Cubs Win “FOUR-NOTHING” =66 (World Series); “FOUR-ZIP” =666. 

  Delorean (=74) out front Harry Caray’s at none-other than 33 West. How could they NOT win! 

  • HARRY CARAY’S = 56 (STAR OF DAVID); = 137 (MIND CONTROL / CHURCH OF SATAN): 137 is the 33rd prime number. 

Especially paying tributes to a cat named after the Japanese ritual suicide of Harakiri aka Seppuku =28. Gotham=28. Moldova =28. Moldova is where the FBI allegedly thwarted a nuclear smuggling plot (which means they were running the operation and setting up patsies). Oleg Balan, the Moldovan interior minister dropped some coded clues for us:

  • URANIUM =560 (notice $5.6 million): 56 = Star of David
  • URANIUM =97 (Fairytale / Tsunami / Tidal Wave)
  • 238 = CUBS WIN WORLD SERIES. (# of people injured at Mecca Crane Collapse on 9/11 and # of passengers on Philly Trainwreck)
  • YELLOWCAKE =1414 / 112 / 40


LET’S GO CUBBIES! 106 Prophecy Fulfillment, proof positive of the rigged spectacle that is pro sports. 

  • As you can read in the past couple reports on the Cubs-Pirates, I’ve been frothing over the 49 – and now Cubs pitcher Jacob Arrieta was the star of the game. JACOB ARRIETA =49 and he wears #49. (And the “Strong as a Goat” headline below).
  • They won FOUR-ZIP =666 / =48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda); =111 (NEW YORK)
  • aka FOUR-NOTHING =66 (WORLD SERIES) <– is this the score that confirms the 106 Prophecy?

Now it’s on to face ST LOUIS =115 (Freemasons / Killing / Fifty-Eight) at BUSCH STADIUM =41 (Steve Bartman / My Pet Goat); =140 (Pittsburgh / The Next Twenty-Five World Series).

  • Speaking about the CURSE OF THE BILLY GOAT =223. MASONIC =223. THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =223. Here’s this putrid psychopathc, still holding out to see the culimination of his New World Order speech on September 11th, 1991. 
  • (TEN YEARS =107. 10 years prior to 10/8/15 was the 2005 South Asia Earthquake which killed over 175,000 people (yet you click the Wikipedia link and it says 86-87,000 in the Kashmir Earthquake.))   


STRONG AS A GOAT = 49 (Dark Knight / Revelation / Destruction / Global / Crash / al-Baghdadi / ISIL / Caliph / Jaws 19); = 157 (United States / Ultra-Violence / Mississippi / Psychic Energy / Negative Energy / False Promises / Miracles of Healing)

Interesting choice of words with regards to the Curse of the Billy Goat (223)… Bush must be drinking his eight glasses per day of virgin blood. 


In case you missed it, this Baphomet statue was unveiled at the Church of Satan in Detroit on July 26th, 2015, hailed as “the largest Satanic event in History.” The thing is, that is Obama’s sixth month, sixth week, and sixth day in office. A huge tribute to the 666. And in case you don’t believe me:


Muscatine, Iowa (CNN): Jeb Bush said Tuesday that his 91-year-old father, who’s still wearing a neck brace after fracturing a vertebrae this summer, is doing better, adding that his own candidacy is helping to lift “his spirits.”

  • MUSCATINE =33 (Name / Codename); =105 (Masonry / Zionism)
  • 91 = Chicago Cubs
  • “HIS SPIRITS” = 57 (Star of David); = 146 (The Economist / New Jerusalem / Destructive / Manifestation)

 Aka demonic entities, no doubt. 

    9 thoughts on “Cubs Win “FOUR-NOTHING” =66 (World Series); “FOUR-ZIP” =666. 

    1. Something I’m sure you meant to add….

      Thirty Three West =223.

      Yesterday, the day of the Cubs Wildcard win – I commented about the number 121 being ever so prominent. In Back to the Future 2, they arrive in the future on the date of 10/21…..another major 121 reference.

      From 10/21 there are 71 days remaining. Seventy One =144.

      I’m going to further investigate 10/21 once I see what teams will be playing, and where. I don’t think the Cubs win the World Series, but I think they will be involved w/ whatever is planned – possibly for 10/21.


      • WOW! YEsssssss that is fucking BEAUTIFUL. MAESTROOOOOOO

        I couldn’t help but notice that South Africa smashed USA at rugby yesterday, 64-0. Another shutout. Shutout =748. (That number was shown on the clock in a picture of the Pirate’s crowd, posted 12 hours before the game – as i’m covering in my next report).

        64 like Barack Hussein Obama and today being 84 days left and the 10/8 date on the ROLLING STONE COVER =223 😉 another gem you gave us.

        But the thing is.. SOUTH AFRICA =49/121….


    2. Yesterday was so ridiculously by the #’s, and Harry Carey’s place was the centerpiece….

      Delorean =74 like you posted……Wildcard =74.

      Shutout =74 8, ha. Complete Game Shutout =239.

      All that 4-0 work is so telling. Great job. I can’t believe how obviously by the numbers yesterday was.


    3. Cubbies Win =107. And they Won on 10/7…….but that never happens? Or so I’ve been told 😉

      One Zero Seven =163. The Cubs were playing in the 163rd game of the season.

      Maybe we should be viewing the 107’s, or 10/7 as a 71? Seventy One =144.

      The Cubs will need to win 12 games to win the World Series. 12 is kinda like 6+6.

      Twelve Times Twelve =144. And wouldn’t you know, 12×12 =144. Thats pretty incredible in my lil world.


      • Oh baby, that is poetry. All synching into the Cubbie’s 144th year and America’s 239th. It’s just so beautiful you want to sit down indian-style in the grass and watercolour a painting of it. Y’know?!


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