“Country Star” = Illuminati (Blood Sacrifice for the Blood Moon?)


Another blood sacrifice, like Bobbi Kristina Brown back in the news again on the same day of the blood moon? Accidents happen, but when it comes to the psychological warfare machine and the mind control industry, there are no coincidences. The 33 encoded in the timestamp provided the extra push to investigate. 

The article’s written by Marnie Hunter – Eddie’s son’s name is Hunter. 

  • HUNTER = 32 (America / Obama / NFL)
  • MARNIE HUNTER = 65 (Philadelphia / Knights Templar); = 146 (Global Control / New Jerusalem / Destructive / Manifestation); = 598 (The False Prophet / Illuminati is God / Manifestation of God)

Eddie Montgomery = 819 (Subliminal Programs / I Grieved), = 82 (High Magic / Ordo ab Chao); = 172 (Hillary Clinton) 

  • Montgomery Gentry = 90 (Holy Bible); = 234 (The Aliens Underground / Ancient Civilizations / Annunaki Civilization / September is the Month / The Monarch Butterfly) 
  • MONTGOMERY = 145 (Numerology / Order of Thelema / Annunaki Are Real / Divine Genetics / Obama Gets Shot); = 792 (Ninety-Three / Alien Ontology / Surge in Satanism / Prisons on the Moon); = 55 (Satan / New Age) 
  • COUNTRY STAR = 48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Evil / Sex / Blood / Crime) 

Eddie’s birth numerology: 9/30/1963 = 121 (BLOOD SACRIFICE); = 102 (MURDERER)

  • He’s 51 and his son died on a date with 51 numerology. 51 = Conspiracy / Freemason.
  • (Recall that Bobbi Kristina Brown died on a date with 48 (Illuminati) numerology; the Gematria of “Bobbi Brown” = 48; and her mother Whitney died at age 48.)

HUNTER MONTGOMERY = 1225 (Your Last Rites / The Occult Conspiracy / China Will Attack / The Arrival of Aliens); = 231 (Hillary Rodham Clinton / Creative Destruction / Earthquake Technology / The Obama Administration / President Antichrist); =  87 (Inside Job / Truth / Manifest / Code Breaker) 

‘In June, he posted on Facebook, “My beautiful fiancé is amazing and I love her to death she’s a great mother and that is my boy right here he’s amazing also I love him to death these two people I swear make my world go around each day there what keep me going.”’ – Daily Mail 

So it doesn’t look like Hunter read many books… What stands out to me most (besides the obvious link in Eddie’s numerology) is that both Hunter and Eddie correspond in harmonics to Hillary Clinton. Also, the triple reference to Crowley’s Thelema (its number 93) in Montgomery and Eddie’s birth 9/30 – and the suggestive priming for alien news, such as some form of psy-op disclosure coming around the bend. Perhaps this NASA news coming in a few hours will be further predictive programming for confirmation of our extra-terrestrial origins – and subsequent need for one world religion and government unity. Whatever it is, we’ll know they’re lying because their lips are moving. 

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