Günter Schabowski: Berlin Wall Blunderer Bites Dust

Günter Schabowski =74 (Masonic / Occult / Gematria / November Fourth) with a surname of 47, spokesman for the POLITBURO =47, and dies on a date with 47 numerology (11/1/2015) at the age of 86 (Pyramid / Triangle / Death Hoax). He was born on 1/4/1929 =26 (God) — it’s been 26 years since the Berlin Wall fell; (1/4/1929) =53, and Wikipedia just happens to have a photo of him at age 53. 

  • Notice the announcement date 11/9 =119 (Star of David / Order of Death)
  • 11/9/89 =109. BRIAN HANRAHAN =109. 


  • Günter =36 (Baseball Gods / 666) and 90 (Berlin Wall Blunderer / Masonic Ritual Murder / EMP Attack). Ninety =33. Berlin =33.
  • Schabowski =38 (Death / Hanrahan); =47 (Star of David); =56 (Mind Control / All-Seeing Eye)

Notice Günter reduces to 9 and Schabowski reduces to 11 for a coded 9/11. Notice too the infamous date of the Politburo announcement on 11/9… Sept 11th leaves 111 days remaining in the year and here Schabowski dies on 11/1. Did he fake his death (or was he murdered) as a tribute to the 111th World Series ritual? He was born on 1/4 – if Royals win tonight on his death date the record will be 4-1. His birth number 53 and his age in the picture correspond to Game 4 score of 5-3. And as we’ve been documenting, the last time the Mets won the World Series was ’86, the age he died at.

  • Here’s a story about the BLUNDERER =45 who led to the fall of the BERLIN WALL =45 which ended 45 years of division coming on the same day as the 45th NYC Marathon. 
  • 45 also reduces to 9, the key number in baseball. 

“In 2009 he wrote an autobiography denouncing the regime as being fatally flawed” – BBC article 

  • FATALLY FLAWED =47 (Schabowski / Politburo) – death numerology 

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