Duck and Cover: Seattle Bus Crash, More Than Meets the Eye


Now this story may seem at first like, NAH… this can’t be a set-up, too. Although a cat named Maestro on Zachary K Hubbard’s blog laid out some extremely suggestive Gematria clues that require coverage. My theory on how this would go down is maybe all they needed was remote control of the Ride-the-Ducks whip at just the perfect time to sideswipe a bus on the Aurora Bridge, the one with all the right coding

As always, the numbers reveal the conspiracy: the call-sign on the Ducks bus equaling today’s numerology, all the tight connections to the Pope and Philadelphia… It really inspires one to theorize. Especially when we hit the climax with the previous Ducks death foreshadowing this one. 

But you be the judge. I want to know your theories. 

Four Dead” = 74 (Aurora / Masonic / Jesus / Jewish / Lucifer / Energy)

  • Notice the timestamp, 5:58. Earlier today I deciphered Obama’s dog, Sunny, with the same numbers: 558 in English Gematria equals 93 in Simple Gematria. So there we have not only a coded 55 & 58 but 93 = Propaganda / Saturn / United States; the number of Thelema. (And a reversal of 39, the number most associated with New York, where Pope Francis arrived minutes after this timestamp.)
  • 12 is the number of completion in numerology


Seattle, WA = 1222. Pope Francis & Train Wreck = 122. (earlier they were reporting 47 injured)

  • Seattle Washington = 212 — The Pope is in NYC (area code 212)
  • 212 = Barack Hussein Obama Clone / Chaos Magick
  • Seattle = 82 (Ordo Ab Chao / Discordia / High Magic); 321 (Manhattan)

And notice the bus number: 418… It came up with no results. All I see right now is the encoded 41 (USA / Pontiff / Damned / Fourteen [14 years since 9/11]) and 18 (6x6x6). However, the other vehicle…

  • The bus company is Bell Air = 59 (Kill / Negro / Slave / Pope Francis / John F Kennedy); = 32 (Obama / America); = 137 (Washington DC)
  • Ride the Ducks call-sign: WN 7838 NP (5+5+7+8+3+8+5+7) = 48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Crime) – and today has 48 numerology!! (24+9+15)

Now play a little game I like to call “Spot the 666” — OK, there’s actually 5 sixes in the picture below, but the 3 painted on the Duck form the 666. And on the bent licence plate we see a K6. K=11 so this is a coded 116 = Harborview Medical Center (where the victims were sent) and Thursday.


    “Fire Chief Harold Scoggins told reporters that the number of dead had risen from two to four and 44 others were hospitalized.At least 12 of those patients were injured critically, Lt. Sue Stangl with the Seattle Fire Department said.” (Note: 44=Kill) “Those patients and six others were taken to Harborview Medical Center.”

    • Harold Scoggins = 151 (Jesus Christ / Holy Spirit / The Lord Jehovah / Lord’s Prayer / Jesus is Lord / USA President); = 70 (Vatican / Francis / End Time / Fascism) 
    • Sue Stangl = 553 (The Antichrist); = 118 (DEATH) – this number is in every story today. 
    • Harborview Medical Center = 116 (Royalty / Illuminate / Francis Borja / Execution)
    • Harborview = 58 (United States / Destruction / Agenda / Mandate)

    “About 90 first responders rushing to the scene, Stangl said.” 

    • 90 eh… just like the age of Yogi Berra who died today. 
    • Just like the company’s fleet size.
    • Ninety = 33. The Ride the Ducks vessel is 33-feet long. 

    “It makes use of over 90 amphibious vehicles (nicknamed “ducks”) to provide tours of cities by boat and by land.” – Wikipedia, Ride the Ducks

    Now maybe I’m looking too far into this… but there are 17 drops of water in that logo… 17=KILL and we’ve been seeing this number a lot lately. It was all over the Yogi Berra death by the numbers, and there were 17 days between the deaths of Philadelphia 76ers Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins… 



    THE THING IS…. This “Triangle of Manifestation” hand symbol is also known as the sign for water in Thelemic ritual magick. This is the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the grade signs of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. And as Zack connects the dots, the Malaysian Airlines psyops again reemerge. That missing plane with 239 passengers was MH370 and the other one that went down in Ukraine on July 17th, on its 17th anniversary, was MH17. Like the drops of water in the Ducks logo. 

    THIS GETS ME THINKING ABOUT DUCKS… Duck Tales. Mighty Ducks. Darkwing Duck. Howard the Duck. Duck-Duck-Goose. Duck and Cover… As it turns out, the duck was a symbol of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of nature and magic. And if you’ve read JD Salinger’s The Cather in the Rye, it is replete with duck references. Did you know that book was connected to not one but three major assassinations? Mark Chapman (who shot John Lennon), John Hinkley (who shot Ronald Reagan), and Sirhan Sirhan (who shot Bobby Kennedy) were all obsessed with the book – leading to the growth of rumours that The Catcher in the Rye cointains trigger codes for MK-Ultra sleepers.  

    • The Cather in the Rye = 96 (Freemason | Satanism | Knowledge | MK-Ultra | Society | Jackboots | (31+32+33) | (11-22-63) 
    • It was released on 7/16/1951 = 93 (Propaganda / Saturn) – number of Thelema; & 74 (Masonic / Occult / Jesus / Aurora)


    Maybe that’s what this crash is all about. A mind-control trigger for the patsy who is going to be blamed on the the hoax assassination of either Obama or Pope Francis by the end of the weekend. Although it could be nothing, just a coincidence – if you believe in those kinda things.


