Lamar Odom: Another Victim of the Kardashian Black Widows  


Lamar Odom collapsed at a Nevada brothel after allegedly overdosing on a cocktail of “virtually every drug imaginable” including ten herbal Viagra, in what will undoubtedly prove to be yet another deeply coded ritual sacrifice – and further evidence to my theory that the Kardashians are indeed a coven of witches and black widow man-eaters.

The former LA Lakers player turned reality star, by way of celebrity marriage to Khloe Kardashian, suffered heart failure at the Love Ranch during a four-day binge. His father, however, suspects foul-play: “Somebody drugged my son. There’s no way he’s down there partying crazy like that. No way. I knew something was wrong because I’ve been calling him all day and he hasn’t been answering.” The veritable abundance of K=11s aside, let’s dig into the decipher and close this case.

  • LAMAR ODOM =38 (Death) – today’s numerology; =92 (Fear / Horror) (11)
  • ODOM =47 (Star of David / Mafia / Obey / Authority / Nevada) (11)
  • KARDASHIAN =244 (Satanic / Cast Magic / Nineteen); =86 (Pyramid / Triangle / Symbol / Voodoo); =41 (Skull and Bones / Triple-X)
  • KHLOE KARDASHIAN =65 (Vlad the Impaler / Knights Templar); =74 (Masonic / Occult / Killing); =137 (Mind Control / Church of Satan / Eye of Horus) – 137 is the 33rd prime number (11)

Odom’s birthday: (11/6/79) =96 (Khloe & Lamar / Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra); =115 (Freemasons / Killing); =34 (Murder) =48 (Number Seven / Illuminati / Evil / Hoax / Propaganda) – fitting numerology to wear #7 with the Lakers. And the irony is not lost that he was born in Queens =410.

  • (Notice the inverted 911 and 116=Execution. 79=Murder)
  • There are 79 days left in the year on 10/13 
  • And get this: he OD’d 79 days after Bobbie Kristina Brown died 
  • Odom collapsed on (10/13/15) =38 (LAMAR ODOM / DEATH); =58 (Freemasonry)
  • That’s 3 weeks + 3 days before his birthday

Story broke on 10/14/2015 =59 (Kill / Slave / Negro). Lamar was 35 and “Brothel” =35.

  • ODOM OVERDOSE =1118. DEATH =118.
  • ODOM OVERDOSES =1122 (JFK killed on 11/22)
  • ODOM OVERDOSED =1014 (Story is breaking news on 10/14)

10/14 is exactly eight years to the day after Keeping Up With The Kardashians debuted on 10/14/07.

  • KUWTK =86 (Kardashian / Bobbie Kristina Brown)

    “On June 29, 2006, Odom’s 6½-month-old son Jayden died from SIDS while sleeping in his crib in New York.” Gang initiation blood sacrifice? The first of several, culminating with his own life.

    • 6/29/06 =41 (Kardashian / Skull and Bones); =61 (God / Fifty-Eight)
    • SIDS =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy)
    • JAYDEN =59 (Kill / Negro / Slave) 

    On July 9th 2011, Odom’s cousin, Curtis Smith, died. While Odom was in New York for the funeral on 7/17, his driver struck and killed a 15-year-old boy.

    • 7/9 =79 (Murder) – Odom has a life number of 79 and the day he OD’d leaves 79 days left in the year
    • 7/9/2011 =47 (Odom / Obey / Authority) (11)
    • CURTIS SMITH =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy); =159 (Project Monarch / Scandal) – the fulfillment of 59 (Jayden / Kill / Negro / Slave) and numerology of the news date.
    • 7/17/2011 =35 (Brothel) and Odom’s age for the incident; =55 (Satan) and the number of days left on his birthday.

    Then in 2015, just two days after Odom was in the news saying he wanted Khloe back, his best friend, Jamie Sangouthai, died from an OD on June 14th. This was the bad influence blamed for enabling Odom’s addictions, which had supposedly led to the 2013 divorce. And in case that’s not suspicious enough, less than a week after that, on June 20th, Odom lost a SECOND close friend to OD, producer Bobby Heyward.

