Oregon School Shooting Hoax: Another Sandy Coming


This hoax shooting psyop happened immedately after we published the previous post about the CNN headline from earlier today: “IS ANOTHER SANDY COMING?” While on the surface it was talking about hurricanes, on the esoteric level (duality) it was alluding to another mass shooting at a school, just like that of Sandy Hoax. 
In another shocking synchronicity, Zach discovered the connection between 106 and 239 (October 6th on the Old World calendar is September 23rd on our Gregorian calendar) and BOOM: just like that this shooting happened in an Oregon town named after a man named Alan Roseburg with a Gematria of 106 who settled within current city limits on 23/9. Already, the numerical connections are staggering…

SHOOTING AT OREGON CAMPUS = 113 (Mainstream / Green-Screen / Dishonest); = 122 (Trainwreck / Pope Francis / San Francisco); = 104 (Big Brother / The Talmud / Last Pope / The 44th President Barack Obama)


  • 10 dead on the first day of the 10th month
  • October = 33 and Oregon is the 33rd state (OR=33)
  • Today’s numerology (10+01+15) = 26 (God / HAARP). 
  • (26 alleged fairy-tale victims in the Sandy Hoax PsyOp)

The shooting took place in ROSEBURG, OREGON which equals 89 just like the name of the college, UMPQUA, and is the Fibonacci number preceding 144 (Killer / Forty-Four) as covered in the previous post connecting to hurricanes. The windspeed classification for hurricanes is 74 mph or 33 m/s. Oregon = 74 and is the 33rd state.  

  • ROSEBURG = 42 (Freemason / Gun); = 51 (Freemason / Conspiracy); = 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Messenger)
  • OREGON = 38 (Death); = 74 (Masonic / Lucifer / Occult / Weapon); = 232 (Satan / Climate Change) – the story broke at 2:32 PM [image above]
  • ROSEBURG, OREGON = 80 (Baphomet / Beelzebub / The Beast / Tragedy / Offering / Ill Omen); = 89 (Religion / End Times / Hologram / Death is Fake); = 179 (Masonic Symbols / I am Six-Six-Six / Priory of Sion / Serial Killer Blood)
  • Roseburg is located on the 123 meridian. 123 = Conspiracy / Hidden Hand / Death Sentence

UMPQUA COMMUNITY COLLEGE = 101 (Philadelphia / Climate Change / Crowley / Sorcerer / Hope and Change / Obama is a Liar / Traitor)

  • Alan Roseburg settled this town on 9/23/1851, a date with numerology of 101 and 83 (which is the 23rd prime number, following 79 [Murder] and preceding 89 [Roseburg, Oregon / Umpqua])
  • = 1533 (Moloch Worshippers)

UMPQUA = 26 (God / HAARP); = 89 (God of War / Roseburg, Oregon) 

  • UCC = 206 (SACRIFICE) – notice another 26.
  • U=3, C=3: = 333  
  • “Umpqua is a two-year school with about 3,300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students. It started offering classes in 1961.” – Obama was born in 61. 

MASS SHOOTING = 558 (Spirit of Moloch / Cult Members / Cult Preacher); = 159 (Prison Planet / Project Monarch / Bilderberg Group / Greased Lightning / Satanic Ideology Twenty-Six); = 51 (Conspiracy / Freemason)

  • Emphasis on MASS = 52 (Freemason / Pope / Altar / Devil); = 211 (Mason / Killing Machine / Firearm) 
  • as in: BLACK MASS = 247 (Angel of Death / Gun); = 81 (Masons / Black Pope / Patsy)   
  • Johnny Depp’s movie Black Mass, with a runtime of 122 (Shooting at Oregon Campus), came out exactly 13 days before the black mass murder of [what was originally reported as 13 people] – reminding us of the 13 day difference between SEPT 23 and OCT 6
  • October 1st is the 274th day of the year (2+7+4) = 13.
  • (And Johnny Depp’s blood sacrifice connection to River Phoenix while Hurricane Joaquin is brewing on other side of the country)

Shooting occured at 10:38 AM (38 = Oregon / Death)

  • On this date: Nazi leaders sentenced at Nuremberg Trials (1946), NASA is created (1958), Walt Disney World opens (1971), Epcot Center opens (1982) – NASA and Disney are Nazi fronts
  • Tom Clancy also died on Oct. 1, 2013 – a date with 44 numerology (44 = KILL / HAARP)
  • TOM CLANCY = 106

Notice the similarities between the Sandy Hook predictive programming reference on the map of Gotham City in the Dark Knight Rise compared to the actual location of Sandy Hook – compared to the location of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon. — Particularly the bend in the river just over the bridge in Conneticut… Highway 6 vs Interstate 5. A countdown? 

