False Flag at Panic Park and the Back to the Future Prophecy

On April 8th, 2014, Homeland Security simulated a dangerous World Series scenario at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. This date of 4/8 (numerologically 48) = Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda / Evil / Theo / Crime… A real friendly number, eh. It’s also connected to the Cubs Curse in that Steve Bartman was sitting in Section 4 Row 8. Curiously, there were several headlines on 10/6 coded with 48: #AllDayBreakfast / Mad Hatter’s Day / Stay or Go. And some extremely interesting coding that connects the Chicago Cubs with the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

“In this particular case, they are oriented towards weapons of mass destruction,” says Ray DeMichiei, the city’s deputy director of emergency management. ‘Generally, it will involve suspicious packages being located by PNC Park personnel, and the scenario is a World Series event.’ Citing the safety of those involved, specific details were not released. The Pirates are out of town on a nine-game road trip that begins Tuesday night at Wrigley Field in Chicago.” – Pittsburgh Action News, 4/8/14

  • 4/28/14 =46 (Chicago / Chicago Cubs / Best of Nine)

There’s a form of Gematria where a word’s vowels are removed to calculate only the consonants. From this perspective, PNC could very well stand for PANIC; thus christening the stadium’s new nickname: Panic Park. Making things even more suspicious, the word PANIC is found on the dire cover of The Economist’s 2015 predictions issue. It’s depicted as the name of a Plinko-type game with the words Federal Reserve and the prefix CHI- which could be Chicago. (The panda and the red-star make you think it’s China, but that could be a smokescren. The game is blocked out by a giant panda on steroids as a boy with a propeller hat holding a drone airplane watches with a frown. 

  • PANIC PARK = 44 (Kill / Execution / HAARP); = 89 (God of War / Umpqua / Roseburg Oregon)(89 is the Fibonacci number before 144)(its mirror 98, is the number of regular season wins the Pirates finished with and tonight’s starting pitcher was born on 9/8)(And April 8th, the terrorism drill, is the 98th day of the year).
  • PLINKO = 32 (Wagner / America / Obama); = 77 (Honus / Christ / Judaism / Hexagram); = 189 (Barack H Obama)
  • Notice there are 22 pegs on the Panic board, perhaps a reference to 10/22 or the 122 = Trainwreck / San Francisco. 


  • PANIC = 113 (Mainstream / Greenscreen / Dishonest); = 43 (Goat)
  • FEDERAL RESERVE = 143 (George Soros / Ground Zero); = 71 (Exteme Weather / Act of God / Hidden Hand / Mossad / Roberto Clemente)
  • GREEN LIGHT = 60 (Conspiracy); = 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Abu Baka al-Baghdadi)

Notice the interstate that runs past the PNC is I-279: October 6th is the 279th day of the year. 

  • Address: 115 (Freemasons / Killing) Federal (=33) Street. 
  • Opened 3/31/01 = 55 (Honus Wagner / Satan / New Age / Chicago Cubs / Theo Epstein) “after the controlled implosion of the Pirate’s previous home, Three Rivers Stadium.”
  • ROBERTO CLEMENTE BRIDGE = 107 (Cubbies Win): game is on 10/7
  • ROBERTO CLEMENTE = 170 (World War Three / The Church of Satan / Chicago Fireworks / Gun Confiscation / HAARP Earthquakes); = 71 (Mossad / Talmud / Act of God / Hidden Hand / Magical / Extreme Weather / Execution-Style / Federal Reserve)
  • Time between PNC open and 9/11 = 164 days / 23 weeks and 3 days (a lot like 233, the Fibonacci number after 144): the Chicago Cubs are 144-years-old.

“On September 5, 1991, Pittsburgh mayor Sophie Masloff proposed a new 44,000-seat stadium for the Pittsburgh Pirates on the city’s Northside.” – Wikipedia 

  • 9/5/91 = 105 (Masonry / Zionism / Abu Baka al-Baghdadi)
  • Sophie Masloff = 144 (Killer / Mark of the Beast / Forty-Four)
  • 44 = Kill / Execution
  • Northside = 49 (Revelation / Destruction / Global / Crash / Jaws Nineteen)

HONUS WAGNER was a legendary Pirate whose jersey they retired: #33. (Pirate =33.) Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest state in America. The 1908 Chicago Cubs season was its 33rd season in the National League, the 36th year of the franchise (Sum of 1 to 36 =666) and the 16th season at West Side Park. “P” is the 16th letter and “Sixteen” =33. 

Wagner had a name Gematria of 55 and died in ’55. WAGNER =1033, a lot like Panic Park’s opening date of 3/31 with 55 numerology. He’s obviously the recipient of many tributes alluding to this present time in history (and several confirmations of the mirror effect and the Law of Reversals):

  • Debuted on 7/19, last game on 9/17
  • His batting average was .329 (the reverse of 9/23)
  • Honus =23. Wagner =32. 232 =(Satan / Boss / Falling America (666))
  • Honus = 77 (Christ / Judaism). 
  • HONUS WAGNER = 145 (Nostradamus / Numerology / Order of Thelema / Obama Gets Shot)
  • HW =31. HW =908 (Pirates finished 98-64; L10 = 6-4)

106 years ago, Honus led the Pirates to the 1909 World Series over Detroit, the same team that Chicago beat the year earlier in what would be their last championship in 107 years. The asterisk on the 106-year drought for Chicago is due to the ’94 World Series being cancelled because of a strike.