    • SANGOUTHAI =115 (Freemasons / Killing) – and Odom’s birth numerology
    • 6/14/15 =35 (Cursed / Baphomet) – Odom was 35 at the time 
    • BOBBY HEYWARD =130 (Skull & Bones); =58 (Freemasonry) – Odom’s OD numerology 
    • 6/20/15 =41 (Kardashian / Skull and Bones); =61 (God / Fifty-Eight) – Odom’s son’s death numerology 

    “Not only is Lamar extremely sad, but he also feels pangs of guilty over his friend’s death.” – (their typo not mine)


    • 12/13/13 =38 (LAMAR ODOM / DEATH); =58 (Freemasonry)
    • The divorce numerology is the exact same as Odom’s overdose. 
    • The timespan between the divorce and ODom’s OD is 670 days which in numerology =67 (Satanic / Cycles / Female / Killer)
    • Notice the 1 year, 10 months, 1 day reduces to 111, which is the shortform equivalent of 666.
    • (Odom is from “New York” and it’s being said he OD’d on “cocaine,” which also has a Gematria of 111/666)


    Daily Mail posted this sign from Dennis Hof’s LoveRanch South in Crystal Nevada where Odom OD’d; yet further proof that this was indeed a Satanic ritual sacrifice, confirmed once again via the occult alphanumeric language of Gematria.


    • LOVERANCH =44 (Kill / Execution), 98 (Crystal / Prophet / Vlad Dracul / Angel of Death)
    • LOVERANCH SOUTH =73 (Sacrifice)
    • DENNIS HOF =49 (Revelation / Destruction)

    The two nasty prostitutes who found him are also part of the coded numerology ritual:

    • RYDER CHERRY =75 (New World Order)
    • MONICA MONROE =135 (Eighty-Sixed) – get it? Kardashian =86

     “Khloe meanwhile had shared a photo of some of the books she was reading just before the tragic incident, including Black Butterfly.” Monarch mind-control programming, anyone? From the summary: “The Black Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth after death.” What a coincidence eh.

    • ROBERT M DRAKE =58 (Freemasonry) – like the numerology of Odom’s OD and divorce; =130 (Skull & Bones / Bobby Heyward)
    • And look at the release date: 4/2 =42 (Khloe & Lamar / Freemason) and 4/2/2015 =41 (Kardashian / Skull and Bones) – death numerology of Bobby Heyward and Jayden Odom
    • MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Odom On Life Support =223.

    For even further confirmation of the numerological importance of 41 to the Kardashians, their reality show, Khloe & Lamar, was announced on a date with 41 numerology (12+29) and debuted on April 10th, 2011 (4/10). And just to reiterate:

    • KHLOE & LAMAR =42 (Freemason); 96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra)

    This is Khloe’s last Instagram post before Odom’s OD, several hours prior with the caption “No excuses.” Just like the ominous book’s author connecting to the other sacrifices’ numerologies: YOU’RE LATE =41 (KARDASHIAN); =122 (Elohim / Riddle). 

    • And I think another riddle may lie in the text reflection on the door… All I can make out is “It really counts… -ll back… the gym.” 
    • And here’s the second last photo of the Kardashian Koven, very suspicious looks:

    And this the Kardashians just taking it easy at home:


    • KARDASHIANS ARE WITCHES =216 (Whitney Elizabeth Houston)
    • 216 = 6x6x6


    If you’re interested in reading more about the numerology surrounding celebrity deaths:

    38 thoughts on “Lamar Odom: Another Victim of the Kardashian Black Widows  

      • I would not be at all surprised. Rob Kardashian =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. He also has a Gematria of 58 (Freemasonry) – same as the numerology of Odom’s divorce and OD.

        Rob’s birth numerology (3/17/1987) =126 (Eleven-Eleven) and again, K is the 11th letter and we all know how much they absolutely froth over that.

        It should be noted that KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS =131 (Death Penalty / Serial Killer / Crucifixion); =149 (Skull and Bones) and it debuted on October 14th, 2007 – exactly eight years before the news broke of Odom’s OD.

        EIGHT YEARS LATER =74 (Khloe Kardashian / Masonic / Occult / Killing) which is [witches] of course the reversal of 47=Odom.


        • Check out my report on Bobbie Brown and Whitney Houston for the incriminating evidence surrounding their timespans. Odom Od’d 79 days after Brown died (79=Murder) and 3 weeks + 3 days before his birthday for another 33 tribute.


