Matt Harvey: Dark Knight Rising?

MATT HARVEY =133 and wears #33. His nickname is THE DARK KNIGHT =64 (he’s 6’4″) and when he pitches fans call it HARVEY DAY =46. HERO =46. THE DARK KNIGHT also =73 (Sacrifice) and meanwhile, elsewhere in America, senator/actor Fred Thompson died today at age 73. 

Thompson was in office until 1/3/3 like Matt Harvey =133, the fulfilment of 33. THIS IS A HOAX =133. FIFTH PENNANT =133 (Mets won their fifth pennant this year). WORLD SERIES =1333. (And this screenshot from a Nissan commercial aired on game day):  

  • FRED THOMPSON =153 (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry) – the fulfilment of 53 (like 5-3 score in Game 4). METS GAME FIVE =53.COMEBACK =53.
  • FRED THOMPSON =63 (Freemasonic) — Royals starting pitcher #36’s father DANIEL VOLQUEZ =163 died just before Game 1 at age 63. 
  • He was an actor on LAW & ORDER =42 (NYC / Freemason / Zionism); =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / World Series Blackout / New York City Marathon)
  • He died in Nashville =39 (New York / NY); =48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda)
  • Now how’s this truth-seeker: Thompson served as Governor of Tennessee for exactly 422 weeks:


  • MATTHEW EDWARD HARVEY =224. (Like the number of dead in the Halloween plane crash and the winning time at today’s NYC Marathon) – the mirror of 422. 
  • Speaking about plane crash, MATT HARVEY =43. PLANE CRASH =43. (News from today had Chipotle =43 closing 43 stores).
  • And if you’ll recall, the trick about 224 & 422 is that summed =666.
  • Of course the World Series is aired on FOX =666.
  • (And Volquez #36, 1 to 36 summed =666)
  • New York =111 in the 111th World Series on the date of 11/1 – and in Gematria, 111 corresponds to 666:


  • Notice the 422 weeks corresponds to 8 years 1 month 1 day, like DEATH =118. And get this gorgeous harmonic: Matt Harvey was the 118th pick in the draft.
  • And back to Volquez’s father, initials D.V.=4.22.
  • FRED THOMPSON =72. EDINSON VOLQUEZ =72. And even the anthem singer from game five, FRANK PIZARRO =72. (Reduces to 9 the number of baseball)


If 26-year-old Harvey wins tonight, he’ll have 26 wins and 18 losses (6+6+6=18). Recall all the 62 tributes from the plane crash… He debuted on the 26th July, a game where he recorded 11 strikeouts. He’s en route to logging 11 strikeouts tonight, a date with 11 numerology. GAME FIVE ELEVEN K =79. HARVEY =79. ELEVEN STRIKEOUTS =67. CYCLES / COINCIDENCES =67. 

  • SYNCHRONICITIES =82. On the 82nd pitch Cespedes took a ball in the knee CESPEDES’ KNEE =111.
  • The big story from Week 8 of the NFL today was the injuries, or so ESPN tells us. 
  • Another Harvey was injured, Cowboys’ GREG HARVEY =93 (Week Eight / Propaganda); =57 (World Series / Mets / Shea Stadium / Will He Rise) – and Matt Harvey’s life number.
  • Greg Harvey is the Defensive End. DE =43. MATT HARVEY =43.
  • The “Will He Rise” =57 is from an ESPN tweet from earlier in the day: 


Meanwhile, another ad aired during the 111th World Series in NEW YORK =111 is for FALLOUT IV =118 (Death) – like Harvey the 118th pick and Senator Thompson in office for 8 years 1 month 1 day. The ad uses the song the WANDERER =43. MATT HARVEY =43. FALLOUT =87. WORLD SERIES BLACKOUT =87. Speaking about 111, (release date: 11/10) here’s a screenshot from the ad: 


***update*** Harvey finished with 111 pitches and his last pitch was against Hosmer’s .111 average.

And speaking of Dark Knight, the proper Batman reference is for Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face.

  • DENT =43. MATT HARVEY =43. 
  • Harvey Dent =122 (Kansas City / San Francisco)
  • TWO FACE =73. THE DARK KNIGHT =73. Sen. Thompson dies at 73.

2 thoughts on “Matt Harvey: Dark Knight Rising?

  1. Wow, that post was damn good! Wish the Mets would have won – the Gematria was matching up nicely.

    Matt Harvey =133……

    One Hundred Thirty Three =1331. Or 133 both ways. Certainly a special number.

    One Thirty Three =1140. Major League Baseball =1140.

    Matthew Harvey =1014. NY Mets Ace Pitcher =1104.


    • Cheers brother, yeah Mets win woulda been nice. What a blatantly rigged spectacle / occult ritual baseball is. Suddenly I’m hooked, ha.

      Check my report on the Freeway Sign Body, I found a connect with the 122 and the 1331 — Remembrance Day.


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