Benjamin Franklin Decoded


October 6th is now the focus date, being September 23rd on the Old World calendar.
Being aware of fractal time, let’s examine some historic connections to this date:

Oct 6th, 1723: Benjamin Franklin arrives in Philadelphia at the age of 17. 

  • 17 = KILL (2+9+3+3) 
  • The Oregon College Shooting Hoax of October 1st happened on the 17th day of the Jubilee Year on the Hebrew Calendar (marked from Sept 14, Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year):


  • Franklin was born on Jan 17, 1770 (1+17+17+70) = 41 (USA); = 32 (America / UK): numerology of Independence Day (7+4+1+7+7+6) = 32
  • And died April 17, 1790 = 111 (equals 666 in English Gematria); = 128 (Independence Day / Hidden Agenda / The Pineal Gland / Seal on Forehead / Psychedelics / Clairvoyance 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN = 153 (The Faith Master / The Discovery / Spiritual Man / Albert Einstein / Quetzalcoatl); = 72 (Reborn / Cathedral / World / School / Lucky)

his nickname: THE FIRST AMERICAN = 79 (Murder / Criminal / Francis I / 


The building where Benjamin Franklin was born, on Milk Street, Boston:

  • Milk Street = 42 (Freemason)


Old Benny-Boy was deep occulted to the belt buckles, ladies and gents. It makes us reconsider his legendary electricity experiment. The LIGHTNING BOLT, so deep coded as of late (from Jim Carrey’s girlfriend being ritually sacrificed and his comment that “we’ve all been hit by a lightning bolt” – to the Mecca Crane Collapse of 9/11, struck by lightning most likely due to HAARP-tech) representing the SATURNIC/SATANIC energy force flowing through the kite as astral spiritual form of the human being and then through that KEY. The string as the astral cord. 


OOH LOOK AT THAT. As we can see, the 74 coding runs deep. The Saturnic ENERGY channels through the astral body into the form of MASONIC GEMATRIA, which is translated through (and is itself) THE KEY and THE LOCK to Enlightenment and Illumination. This is the symbolism.

“Because of the extremely therapeutic and healing benefit of symbolic awareness, Carl Jung spent his entire life fighting for the reactivation of symbolic awareness. If we view events in our world materialistically, literally, we will be flesh, but if we think symbolically, it is as if we become spirit. Psychologically speaking, to view our world symbolically canalizes the libido into spiritual form.” – Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil (Paul Levy)

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