French Bus Crash – A Numerologically Loaded Ritual 


What seems at first glance to be another tragic accident, a simple instance of bad luck, is revealed to be extremely deep coded. The 42 is an instant giveaway, as one of the major call-signs of the cabal. Oh, and BUS=42 (2+21+19). Of course it’s possible for an accident to occur and the numerology slapped on for propaganda purposes, yet a closer examination of this incident uncovers a veritable treasure trove of suspicious murder/death/kill coding. 


Head-on crash on a narrow road: The crash took place on the D17 highway in Puisseguin, near Bordeaux, in southern France, the spokesman said. Eight people “escaped the flames,” BFMTV, a CNN affiliate in France, reported. The crash took place at 7:30 Friday morning. 

  • 42 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Satanic Cult / Masonry)
  • Name of witness: MAEL GOHAUD =42.
  • 17 (Kill / Mossad / Mason) 4:13 breaking news timestamp (4+13) and the area of PUISSEGUIN is 17km (6.66 miles)
  • 7:3o =73 (Sacrifice)

PUISSEGUIN =59 (Kill); =68 (“Immense Tragedy”)

  • Event’s numerology =68 (10+33+15)
  • BORDEAUX =36 (666); =90 (Masonic Ritual Murder). 
  • Ninety=33 (10+23=33).
  • And it happened on the 44th parallel. 44=Kill.

“Head-on crash on a narrow road”=118. “Eight people”=118. DEATH=118.

  • “Escaped the flames”=61 (God / Ritual Murder / Catastrophic); =142 (President Obama / Terrorist / Killing of the Divine King / Forty-Two) – 142 as the fulfillment of 42
  • PUISSEGUIN is 15km east of “LIBOURNE” =42.
  • LIBOURNE =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra)
  • LORRY CRASH =56 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Mind Control); =137 (Church of Satan / Eye of Horus / Mind Control) – 33rd prime 


The area of 6.66 miles is clearly ominous for the site of an occult ritual designed to create an outpouring of grief and negative energy to be fed upon. And the postal code of 333/42… View my previous post for an event that occured simultaneously, the staged shooing at “Tennessee State University” =333.

  • The incident occurred on a 33 day (10+23) close to Chateau de Monbadon.
  • Monbadon =33. And of course they sent the #33 ambulance.


  Now, the previous bus incident we covered as a hoax event occured on 9/24 in Seattle, when a DuckTours bus collided with another bus on an ominously-named bridge. The timespan calculation yields 30 days, or 4 weeks 2 days. Hmm, kind of exactly like 42.

  • Notice the 43 in the minute category; BBC is now reporting “at least 43 dead”
  • It’s said the majority of victims belonged to the WALKING CLUB =43.
  • Both dates share a numerology of 33/48/68 (24/09/15) and (23/10/15)
  • 48 = Illuminati / Hoax / Crime / Evil / Six-Six-Six / Black Saturday

 This is being called the worst road accident in French history since “Black Saturday” 7/31/82 when a bus crash killed 53 people, including 46 children. (7+31) =38. DEATH =38. BLACK SATURDAY =138.

  • And oh what d’ya know: that was 33 years ago.
  • And 2 months 23 days =223 (The Synagogue of Satan / Masonic / Skull and Crossbones / Let Him That Hath Understanding Count the Number of the Beast) 

2 thoughts on “French Bus Crash – A Numerologically Loaded Ritual 

  1. Hi there, finally someone else out there who has seen through this psyop ritual. I immediately became dubious when I saw the number 33 all over the place. If you play a news clip (sky news possibly) youll also see a car with 33 in its number plate. Also, the tragedy happened at 7.30am, ambulances and emergency were o. The scene very quickly yet no footage of flames being put out, some people escape whilst the others burnt to death to point of being unable to be identified for WEEKS…!! They must have burnt extremely quickly if that is the case.. also, I called the local wine merchant there and asked him about a road traffic accident (as “the whole village is in shock”)….he knew nothing about it, 8 hours after it allegedly happened…


    • Excellent work, brother. My man Zachary K Hubbard has received several comments from independent investigators such as yourself, saying the same damn thing. Yet another hoax for ritual purposes. Keep fightin the good fight!


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