 (Legal / Hell / Hades / Flame). 
  • This also reminds of Camp Crystal Lake from the slasher flick Friday the 13th – with the obvious connection to the Knights Templar and thus Freemasonry. Friday the 13th = 61 (God / Trick / Miracle / Fake Death) is also known as Black Friday = 47 (Goforth / Mafia / Judge / Obey / Authority) and the next one will be November 13th, 2015.


In the movie, Crystal Lake is also known as “Camp Blood” = 36 (666 / Gentile / Lake / Law). 

  • The bad guy is Jason Voorhees = 58 (Destruction / Agenda); 1769 (Nostradamus Wisdom); and 166 (Secret Society / One World Order / Annuit Coeptis / The White House / September Eleven / Twin Towers). 
  • Voorhees = 44 (Kill / Execution / Gas Station / Gilliland / Goforth).
  • (Chevron = 886 = Freddy Kreuger)

Recall that Jason’s mother Pamela uses black magic to bring her drowned son back to life and murders sexual deviants before she’s killed and Jason avenges her death. Similarly in this other fictional horror story, the arrested man’s mother swears that her son didn’t do it:

“The man’s mother — who didn’t want to show her face or give her name — tells Eyewitness News her son is innocent. She said, ‘My son is innocent. I was in the house with him, so when that happened, my son was home.,” – Houston news, ABC13

Meanwhile, CNN reports: 

“The man’s mother called the Harris County Sheriff’s Department about her son. All the information she had heard led to him.”

Further contradicting both reports,  Wikipedia now states that “His mother claimed that her son had been shopping with her at the time of the shooting.”

[Notice the Batman logo, heavily coded in nearly every staged shooting hoax…. Batman = 174 = New World Order]

Media is calling the incident “Cold-blooded” = 46 (Hero / Chaos / Hacker); 212 (Chaos Magick); 91 (Deputy / Mirror [329] / Manhunt / Prison [329] / Deception / Final Days). 

“Dr. Kevin Pigg, Senior Pastor of Crossbridge Christian Church, felt moved to come out and pray with deputies overnight.” 

Deputy Goforth actually looks like a human pig and now Dr. Pigg is leading a prayer vigil. Can you see the divide and conquer psychological operation at play? Kevin Pigg = 122 (False / Is a Fake / Great Deceiver / Pope Francis). 

“Man held in killing of Texas sheriff’s deputy” (posted @ 2:39) = 182 (Negro / Cracker / Blood Libel / Faking It / Synchronicity). Reported by Faith Karimi = 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Messenger / Nine-Eleven) with statements from Sgt. William Kennard = 146 (New Jerusalem / Destructive / Manifestation). 

And in keeping with the 46/64 theme, next door to this Chevron station is a virtual reality arcade, the biggest of its kind in America, called MechCorps = 46 (Hero / Cold-Blooded / Chaos / Hacker / Papal). My theory on the 46/64 is that it represents the ‘order out of chaos’ motto of 33rd-degree Masonry, the inversion similar to the connection between 47/74.


The man arrested in Crystal Lake is called Shannon J Miles = 1023 {dropping the 0 as we do in numerology} = 123 (Conspiracy / Hidden Hand / Red-flag / Obedience).


Another 85 reference. Another gender-neutral name, Shannon, just like the shooter in the Delta State Ritual Psyop.

His initials SJM = 15, like the year and the number of shots. Just like the exact same number of shots fired in the Roanoke Reporter Shooting Hoax! Now what is extremely odd is that during the press conference announcing that they’d caught the suspect, the police department was projecting the face of a different man. They said it was a mistake – but if this man murdered your fellow officer in cold blood you would memorize his face. Yet when the wrong man’s picture is displayed in the same room with all the cops and no one notices, it’s yet another sign of the hoax. Actor-agents, following the script as it’s handed down from above.



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