Ronald Reagan’s Fake Assassination Attempt and the Art of the Foreshadow


What immediately leaps out to me from this 10/10 story, aside from the obvious associations with presidential assassations, is that he died THREE DAYS short of 5+6=11. CNN has been running a countdown to the Democratic Presidential Debate and today is THREE DAYS =105 (Masonry / Zionism / Nine-Eleven). Yesterday was 10/9: FOUR DAYS =109.

  • JERRY PARR =129 (Destroyer / Explosion / Countdown); =57 (World Series)
  • RONALD REAGAN =56 (Star of David / Molech / Fifty-Sixth): and notice the 56th wedding anniversary. FIFTY-SIX =118 (Death)
  • It should be noted that Abraham Lincoln died at age 56
  • RONALD REAGAN =110 (President / Rockefeller / Martial Law / Adolf Hitler / Osama Bin Laden / Grim Reaper / Prophetic / It’s an Omen)
  • Parr’s bday: 9/16/30 =55 (Satan); =74 (Masonic) 

And of course Parr was 85, because that magic number is on par as one of the season’s most coded. 85 = Phi Beta Kappa Society / Violence / Creation / Storm / Blackout / Falsehood. As 85 is hardly ever coded without its mirror, Parr’s full name: “JERRY S. PARR” =58 (United States / Destruction / Agenda). 

  • CAROLYN PARR =60 (Conspiracy / Abraham Lincoln)
  • SECRET SERVICE =61 (God / Miracle / Fake Death / Fifty-Eight / St Louis Cardinals); =151 (Texas Rangers): [side-note] Cardinals and Rangers both won last night, perhaps this coding connected with death now means the two teams will both lose their next game… 

March 30th, 1981. (3+30+19+81) =133 (This Is A Hoax / Government / White House / God Bless America) 

  • March Thirty =62 (John Hinckley / Dead Presidents / Execution-Stlye / Mason / Torah / Dollar)
  • 2:27  =227 (Hand Cannon / Kill Himself / Delusions of Grandeur / Henry Alfred Kissinger / Illuminati Bloodlines) – and that time can also be read as 33-to-3. (Recall that Reagan was the 33rd Governor of California)
  • “Thirty-Three to Three” =247 (Gun / Problem / Corrupted Politicians / Illinois); =103 (Badge of a Mason)
  • “Thirty-Three Minutes Until Three” =141 (Carolyn Parr)
  • 69 days into his presidency =69 (False Flag / Checkmate)
  • Notice it happened on the 38th parallel =38 (Death)

It happened at the Washington Hilton Hotel. HILTON=33. And WASHINGTON HILTON HOTEL =106 (PROPHECY) on LEROY PLACE =49 (Revelation). And there were SIX GUNSHOTS =49.


  • B-Day: (8/29/1940) =33 / =96 (FREEMASON / SATANISM / MK-ULTRA)
  • Jodie Foster =54 (Eleven-Eleven) – Obama is 54; =126 (Eleven-Eleven)

JAMES BRADY died 33 years later – on Barack Obama’s 53rd birthday, 8/4. 

  • 84 = Obama / United States of America / Jesuit (Pope’s life-# is 84) / Sirhan Sirhan / Iran War / OCTOBER NINETEENTH. 
  • Abraham Lincoln died on a date with 84 numerology (4+15+65)
  • GETTSYBURG =144 (Killer / Forty-Four / X) and if you sum the first 144 numbers in pi you get 666. 
  • Speaking of pi, Lincoln is said to have died at 7:22 AM (22/7 =3.14)
  • REAGAN WAS SHOT AT 2:27 PM. Notice any similarities? 

Parr died on a date with 54 numerology (Obama’s age) some 66 days after Obama’s birthday. Recall that Robert Kennedy =66 and Sirhan Sirhan =66 and RFK died on 6/6 – ten days after speaking in Roseburg OR on gun control. Parr died on the same day that Obama spoke in Roseburg OR on gun control.


  • 3/21/81 =105 (MASONRY / ZIONISM / THREE DAYS)
  • This ominous experience occurred 60 days into the Presidency. =60 (Conspiracy / Carolyn Parr)  
  • The date 3/21 is a lot like a COUNTDOWN =129 (Jerry Parr) and of course 123 = Conspiracy. 
  • That’s also 8 weeks and 4 days, like 84 = Obama / Obama’s birthday of 8-4, the day James Brady died 33 years later. 


This premonition at Ford’s Theatre is an extra curious detail in the story, seeing as it happened 9 days before shooting and it’s said that Abraham Lincoln dreamed on 4/4 that he’d be shot – ten days before it happened on 4/14. Again the first President to die in office was the 9th President, William Henry Harrison, on 4/4 and if the 44th president dies he office he will be the 9th to do so. Martin Luther King Jr also died on 4/4, 47 years ago, in the same year that Ford’s Theatre reopened to the public since the assassination of Lincoln; the same year that Bobbie Kennedy was assassinated. 

