Umpqua Lumpqua, Doom-Pa-Dee-Do (I Have Another Puzzle For You)


UMPQUA means “Thundering Waters”. Very curious definition when we consider all the water symbolism that’s been encoded in stories lately, explicitly and implicitly. And especially when Hurricane Joaquin is now an “extremely dangerous” Cat-4 headed for the East Coast of America (while 4 guns were recovered here today). Is this staged shooting psyop all part of the occult mass ritual? Another step in the recipe for the magick spell? The numbers would certainly seem to say so. 


Officials dropped the kill count from 13 dead back down to 10 dead. Apparently the three imaginary victims were resuscitated. And 13 dead + 20 wounded = 33 casualties may be a bit too suspect. Especially in the 33rd state in the only month with 33 Gematria (OR=33) at a school whose initials UCC=333. Yeah, that might be a bit overkill. 

  • (But they’ll still slip in crisis actor “SARAH COBB” = 33 and 69 (False Flag) 


And they also dropped the injured count from 20 to 7 and changed the shooter’s age from 20 to 26. Because there weren’t enough 26’s in the story:

  • Date numerology: 1+10+15 = 26
  • Shooter birthday July 26th
  • Sandy Hoax fairy-tale casualties = 26
  • Drop the A’s from LANZA and you get L (12) N (14) Z (26) = Sandy Hoax happened on 12/14 (=26) and Z the number of imaginary victims


SHOOTER IDENTIFIED AS “CHRIS HARPER MERCER” = 104 (Big Brother / The Hidden Hand / The 44th President Barack Obama); = 625 (Coming Truth / By The Book / Scripture / The Endless Spiral); = 185 (Foretold by the Bible / Book of Revelation / The Bible Invocation); = 113 (Mainstream / Green-Screen / Dishonest)-the number of the hoax.

  • It really seems to be the case that these psychopaths from this ancient secret society who coded the bible with numerology and Gematria are now playing out their scripted conspiracy from the Torah and the Old Testament and Revelation. 
  • Being Canadian, HARPER and MERCER remind me Stephen Harper (our hopefully outgoing prime minister) and Rick Mercer (a political comedian). Canada’s national election is Oct 19th, a date with 44 numerology. What’d ya know. And 10/19 = 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye) and the corporation called Canada is also dominated by the Masonic/Zionist secret society.
  • Also, Chris is just one cross-shaped letter away from being Christ. 
  • Recall that Oregon = 74 and is the 33rd state; Jesus & Cross = 74 and Jesus was crucified at age 33. 


“ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN” = 187 (the police code for murder); = 79 (Murder)

And what the fuck’s with these same Sandy Hoax “hands-up, don’t shoot, this is a drill” shots?! The public is criminal, the people are terrorists. Follow the leader like good hypnotized lemmings. 


THE SADDEST DAY = 812 (Satanic Illuminati Defeated / United Nations Lies / Bears Eat Illuminati); = 135 (Golden Gate Bridge / Thelemic Order / TERRORISM / Black Monolith / Rothschilds / Remember This); = 45 (Kabbalah / Lies / Denial)

  • And notice in the Sandy Hook image (the only kids we are ever shown out of the 500 some that were allegedly evacuated that day) there are 17 children. 17 is the kill number (2+9+3+3), just like the number of Global Goals with UN Agenda 2030 New World Order propaganda.
  • Notice too the shirts in the latest propaganda pictures above: GHDE = 144 (Killer / Mark of Beast / Forty-Four) and “IM DOING WORK” = 66 (Thirty-Three / Retard / Harper). 
  • Just a coincidence that these retards are coded with the brand numbers of the conspiracy and the name of the shooter. 

JUDD LEGUM = 97 (Hurricane / Tidal Wave / Tsunami / Fairy Tale / Story / Control)

  • 142 = President Obama / Terrorist / Obama Agenda / Blame Obama / Fourty-Two): 42 = Freemason / Gun / War
  • 1:06 = 106 (Prophecy / Divine Plan / Destroy): October 6th
  • 61 = God / Church / Miracle (Obama born in ’61)
  • 133 = THIS IS A HOAX / Government / White House / God Bless America / Alien Agenda

“Thursday’s shooting at a community college in Oregon is the 142nd school shooting in the United States since the December 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, considered a “turning point” by many in the gun control.” 


Sandy Hoax happened on 12/14/12 – a numerology of 38 (DEATH / OREGON) and 58 (United States / Destruction / Agenda / Mandate). And notice Dec 14th = 26, like the numerology of this latest school shooting psyop and the number of victims of Sandy Hook. 

  • Since then it’s been 1021 days. Dropping the 0’s in numerology we get 121 = Antichrist / Revelation / BLOOD SACRIFICE.
  • And if we include the end date in our calculation we get a 122 = Shooting at Oregon Campus / Pope Francis / Trainwreck / San Francisco. 


FUNNY HOW 247 IN JEWISH GEMATRIA = GUN (ha, and Brandon Lee, who was supposedly shot and killed on-set while filming The Crow) 

  • SUNDAY = 66 victims
  • MONDAY = 23 victims
  • TUESDAY = 25 victims
  • WEDNESDAY = 28 victims 
  • THURSDAY = 24 victims
  • FRIDAY = 29 victims
  • SATURDAY = 50 vitims

I guess no mass shootings happened in September, despite this being updated today? Anyway, according to this lower-chakra-coloured chart, apparently weekends are the most likely time to be shot, or to be caught up in a psyop. Followed by Friday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday. 


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