Deciphering United Nations Symbolism and Numerology



What does thirty-nine mean? There are 39 floors in the United Nations headquarters. In Gematria, 39 = New York / NY /  Empire. New York was established on a date with 39 numerology and there were 39 signers on the Declaration of Independence. It is the mirror of 93, which is the number of the Order of Thelema. 

  • SEVENTY = 110 (Darwinism / Martial Law / Adolf Hitler / Osama Bin Laden / Rockefeller / Grim Reaper / President / The New Aeon / Prophetic)

UNITED NATIONS = 990 (Divide and Conquer / Rule Everyone / Forty-Four (44=KILL))

  • UNITED NATIONS = 688 (Obama Last President / Ninety-Nine / The Origin of Human DNA); = 57 (Moon / Army / Jews / Magician / Deceived / Actor) 
  • UN = 240 (Nation / Billions / Diabolical Plan / Obama and Bank Agenda) 
  • UN = 35 (NASA / Goal)
  • UNICEF = 58 (United States / Destruction / Agenda / Mandate)

Established 24 October 1945: (24+10+19+45) = 98 (LUCIFERIAN / PROPHET / Alpha and Omega / Diabolic / Lupercalia / Obama Dead)

  • (24+10+45) = 79 (MURDER / Criminal / Chaos Magic)
  • (24+10+[1+9+4+5]) = 53 (HELL / DIVIDE)

BAN KI-MOON = 232 (Satan / Climate Change / Top Chef / The Lion); = 94 (Patriarch / Holy One / Maximum / Terror / Human Being / Judgment / Privacy / Abortion / Microchip); = 40 (KOFI ANNAN / Mind / Maya / Dazed) – the current General Assembly is held during the 40th week. 

  • KI means “Earth” in ancient Sumerian [Banish the Earth and Moon]
  • K=11, I=9: KI = 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye)

PONTIFEX = 570 (Disguised as God / Rent-A-Priest); = 109 (Seventeen [17=KILL] / Dogon Tribe [from whence comes the fish hat] / Greedy Leader) 

Notice the two 96’s in the tweet above: 96 = Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra. (49 = Revelation / Destruction / Global / Crash)

Notice how the Masonic checkerboard can appear as a pyramid? Hidden in plain sight. It should be noted too that emerald green is the colour of Satanism, although the marble looks more like jade. And of course, you won’t find Obama without his twin teleprompters, reading the script written for him, as he calls for New World Order. 


Remember that there are 33 sections in the target of the UN logo, which just so happens to be the exact map of the Flat Earth model – North Pole at the centre and everything encompassed by a perimeter of the ice wall called Antarctica.  The flag of the Antarctic Treaty (below) has 48 sections: 48 = Illuminati / Hoax.

  • Notice also the 12-pointed star, or dodecagram, used in Kabbalah symbolism.  
  • The EU flag has 12 stars / 12 signs of the Zodiac / 12-months, 12-hours
  • 12 roads converging on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris


9 thoughts on “Deciphering United Nations Symbolism and Numerology

  1. What an incredible blog entry. I would highly recommend reading it at least twice. I just read it for a 3rd time, and even though I thought I already knew all that stuff – it feels even more powerful today.

    United Nations is more special then even we give it credit for…..Yes, UN =35, but also U=3 N=5. They went out of their way to make sure its called “United Nations” for many reasons – some of which I will point out below. Also, I’m not good at this but if we unscramble the letters – its kinda like “Tuned Into Satin” – not exact, I know…..maybe you can do better?

    Today I learned the grid placed on top of the UN map has 33 sections…..brings a smile to my face – those guys are so thorough – more confirmation everywhere we look.

    Hopefully some new info…..

    United =73. Sacrifice =73.

    Nations =92. Manhattan =92. UN Headquarters is in Manhattan.

    Nations =29 – the reverse of 92. Nations =330.

    United Nations =165. It can also be read as 561. If you add 1-33 =561.

    United Nations =990, 688. Ninety-Nine =688

    United Nations is located on 44th st, and in Pythag United Nations =57. But give them a call to double check my work……

    212-963-4475. Read the phone number in reverse Truthseekers – 57, 44, etc. And keep in mind 3/6/9 is literally the Zionist/Illuminatti/Freemason number sequence.

    I wish I were finished, but bare w/ me here……

    United = 28 in Pythag. If we drop the “s” on Nations – Nation =28. Twenty Eight =156. God =156. And again, United Nations =165.

    United Nation =56.

    The UN was Founded in the US. Both share the name United – so thats cancelled out. But what if we put Nations with States?

    Nations States = 1056, and I’m seeing 156 Again.

    Of course “Nations States” isn’t a proper term, But Nation States is… if all the countries that “belong” to the UN are really the UN’s “Nation States” located in the United States – thats def their type of symmetry…….and the Gematria agrees!

    Nation States =157. United States =157.

    United Nations =57

    United States =40. US =40. Forty =84 😉

    United is 6 letters – Nations is 7 letters – Eric Berg =67.

    Sorry to digress – awesome blog post!


    • Thank you Maestro, my man! Great work.

      Some other anagrams for United Nations: ANOINTED UNITS / TAINTED UNIONS / DESTINATION NU

      And that’s some phone number at the UN. Might just have to call and ask if their refrigerator’s running.

      Maestro = 91. Star Seed = 91. 😉


  2. Antarctic Treaty signed ’59 and effective ’61. Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle both on 66’33’45.9.
    Did not know about the treaty flag and the 48 sections. Really cool information. Thanks.


  3. That is cool about the transition. I had not thought of that. I know the numbers on Arctic/Antarctic are crazy. The old Space Fence (AN/FPS-133) 1961-2013 on the 33rd parallel with original frequency of 108.50 MHz and changing to just above channel 13 and the new Space Fence being built on Marshall Islands is crazy too. If you look at Wikipedia and the latest headlines about Lockheed being awarded the contract, the numbers coded all over it are telling.


  4. I don’t represent anyone but me and the truth as I see it, and no one takes me seriously, so I pretty much just watch.
    I’m a Capricorn and Saturn rules that sign. Sometimes I wish it was any planet but Saturn. I used to think Saturn was beautiful, and loved when I read that it glowed from within. Now with all I’ve learned about Saturn cubes and freemasons, I’m not sure how to feel, except cursed.

    Thanks for the time you put into the deciphering.


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