Obama’s Oval Office Tributes to Assassination


Today – 10/28/15 – Prince Harry met Obama for the first time (officially). They spoke (officially) about the INVICTUS GAMES =54 (Freemasonic / Fifty-Four) – Obama is 54 and the baseball score from World Series Game 1 was 5-4. The headline: PRINCE HARRY MEETS BARACK OBAMA TO PROMOTE INVICTUS GAMES =222. There are 222 days between Lupercalia (2/13) and Yom Kippur (9/23). LUPERCALIA =44. Kill =44 Lupercalia is the 44th day of the year.

  • Now speaking of Obama the 44th President and JFK the 44th-Term President, the radiating spokes on the Oval Office carpet, installed during the Bush II term, feature 44 spokes.
  • Not 43 for George W Bush the 43rd President (or 43 = Yale / Fascism / Magog / Bloodline / Freemason’s), but 44=Kill.
  • FYI: Magog was Papa Bush’s nickname in Skull & Bones at Yale; 


But what really stood out in that shot of Obama and Harry is the bust of MLK, assassinated on 4/4. Obama added the bust – adjacent to the bust of Lincoln – in his 18th month in office (6+6+6=18).

  • An article from CBS archives about Obama’s Oval Office changes shows a picture from 12/29/2009 =41 (Skull and Bones / Satanists / Assassinated). Another way to read that date is 29-29.
  • Now, Princess Die and Kate Middeton both married into the royal family on 29 dates. Assassin =29.
  • Another way to see that is 11/11 (11×11=121). Blood Sacrifice =121.
  • And now Prince Harry meeting Obama on a date with 73 numerology. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73.

***SIDENOTE*** tonight’s World Series game 2 ended 1-7 on the night of NBA season opener. NBA =17. KILL =17. The 17th prime number is 53. Today’s numerology (10/28/15) =53

  • And a strange synchronicity is the points scored in the second quarter of the Lakers-Timberwolves game was 29-29, just as I was discovering the connection with the royal family. 

The bust of MLK was designed by one CHARLES ALSTON =48 (Illuminati / Blood / Evil / Crime); =147 (Cryptocracy / Damage Done). And what’s interesting about 147 is it’s the fulfilment of 47 – four score and seven years ago, like Lincoln. 47 = President / Caesar / Judge / Mafia / Obey / Authority. (Julius Caesar died on the 74th day in 44 BC)

  • The article drops the thesis statement: “Deep meaning can be read into small shifts in Oval Office decor.” 
  • Penholder on Obama’s desk from HMS GANNET =38 (Death); =101 (Assassin)

If Obama does happen to die in office, as fractal time would suggest, know that it were no fluke. Notice Obama looking like a bust himself in his shrine to murder, positioned between Lincoln and MLK – and in Gematria, GEORGE WASHINGTON =187, the police code for homicide. 


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Oval Office Tributes to Assassination

  1. The most fascinating subject to me is the upcoming assassination of Barack Obama. This post is another piece to the puzzle.

    Bust Of MLK Jr =147. Lincoln Obama MLK =147.

    Lincoln Obama And MLK =166. The White House =166.

    Will Obama be the next to be Bronzed?

    Bronzed =84. Obama =84.

    Regarding Prince Harry…..my angle on him is that he is Not a Royal. Harry is the ultimate red-headed step child. If you investigate, you will see Diana is his mother, but Prince Charles is def Not his father. If there is to be a sacrifice in Buckingham Palace – it will be Prince Harry.

    Not A Royal =121. Blood Sacrifice =121

    Sacrifice In Buckingham Palace =223.


    • Oh yeah buddy, Harry’s real dad Captain James Hewitt

      JAMES HEWITT =43. HARRY =34. (Hewitt born 4/30)

      Captain Hewitt =59. John F Kennedy =59.


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