Golovkin vs Lemieux: The Masonic Ritual of Boxing

 Boxing is potentially the most Masonic sport and a major occult ritual in and of itself. The number 33, the highest degree of Freemasonry and main calling card of the cabal, shows up in nearly every major fight – including tonight’s main event featuring a 33-0 fighter who is 33 years old versus a fighter with a life number of 33. The boxing ring has a 96-foot perimeter and in Gematria, 96 = Freemason / Satanism / Muhammad Ali / Holyfield. 

In rigged sports there’s a theoretical Gematria phenomenon called “Falling on Your Day” wherein he with the most harmonic coding loses; the sacrificial lamb, as it were. It happened in the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight, at the MGM =67 (30+7+30) where Manny =67 (13+1+14+14+25) with his 67″ reach lost by a punch disparity of 67 after being hit in the head 67 times. The event date (5/2/15) had a numerology of 22, just like “Manny” in the reduced method. Mayweather came into the fight 47-0 and Mayweather =47, advancing to 48 wins – the number equivalent of Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda. And for the record, 67 = Freemasonry / Satanic / Cycles / Revelation / The One.

Tonight we have another main event boxing match with similar synchronicities: Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux at Madison Square Garden, October 17th 2015. Golovkin the Kazakh is 33-0 with 30 knockouts and the highest KO percentage (91%) in middleweight championship history. Let’s investigate:


  • GENNADY GOLOVKIN =76 (Master) and the mirror of 67
  • His trainer: SANCHEZ =76
  • NINETY-ONE =121 (Blood Sacrifice)

The fight date (10/17/15) =42. Muhammad Ali =42. Freemason =42.

  • GOLOVKIN =42. His nickname, TRIPLE G =42.
  • His trainer, ABEL SANCHEZ =42. 
  • Abel Sanchez also =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy) and =96
  • History =42. 

“October Seventeen” and “Golovkin” =70 and both Golovkin and Lemieux have 70-inch reaches.

  • DAVID LEMIEUX =57 (Big Drama Show) – Golovkin’s nickname 
  • LEMIEUX =89 (God of War) – Golovkin’s other nickname 
  • GOD OF WAR also =44 (Kill / Execution) and Golovkin trains at a gym in BIG BEAR =44.

They’re fighting at MSG, “The World’s Most Famous Arena” =98 (the mirror of Lemieux). Golovkin was born on 4/8 which the 98th day of the year and his record written out, “Thirty-Three and Oh” =198. In numerology, 198 represents the fulfillment of 98.

So we’ll see what happens. Golovkin has an epic story of growing up in the ghettoes of Central Asia and is known as having one of the toughest chins in boxing. He’s been built up as the next Ali so a loss tonight to a relatively unknown Canadian would be the biggest upset in sports since the unranked Roberta Vinci beat Serena Williams on 9/11/15. Of note here is that ROBERTA VINCI =64 and WILIAMS =26 and she beat Serena 2-6, 6-4. 6-4. This followed a Sports Illustrated cover of Williams promoting her possible Grand Slam victory – yet another case of the SI Cover Jinx. While not on the cover, Golovkin had a feature piece in the previous issue.

  • It’s been 36 days between Serena’s rigged dive and tonight’s bout
  • This connects to Lemieux’s 36 career fights 

If Golovkin loses, we’ll know why. If he destroys Lemieux, it’s his symbolic birthday, being built up as the next legend of the Masonic ritual known as Boxing. (Which is most likely an ode to the Cube of Saturn).

One thought on “Golovkin vs Lemieux: The Masonic Ritual of Boxing

  1. The day of truth has arrived. Is he real or a hype job? That question and more will be answered tonight. I have waited for this day for 2 years. This should be a CARD of the year candidate a fight of the year candidate, As well as KO of the year candidate. May the best men win. I have GGG by KO in 6. Gonzalez by KO in 8. DING DING….


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