Unicorn Stampede at Hajj Caused by Directed Energy Weapon


HAJJ = 174 (New World Order / Batman / Obama’s / Clone / God is Dead / An Alien Agenda)

717 = Scriptures / The Triumph of God / Army of Islam / Islam Satanic Cult / Called Lunacy / End Obama’s Sinful America / The Last President / Reptilian President / The Portals to Hell / Emotional Trauma / Unicorn Stampede 

It happened on the “Feast of Sacrifice” = 88 (Poision / Program / Uncle Sam); = 178 (President Barack Obama / Royal Bloodlines)



863 = Presidential Antichrist / Unmasonic Conduct / Spiritual Strike / Stampede of Unicorns

Wait a minute… In both figures of the casualities of the stampede, 717 and 863, we have twin references to “Unicorn Stampede” and “Stampede of Unicorns”?! 

Imagine the unicorn as a symbol for third-eye activation, the decalcified pineal gland projecting spiraling energy out through the Ajna chakra, much like the forehead spire of the unicorn. Unicorns could thus be codename for spiritual people. Or perhaps because the horn represents a solidified third-eye projection, like a rigid stalagmitic outgrowth, the unicorn symbolizes the entrapment of religious dogmatism. A lightning rod, nonetheless.

Lightning rods remind us of the Bin Laden Crane Collapse on Sept 11th, 2015, which killed 118 people. (Notice that the BBC article says 109 died. The difference is 9, the number of traumatic change, as we saw heavily reinforced with Yogi Berra’s death and #99 Wayne Gretzky’s public shaming. Intentional typos for purposeful coding.) I wondered then if that lightning strike wasn’t weaponized HAARP tech, pinpoint sniper bolts of electricity now operational. With this Unicorn Stampede coding, it gets me theorizing that perhaps this incident wasn’t also a product of HAARP. 


  • Yet another coding of 118 = Death.
  • 394 = 39 (New York / NY) & 94 (Terror / Unicorn)

“Of the injured, the most represented nationalities were 51 Pakistanis and 42 Indonesians” – Wikipedia, Mecca Crane Collapse (51 = Freemason / Conspiracy) (42 = Freemason / Mecca)

Some interesting Gematria insight into the symbolism of CRANE = 129 (America / Bad Karma / Demon); = 41 (USA / Al Qaeda / Damned).

    Notice the encoded 239 in the 717 death toll equals “Mind Control Technique.” By projecting specific electromagnetic frequencies at a target, it is possible to control its behaviour and mood. By amplifying the energy in a specific location, it is possible to induce agitation in a population. Blast a strong enough beam at a huge crowd of people and it’s theoretically possible to trigger a stampede. Then you just create your own numbers for coding effect and, voila: another psychological operation. (Here’s a good summary article on the history and science behind this technology from Educate-Yourself.org

    “Among other applications, EMF weapons/devices are used for harassment, surveillance and mind control. Agencies like the Pentagon, CIA and NSA use them to monitor people, manipulate their minds, harm, and at times kill them. The Navy Times called them the “most feared and controversial weapon(s) of (the) modern age.” – Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons, WarIsACrime.org


    Now check out the photographic evidence from the CNN videos. In the image below we see three GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) towers on-site where the stampede occurred. They look portable, as if brought in for the event. GWEN works in conjunction with HAARP to produce an artificial magnetic field, through which people can be easily mind-controlled and hypnotized. 


    “Our brains are extremely vulnerable to any technology which sends out ELF waves, because they immediately start resonating to the outside signal by a kind of tuning-fork effect: 7.83 Hz (Earth’s pulse rate) makes a person feel good, producing an altered state; 10.8 Hz causes riotous behaviour; and 6.6 Hz causes depression” 

    After the video shows the three GWEN towers (not once but twice), it ends with this dual shot of the Kill number: 44 = HAARP / KILL / EXECUTION. (Notice too the reverse 33’s, reminiscent of the SS lightning bolts. Lightning like the HAARP weapon used on the crane collapse. They are actually 4’s in Arabic-Indic numerals, making it a triple 44. 

    Furthermore, in the death toll 717 we find both 71 and 17. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a natural disaster encoded with the 71 to prove that it wasn’t so natural after all:

    • 17 = KILL

    717 killed + 863 injured = 1,580 casualties: 158 = Days of Atonement / Nation of Israel / Iran Nuclear War / Evil President / Sacred Geometry

    • 158 can be seen as the fulfillment of 58
    • 58 = United States / Destruction / Agenda / Mandate / Imagine / The Golden Age

    The timespan between the previous Mecca disaster and this current EMF-induced Unicorn Stampede is exactly two weeks. According to the Julian Calendar, September 24th is September 11th. Fourteen is a number being coded often lately: 14 years since September 11th, 2001 and (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) = 14.


    • The Titanic sunk 14 years after it was predictive programmed in the novel, The Titan. It struck an iceberg on the night of April 14th and sunk the following morning. Similarly, Abraham Lincoln was shot on the night of April 14th and passed away the next morning…

    “HUNDREDS DIE IN HAJJ STAMPEDE” = 666 / 120 (ILLUMINATI / Masonic Logic / Question / The Truth / Discovery / Palestinian)

    • MECCA = 42 (FREEMASON / War / Blood Moon / Equinox / Hamas / Iran)


    MECCA: Notice that above the Twin Towers – Twin Pillars of Freemasonry / Pillars of Hermes – we see a clock pointing at the 2 & 5. Is this foreshadowing disaster on the 25th? Know that the Black Cube (called Kaaba) is a symbol of Saturn, and Saturnism is the foundation of Satanism. This isn’t just Islam, rather all  major religions unwittingly worship symbols of Saturn; projecting all that collective spiritual energy at one occult target. Like Unicorns. 

    • KAABA = 96 (Freemason | Satanism | Knowledge | MK-Ultra | Society | Jackboots | (31+32+33) (11+22+63) 
    • UNICORNS = 113 (Mainstream | Green-Screen | Dishonest) 


    139 = Freemasonry / Julius Caesar / Palestinians / Punishment / St. Ignatius / Executioner.

    • PILGRIMAGE = 61 (GOD | Church | Roman | Hebrew | Jehovah | Miracle | Psalm | Sins | Fake Death | Epic Fail | Trick | News | Pilgrimage | Fifty-Eight)


    Notice: Street 223 =  The Synagogue of Satan / Masonic / Patience / Global Genocide / God As Man / Life of Crime / Bankroll / Cosmic Eagle / Reptilian Bloodlines / The Experimentalist / Underground Portal / Friday the Thirteenth / Secret Numeric Proof / Reoccurring Numbers / Complex Simplicity / Look For Connections / Corrupted Politics / Jesus the Water-Bearer / Fifty-Two Letters 

    • This is the symbol of Skull & Bones, whose number is 322.


    10 thoughts on “Unicorn Stampede at Hajj Caused by Directed Energy Weapon

      • Thank you! I don’t have the link and it appears CNN has taken that clip down, but it was only about 10 seconds and panned back and forth between the three GWEN towers and the signs with the 44 = KILL (11+9+12+12).


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