Canada’s New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – Deciphered


Canada kicked out Harper last night, “saying no to fear and division” and believing the incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that “this is Canada, and in Canada better is always possible.” I have to admit, it was a beautiful thing to see the illusion of democracy in action, allowing myself to be taken by the propaganda for just one night as Canadians turned out to the polls in droves and voted in a majority Liberal government as the Blue Jays smashed at the Skydome. I didn’t think about rigged sports or rigged elections or puppet politicians doing the bidding of their fascist masters. I just enjoyed the magic of the moment, believing in “real change,” because there’d be plenty of time to decipher in the days to come.

Trudeau’s acceptance speech was surprisingly powerful, in that I was surprised at how much it moved me. Again and again he emphasized the team, saying “I didn’t make history, we did.” He seemed stoic and genuine and kissed his wife longer than I’ve ever seen a politician kiss his wife. I imagine JFK would have smooched Jackie like that. I found myself wanting to believe in him, like Americans must have felt with Obama. Yet while I saw through that con from the beginning, part of me fantasizes that maybe the corporation of Canada is still salvageable and together we can bring back more civil liberties and freedoms and truly be a beacon of goodwill in the world. As if the New World Order isn’t all about the slickest possible PR campaigns and invisible perfected propaganda techniques of mind control.

At 43, Trudeau is our second youngest Prime Minister, the son of one our most beloved PM’s, Pierre Trudeau. Justin, a teacher, was born during his father’s term and reminds of JFK Jr – and his Illuminati assassination by extension. Trudeau is certainly charming; the first time his magic worked on me was late one night when a YouTube ad popped up of him in a lecture hall saying, “We need to rethink elements as basic as space and time.” And I was like, oh hell yes.

I just woke up from a dream that I was following Trudeau around Canada meeting Canadians of all stripes and creeds. Actually listening to them, actually standing up for them. Maybe that’s part of the mind control. Maybe there’s something in his rhetoric that really speaks to me. Maybe I feel inspired that we are indeed capable of real change, positive change, as Human Beings of Planet Earth. That we can and we will deprogram from this control matrix which has hijacked our collective subconscious to manifest the reality that an ancient cabal of psychopathic numerologists want us to manifest against our best interest; that we can and we will reconnect with our own divine imagination and stop giving away our consent; that we can and we will empower ourselves to create the world of abundance and harmony that is ours by right. 

I also dreamed that I was telepathically communicating in symbolic language with an octopus. Interpret that one as you like. As for Trudeau, unfortunately, the numbers reveal the reality.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU =48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda); =57 (England) – numerology of his father’s death date; =183 (Order out of Chaos / Manifest Destiny / Apocalyptic Plans)

  • PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU =105 (Masonry / Zionism / Messenger)
  • JUSTIN =93 (Propaganda / Saturn) – # of Thelema; =102 (World Peace / Key of David)
  • TRUDEAU =90 (Reality / Free Will) – Ninety =33 (Masonry / Teacher)
  • JUSTIN PIERRE JAMES TRUDEAU =104 (Liberal Leader / Big Brother); =113 (Mainstream / Greenscreen / Dishonest); =122 (Pope Francis / Elohim / Fraudulent)
  • 12/25/71 =108 (Free Energy / God is Love / Geometry); =55 (Slain / Satan / New Age / Joseph Trudeau)

Elected Leader of the Liberal Party on 4/14/13 =51 (Freemason / Conspiracy) and elected Prime Minister of Canada on 10/19/15 =44 (Kill / Execution / Lone Gunman / Pierre); =64 (Change / Israel / Zion / Thelema) – and reduced we find 10/19 =119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Order of Death)

  • Timespan between becoming member of Canadian Parliament and Liberal Leader =183 days 
  • 183 = Justin Trudeau
  • Timespan between Prime Minister nomination (10/19) and his birthday =66 days or 9 weeks 3 days
  • 66 = Harper / Robert Kennedy (died on 6/6) / Sirhan Sirhan / Thirty-Three. 93 = Justin.
  • Timespan between nomination (44 numerology) and next Lupercalia (44th day) =116 days (911)

He ran on a platform of REAL CHANGE =47 (Canadian / Trudeau Wins / President / Caesar / Star of David / Mafia / Obey / Authority) – father’s life number; =74 (Masonic / Occult / Jesus / Cross / Lucifer).

  • REAL CHANGE NOW =63 (Command / Crowd / Public / Folks / Eleven)
  • LIBERAL =59 (Liberal Leader / Kill / Slave / Negro / John F Kennedy); =137 (Mind Control / Eye of Horus) – the 33rd prime number 

With all our investigations into political assassinations, and all the harmonics clearly pointing at an upcoming event; and with all the JFK reminders around Trudeau, it makes one wonder if he’s a target.

  • TRUDEAU GETS SHOT =59 (Kill / Liberal Leader / John F Kennedy)
  • PRIME MINISTER ASSASSINATED =110 (Grim Reaper / Prophetic / It’s an Omen / President / Osama Bin Laden / Adolf Hitler / Martial Law / Encrypted / Christmas) – recall Trudeau was born on Christmas

 Notice the timestamp on the video is 3.14 = Pi. This is directly connected to cycles and fractal time, fitting with the second Trudeau in office, similar to the Bush Dynasty south of the 49th parallel. (49 = Revelation and Chapter 13:18 – notice how that reduces to 49 as well – is where we find the reference of 666). And if we sum the first 144 digits of Pi we get 666. Recall, 144 = Mark of the Beast. It’s all connected. 

  • 144 = CANADA / Killer / Sagittarius / Forty-Four
  • With regards to JFK, he was shot on the first day of Sagittarius and was the 44th-Term President
  • Trudeau was elected 67 days before his 44th birthday. (67 = Freemasonry / Satanic / Cycles)
  • And I can’t not see a glaring Illuminati pyramid stamp on Trudeau’s face, because the play button was designed in accordance with the playbook

5 thoughts on “Canada’s New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – Deciphered

  1. The comments to begin this post were heart-felt on the readers end as well.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau =2106, much like 216 – 6x6x6 =216. Obama born on the 216th day of the year.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau = 126. alot like 216. One Twenty Six =2039, alot like 239.

    PM Trudeau =119. True Dough =119.

    Oh Canada =108. Extra Capsa =108.


  2. I should have just taken the words out of Trudeau’s mouth….

    This Is Canada =108. Extra Capsa =108.

    In Canada Better is Always Possible =323. Commander In Chief =323.

    To quote Thelema…. .Love Is The Law – Love Under Will =323.


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