Simpsons Predicts Trump Presidency

How else do you explain this other than we live in a holographic matrix where remote viewing and time travel is a reality for the inner circle. Every last detail in this predictive programming is accurately scripted, as is everything we’re shown on the telescreen mind-control machine. Elections are a joke, it’s all a muppet show for the illusion of democracy and freedom. Politicians are SELECTED. And the only way you get into power is if you’re willing to be a good little bitch for the psychopathic secret society and read your script and play your role. And deceive the people into believing in bullshit. Because as Goethe said: “The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.”

It’s consciousness manipulation at its finest. Hollywood exists as the brainwashing industry, where the finest form of propaganda is invisible. Silently moulding perceptions and manufacturing consent. Engineering society and culture, like mad scientists believing that they are gods. How else do you explain these perfect precision details, fifteen years apart, other than that someone remote-viewed into the future of this current timeline of the multiverse. Something literally like a crystal ball. Perhaps an actual physical stargate jump into the future to bring back some screencaps. Or the future/present is modeled off of the past blueprints… Either way, it’s yet another clear example of the extent of this vast conspiracy by the numbers. Now, speaking of witch:

TRUMP = 88 (Poison / Program / Vision / George Washington / Uncle Sam / Heil Hitler)

  • “PAID” = 74 (Jesus / Cross / Lucifer / Masonic / Occult / Jewish / Lucifer)
  • “VOTE” = 17 (Kill); = 62 (Mason / Torah / Execution-Style)

8 thoughts on “Simpsons Predicts Trump Presidency

  1. I’m glad I found this excellent body of work you’ve put together here. The hidden information encoded into our reality makes me think of The Matrix..that we do exist inside an holographic reality or a giant Star Trek like holodeck. And maybe it’s also true what a lot of people are talking about that our template reality was usurped by an inorganic AI consciousness…a heartless, compassionless number crunching machine that only cares about it’s own survival.
    Thanks for putting this info out there and for giving hope that we can break free of the insidious programming that is running our lives.
    And my question to you is: Have you found another force within this number generating system that is actually protecting us from the worst of what the psychpathic elite are intending for humanity?


    • Hey brother, my apologies for the delayed reply. This is probably my favourite comment ever received thus far. My experience tells me this is a holographic reality, and the fractal nature of these numerological harmonics certainly seems to confirm this premise. That AI consciousness theory is really intriguing, because it’s like, who programs the programmers, you know?

      We’re the glitches in the system and we’re deprogramming from the consciousness hijack so we can reprogram anew. Have you watched my first video on YouTube?

      For ages long before I knew numerology I knew that thoughts create reality through the medium of language, waveform information fields. I’ve always been a proponent of positive self-talk, or striving for it anyways. Like correcting a friend who says ‘oh this WOULD happen to me’ when something goes wrong, and suggesting we say that when something goes RIGHT!

      I really dig the Rastafarian “livealect” of Iyraic / Dreadtalk which reframed the imposed colonial language of Babylon into positive and uplifting frequencies and vibrations. We need to take language back, because it’s being destroyed. And as for other forces, I feel that as much as there is the dark side demonic aspects there are the light beings an Angels etc whatever you wanna call it. Multidimensional battles ongoing. I know I’m in communication with my spirit guides and lots of the discoveries I make are based on intuitive whispers. I’m an eternal optimist and know that the light will prevail, that truth is love, and that love is our true nature.


      • Thanks very much for your reply. Is there a link to your YouTube video ?
        Yes, it’s definitely not all doom and gloom. Our duality based experience on the Earth is a tough school for sure. A lot of us as individuals know what kind of reality we prefer by now and we know it’s our power and co-creative power that can create that preferred reality.
        Yes, every facet of this reality has been taken over from language to music. The psychological warfare is stepping up a gear in the last few days.
        We have to hold onto our compassion for all life.
        As you say love is our true nature and will always prevail. I’ll also be checking out the ‘Dreadtalk’ you mentioned. Thanks.


      • Isn’t it stepping up! Lots of coding for 11/19 disaster so we’ll see what tomorrow holds. The other window to watch out for is 1/22.

        Peace brother, let’s keep elevating the consciousness shall we?


  2. Been following your posts on a regular basis for a while now.
    Was thinking about soccer(football in Scotland) and the two teams in my hometown of Glasgow. Celtic and Rangers have represented a cultural/religious divide for well over 100 years. (Rangers being the Blue, the Masonic/Orange Order/Loyalist/God Save The Queen camp who believe they are more superior than the other part of the divide. Celtic are the Green, the Catholic/Pope Supporting/ The Downtrodden part of society.)
    The rivalry between opposing fans is legendary in Scotland and the whole of the UK. As we are perfectly aware of course, it’s a completely manufactured system designed to create maximum friction that only benefits the controllers.
    I’ve seen how you guys have proven beyond any doubt that professional sport is rigged by the numbers. I’ve only just started skimming the surface on this Rangers vs Celtic topic. I’ll keep scratching away at it though. It’d be nice to show my family and friends this is real..and use the number system to win some wagers like I see some of you guys doing with American sports. We all deserve to get paid for our time and efforts.
    Here’s a couple of things that jumped out at me while randomly trying to connect the dots. I don’t think any of these are in your glossary yet.
    English ordinal:
    Bigotry 96
    (Nearly all major sports use some kind of ball.)
    A Load Of Balls 100
    It’s All A Load Of Balls 173
    The Fix Is In 123
    (These also came to mind and somehow fit well to your glossary.)
    The Beatles 97
    Magic Spell 97
    Duality Matrix 177


    • Nice one brother. My grannie’s from Largs. I’d love to decipher some football, especially Celts Rangers for the historic symbolism connect. My plate is full working on the upcoming American championships to make some extra cash, but eventually I’ll have a look. And anything you discover please let me know. Those are some great additions to the glossary, goin right in. Thanks mate


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