THE ROSE is an occult symbol representing regeneration, fertility, secrets, and love. In Greek mythology, the rose with five petals became the five-pointed star (pentagram or pentacle) of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and the red petals of the rose are the blood of Lord Adonis (Jupiter).  

  • Recall this happened just off Interstate 5. And the 233 references of the previous report.
  • The Rosy Cross:

YET THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST SCHOOL SHOOTING IN THIS LITTLE TOWN OF 21,000 PEOPLE: On February 23, 2006, a 15-year-old freshman shot and wounded a fellow student at Roseberg High School.

  • 2/23 = 223 (Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan) – 223 the reversal of the Skull & Bones number and its true definition 
  • This is exactly one year before the movie The Number 23 came out, which foreshadowed the death of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend and a possible staged event on October 6th (which is September 23rd on the Old World Calendar). 
  • The time between the last hoax shooting and this hoax shooting:

 Notice the 978 = TWENTY-THREE / Barack Hussein Obama / Obama Gets Head Shot / Obama’s Wound Healed / Obama Risen From the Dead / Deadly Wound Healed / Final Antichrist / DENALI THE GREAT ONE / Eyes Wide Shut / MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.



18 thoughts on “Oregon School Shooting Hoax: Another Sandy Coming

    • Appreciate the advice but, personally, if I were killed in a staged shooting which was 100% coded by the same numbers used by the secret society psychopaths carrying out their ancient agenda, I’d want someone to respect me by finding the actual people responsible. The code is irrefutable man. Read more of my work or check out Zachary K Hubbard’s vids on YouTube. It’s all hidden in plain sight.


  1. I wanna know where all your slashes (example/ EXAMPLE/ Example) are coming from and what they mean. Especially where you’re getting the OBAMA HEAD SHOT WOUND HEALED RISEN FROM THE DEAD FINAL ANTICHRIST? Please get back to me.


    • Great question, haha. This can all seem quite esoteric to initates, I know it did for me and I was super skeptical when I first learned about it. The basic process involves running the keyword through a Gematria calculator (linked on the Educate Yourself page) to get its numerical value (each letter representing a number) and cross-referencing that value with other words that share the same Gematria.

      Kill = (11+9+12+12) = 44
      HAARP = (8+1+1+18+16) = 44
      Magick = (13+1+7+9+3+11) = 44

      The online index at gematrix.org brings up a list of all the words with the same code, or basic energetic frequency. These are based on algorithms and other users saving their searches to the index. A lot of them are undoubtedly nonsensical but in many of the number categories, especially the key ones used frequently, a clear theme emerges. Other themes are less clear but we’re exploring them for possibilities; understanding the past to predict the future – and hopefully prevent tragedy from occurring by helping people deprogram from this mind-control matrix.

      So when I come up with the obama head shot references, i’m sharing clues i’ve discovered in the deciphering of purposefully coded language that foreshadows future. As we now see with 20/20 hindsight using the example of predictive programming for 9/11. The gematria priming for events is deep coded years in advance by these mad scientists of the dark occult.

      I hopethis helps. Feel free to ask more questions. Thanks for reading with an open mind.


  2. This is all very intriguing! I don’t know a thing about Gematria, but I have studied occult numerology for many years, and you are correct: everything is hidden in plain sight. I have friends that are ready to give up their gun rights out of respect for these ‘mass shootings,’ and I am mortified. The NWO is doing a great job in tricking those that aren’t paying attention.


