Tension at Temple Mount and the 6th of October City

There is a city in Egypt, just a few minutes away from the Pyramids at Giza, called 6th of October. Over the past few days we’ve been reporting on the possibilities of a major event on October 6th, as it is September 23rd on the Old World calendar and 106 has been heavily coded alongside 239 for some time now. 106 = Prophecy / Divine Plan / Destroy – yet may it also be alluding to this date?


As we covered in our previous intel report, 10/6 Prophecy: Bridging Trainwrecks, Plane Crashes and Anwar Sadat, this date is of significance to Egypt due to it being both the date its military launched a suprise attack on Israel in the October War and the date that Sadat was assassinated. As such, October 6th is Armed Forces Day in Egypt. Sadat himself established the settlement of 6th of October City in 1979 (two years before his murder) by the 504th presidential decree. It is 17km from the pyramids and 32km from downtown Cairo. 

  • 79 = (Murder / Lincoln / Chaos Magic / Criminal)
  • 17 = (Kill / Mossad)
  • 32 = (Obama / America) 
  • 504 = (Israelis Liars / The Qu’Ran / The Sun God / Obama Traitor / Scam Artist / Obama Commander in Thief / Patriot Act)
  • 504 in English Gematria is an equivalent reflection of “84” in Simple Gematria: 84 = Obama (born on 8/4) / Jesuit (Pope’s birth numerology) / Bomb / Iran War. Recall the 2012 Olympics on 8/4 when the American flag fell from the rafters during the American anthem.


Tensions continue to flare as we approach the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. This news just broke, and notice another coded 84 in the timestamp. Coming from the propaganda warfare machine controlled by CIA called the fascist media corporation of CNN, dominated by Zionists, we have to assume that this is a false flag attack – or outright hoax – designed to legitimize increased controlled and security measures in the wake of this horrific and appalling attack by Arab monsters on innocent Israeli victims. A hate crime, solely due to antisemitism. It just reeks of so much propaganda: a Palestinian youth stabbed a husband, wife, and infant son before opening fire on police who were forced to take him down.


“What’s happening today is a renewal of Israeli arrogance and recklessness,” Hatem Abdul Qader, a Jerusalem official for the governing Palestinian party Fatah, told Palestine TV. “Jerusalem is now a military base, sons of Jerusalem are now banned from entering the Old City.” The measures follow the knife and gun attack Saturday by a 19-year-old Palestinian in the Old City in which two Israelis were killed and two others were wounded, according to authorities. Police say they killed the attacker in a gun battle. He was identified as Mohannad Shafik Halabi from near Ramallah, in the West Bank.” – CIA/CNN Propaganda

  • HATEM ABDUL QADER (notice his first name is Hate Em) = 60 (Conspiracy)
  • MOHANNAD SHAFIK HALABI = 85 (Violence / Creation / Falsehood / Matrix)



2 thoughts on “Tension at Temple Mount and the 6th of October City

  1. I was expecting Jerusalem news today, but apparently I have to wake up way earlier in the morn if I’m gonna beat Extra Capsa to it 🙂

    Jerusalem =104 ….today is 10/4.

    Jerusalem =32 ….as mentioned, Obama/America =32. Today is Sunday, and NFL =32.

    Jerusalem is known as the Old City =88.

    Temple Mount has curious Gematria – Temple Mount =640, 46. Israel =64.

    Sixty Four =942. Temple Mount =924. Jerusalem =624.


    • Early-Berg gets the worm. Deconstructing Jerusalem I get the Salem Witch Trials and Jeru the Damaja – Can’t Stop the Prophet 😉

      Check out the 130 / 134 connections coded into that no-hitter!!


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