  • On Lincoln’s 200th birthday, 2/12/2009, Obama (then age 47) commemorated a second reopening of Ford’s Theatre. 
  • Obama took the oath of office on Lincoln’s bible.
  • Lincoln was shot during a performance of OUR AMERICAN COUSIN =82 (Ordo ab Chao)
  • The renovation of Ford’s Theatre was sponsored in part by EXXON =82.
  • Obama’s limousine in Roseburg, OR: 800-002
  • He spoke on gun control, just as Bobbie Kennedy did in the same small town, ten days before his assassination in Los Angeles.
  • TEN DAYS LATER =144 (Forty-Four). KILL=44.
  • Another sponsor of Ford’s Theatre was the STATE OF QATAR =44.



9 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan’s Fake Assassination Attempt and the Art of the Foreshadow

  1. That Blog post was a hearty full meal! Regarding Reagan, he was also known as the Gipper…..

    Gipper =221. Pope Francis =122. Gipper =71. Seventy One =144. Gipper =44. Forty Four =144.

    Win One For The Gipper =223

    Washington Hilton =208, 82……odd right? Nowadays the Washington Hilton is best known for the White House Correspondents Dinner where the President tells jokes veiled in truth.

    Regarding the strong commentary on Fords Theater. About a year ago, Zach from F2FT did some incredible research connecting it directly to Obama. I’m talking A++ – make sure he’s sees what Extra-Capsa came up with.

    Lastly, a comment about the Time (=144) of Reagan’s assassination attempt – 2:27pm.

    President Ronald Reagan =722.


    • You did it again Maestro, best commentary in the league. WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER =223 lol.

      And do you know if the presidential limo is always 800-002? Or if that’s just the numbers of his Oregon whip. Zach and I are intel-sharing too, stronger than the sum of our parts we are!

      I love that 722 ch-ch-cherry bomb. (That call would have been better yesterday, as CHERRY BOMB =109.)

      Right now I like CUBS ON THE WARPATH =68. Barack Obama =68.

      And i’m working on this factoid about Ford’s Theatre on 6/9/1893 it partially collapsed killing 22 clerks and injuring 68. Both Reagan and RFK were shot with .22 cals. Hinckley was obssessed with JODI FOSTER =54/126. ELEVEN-ELEVEN=54/126. Kinda exactly like 11+11=22. Or 11/22=33 (123=Conspiracy). The Lincoln Museum was opened at Ford Theatre on Lincoln’s 123 birthday.

      LINCOLN MUSEUM =54 (Jodie Foster / Eleven-Eleven)…

      haha Ok i gotta stop now.


    • Haha buddy I was literally just talking about that find of his and your comment when you messaged in. I also just realized that as it’s been 47 years between now and 1968, it was 47 years between Titanic and Lincoln…


  2. 47 is the number of the day….kicked off with the 47 years btw Roseburg speeches.

    There aren’t many movies w/ the number 47, but there is 1 that I can think of…..

    Forty Seven Ronin =219. Ronin =219

    Forty Seven =149. Skull And Bones =149.

    Samurai =411. Assassin =411. Keanu Reeves =1141, 44

    Movies And TV =144.


    • And that piece of atrocity, Hitman: Agent 47, that I tried watching just to decode but threw in the towel pretty quick. I dig the Samurai =411. And did you know that the football team in Dark Knight Rises is called GOTHAM ROGUES =149. Even more fitting with that 322 on the box.

      Now I’m reviewing our notes for tomorrow, digging into historical anniversaries and prepping for the magic number of 10/11. TEN ELEVEN =39/102. Someone of note getting murdered in NYC?


  3. Football Sunday =1002. Also, those Gotham Rogues, or real life Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing on Monday Night Football at the San Diego Chargers. Interesting only because Obama is in San Diego all weekend.

    The San Diego Chargers are also nicknamed the Lightning Bolts…..

    Lightning Bolts =168. New York City =168. If somebody dies unexpectedly in NYC on 10/11…..I would expect it to be a current or former NFL player.


    • USAIN BOLT =113: Because you can’t spell USAIN without USA.

      I like the prediction. Especially with regards to the HAARP lightning bolt at the Crane Collapse at Mecca and Jim Carrey emphasizing how we’ve all been struck by a lightning bolt.

      NIKOLA TESLA =119. I think it’s obvious that Obama will be struck by lightning. Not the figurative bolt in Back to the Future, but a literal lightning bolt. Playing golf on Thanksgiving weekend 😉

      Because you can’t spell GOLF without FLOG.


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