Yogi Berra: Sacrifice by the Numbers

  YOGI BERRA = 55 (Satan / New Age / Heaven / Palestine) – God number in numerology; the current American Popemobile is a Fiat 500L (L=50) = Fiat 55. [Fiat = 119]

  • Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra = 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Order of Death / High Priest / Kabbalah Wizard / Divine Rule / Ancient Ones / Black Hole) – Obama is meeting with Netenyahu on Nov 11 (11/9)
  • Lawrence Peter Berra = 90 [age he died at]
  • Yogi = 466 (Nuclear Hit) – he died on a date with both 46 & 66 numerology
  • Yogi = 56 (Society of Jesus [Jesuits] / Cult / ISIS / The End)

Birthday numerology: 5/12/1925 = 61 (God / Church / Roman / Hebrew / Jehovah / Miracle / Psalm / Sins / Fake Death / Epic Fail / Trick / News / Pilgrimage / Fifty-Eight). Notice that Obama was born ’61 and the next presidency will be the 58th-Term. 

  • Born in St. Louis – “The Hill” = 74 (Masonic / Jewish / Jesus / Cross)


    • 61 is also another huge number in baseball; Mickey Mantle (MM=44=Kill) broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record of 60 during the 1961 season of the Yankees, with Berra’s help.
    • Notice the 79 in the movie poster: 79 = Murder / Francis I / Lincoln / Get Framed / Criminal. 
    • Also, 5/12/25 = 42 (Freemason / Equinox / Libra). 

    Why 13 March 2001? 13+3+01 = 17 = KILL. Notice too he’s 1.7m tall and the CNN article says he played 17 seasons, when he actually played 19. This ‘typo’ is intentional, in order to triple-code the kill number into Berra’s sacrifice. (Also he was born on 5/12 = 17). Curiously, the life lesson numerology of this date (13+3+[2+1]) = 19. Furthermore, the alternate method of caclulation wields a 37 (13+3+20+01), reminding us of the Malaysian Airlines twin psyops involving Flights MH-370 and MH-17…

    • 13/3 = 133 = THIS IS A HOAX / Government / White House. (Notice in my previous post, the headline for the Junipero Serra story had a value of 331; and within said headline, the phrase ‘Hero or Horror’ equals 90)
    • 133 can be viewed as the fulfillment of 33.
    • AND: He died 133 days after his birthday! (Born on May 12th, the same day as the Philadelphia train wreck). 
    • FUTHERMORE: 13 March is the date that Pope Francis became Pope Francis, named after Saint Francis of Assissi.


    • Baseball City = 666
    • Kansas City = 122 (Pope Francis / Papa Francisco / Train Wreck)
    • 90 = Bergoglio / Autumn (notice the news broke on the first day of autumn) / Golden Gate / Holy Bible / Hallelujah / Free Will / Be Prepared / Reality [Ninety = 33]

    90 reduces to 9, which (in western numerology) signifies major change, “movement from one lover to another, from one religious faith to another, from one philosophical persuasion to another.” In Thelemic mysticism, the religion of Aleister Crowely, nine represents the world of illusion, “the beast” which represents the base levels of consciousness. 9 is also the most important foundational number to baseball:

    • 9 is a starting lineup / 9 players on the field / 9 innings / 3 strikes x 3 outs 
    • The holy trinity of 9+9+9=27 is not only the number of outs in a game and Yankee World Series titles but the Gematria of MLB / Base / Ball. 
    • 27 in Simple Gematria = 162 in English Gematria
    • “Major League Baseball” = 162 and there are 162 games in the regular season.

    “Nine is the number of baseball. How it happened exactly, no one can say, not even the most dogged baseball researchers and historians. It became the numerical infrastructure of baseball simply through evolution and trial and error, rather than any magical visions or events. It is a number that truly became synonymous with the national pastime, because more than anything else, it just felt right — as it does today. On Sept. 9, 2009 — or 9/9/9 — we pause to celebrate the number because it is our number.”  – Baseball revolves around number nine, MLB.com

    • Coincidence theorists eh… Gotta love em. More like baseball was designed by numerologists and dark occultists and is totally rigged by the numbers, as much now as it ever was. 

    90 feet is the distance between the bases, as it was proscribed in the mid-1800s that there should be 42 paces between home and second, and 42 paces between first and third. 42 = Freemason / Equinox / Libra (it is both the vernal equinox and the first of Libra); a number heavily connected to God in Jewish mysticism – and Yogi Berra’s birthdate numerology. Notice that this makes 84 paces in a home run: 84 = Jesuit (Pope’s life number is 84) / Obama (his birthday is 8/4) / United States of America – of course baseball is America’s national pastime. 

    • YANKEES = 26 (God / Berra); = 551 (The Illuminati / False Flag Operation / Disclosure)


    Notice the background letters: K=11 & E=5

    • GO YANK = 73 (SACRIFICE)
    • Berra = 44 (Kill / Execution)

    Yogi died on the anniversary of his being called up to the majors: Sept 22, 1946. Exactly 69 years before he passed away. (69 = False Flag / Checkmate)

    • 9/22/1946 = 9+2+2+1+9+4+6 = 33 (Ninety)
    • 9/22/1946 = 9+22+19+45 = 96 (Freemason / Satanism /Knowledge) 
    • Note that he began his pro career in ’46 and died on a date with 46 numerology (9+22+15)
    • Died in “Montclair, NJ” = 48 (Illuminati / Crime / Hoax)

    Yogi Berra retired from playing in 1963, the year of which this 2015 of ours seems to be a fractal reflection of time: in 1963 there was a Train Wreck, a Southern Black Church Bombing, and a Berra ending. All we’re missing is a presidential assassination. 


    In western numerology, 8 is sometimes thought of as a heroic number; it signifies gallantry and noble courage. 8 stands for power, but can also entail sacrifice. Recall the Cop Shooting Hoax of Darren H Goforth (=85) at a Chevron (=85) in Texas on 8/28/15. As the official narrative / fairy tale goes, he was gunned down at pump #8, another hero sacrifice.

    Now check out the number of days since the Goforth hoax: 27. Just like the 9-9-9 of baseball. Notice in the alternative time units, a hidden 36 (Black Pope / Barack / 666) and 74 (Masonic / Jesus / Lucifer / Jewish / G-D / God’s Authority), and his birthplace, The Hill.

    • If we count the time-span not including today we get 26: the number of God, Berra and Yankees; a number that reduces to 8. His number. A symbol of sacrifice. 


    “It ain’t over til it’s over.” = 102 (Murderer / Slavery / Warrior)

    And in another legendary quip from the Yogi, with regards to deciphering the mysteries through the Holy Grail / Rosetta Stone of Gematria: “You can observe a lot by just watching.” 

    We are watching.

    Check out the numbers on the assassinations of Philadelphia 76ers, Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins. Their deaths and lives are, like Berra’s, totally by the numbers. As a hint to how they’re connected: recall all the 17=Kill coding on Yogi? Malone and Dawkins died 17 days apart…

    And how’s this for yet another 9-code: the timespan betwen Yogi’s death and that of Malone, the last sports star to die by the numbers. (If you include the 10th day, there’s a hidden 144 and 13 in the alternative time units: 14,400 minutes and 1 week 3 days.)


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