Tributes to Four and Conspiracy: Easy as 123_


Big Al died on Halloween at 96, part of the tribute. The Halloween plane crash involved an Airbus 321, Airbus tweeted about the crash at 3:21, and the emergency number in Egypt is 123. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION =123. FOUR ELEVEN =123. And as a reminder, 111 X 111 =12321. As if that’s not trippy enough, we get the 321 headline and the score of the OSU vs Texas Tech football game I bet on ended in a beautiful 123 total score: 


  • And since we’re on the subject of Gematria as the Grays Sports Almanac and the accurate prediction of rigged sports, I called the All Blacks rugby World Cup win (total of 51 points, like Conspiracy in the reduced method, and the # of days between the White House blackout and the first Cubs blackout) – and I also called the Mets win Game 3 by 6 runs:

All this seems to be a tribute for tonight’s World Series Game 4. So many tributes to 4 today. In ’86, the Mets won Game 4 by 4 runs and tonight has a numerology of 4 (76=13=4). 4-4-4. SYNCHRONICITY =444. MASONIC =444. 

  • I’m watching the game and a commercial for Visa comes on featuring a family of circus performers called THE FLYING BRANZINOS =224. Recall, 224 people died in the Haloween Plane Crash and 224+422=666. New York =111 in the 111th World Series and 111 in Simple Gematria equates through English Gematria to 666.
  • 224 =2+2=4. TWO-TWO-FOUR =50. CITI FIELD =50 (location of tonight’s Mets game). 
  • Steve Jobs was born on 2/24, the 55th day of 1955. The guy behind APPLE =50. Like the HOME RUN APPLE =144 in NYC the “Big Apple.”
  • World Series ad for Fallout 4.

The horse American Pharoah just won its fourth championship of the year today. They call that a GRAND SLAM =44. And of course a Grand Slam in baseball is 4 runs. AMERICAN PHAROAH =131 and he finished his career today on 10/31 – a day with 76 numerology and PHAROAH =67. Tonight’s Royals starter CHRIS YOUNG =67. Mets starting pitcher STEVEN JAKOB MATZ =67.

  • Mets LF “Michael Conforto” =76 with 2-2-2-2 and .333 end of the sixth
  • Conforto was born on 3/1 =4.
  • And also on Halloween, a shooting in Colorado Springs left four dead
  • FOUR DEAD =444 / 38. COLORADO =38. DEATH =38.

Conforto had 26 runs batted in in the 2015 season. And let’s review all the 62 tributes in the plane crash: RICHARD QUEST =62 (and he was born in ’62). SINAI EGYPT =62. RITUAL MURDERS =62. The plane vanished from radar 23 minutes into the flight at 6:20 a.m. local time =62. There were 62 men on board. It was en route to ST PETERSBURG =62. And in the mirror, GOD =26.

  • Now imagine if Game 4 finishes 6-2 for the same 4 run difference as ’86 Series…

**UPDATE** Nope, the tributes were for sum not subtraction. The final score was 5-3 Royals. Total of 8 points. 6+2 instead of 6-2. CESPEDES =76 playing Agent Zero and losing it for the Mets again.

  • Score of 5-3 and Cespedes was traded to the Mets on (7/31/15) a date with 53 numerology. 
  • Tomorrow, 11/1, the Royals have a chance to win the 111th WS, 93 days after the Cespedes trade.
  • If it goes 7, 11/4 will be the 96th day – to tie back to the initial headline.

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