BLACKOUT: The Prophecy Deepens


So my man Zachary K Hubbard is sounding the alarm on a World Series blackout event, and my research is pointing in the same direction. All the clues pointing to 9/23 led us to more clues leading to 10/6, recognizing all the coded harmonics and the Julian calendar conversion. This isn’t to be doom and gloom, rather quite the opposite: by understanding the secret language of Gematria we are empowered to effect positive change to our reality. If you’ve been following along, there is no doubt to the veracity of this conspiracy by the numbers, the same patterns uncovered are light years beyond being coincidence. And perhaps by decoding the mystery we change the outcome… Perhaps all that coding point to a disaster at Panic Park last night was averted, or occurred on an alternate timeline, and in our reality it simply pointed to a crushing defeat by the Cubs. Although, it is possible that date was yet another piece to the puzzle – another ingredient in the witch’s cauldron, if you will. Building up to something major.


Pirates fans were engaging in the ritual ceremony of the “BLACKOUT” on 10/7, as they were defeated by the Cubs 4-0. A shutout. NOW GET THIS, TRUTH-SEEKER: This picture above was posted on CBS Pittsburgh, 15 hours before the first pitch. Notice the time on the clock = 7:48

It’s yet another bloody fingerprint at the crimescene. Yet another vivid example of just how rigged pro sports are; and just how rigged this entire reality is, this conspiracy by the numbers. And by uncovering these secrets and revealing this plot, we are shifting the polarities and taking back the power of divine imagination and manifestation that is ours by right as Human Beings of Planet Earth. 

Now, this PNC Park Pittsburgh Pirates Playoff is obviously plentiful with a plethora of P-words. P is the 16th letter in the alphabet and “Sixteen” =33. WITH THAT IN MIND, like Roger Rabbit saying, “P-p-p-p-p-p-p-please,” check out the picture that was front page on CNN throughout the entire length of that Cubs-Pirates game on 10/7:


Now at first glance it looks like any photo of any photo from any grandparent’s living room. But when we examine the time on the clock, that’s when things get interesting. 9:27 – which can also be read as September 27th. And, keeping to the calendar conversion, 9/27 is equivalent to October 10th on the Old World calendar. 

  • On 10/10/15, the Cubs will play the Cardinals in Game 2 of the NLCS. 
  • NLCS = 48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda / Crime)
  • 10/10/15 = 55 (Chicago Cubs / Theo Epstein / Numerology)

Now we have the clues to the number 16 and this date 9/27… Hmm. How could they connect?


BOOM: One of my favourite albums in high school was released exactly sixteen years before the 9/27 hint on the clock; which is 10/10 on the Julian calendar. OK. So we have another huge synchronistic harmonic connecting to an upcoming blackout. 

  • METHOD MAN & REDMAN =67 (Satanic / Cycles / Revelation / St Louis Missouri); = 148 (SHO): baseball short-hand for Shoutout. [Is this saying the Cubs will notch another shutout against the Cardinals on 10/10?]
  • BLACKOUT =85 (Violence / Creation / Falsehood / Awakening); =386  (Lou Gehrig)
  • Lou Gehrig  =57 (World Series); =102 (Murderer / United States of America)

And in case anyone is suspicious about predictive programming via clocks in movies, watch this video on the JFK / 9-11 connections in Back to the Future, then peep this screencap from Deep Impact (1998):

This is disaster movie featuring a black president played by Morgan Freeman involving a comet that strikes Earth on the same day that Morgan Freeman’s grand-daughter was murdered this year in what the press reported as an exorcism. The movie is replete with 44-coding (like the Kill number and Obama the 44th-President) and will be an upcoming post in itself, when the time is right. As for now, just know that this close-up on the 9:11 watch is immediately followed by a jumpcut to a scene with Leo Beiderman wearing a helmet that reads HJC (=611). 

Alright, now on April 7th, 2015, the White House got hit with a blackout. That’s 4/7, for those keeping score. Like Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address of “Four score and seven years ago.” In Gematria, 47 = Star of David / Obey / Authority / Luck / President / Judge / Caeasar. This makes me think of my favorite NFLer growing up:

  • #47 JOHN LYNCH. Turned 44 on 9/25 (with conversion: 10/8). JOHN LYNCH =109 (Cyber Attack)
  • Speaking about Black-Out, Lynch was one of the most feared white men in the league. Carpetstaples on black running backs and receivers which could be called Lynchings. 
  • And the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch =54 (like the age of Obama – and Loretta Lynch – and Michael J Fox, for that matter)
  • LL=33. Also, L is the 12h letter so LL=24. The mirror: 42=Nigger
  • Also, 24 in Simple Gematria = 144 in English Gematria: “THAT” number.

Speaking about 42 (which also = “FREEMASON”), Britney Spears’ album “Blackout”dropped on 10/25/07 = 42. And because the industry is predicated on sequels: Method Man & Redman: Blackout! 2 – dropped 5/19/09 = 33. Now remember, today 10/8/15 also =33.


  • 333 weeks
  • 2331 =233 (Mk-Ultra Mind Control) + 133 (Government / This is a Hoax)
  • That’s several 33’s. 
  • But what would I know… I’m just a bloody DOCTOR.

  DOES THIS SHIT LOOK FAMILIAR (notice the last 4 letters)


Recall our discussion of 47, moments ago. There are 47 windows in the Busch Stadium logo (which reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune board). 

  • BUSCH STADIUM =41 (LIGHTS OUT / My Pet Goat / Steve Bartman / USA / Judea / Fourteen): it’s been 14 years since 9/11 and (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) =14. Also, Cubs President Theo Epstein is 41 years-old.


One thought on “BLACKOUT: The Prophecy Deepens

  1. Just like St.Louis =115……Power Grid =115. Blackout Date =115.

    Electricity =57. Electric =75. World Series =57. Baby Bears =75.

    Lights Out =131. Baseball Player =131. No Power =106

    In the video for Da Rockwilder…..Meth wears white – Redman wears Black – with the #’s 8,7 on his jersey..

    Red =162 MLB =162. Major League Baseball =162. There are 162 games in a MLB season. Staten Island, NY =1062.

    Redman’s first 3 words in the song…….Fuck Your Lifestyle =233.

    Redman =55 – 11×5, or 115. Redman =330. Redman =160. Sixteen =33.


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