Trolling from Trollhättan

   As we’ve discovered through forensic analysis of nearly every highly-publicized school massacre, the default assumption is conspiracy until proven spontaneous; hoax until shown to be staged. The harmonic synchronicities revealed through and by the ancient secret language of Gematria expose the truth behind the psychological warfare machine that operates as invisible propaganda.

What immediately leaps out from that tweet are the doctored numbers, coded as always for numerology purposes. 38 = Death (4+5+1+20+8) and 144 = Killer / Mark of the Beast (and if we sum the first 144 digits of Pi we get 666). Of course it posted at 8:33, as 33 = Masonry / Satanic Cult and 83 = Michael Zehaf-Bibeau / Illusion Machine.

  • The date: 10/22/15 =47 (PsyOps / Star of David / Mafia / Obey / Authority); =67 (Freemasonry / Satanic / Cycles / Killer / Luciferianism); =40 (Zionist / Satanist / Manipulate)
  • 70 days left in the year =70 (Sweden / Assassination / Subconsicous)
  • This is also the one year anniversary of the Staged Shooting Psyop at Parliament Hill (blamed on Zehaf-Bibeau which connects to the 83 above).
  • Incident occurred at 10:10 local time, which conveniently reduces to 11, the magical master number.

Sweden’s Prime Minister called it a “BLACK DAY FOR SWEDEN” =69 (False Flag)

The attack was in TROLLHATTAN =42 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Satanic Cult / Masonry / Saturnic), which sounds a lot like Manhattan if we replaced the Man with the Troll. Trollhättan has a Gematria of 42 and is located 420 km outside Stockholm, which in turn reminds of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME =103 (Passive Voyeurism / Coincidences). Indeed many people suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, aka capture-bonding, whereby one expresses empathy and sympathy towards the captor (the ruling elite), sometimes to the point of identifying with and defending said captor. Sound familiar? Notice how symptoms include belief in coincidences and a passion for passive voyeurism, all words that share the same basic vibrational frequency.

Trollhättan translates into English as TROLL’S BONNET =49 (Revelation / Subliminal / Stonehenge); =166 (Secret Society / Psychic Driving). 

  • And adding evidence to the theory that it was staged, Trollhättan is the film capital of Sweden, and is known as: TROLLYWOOD =51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism / Psychodrama / Masonic-Satanist / Masonic Dogma / Mass Shooting); =159 (Project Monarch)
  • TROLL =23 (Satanists); =77 (Saturn-Chronos / Hexagram)

Recall that in this internet age, to “troll” means to deceive in order to get the victim worked up, sowing discord and upsetting people. Similar to being owned online (pwned), trolling seems to be a derivative of CONTROLLING. As such, it can be accurately said that the masses are being trolled by the parasitic cabal of psychotic sorcerers, hiding in plain sight behind occult rituals and numerology.

The costumed swordsman reminds of the Satanic holy-day of All Hallow’s Eve, which comes ten days later following this incident (which is most likely part of a greater ritual). TEN DAYS LATER =144, as coded in the tweet shown in the propaganda. Yet that’s not all; look at the minutes between today and Halloween… And of course the lucky number 13:


Another key date we measure timespans with is Lupercalia, on Feb 13th. That’s the 44th day of the year and LUPERCALIA =44. Kill =44. And FORTY-FOUR =144. See how that works? “April Fourth” also =144. Anyway, the timespan between today and 2/13/16 is 114 days or 3 months 22 days. 

  • 114 = Psychological Operation / Masonic Dogma
  • 322 is the number of Skull & Bones, which is calculated according to the Law of Reversals:
  • 223 = The Synagogue of Satan / Masonic / Skull and Crossbones / Reptilian Bloodlines / Friday the Thirteenth / Secret Numeric Proof / Reoccurring Numbers / Let Him That Hath Understanding Count the Number of the Beast)

 The King of Sweden said his kingdom “IS IN SHOCK” =44 (Kill / Execution / Lone Gunman).

  • Two people died: a “teacher” =33 and a boy age 17 = Kill / Mossad / Mason
  • And the bogeyman’s apparel reminds of Darth Vader (convenient product placement with the Star Wars trailer released three days ago), and the guy from the creepy mural at Denver Airport:
  • DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT =137 (Mind Control / Eye of Horus / Church of Satan) – and 137 is the 33rd prime number.


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