Arizona University Shooting PsyOp: 47th Incident 47 Years After RFK


 10/9: The 144th school shooting in America since Sandy Hoax. The hoax occurred hours before Obama is set to land in Roseburg, OR, the last staged shooting ritual on 10/01. AIR FORCE ONE =109. This Arizona shooting happened on the 9th day of the only month with 33 Gematria, 9 days after the alleged 9 murdered and 9 injured in Roseburg, reminding us of when Obama sang Amazing Grace at a funeral for the 9 alleged victims of the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax, 9 days after that staged incident. Obama is 54 (5+4=9) and if he is assassinated he will be the 9th president killed in office. 

  • FOUR DAYS =109

The shooter is 18 years old on a date with 18 numerology. (Another 9.) 47 years ago, in 1968, Bobby Kennedy spoke in Roseburg about gun control – and was assassinated 10 days later. “TEN DAYS LATER” =144. And notice the pyramid and chevron in the school logo, more Masonic markings. 

  • Shooter’s name: STEVEN JONES =49 (Dark Knight / Revelation / Destruction / John Milton / Paradise Lost); =58 (United States / Destruction / Agenda / Mandate)
  • NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY =142 (President Obama / Terrorist / Northwest / George Orwell / Forty-Two): the book 1984 opens on the date 4/4 – United States =84. Obama =84 and he’s the 44th president.
  • NAU =36 (Barack). Reminds me of NORTH AMERICAN UNION =212 (Chaos Magick / Barack Hussein Obama Clone / Seattle Washington). Notice that Obama is in Seattle this afternoon – or is it his clone?
  • 142 can be interpreted as the ‘fulfillment’ of 42 = Roseburg / Freemason / Delta / Gun.
  • RFK died at age 42
  • Shooting happened at 1:20 =120 (Illuminati / Masonic Logic / Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn)


  • 47 like the number of years since RFK was murdered. 47 like President / Obey / Star of David / Mafia.
  • (Now they’re calling it the 48th: 48 = Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda)
  • And fittingly they’re using the hashtag #NAUSTRONG =48.
  • The long-form of Gematria puts the shooter’s name at 148.

The deceased man is named COLIN BROUGH who was a member of the Delta Chi fraternity.

  • DELTA CHI =62 (MASON / Torah / Execution-Style)
  • COLIN BROUGH =61 (God / Miracle / Fake Death): Obama was born in ’61 and is 6’1″
  • COLIN =26 (God / Umpqua): the Roseburg shooting hoax went down on a date with 26 numerology, with a shooter age 26, just like the number of fairy-tale casualties at Sandy Hoax
  • BROUGH =35. DELTA =35.
  • BROUGH =71 (Execution-Style / Hidden Hand / Mossad / Federal Reserve): SEVENTY-ONE =144 (Killer / Mark of the Beast / Forty-Four / April Fourth / Ten Days Later): again, the 144th school shooting since ’13. (And the Chicago Cubs are 144 years old.)

The chevron in the logo brings us back to the cop shooting hoax of Deputy Goforth at a Chevron in Houston. He was shot “execution-style” =71 on a date with 71 numerology. That story is thick with 85’s and 47’s. That shooting hoax happened exactly six weeks ago, or 42 days. Like Freemason / Delta / Roseburg / Gun. Notice the 111 – which equals 666 in English Gematria


It also reminds us of the Delta State PsyOp Ritual, which also foreshadows a presidential assassination. That one happened on 9/14, a date with 58 numerology in a state with 58 Gematria. Alison Parker from the Roanoke Reporter Hoax is also 58 Gematria, just like the shooter here, Steven Jones. If we include the end date, the Delta State Psyop happened 26 days ago. Like “Colin” and God and the number of fake victims at Sandy Hoax.

This Arizona Shooting also gives us another connection to the Economist cover. Notice the victim’s last name has the same Gematria as “Federal Reserve” and he was part of Delta “CHI”.



  • “I WANT TO HAVE A GUN” =64 (Barack Hussein Obama / Thelema / American / Israel / Zion / Amtrak)

And get this, truth-seeker: NAU’s school motto, “THE DIFFERENCE THAT MATTERS” =109. Kind of exactly like 10/9, the date of the shooting. 

One thought on “Arizona University Shooting PsyOp: 47th Incident 47 Years After RFK

  1. Nice work as always by Brother Berg. Makes me want to talk about the Kennedy Bros.

    I think the biggest clues lie within Obama’s visit to Roseburg, & RFK’s visit. As we know Roseburg =42, and was the scene of the 142nd school shooting this year, and President Obama =142.

    In relation to your blog post, President =47, and RFK visited Roseburg 47 years ago. RFK was then murdered 10 days later. If the exact same thing were to happen to Obama….10 days later would be Oct 19.

    10/19 looks alot like 911. 10/19/15 =44. We know Obama is the 44th President, and that Kill =44. Now, I don’t believe Obama will be killed on 10/19, but the numbers allow for speculation. If we add 44 days to 10/9 (the day of Obama’s Roseburg visit) – we get the date 11/22. Thats the day JFK was assassinated. JFK was the 44th term President.

    Ten Days = 640, 88. Ten Days Later =144.

    Oct 19 is the 292nd day w/ 73 days remaining. Sacrifice =73. 292 is 29 both ways. Twenty Nine =149, and 149 has alot of meaning. An example – Skull And Bones =149. Sixty-Six =149. There are 149 days left in the year from Obama’s birthday on 8/4.

    JFK Assassinated =1137. United States President =1137.

    Nov 22 – 11/22 – Eleven Twenty Two =228. United States Of America =228.

    For the record, I do believe an Obama fake assassination is on tap for November (possibly October), and though 10/19 & 11/22 look like possible days – I feel we need to take yet another step or two up the ladder from there to get to the top.

    The Top =323, 84.

    Dead Kennedys =111, 666.


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