Maldivian Assassination Attempts and Vice-Presidential High Treason


“The vice-president of the Maldives has been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate the president, say police and officials. Ahmed Adeeb was in detention and being charged with high treason. President Abdulla Yameen narrowly escaped injury when a blast struck the boat he was using to return home from the airport on Sept 28.” – BBC

MALDIVES VICE-PRESIDENT ADEEB ARRESTED OVER ‘BOMB PLOT’ =217 (Psychological Warfare / The Rite of Perfection)

  • MALDIVES =31 (Malé); =40 (Zionist / Dissident); =85 (Vice-President Adeeb / Passive Voyeurism)
  • BOMB PLOT =32 (Obama / Bomb / Assassinated / Agenda)
  • ADEEB =17 (Kill / Mossad / Mason)
  • AHMED ADEEB =48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Crime / Propaganda)

Watch the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry: Maldives =31. Bomb Plot =32. Adeeb is age 33.

  • 31+32+33 =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra). 
  • Maldivian calling code: +960


And will ya look at that. Born on 4/11, the 101st day of the year. Just like the double Gematria for Assassin, almost as if he were born to attempt an assassination on the Maldivian President. (And with regards to the 606, Robert Kennedy & Sirhan Sirhan =66 and RFK died on 6/6; also “Thirty-Three” =66). Recall, Oswald is said to have shot JFK from 411 Elm Street. And in another instance of predictive programming, a 1961 episode of the Andy Griffith Show featured a plot about a bootlegging operation at 411 Elm Street. (We’re also in the time of the 114th Congress led by speaker of the house JOHN BOEHNER =114.)

  • Notice the connection (4 x 11) =44 (Kill / Execution / Lone Gunman)
  • Julius Caesar killed in 44 BC; first President to die in office died on 4/4, same as MLK Jr; JFK was the 44th-Term President and Obama is the 44th President.

Now get this, truth-seeker: Adeeb’s assassination target was President ABDULLA YAMEEN =44. And in long-form Gematria, his name synchs with Adeeb’s birth numerology. Also, Adeeb assumed office on a date with 44 numerology (7/22/15).


  • 4/11/1982 =116 (Execution / Rothschild / Powerful) – upside down 911
  • 4/11/82 =97 (Civil War / Violent / Hurricane) – curiously, Adeeb was arrested during the most violent hurricane in history, on the other side of the world.
  • (4+1+1+1+9+8+2) =26 (God / Mason / Magick / Secrets) – it was exactly 26 days between the assassination attempt and Adeeb’s arrest — and 2 months 6 days between his inauguration and the bomb plot. 
  • [2 months 6 days = 68 days. 68 = Barack Obama]


Timespan between Adeeb assuming office (7/22/15) and his arrest: 3 months 2 days =32 (Bomb Plot / Obama / Assassinated) -or- 13 weeks 3 days =133 (Killing of the Divine King / Government / Psychological Operations).

  • Adeeb is being charged with HIGH TREASON =61 (God / Sins / Assassination / Ritual Murder); =124 (Killing of the Divine King)
  • The “Killing of the Divine King” is an occult ritual designed for the alchemical programming of the traumatized subconscious, last committed in full with JFK, the “King of Camelot,”shot to death.

In Masonic lore, when the “divine king” is murdered by one who is himself stronger or craftier, those powers of “divinity” which were the king’s are “Sympathetically” and “Contagiously” transferred from the vanquished to the victor. – Michael A Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

As further evidence of the numerological conspiracy, may we present the timespan between Adeeb’s 33rd birthday and his swearing-in as Vice-President of the Maldives:

  • 102 = Murderer / Rothschild Zionist
  • 311 = The Beast / All Hail Satan (3 x 11 =33)
  • 144 = Mark of the Beast / Killer / Corporation / Scottish Rite of Freemasonry / April Fourth / Forty-Four / President Biden


To connect 144 with the aforementioned 411 Elm St on Andy Griffith: the epsiode aired on Christmas Day, 1961; exactly 144 days after Barack Obama was born. And speaking of PRESIDENT BIDEN =144, the BBC (223) article leaves us with a suggestive clue, wondering about the ramifications of alchemical predictive programming…

“Soon after the blast, speculation began to grow that Mr Adeeb was involved, reports say. Under the Maldivian constitution, the vice-president succeeds the president if he dies, is incapacitated or resigns.” – BBC


3 thoughts on “Maldivian Assassination Attempts and Vice-Presidential High Treason

  1. Very interesting bit with the gematria for ASSASSIN and his birthdate.
    Before reading this, I noticed today that CINEMA ATTACK = 101/606 & 303
    How convenient that ASSASSIN sums the same in english.


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