    1. My name=Natasha. 3 a,s is 1.1.1 or 666
      Birthday=2/13. 6+6=12 + 1 is 13! 2×3= 6!
      My failed relationships = all happening on a day of the week, 3 or those days have 6’s in them, so 666! My ex’s were Devil worshipping lying bastards trying to sacrifice me to Satan! *See how ridiculous that sounds… What a bunch of crap! People will believe ANYTHING you tell them, if they want to believe it.


      • I’m using basic numerology and three form of Gematria and all the same numbers keep reappearing. Like the 41=Kardashian in everything they touch. Knowing that secret society elites get off on numerology (I know, my grandad was a grandmaster Freemason who died on 11/1/11), it just gets to the point where it’s delusional to think it’s all a coincidence. But you’re entitled to your thoughts, I’m just laying out the facts which everyone can cross-reference and double check for themselves and come to their own conclusions based on their own experiences and research.


      • Also you’re born on the 44th day of the year, Lupercalia. Lupercalia =44 (3+3+7+5+9+3+1+3+9+1) when we reduce each alphanumeric digit, like L is the 12th letter so 1+2=3. Just like there are 321 days remaining in the year on your birthday.


    2. I didn’t know this was word press. I’m on my cheap cell phone! Thought this was an internet story. I tried to delete my post/comment. I don’t wanna be disrespectful on anyone’s blog! So just delete my comments. I don’t see where I can delete it myself. And for the record, def not a fan of the K’s! Illuminati puppets or just rich whores…I don’t care.


      • Hey no worries, Natasha! We can leave it up, I’m wide open to any and all comments – Trust me, you’re not the first person to react that way to this work. I was super skeptical when I first learned about it too, but then I tried it out for myself and soon came to know it as beyond irrefutable proof to the ancient Conspiracy by the numbers.


    3. right now lamar needs JESUS or if he doesn’t make it he will slip in hell for eternity not illumanati that is evil an only the mercy of our heavenly father is the only way out an ask God to forgive you of your sins EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD WILL BOW BEFORE GOD THE FATHER SON AN HOLY SPIRIT AN SAY HE IS GOD THE ONLY TRUE GOD so everyone needs to ask God for forgiveness that is the only way to heaven my prayer is with Lamar an everyone that is in or apart of illuminati your going down the wrong path to hell for eternity an no way out. please ask Gods for forgiveness before its tooo late.

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Many people believe the LA Lakers are an illuminati team and Lamar is part of the MK Ultra mind control program. There are probably more numerology references there, too. Many MK victims turn to drugs–just look at all the Disney stars–so sad. It is very strange that so many men associated with the Kardashians end up dead or very troubled. The father died fairly young. OJ accused of murder. Rob became obese and reclusive. Scott is an admitted drug addict. Bruce became a woman. What the heck is going on? It amazes me that they are so good at appearing to be one thing to most people, but are most likely part of a deadly occult. To gain fame and fortune you must sell your soul. Be careful what you wish for. And for the record, Jesus wont save Lamar. Sadly, the Jesus myth is the illuminati’s most clever trick of all. All angels and saints are simply wolf’s in sheep’s clothing. All the stories you have ever been told are part of your programming. Wake up and trust no one but Infinite Wisdom. Sacrifices do not exist with Pure Love. Jesus was a sacrificial lamb–the story reeks of an illuminati sacrifice. Use some common sense!!!


      • MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Odom On Life Support =233.
        Kardashians are Witches =216 (6x6x6)

        LA Lakers =79 (Murder) – like the year Odom was born and the days left in the year when he OD’d


        • I believe God exists. But I do not think God will send me to hell when I have love and compassion in my heart. God understands that the level of deception is beyond our grasps. Your belief sounds like programming to me. I learned about that belief from the Catholic church and dismissed it long ago.


    5. Never been a fan of the K’s or even Cardassians from Star Trek. 🙂 I feel bad for the youngest two girls as they did not have a chance of not being MK. . This reminds me of Bobbi Kristina delay on death. I wonder if this will happen with fake assassination of Obama?