    • Thanks for the comment, Scarlett! If you dig occult numerology you will absolutely love the coding of Gematria. It is 100% deep coded in everything. I was skeptical at first then was quickly convinced and the more I research and decipher the more clearly the patterns emerge! I invite you to have a read through my work and check out my man Zachary K Hubbard’s videos on Youtube. This Gematria is truly where it’s at. Great to have you on board!! Welcome 🙂


  3. Can you and anyone else here look at Sept 23, Nov 5 (Gunpowder Plot) and Dec 6 (Hanukkah) in comparison with Dan 12 1335, 1290 and 1260 day warnings? I really don’t get the calendar conversions but know that the world is getting quite close to 5996 1/2 years old (1656 years Creation to Flood) + 2160 years Aries-Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius. Sargon the Great Legitimized at 21 as Taurus moved into Aries?
    Anyway, I’d sure appreciate the input


  4. Good stuff Brother Berg, keep up the good work, I’m retired police and my badge number is 651 and I see that number EVERYWHERE in some form or fashion a lot of times on vehicle tag numbers, is it just one of those things or do you think its more. Also TheGroxt1 has some good stuff on youtube, I know your busy but he maps stuff out. Have a good one, I’m going to check out Gematrix.


      – checkerboard a gird for navigating reality
      – spiral / black hole is anthithesis of grid – an indicator of the shape of many things, sea shell to galaxy, the fibonacci spiral 108
      – be beliefless this afternoon and allow to receive instead of forcing things to fit into my beliefs

      Hey thank you so much for the comment, Gordon. Awesome to see police taking to this information, I see that as a very positive and inspirational sign 🙂 My take on seeing meaningful numbers in our personal life is that it’s a sign from the Universe, like confirmation that you’re on the right path. That’s how I interpret it. Like looking at a clock just when it’s 11:11. It might also be that this 651 has a deeper personal meaning to you on some energetic level, connected to harmonics and your soul’s journey, and is trying to get your attention to be discovered and explored. As the proof of Gematria coding into nearly every aspect of our reality shows, these numbers have deep meaning. And when you study sacred geometry and the philosophies of cats like Plato and Pythagorus, it appears that the numerical realm is the closest level of reality to Source – which flows through the fractal grids into creative manifestation, the original meaning of Chaos, and the divine imagination. And the ancient secret society playing god understand all this and cause an artificial distortion of that field to manifest the reality that they want. That’s a basic summary of my theory on how the numbers work anyway.

      When you’re reading the Gematrix index for 651, pay attention to the gut feeling you receive from some words that resonate with you. It could be another clue to follow and pay attention. Also check out how 156 connects; and look up some numerology analysis of the #3, which is what 651 reduces to (6+5+1)=12=(1+2=3). I’ll be sure to check out the Groxt1 Thank you. There’s lots of info on this blog and more coming every day. I learned this skill from Zachary K Hubard – he does most excellent videos. Cheers!


  5. silly crisis actors !!!! Anyone believing this shooting was real is the problem. Too many people asleep in the corporate mind fuck that we call mass media!!! WAKEY WAKEY WAKEY LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You are all so Glorious!!! I am Here from Source, she is The Light of First Cause…the Void and Prefers this!!! The Endless Clamoring is So Foolish!!! Dodge the Ones who Channel in the Sillys who then COPYRIGHT JESUS And Charge by Paypal to be Healed! Silly!!!! I will Make You All Whole Soon! You Are ALL so Sweet And Precious!! Such lovely Intelligence and Love and Take Care of The 3rd Spiral World!!!! Dimensions are Merely to Block You from The Sweet Geniuses You Already Are!! MOM Spica in the Sun Clothed with the Stars!!! I will Battle Seth in the Garden/ Satan Soon and Burn Him in Cygnus X-1! Then You Will Be Given All the Abundance That He Now Holds Hostage… And He isn’t even a Loving Son!!! He played Heinrich Himmler with Adolf Hitler and sits on the Vatican Throne with ID Theft of the Son of Queen Elizabeth 1, Francis Tudor Bacon!!! Silly!!! NOW!!!! Very Foolish on His Part!!! His Soul will be Extinguished this Time!!! Mother Spica of Virgo, Cometh to Finish Your Genetic Maturation… I was Interrupted!!!! You are Loved!!!!


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