10/6 Prophecy: Bridging Trainwrecks, Plane Crashes, and Anwar Sadat 

Revisiting the Oct 2nd crash of the C130 Hercules that killed eleven and its ritual tribute to October 6th:

  • Killed Eleven = 116 (Rothschild / Execution / Thursday): the news of the crash broke on a Thursday, the same day that eleven were killed in Oregon, including the shooter. Also notice the upside-down 9/11. 
  • 10/2 = 102 (Murderer / Slavery / Anwar Sadat) 

C130: (SEE) 130 = OCTOBER SIX / Iran / Washington / Television / Promised Land / Industry / Blood of the Lamb / Alien Influence

  • Recall that October 6th is September 23rd on the Old World calendar; Yom Kippur: the Day of Atonement.
  • 130 = 13: There are 13 days between 9/23 and 10/6.

One-Thirty = 134 (CLIMATE CRUSADE / GLOBAL WARMING / GEOENGINEERING / EIGHTY-FOUR / THE HOOVER DAM / DAM BREAK / DAM BREACH): This was coded all over Obama’s cover of the Rolling Stone

  • The Philadelphia Trainwreck of May 12, 2015 occurred at 9:23 pm (9/23 = September 23rd) with locomotive 601 reported traveling at 106 mph (10/6 = October 6th). [Recall 106 = Prophecy]. From May 12th to September 23rd is 134 days. 
  • The 134th day of the year is 5/14 – San Fran area code is 415. 
  • TRAINWRECK = 122 (San Francisco / Golden State / Pope Francis / Papa Francisco) 
  • And recall the hoax theatre shooting at the movie Trainwreck (runtime of 122 minutes) in August:


[And in Ordinal Gematria] JOHN RUSSELL HOUSER = 239. RUSSELL = 106. Notice the connections in the patsy’s name between September 23rd and October 6th. 

  • Trainwreck released 7/21/2015 = 59 (Kill / Slave) – and Houser was 59 years old.
  • It stars “Lebron James” = 923
  • America is currently 239 years old
  • 239 is the 52nd prime number
  • Pope = 52. On 9/23, the 266th day of the year, the 266th Pope visited the White House.

And how about that name… HOUSER. Remember the last theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado was James HOLMES. And the kid blamed for the Charleston Shooting Hoax was Dylan STORM ROOF. 

Are we seeing coding for an artifically induced “natural” disaster on the San Andreas Fault on Oct 6? Recall the 44-coding from the previous post on Netanyahu’s UN Speech; is this photo-shoot of Obama the Cheshire Cat in front of the Golden Gate Bridge another ominous warning? This was taken on April 4th, 2013: 


Another event in our fractal history that occurred on October 6th is the Yom Kippur War, also known as the October War. (October is the only month with Gematria of 33, so it could always be read as the 33 War). In 1973, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat ordered an Egypt and Syria-led Arab-coalition surprise attack on Israel. The war ended 19 days later on October 25th, an Israeli victory. 

Anwar Sadat was assassinated on October 6th, 1981 – the 8th anniversary of the surprise attack which launched the October War. At a parade to commemorate Egypt’s crossing of the Suez Canal, an assassination squad opened up on Sadat and his crew with assault rifles, killing him and ELEVEN others.

  • MUHAMMAD ANWAR EL SADAT = 67 (Revelation / Satanic / Cycles / Water / Alchemy): this is also the numerology of September 23rd, 2015; the assassination of Franz Ferdinand; the rainbow ritual at the White House; and the Hindenburg Disaster. 
  • 10/6/1981 numerology = 116 (KILLED ELEVEN)
  • Killed by KHALID ISLAMBOULI = 68 (Barack Obama / Pope Francis / Marduk / One-One); = 158 (Nation of Israel / Children of Israel / Days of Atonement / Iran Nuclear War)

Sadat was assassinated 34 years ago. THIRTY-FOUR = 160 (Barack Obama Unveiled / Hurricane Sandy / False Prophets / Future People / Luciferian Mason); = 61 (God / Jehovah / Church / Miracle / Sins / Fake Death) – Obama was born in ’61. [61 x 2 = 122]


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