Hurricane Joaquin and the Blood Sacrifice of River Phoenix


The Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale (SSHWS) classifies a hurricane as a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph (33 m/s; 64 kn; 119 km/h) 

How about those numbers. What is suspicious about Joaquin is that its Gematria is equivalent to the 33 metres-per-second figure – just as Katrina has a Gematria of 74. The numbers are in for this baby to be amped-up and steered with HAARP towards a destination target with the right numbers on the right date. 

  • Recall that 74 = Jesus / Cross / Masonic / Lucifer / Muhammed / Occult / Gematria 
  • 64 = Change / Thelema / Barack Hussein Obama / American / Israel
  • 119 = Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Black Hole / Order of Death

The hurricane could indeed be seen as an all-seeing eye. 

  • HURRICANE = 97 (Tsunami / Tidal Wave / Violent)
  • EXTREME WEATHER = 71 (Act of God / Hidden Hand / Mossad)
  • HAARP = 44 (Kill / Execution / Lie)
  • GEOENGINEERING = 134 (Global Warming)

It’s said that Hurricane Katrina hit its peak strength on August 8th, 2005. This is a date with 61 numerology. Similar to 74’s religious connections, 61 = God / Church / Jehovah / Miracle / Sins. 

Did you know that a hurricane narrowly missed NYC on September 11th, 2001?   

Joaquin Phoenix = 79 (Murder / Criminal / Chaos Magic)

  • Phoenix = 46 (Magical / Hero)
  • River Phoenix = 82 (High Magic / Ordo ab Chao / Discordia) 

River Phoenix died on Halloween, 1993, at the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. He was 23. This was most assuredly a blood sacrifice on a Satanic holiday, most likely to initiate Johnny Depp into the Hollywood Elite. Depp was part-owner in the club and playing on-stage with Flea while Phoenix collapsed into convulsions outside, presumably having been poisoned, as if bit by the viper. Both River and his brother Joaquin were child members of the Children of God cult, and would both have been under the influence of trauma-based mind control. 

  • Viper Room = 131 (The Chosen One / Death Penalty / Serial Killer); = 59 (Kill / I Am Become Death / Slave / Negro / Blues)
  • Children of God = 75 (New World Order). It’s said that Depp was in the middle of playing a song called “Michael Stipe” when news reached the stage of River’s OD. “Michael Stipe” = 57 [perhaps a reversal tribute to Children of God]
  • Michael Stipe = 120 (Illuminati / Masonic Logic)
  • Johnny Depp = 1267 (Inverted Pentagram); = 127 (Killing Machine / Poison Tar / Rat Poison); = 55 (Satan)
  • Pronounced dead at 1:51 = 151 (Jesus Christ / Behind the Eightball / Defied Death / There is No Death / I Kill Fake God / Pure Vanity)
  • His autopsy was stamped on November 15, 1993, a date with numerology of 48 = Illuminati / Evil / Blood / Crime / Hoax / Propaganda.


6 thoughts on “Hurricane Joaquin and the Blood Sacrifice of River Phoenix

  1. I sense there was something strange and sinister about River’s death definately, the timing, circumstance, there is more than meets the eye as well, his death seemed as mysterious as his life, some director said that too. It appears very unjust but maybe one has to look to more than meets the eye again


  2. It’s certainly possible he was murdered but it’s even more likely that either he didn’t realize the potency of the drugs he snorted, or just did way too much. We’ll never know, RIP River


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