Up the Palestine and Down With the Black Monolith

 Does the UN Headquarters remind you of the Black Monolith from 2001 or what. The latter also looks quite a bit like an iPhone, and symbolizes the advanced teaching machine that programs the hominids to wage war. It’s like the Saturn cube, transmitting energetic frequencies which cause a distortion in the natural harmonics of the universe, which is love. Divide and conquer, just like the UN as the Corporate HQ and all the individual corporations we call countries like different franchises all run by the same board of directors. 

In 2001: A Space Odyssey (which came out in 33 years before 9/11, in 1968, the same year that World Trade Centers opened and 9-1-1 was made the national emergency number), the monolith is left open to interpretation, representing the telescreen itself, yet in the novels by Arthur C. Clark we learn that the extraterrestrial species responsible for this technology on Earth are called Firstborn.

  • FIRSTBORN = 457 (OBEY / The Priest); = 121 (Antichrist / Revelation / Blood Sacrifice / Chip Implant / Crop Circles / The Gray Goo / Eye Pyramid / Babylon America); = 49 (Lord / Revelation / End Game / Destruction)

On New Years Day 2011, a replica of the Monolith appeared in a Seattle Park before it was removed in the middle of the night, three days later. The guerilla artists responsible for the tribute called themselves Some People:

  • SOME PEOPLE = 49 (FIRSTBORN); = 121 (FIRSTBORN); = 375 (Mark of Beast / Prophetic / Star Seed / Materialism / Cult Image / Palestinian)
  • The Monolith’s dimensions were 4×9 for another 49 reference.
  • January 1, 2011 has a numerology of (1+1+20+11) = 33
  • It was moved to Duck Island. Duck = 39 (New York / NY / Empire) and the UN HQ has 39 floors. DUCK ISLAND = 35 (UN / NASA).

Anyway, today the Palestinian flag was raised at the UN for the first time in a ritual replete with esoteric symbolism: 

Notice the flag was raised at 1:16 = 116 is 9/11 upside-down and Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting America on November 6th: 11/6. 

 And notice the timestamp on the video = 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Black Hole / Order of Death / Divine Rule / Ancient Ones / High Priest / Kabbalah Wizard). Israel’s symbol of the Star of David represents the multidimensional energetic grid of sacred geometry known as the Merkabah – the counter-rotating pyramids which constitute this vehicle of light said to encompass each being and the planet as a whole. 


“PALESTINIANS CELEBRATE ABBAS UN SPEECH, FLAG” = 145 (Numerology / Order of Thelema / Obama Gets Shot); = 352 (Obama Conspires Against Zionists); = 1227 (Voters Go Kill B Obama) 

Extra Capsa’s report on the Delta State Shooting Psyop featured several references to Palestine and colony uprisings, from Simon Bolivar and the South American Revolution to the Native Americans and the North American Revolution – along with many Palestinian references encoded into the Gematria. I suggested that the entire staged shooting was a threat to anyone supporting Palestinian statehood, alluding to future false flag attacks to come. 

The time between the Delta State Psyop and the Palestinian Flag Raising was 17 days. 17 = KILL & MOSSAD.  Hmm…


What is also curious about choosing today to raise the flag is its numerology: 

  • (9+30+20+15) = 74 (Jesus / Cross / Jewish / Masonic / Lucifer / Nuclear / Weapon / God’s Authority / Mother Nature)
  • Jewish-Masonic, along with the Star of David references, show heavy Zionist coding throughout. This leads us to the conclusion that while they pretend to be opposed to this move, it’s all part of the master plan. All part of the ancient conspiracy by the numbers. 

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