Second School Shooting Hoax and the Rosebud Connection

And the second shooting incident at Texas Southern University in one week. The shooter from the previous incident, two days prior, has the exact same name Gematria as the school venue. 

  • DARIOS TRAMAIN CRAYTON SCOTT =108 (Today has 18 numerology)
  • TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY =108 (Notice that the the shootings were on 10/7 and 10/9, hopscotching 10/8) (Extra-Capsa =108. The Cypher =108).
  • Shooting happened at 1:13 =113 (Mainstream / Greenscreen / Dishonest / Panic): and the other incident today involved 1 dead and 3 wounded

We’ve discovered that the Gematria of the location’s MOTTO (=330) is more often than not directly linked to the event itself. Like the town motto of Northfield Virginia, where a trainwreck occurred last week: “Where The Good Life Begins” =122 (TRAINWRECK). And NAU’s school motto, “The Difference That Matters” =109: just like the date. And now get TSU’s:


The alleged shooting occurred in student housing at 3545 Blodgett. 

  • 3+5+4+5 =17 (Kill / Mason / Mossad)
  • BLODGETT =31 (Snyder Hall – location of Roseburg shooting); =85 (Blackout / Violence / Creation / Falsehood): this number coded on every single shooting hoax we’ve covered on Extra-Capsa.

TSU was formerly known as TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY FOR NEGROES =139 (FREEMASONRY / EXECUTIONER), a name that was given in 1947. March 3, in fact: 3/3. Recall that 47 years ago was the assassination of RFK, ten days after he spoke about gun violence in Roseburg Oregon, and today we saw the 47th and 48th school shootings of the year. 

What a coincidence in timing… two school shootings on the same day that Obama is speaking in Roseburg about school shootings.

 Notice the license plate: 82 = ORDO AB CHAO


  • And just to reiterate those spooky coordinates (333 and 888 aside): 43 = MASSACRE / PANIC (from the Economist cover); =123 (CONSPIRACY). 

And this has now got me thinking about CITIZEN KANE =54 (Obama’s age) and the mystery of ROSEBUD =84 (Obama [birthday 8/4] / United States of America) / Sirhan Sirhan).

  • Citizen Kane came out in 1941: that’s 74 years ago. 74 = Oregon / Jesus / Cross / Masonic / Lucifer, etc. And we have the mirror of 47, as we’ve been discussing. 
  • Released on 9/25/41 =31 (Blodgett / Synder Hall)
  • Runtime 119 minutes =119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Order of Death)
  • ORSON WELLES =49 (STEVEN JONES / Marine One / Revelation / Dark Knight / Destruction / Paradise Lost / John Milton); =157 (United States / Ultra-Violence).
  • Citzen Kane is ranked #66 all-time on IMDB: Bobbie Kennedy and Sirhan Sirhan both have name Gematria of 66 and he was killed on 6/6. 
  • The film is about WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST =103 (Welcome Aboard Marine One); =238 (Apocalyptic Prophets / Miracles / Thoughts Become Things / CUBS WIN WORLD SERIES). And recall the connection between the number of people injured at the 9/11 Mecca Crane Collapse and passengers on the Philly Trainwreck =238. 
  • HEARST =26. HEARST =71 (Both numbers coded in these latest shooting hoaxes)

Tributes to the Gods of Propaganda and Mass Mind Control

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