NBA Opener: Major 223 Tribute to Flip Saunders’ Ritual Sacrifice

Opening night of the NBA season, 10/28/15 =53. The 17th prime is 53. NBA =17. Recently deceased T-Wolves coach, Flip Saunders, coached 17 seasons in the NBA. (Recall the deaths of 76ers players Darryl Dawkins and Moses Malone came 17 days apart.) Elsewhere on the same evening, the World Series Game 2 ended 1-7. KILL =17. KILL =44. NBA TIP-OFF =44. 

  • With 53 in mind, the 1st quarter score of Lakers-Wolves totalled 53 points.
  • The second quarter totalled 58 (Los Angeles Lakers / Freemasonry / Secret Society) – and the 29/29 synch with the Royal Weddings as mentioned in the previous report
  • The half-time score of 51-60 or 111. Like the 111th World Series. 
  • 111 like the final Lakers score.
  • 51 = (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism / Psychodrama)
  • 60 = (Seventy-Sixers / Darryl Dawkins / Malone / Nigger / Abraham Lincoln / New York Mets)

The game ended with a total score of 223. If you’ve been following along, you know how huge 223 is. It’s been covered in most stories this past week. 223 = Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan / Skull and Crossbones. It’s the definition of 322, the number of Skull & Bones.

  • And even more incriminatingly, 2/23 is Flip Saunders birthday – as we reported three days ago. 
  • He died at age 60. Like the Lakers’ halftime score.
  • Flip was born in ’55. TWO-TWO-THREE =55. He’s from MINNEAPOLIS =55.
  • Minneapolis Minnesota =93. Minneapolis Timberwolves =93. Rothschild Zionist =93.
  • Flip won a total of 654 games. 654 = (Seventeen / Psychological Warfare / Zionist Conspiracy / Masonic Ritual Murders / Los Angeles)
  • ((FLIPMODE =44. Gimme Some More – 2:39 track length))

Now the score 112-111. We’ve covered the 111 tribute to World Series and NEW YORK =111. But 112 is a veiled tribute to 9/11, which our Euro fans will catch, as the emergency number there is 1-1-2. So are we getting another warning about an upcoming event at the World Series? One carried out by the bloodlines behind Skull & Bones? Perhaps Game 7 on NOVEMBER FOURTH =74 (after the 47 tribute in WS Game 1 delay and #47 pitching Game 2).

  • Back to the initial screencap I took of the final time-out at 4.2 seconds.
  • 42 = (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Satanic Cult / Masonry)
  • Timberwolves finished with 42 pts in the paint (and 17 fast break pts)
  • And the reverse, #24 Kobe Bryant – who finished with 24 pts – got the ball after the timeout; the TO where they were undoubtedly told not to score – which could explain why Kobe was sulking as he left the huddle.

Final point (for now) is the timespan betwee the deaths of Flip Saunders and Moses Malone =42 days. Another way to express that is 1 month 12 days, or the 112 final Timberwolves score in the first game since their head coach died – under suspicious circumstances, now even more so.


One thought on “NBA Opener: Major 223 Tribute to Flip Saunders’ Ritual Sacrifice

  1. TimberWolves Head Coach =211

    Two Twenty Three =122.

    The most popular, and permeating phrase from the game of basketball is – Slam Dunk.

    Slam Dunk =95. Flip = 95. Both those work into your previous 59 connections – the “Flip” of 95.

    This NBA season may see a Major False Flag. We have already had Occult Sacrifices of Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins, & now Flip Saunders before the season ever began. All Tributes for an upcoming Masterpiece of a Hoax.

    NBA False Flag =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199.


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