Stone Mountain’s MLK Tribute an Ode to Assassination

What immediately sticks out to me is GEORGIA =44 (Kill / Execution) – MLK was murdered on 4/4 – and the 12:12 timestamp with its implicit contextual 9/11, as (9+11+12+12)=44. And if that wasn’t enough, 12×12=144 (April Fourth / Forty-Four).

  • STONE MOUNTAIN =54 (Oracle / Horned God / Six Hundred) – in Greek numerals, 600 is called Chi, which is also the 22nd letter in the Greek alphabet and represented by “X” which in English Gematria =144 (Killer / Mark of the Beast / Forty-Four / April Fourth). Recall “Chi” from the prediction cover of the Economist 2015. Obama, politically from Chicago, is 54 years old and reduced (5+4=9) – the first President to die in office was the 9th President and the next to die in office will be the ninth to do so.

The second detail I noticed is the timestamp on the video, 1:13 =113 (Mainstream / Greenscreen / Dishonest) – the number of the hoax. Also 113= Hodgenville, where Lincoln was born in KENTUCKY =110 (President). And take a gander at this Gematria coding:

  • NAACP =105 (Masonry / Zionism / Nine Eleven)
  • NAACP Chapter =106 (Prophecy)
  • “NAACP Chapter: Remove faces of Confederacy from monument” =226 (Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • “Remove faces of Confederacy from monument” =174 (New World Order)


  • LIBERTY BELL =122 (Riddle / Fraudulent / Trainwreck / Pope Francis / San Francisco)
  • I HAVE A DREAM =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy); =87 (Inside Job / Truth / Justice / Democracy)
  • LET FREEDOM RING =79 (Murder / Lincoln / Resistence is Futile)
  • STONE MOUNTAIN OF GEORGIA =110 (President / Ronald Reagan / Adolf Hitler / Osama bin Laden)


  • BILL STEPHENS =51 (I Have a Dream / Freemason / Conspiracy)
  • JIM GALLOWAY =47 (President / Caesar / Star of David / Mafia / Obey / Authority) – again, it’s been 47 years since MLK was assassinated on 4/4/68.

The article here on CNN then goes on to reference the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax of 6/17/15, which as it turns out, occurred 118 days before this article. 118=Death. It says that Stone Mountain Park’s business operations are ran by HERSCHEND FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT =137 (Mind Control / Eye of Horus / Church of Satan) – and 137 is the 33rd prime number. With everything we’ve been reporting lately, this MLK reference should serve as yet another suspicious clue as to an upcoming blue-chip assassination.


  • Stone Mountain was the founding site of the second KKK (11+11+11=33) one hundred years ago.
  • Coordinates are 33’N 84’W. Obama =84 and was born 8/4.
  • “Stone Mountain more than 5 miles (8.0 km) in circumference” and was purchased by the State of Georgia in ’58 and the carving is 158 feet wide and 42 feet deep. 42=FREEMASON. 58=FREEMASONRY.
  • Construction began in ’64 and the entire carved surface measures 6,400 m2. 64 = Barack Hussein Obama / Clan / American / Israel / Zion.
  • “The carving was considered complete on March 3, 1972” 3/3 =33
  • 3/3/72 =78 (Four Score and Seven); =97 (Civil War / Fairy Tale / Story / Freedom Bell) – this entire story is about the plan to build a “Freedom Bell” at Stone Moutain.

3 thoughts on “Stone Mountain’s MLK Tribute an Ode to Assassination

  1. MLK is such a huge subject. I will try to keep my comments related to MLK’s influence on a possible upcoming Obama assassination – as it has been 47 years since MLK Jr’s assassination.

    With so much 44 coding – I simply added 44 days to Sept 23. I got a date of November 6. And wouldn’t you know it….

    November Sixth =1044. Forty Four =144. With 144 being the key number to everything – we should dig a lil deeper.

    November Sixth =1419. Martin Luther King Jr =1419.

    From MLK’s death day 4/4 to Obama’s possible death day 11/6 is 216 days. The 216th day of the year is 8/4 – Obama’s birthday.

    November 6th, or 11/6, looks like 116, or 911 flipped. 11/6 or 11×6 =66.

    11/6/2015 – 11+6+20+15 =52. Pope =52. 239 is the 52nd Prime – The Pope visited w/ Obama on 9/23.

    11/6/2015 – 11+6+2+1+5 =16. Sixteen =33

    Eleven Six =115. Freemasons =115. 115 is alot like the day before 11/6.

    115 or 11×5 =55. From Nov 6, there are 55 days remaining. Satan =55

    Nov 6th is the 310th day of the year. Three Hundred Tenth Day =227 – a number coded into many high profile assassinations recently discussed on this blog.

    One final note. I privately sent you a bunch of stuff on Obama suggesting the date of 11/28……

    Stone Mountain, GA = 1128.


    • Awesome work as always Maestro. I went to The Martian last night and it was coded right the heck up. Two numbers that really stood out came on the rendezvous plan that focused on the sol dates 722 and 227. And something critical happens on the 47th day of the mission too.


  2. MLK =216. Forgot to include that w/ the strong 216 day point.

    Movies are made for the code. Somebody should write a script saturated in all of Hollywoods fave numbers 😉

    For example, Matt Damon =101. Of course, since he sold his soul to the Devil…..He’s now – Matt Demon =105. Demon =51. He’s from – Boston =510…..or is he really from – Mars =51.

    Fifty One =46. The Martian =46.

    Ha! They’re actually all from Area 51, and thats where the movie was made….along w/ the Apollo moon landings, and countless other blockbusters.

    In general, I stay away from movies & TV – it’s just too easy to decode. I prefer to be challenged…i.e. the upcoming Obama assassination.

    Movies And TV =144.


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