Four Score and Seven Years: Dual 1921 Assassinations Mirror 1968


Four Score and Seven Years Ago was 1968, with the assassinations of RFK and MLK. And we know that 47 years to the day after Lincoln was assassinated the Titanic sunk. So what happened 47 years before 1968? Well as it turns out, in 1921 there were also two major assassinations, neither of which I’d heard of – yet both of which synchronize in brilliant harmonics, further confirming our theories. 


TAALAT PASHA was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire and is widely considered the main perpetrator of the Armenian Genocide. He was born sometime in 1874 and died on March 15, the 74th day of the year, at age 47. Again, 47 years before the two pillars of the Civil Rights movement were felled by bullets in ’68. March 15th is the Ides of March, which was the date that Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC (by sixty conspirators: 60=Conspiracy). Martin Luther King Jr died on 4/4 and speaking of “I Have a Dream,” Abraham Lincoln had a premonition dream of his death ten days earlier on 4/4; the first President to die in office died on 4/4 and the last president to die in office was the 44th-term President.

  • 44 = Kill (9+11+12+12) / Execution / Genocide / Honest Abe
  • 47 = President / Caesar / Mafia / Star of David / Obey / Authority 
  • TAALAT PASHA =100 (Satanic Magic); =28 (4*7)
  • Mehmed Talaat Pasha =58 (FREEMASONRY); =148 (Premonition)


He was one of the THREE PASHAS =48 (Illuminati / Six-Six-Six / Evil / Hoax / Propaganda); =120 (Illuminati / Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn) that de facto ruled the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. He was a member of the Young Turks and signed the Tehcir Law which allowed for the mass deportation of Armenians and enabled the subsequent genocide of some 1.5 million people. 

  • Young Turks =45. Tehcir Law =45.
  • Law signed on 4/24/15 =43 (Massacre); =62 (Genocide / Execution-Style)
  • Law expired on 2/8/16 =26 (God); =45 (Young Turks / Tehcir Law)

In face of certain defeat, Pasha resigned on 10/14/18 =42 (FREEMASON) and fled to Berlin on 3/11/18 =32 (Exiled); =51 (FREEMASON / CONSPIRACY / I Have a Dream). [Notice that 3*11=33 as BERLIN=33]. Pasha was assassinated nine days after an interview with British intelligence agent, AUBREY HERBERT =148 (MEHMED TAALAT PASHA / PREMONITION); =67 (Revelation / Premonition / Killer / Satanic / Cycles).

  • Shot on 3/15/21 =58 (Mehmed Taalat Pasha / Freemasonry) – Tehlirian lost 85 family members to the Genocid
  • Shot by “Soghomon Tehlirian” =94 (Terror / Patriarch) – April 4th is the 94th day
  • TEHLIRIAN =96 (Freemason / Satanism / Knowledge) – born in 96; =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy) – numerology of the date Pasha fled to Berlin
  • Birthday: 4/2/96 =102 (MURDERER) – numerology of Lincoln’s death date; =121 (Antichrist / Revelation / Blood Sacrifice)

“After a two-day trial Tehlirian was found not guilty by the German court and freed. Tehlirian is considered a national hero by Armenians.” – Wiki, Taalat Pasha

We must mention the controlled opposition / alternative propaganda outlet called THE YOUNG TURKS =60 (Conspiracy / Abraham Lincoln) hosted by CENK UYGUR =44 (Kill / Genocide) and ANA KASPARIAN =43 (Massacre / Panic); =106 (Prophecy / Destroy).


HARA TAKASHI was the first commoner appointed to Prime Minister of Japan, a title he held for 1,132 days until he was assassinated on Nov 4, 1921 by a railroad switchman named Nakaoka Kon’ichi.

  • Nakaoka Kon’ichi =123 (Conspiracy); =60 (Conspiracy).
  • Kon’ichi =69 (False Flag); =42 (Freemason / Japan) – notice that surname is one syllable away from “Konnichiwa” which of course means Hello.
  • 11/4 = 411 (Assassin / Samurai) – JFK shot from 411 Elm St
  • Legendary samurai Hattori Hanzo also died on 11/4
  • 11/4/21 =55 (Satan / New Age / Numerology)


  • Time between the 1921 assassinations of Taalat Pasha and Hara Takashi = 33 weeks and 3 days, for a big double-encoded 33 branding and clear assertion of guilt.
  • 234 = ONE POINT FIVE MILLION (the death toll of the Armenian Genocide)
  • 1.5 like 51 = Freemason / Conspiracy / I Have a Dream (and 2015)

Two major assassinations, four score and seven years before the two major assassinations of 1968, all part of the same alphanumeric conspiracy; the Gang of 33, running the long-game into 2015.

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