    6. I knew immediately when I watched the news that Lamar was a blood sacrifice. It’s so sad that this happens & people are so clueless to what’s really going on & who is behind it. Selling your soul to satan for fame and fortune. No amount of money would ever be worth it. Satan and the fallen angels are very real, celebrities talk about signing their soul away to him. Yahweh, God The Father is very real too, & the only way to get to the Father is through Jesus Christ; Yeshua. Turn to Yeshua before it’s too late. There is an everyday spiritual battle happening everyday & it’s for your soul.


    7. I don’t understand numerology still trying to learn it. But I remember in college 5 years ago I would always see the time be 2:26 pm or am. And when I would walk pass a door it would be door 226 . Like my head would gravitate to that number. I did some research and found out that it’s predicted that there will be a typhoon called Typhoon Jessica (my name) in 2026.

      Can you help me understand this please?

      D.o.b – 2/20/89
      Lost my baby -12/13/13

      —-also not to stray away from your epic blog post. This was a great analytic post. I wish I understood the numbers more. I will browse your blog more for some info


      • Katarina Flesher =66 (Wedding / Romeo / Sugar / Freedom). An interesting factoid about 66 is both “Robert Kennedy” and “Sirhan Sirhan” =66 and he died on 6/6.

        66 reduces to 3 because 6+6=12 and 1+2=3. In numerology, 3 is a number of harmony and fairness.

        Your birthday gives a life number of 33, the master teacher number, which reduces to 6 which symbolizes responsibility, dependability and trustworthiness.

        What’s really crazy though is you have the exact same birthday as David Lemieux, a boxer who is fighting at MSG tonight, as I just wrote about in my previous post!!


    8. Hey there Brother Berg! Realt interesting stuff, thank you! Is there a program online somewhere that will calculate the numerology of words? I’d like to start doing this myself but I have no idea how you go about getting the numbers lol.

      Also, what do you think about the newest developments on Lamar?? I was very surprised when they said he is doing better… Do you think that is purposeful? Also, when someone is brain dead as they first reported, they are legally dead and cant speak.. And now all of a sudden he woke up and spoke? Who is lying here?


      • Hey Ali, on my upper toolbar I have pages explaining how to calculate Gematria and links to the calculators (Gematrix and Riding the Beast) and the Rosetta Stone is an index / dictionary / glossary or whatever you wanna call it of some words and their numbers, as I’ve been compiling them (an ongoing work in progress as this field of investigation is still the Wild West)

        Go to YouTube and type in “How to Gematria – Zachary K Hubbard” – he taught me about all this and makes some of the best videos on the web. Check him out for sure if you’re interested on learning more.

        Who knows what’s really going on with Lamar but what we do know is that everything the propaganda machine of fascist media pumps into our subconscious is psychological warfare, and Gematria is the tool to prove it. Happy to have you on board, truth-seeker. Always open to questions and comments 🙂


        • Thank you that is super helpful! I’ll be sure to research more and reach out w further comments in the future. Take care!


    9. So tired of this victim mentality where everything is someone else’s fault. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and the results they get in life. It is convenient to blame someone else, the devil or even God. We always have the power of choice of blessing or curse. Break free from the Matrix free your mind and free your life.


      • Exactly brother that’s what I’m sayin. Trying to help folks deprogram by becoming aware of how our divine imagination manifests our reality – thus the consciousness hijacking – so we can reprogram our own shit and create a beautiful world together.


    10. Hallo Brother Berg…thanks for your Eyeliner openning Blogs , However i Wisch you Couleur Tell me more about my Name and Birthday …thanks


    11. Forgive me but I’m trying so hard to understand this. How do you arrive at 75 from “Ryder Cherry” or “New World Order”?? Seriously, please help me understand. I get, Ryder = 70, Cherry = 77, New World Order = 174. What am I not understanding here?


    12. Ok thanks! Do these two different systems (reduction & ordinal) carry equal weight in the occult? Does the occult believe they carry equal power? Does it matter in their eyes which method they’re using?


      • Ordinal and Jewish Gematria are much more specific, and thus powerful, but as long as the numerology is synchronized (the more fractal harmonics the better) it will do the trick.

        Check out some of my recent reports. The Pepsi one I just did is super interesting and incriminating.


      • I forgot to mention that the reduced method isn’t usually as powerful because the letters K, S, and V all reduce to either 11 or 1, so there can be several outcomes. Although when it’s matched with other full form codes to reveal the message, it’s powerful. Working on the subconscious.


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