The Several Hoax Assassination Attempts on Alexander II of Russia


Alexander II was Emperor of Russia from 2 March 1855 until his assassination in 1881. His brutal secret police, the Third Section, sent thousands of dissidents into Siberian exile. Before finally being blown to smithereens, Alexander dodged five assassination attempts – or so the alphanumerically-coded propaganda goes – including one on that most notorious of dates: April 4th.

  • Born: 4/29/1818 =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy); =69 (False Flag)
  • Crown: 3/2/1855 =60 (Conspiracy); =78 (Four Score and Seven)
  • Died: 3/13/1881 =115 (Freemasons / Killing) =87 (Inside Job)
  • ALEXANDER II OF RUSSIA =93 (Propaganda / Saturn / Martin Luther King Jr / Malcolm X)
  • ALEXANDER II =102 (Murderer / United States of America)
  • ALEXANDER =84 (Obama / Jesuit / United States of America)
  • THIRD SECTION =144 (Killer / Mark of the Beast / X / King Solomon / Forty-Four / April Fourth)

On April Fourth, 1866, a revolutionary called Dmitry Karakozov was the first man to attempt to murder the Emperor. As the story goes, his shot was interrupted by a peasant, proving the people’s love for their Tsar, and Karakzov was hanged on 9/3/1866. “As a result of the assassination attempt, the Tsar punished St Petersburg University. Students could no longer form any kind of organisation, no matter how harmless. They were subjected to constant surveillance and periodic searches.” Sounds like the classic Hegelian dialectic of an early hoax psyop. Especially when we examine the Gematria: 

  • 4/4/66 =74. Dmitry Karakozov =74.
  • 74 = Jesus / Cross / Masonic / Lucifer
  • KARAKAZOV =120 (Illuminati / Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn)
  • Died 9/3 like 93 = “Alexander II of Russia”
  • 9/3/1866 =96 (Freemason / Satanism / Knowledge)
  • 9/3/66 =78 (Four Score and Seven) – synched w/ A’s coronation 
  • Karakazov was born 10/23/40: 10+23=33 – a date with 69 days remaining: synching with the birthday of the Tsar.
  • Also, drop the zero and 123 =Conspiracy.

The third hoax assassination attempt occurred on 4/20/1879 when Alexander Soloviev, a 33-year-old former student, caught the Tsar in public and fired five shots that all missed as “the Emperor fled in a zigzag pattern.” Kind of like the five missed attempts before the sixth finally got him. 

  • 4/20/1879 =121 (Revelation / Antichrist / Blood Sacrifice); =103 (Badge of a Mason / Swastika)
  • April 2oth is Adolph Hitler’s birthday, exactly ten years later.
  • April 20th is the 110th day of the year and ADOLPH HITLER =110.
  • (110 = President / Ronald Reagan / Osama Bin Laden / Prophetic): Twin Towers were 110 stories
  • Notice that 420 is the Cannabis Holiday and Alexander ran a Zig-Zag, like the rolling papers. 
  • As it turns out, Zig-Zag™ was founded in Paris in 1879!
  • The  33-year-old was hanged on 5/28 (5+28=33)

That sixth and final assassination attempt came on March 13th, 1881. That’s the 72nd day of the year, like the price of the Alaska sale (below) and the date 3/13 can reflect either 313 = Hex, or 133 = Government / White House / Grand Vizier.

“Alexander was carried by sleigh to the Winter Palace to his study where almost the same day twenty years ago, he had signed the Emancipation Edict freeing the serfs. Alexander was bleeding to death, with his legs torn away, his stomach ripped open, and his face mutilated. At 3:30 that day, the standard (Alexander’s personal flag) of Alexander II was lowered for the last time.” – Wiki, Alexander

And for yet another 33 in this story, Russia sold the Alaska Territory to America for $7.2 million on 3/30/1867. That’s exactly 93 days before Canada was born on July 1st. Again, 93 = ALEXANDER II OF RUSSIA and the date that Karakazov died. Tributes to Saturn by the secret society who run all of history in this vast conspiracy by the numbers.

  • Speaking of Alaska, please read our report on Obama’s Rolling Stone and the McKinley Assassination for even more assassination connections.
  • Stay tuned for the next edition of historic assassinations deciphered, where we’ll examining the mind-boggling connections of Four Score and Seven Years to the Armenian Genocide.
  • (Pictured below is the ethnic cleansing of the Circassians, pinned on Alexander II):


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