    Duck Tour = 113 (Mainstream / Green Screen / Dishonest): hoax digits

    • Ride The Ducks = 127 (Vatican City / Hussein Obama / Thirteenth)
    • Ride The Ducks = 55 (Satan / New Age / Heaven) – God number in numerology & the coding on Pope’s Fiat whip. 
    • Duck =39. New York =39. NY =39. 

    Duck Tours = 132 (Catholic Church / Jubilee Years / Predictions / Hidden Messages): 132nd day of the year is May 12th, date of the Philadelphia Train Wreck.

    Aurora Bridge = 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Order of Death)

    • Aurora = 74 (Four Dead / Masonic / Occult / G-D)
    • Recall the Aurora Colorado Batman Shooting Hoax:
    • James Holmes = 39. Insanity =39. 7/20/12 =39

    “Some people were treated at the site of the crash, which involved four vehicles, on State Route 99, officials said.” 

    Route 99: Recall the 9’s all over the Yogi Berra story and the public shaming of #99 Wayne Gretzky with the Gretsky=33 jersey. 99 = God’s Oracle / Promised / Golden Dawn / Rapture. 

    • The Bavarian Illuminati’s birthday: May 1st, 1776 = (5+1+17+76) = 99
    • Ninety-Nine = 688 (United Nations / Obama Last President / The Occultist)

    This event, as innocuous as it seems, is coded with all the right numbers, suggesting it is indeed another ritual sacrifice to honour the Pope’s arrival in NYC. 

    • Ritual Sacrifice = 924. Today is 9/24.
    • Today’s numerology  = 68 (Barack Obama / Pope Francis / Amun Ra / Marduk / Hermes); = 48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Evil / Crime / Abuse / Palestinian)

    And it ends with reminding us of two other incidents involving Ride the Ducks, both in Philadelphia – the Pope’s next stop after New York. Foreshadowing incident in the City of Brotherly Love? Both Ride the Ducks deaths in Philly were blamed on cellphone distraction. 

    “On July 2010, two Hungarian students on a duck boat in Philadelphia’s Delaware River died and at least 20 more were injuries when a sludge barge towed by a tugboat plowed into the disabled, 33-foot ‘Ride the Ducks’ vessel. That amphibious boat, along with its 35 passengers and two crew members, were then forced into the water. Earlier this year, a Rides the Ducks boat in Philadelphia was involved in a deadly accident with a pedestrian.”

    Oh what do you know 7/10 eh. Another 17=KILL. And if you do the math, 35 passengers + 2 crew members = 37. Yet another MH17 / MH370 reference. Will we see another false flag attack / hoax psyop blamed on a hijacked airplane, the one that went missing years ago? Only time will tell. 


    AND GET THIS: Going back in time to the pedestrian accident in Philadelphia, we find that it occurred on May 8th, 2015 at 11th and Arch at 5:20 PM:

    “A Ride the Ducks boat full of passengers hit and killed a woman — who witnesses say was distracted by an iPad — as she crossed the street with her husband in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood Friday afternoon. The accident occurred at 11th and Arch around 5:20 p.m. and passengers — including young children — were forced to remain in the vehicle for nearly an hour after police covered the 68-year-old woman’s body with a bright yellow tarp. She died of massive head injuries.”

    • She was 68. This current accident’s date numerology is also 68. 
    • 5:20 = 52 = Pope / Freemason (and 52 years since 1963). 
    • 5+7+20+15 = 47 (Mafia / President / Obey / Authority) 

    The timespan between the Philly Duck death and this latest incident is 139 days. In numerology, 139 is the fulfillment of 39, the number most associated with New York. 


    One thought on “Duck and Cover: Seattle Bus Crash, More Than Meets the Eye

    1. What Up Eric Berg =67. Sixty Seven =162. I do alot of MLB breakdowns, and 162 is the central number in Baseball. You a fan? Blue Jays are def happening this year, but the Gematria says Yankees….well, it says New York, and to a lesser degree Yanks.

      Man, I just went through your blog for the first time – I hope you don’t mind hearing my opinions on it…. First, I am a big fan of high brow presentations when dealing w/ Gematria. Its not for the simple minded, and doesn’t work when presented for the simple minded. You are well layered, and I too try to show the same point from different angles for absolute confirmation. You seem quite skilled at that. Your research is top notch my friend. So good in fact that its almost a fault.

      Unfortunately, you have the same problem I have….too wordy & too long. Alot of the info gets lost as you keep heaping quality info on top of quality info. Think of it like an ice cream cone. You like 10 flavors, but the cone can only hold 2 or 3. I’m trying to really focus on the main point – once accomplished – I break out the corresponding points in separate blog entries.

      Oh, but I don’t have a blog….I prefer ghost writing for couple of other blogs, and letting them post the info. I also prefer using Gematria to look ahead instead of deciphering what already happened. Next time I comment it will be for real. Just wanted to say hi, and welcome you to the club…..your work as already won me over – its very high quality, and I love that the most…..this Gematria is a thinking mans game.


      PS – Feel free to email me direct if you don’t want to post something publicly, want to collaborate on a subject that might be too big for just the ExtraCapsa staff, or just want to chat Gematria 🙂


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