THEO EPSTEIN, the man credited with breaking the 86-year-long “Curse of the Bambino” with the Red Sox, is President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs. Aside from his track record at lifting curses, his numerology is rather auspicious:

  • THEO EPSTEIN = 55 (CHICAGO CUBS / Honus Wagner / Harry Caray / Satan / Boss / New Age): notice the similarities with Wagner between Satan and Boss.
  • B/day (12/29/1973) = 133 (Government / White House / God Bless America); the mirror of 3/31 and damn close to Wagner=1033
  • B/day (12/29/[1973]) = 61 (God / Miracle / Church / Trick)
  • B/day (12/29/73) = 114 (Major League Baseball = 1140): we are in the time of the 114th Congress led by “John Boehner” =114. 
  • Epstein is 41 = (Steve Bartman / My Pet Goat / Al Qaeda / Judea / USA / Damned / Fourteen) It’s been 14 years since 9/11 and (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) =14. Last time the Cubs won the Series they won 4 games to 1. 

Epstein also joined the Cubbies on October 21st, 2011 – the same day Marty McFly travelled to in 2015! (10/21/11) = 42 (Freemason / Best of Seven); = 62 (Mason / Torah).


  • P=16. The game’s date (1+0+7+2+0+1+5) =16.
  • Sixteen =33. Pirate =33.
  • Is the release of Pepsi Perfect a tribute to the Pirates winning the World Series? Or something more devious…


    10/5/15: Pepsi announces a limited run of the cola Marty McFly bought at the Cafe 80’s in Back to the Future II, being as October 2015 is the year featured as the film’s future. The 1.69L bottle of Pepsi Perfect will be released 10/21/15 (the fourth year anniversary of Epstein as President) at a price of $20.15. 

    • PEPSI PERFECT = 483 (Gullible People / Murder Obama / The Third-Baseman / Team Thirteen / The Undefeated); = 66 (WORLD SERIES / THIRTY-THREE)
    • THE FUTURE IS NOW = 69 (False Flag / You Feel Cursed / Bermuda Triangle)
    • 16.9: square-root of 169=13 (169 can be read as the fulfilment of 69, or in this case, the Back to the Future Prophecy coming to be)
    • 10/21/2015 = 66 (PEPSI PERFECT / WORLD SERIES / THIRTY-THREE); = 46 (CHICAGO) 
    • CAFE 80’s = 105 (Zionism / Masonry)
    • CAFE EIGHTIES = 61 (God / Sins / Miracle / Church): both Obama and Michael J Fox born in ’61, making them 54. Hoverboard =54. 

    Sure are a lot of TRAINS on that shirt, Doc. Along with the crescent moon of Islam, cowboys and indians, and storm clouds gathering. And the time on his watch reads approx. 8:16… Is this foreshadowing a date, or the precise time that a terrorist attack occurs at Panic Park on 10/7 at a game between the Pirates and the Cubs. 816 = (Newspapers / Civil Rights / Counterfeit / Satanic Message / Hurt People / Judge / Slave / Muslim Brotherhood / DC Terrorist Attack / Franz Ferdinand / Boston Marathon Bombs / Remote Controlled Cars / The Will of God / Great Awakening)

    • On 8/16/15 the Pirates beat the Mets 8-1, their 69th win of the season. 
    • 69 = False Flag
    • 8/16 August 16th is the 228th day of the year: 228 = Pittsburgh Pirates / United States of America / Chicago Whitestockings / Death / Americans / Gold (!!!)
    • 8/16 is also 137 days left in the year: 137 is the 33rd prime number. 


    Examining this screencap further, saved from the movie’s IMDB page, we see even more clues in the newspaper Marty is holding. Recall that Newspaper =816, and we already found clues connecting to the Cubs World Series in the 10/22/2015 USA Today (covered in the previous post). USA TODAY =106. 

     We first notice the #33 on the basketball player in yellow-and-black, like the Pirates – who retired #33.

    • Recall the picture of Andreas Lubitz in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, which looks very much like the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh. 
    • On 10/3, Hurricane JOAQUIN (33) was reported at speeds of 130mph, three C-130s were sent to search for a cargo ship missing off CROOKED ISLAND (130) and it is 13 days between 9/23 and 10/6. 


    • I like the Cubs for the Championship but my money is on which ever team wins tonight’s game. (If it happens to go down without incident.) 

      2 thoughts on “False Flag at Panic Park and the Back to the Future Prophecy

      1. Standing Ovation for Extra-Capsa. I hope everybody can feel how much work went into that highly informative blog entry.

        I only teased you with that most recent Drill at PNC. They have been going on for many years….or maybe I should say they have Practiced there False Flags a high number of times. You know, Practice Makes Perfect!

        Practice Makes Perfect =656. Pittsburgh =656

        PNC Park has hosted various evacuation and response drills, which would be used in the event of a terrorist attack. Members of the United States Department of Homeland Security laid out the groundwork for the initial drill in February 2004. In May 2005, 5,000 volunteers participated in the $1 million evacuation drill, which included mock explosions. A goal of the drill was to test the response of 49 western Pennsylvania emergency agencies. In April 2006, the Department of Homeland Security worked in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard to develop a plan of response for the 2006 All-Star Game. Similar exercises were conducted on the Allegheny River in 2007.


      2. The Official MLB post for tonights game features the Tag Line – Its Going Down.

        Its Going Down =156, 936, 1306. Last digit of each =666.

        Its Going Down =66.

        Attack At PNC Park =156 – just like, Its Going Down.

        False Flag At PNC Park =1014, 511.

        False Flag At PNC Park =169, 70. If you add 1+69 =70. Seventy =110, 660.

        Sorry for the speculation, but I don’t think its out of left field 😉


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