Nepal’s First Female President and Deep-Coded Earthquakes


Nepal has elected its first female president, a casual 187 days after the devastating earthquake of April 2015. If you’re familiar with hip-hop culture, you know that 187 is the police code for homicide. In Gematria, 187 = (George Washington / The Death of Humankind / Brotherhood of Death / Nailed to the Cross / Happily Ever After). Now we know another level of subtext to the final line of fairy tales.

  • Her name: BIDHYA BHANDARI =106 (Prophecy / Divine Plan) – it was 106 days between the Nepal earthquake which destroyed the Temple of Shiva and the projection of Shiva/Kali on the Empire State Building on 8/9/15. EMPIRE =39. NEW YORK =39. BHANDARI =39.
  • Man she replaced: KP SHARMA OLI =51 (Freemason); =123 (Conspiracy)
  • Headline: BIDHYA DEVI BHANDARI ELECTED NEPAL’S FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT =239 (The 44th President Barack Obama / Conqueror of Nations / Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing / USA History Repeats)
  • America is 239 years old and Nepal’s monarchy lasted 239 years.
  • BHANDARI is 54, the same age as Obama. Her bday is 6/19/61 =86 (Pyramid / Triangle) – Nepal is on the 86th meridian; =105 (Masonry / Zionism). In fact, they’re born 47 days apart. 47 = (President / Caesar / Auhority / Obey).  

Are we seeing a tribute to the future election of Hillary Clinton? Or is the 187 programming for an upcoming presidential assassination, in line with the patterns of history? 187 days is 6 months 4 days =64 (Barack Hussein Obama / Joe Biden)…


  • 22 years ago, Ms Bhandari’s husband was murdered in a car accident.
  • MADAN BHANDARI =90 (Masonic Ritual Murder); =54 (Freemasonic) –  wife’s age when elected President
  • MADAN KUMAR BHANDARI =73 (Ritual Sacrifice)
  • Mr. Bhandari was born on 6/27/52, which leaves 187 days in the year. June 27th is a 33 date (6+27) with numerology one point below his wife: 85/104.
  • He died on 5/16/93 =133 (Government / Killing of the Divine King) — 133 the fulfilment of 33, his Masonic birthday; =114 (Psychological Operation) — like ASSASSIN =411.


And bringing it back to the Earthquake, it happened on 4/25/15 =44. Kill =44. HAARP =44. EARTHQUAKE =44. It’s recorded as a 7.8 with an epicentre in LAMJUNG =78. If you think that’s a fluke, 6 days prior to the Nepalese incident there was a 6.6 earthquake in HUALIAN =66, Taiwan. The US Geological Survey: USGS =66. And if you think that too is a fluke, well my friend, you need to study up on HAARP technology.

  • And lest we forget the story of miracle boy, Pemba Tamang, pulled from the rubble after five days
  • PEMBA TAMANG =39/93. Rescued in KATHMANDU =39/93.
  • Wearing a clean shirt that reads NEW YORK =39/111.


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