More Wacky Plane Crash Stats

“In the past 20 years there have been 20 fatal events involving passenger flights on Russian airlines, with the loss of a total of 1,330 lives.” What’s weird about that is thus far in 2015 there has also been 20 plane crashes. That’s right, the Halloween crash was the TWENTIETH =43. SKULL AND BONES =43. MASSACRE =43.

  • Halloween crash’s full callsign: 7K9268 =43. PLANE CRASH =43.
  • 20/20 like 2+2=4 (224 killed today)
  • 133 = Psychological Operations / Hermetic Academy / This is a Hoax / Government / White House

“In 2002 69 people, many of them Russian schoolchildren, died in a mid-air collision over the German-Swiss border with a cargo aircraft.”(69 = Malaysia Airlines / Aviation Accident / Airplane Fire / Dynamic / False Flag). “In 2001, a Sibir Airlines jet flying from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk exploded over the Black Sea, in what is believed to have been the inadvertent firing of a ground-to-air missile by the Ukrainian military. All 76 people on board were killed.”

  • Recall, Halloween was 76 numerology and AL HASSANA =76 / FICTION =76. Mets player to hit two home runs on Halloween was MICHAEL CONFORTO =76. The two starting pitchers were both 67 Gematria, like Satanic / Cycles / Freemasonry 
  • And the Mets double agent, seemingly deliberately throwing the series, is CESPEDES =76.
  • Cespedes was traded to the Mets on 7/31/15 – the very day that a business jet crashed in the UK killing four members of the Bin Laden family.
  • Its callsign: HZ-IBN =59 (Kill / Mass Murder / Assassinated)
  • The jet was owned by SALEM AVIATION =51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism) and it happened on the crossroads of the 51st parallel and the 51st meridian.
  • BIN LADEN =34. MURDER =34. mirror of PLANE CRASH =43.

On 3/5/15 =23, Delta Airlines Flight 1086 slid off the runway, injuring 23. Flight 1086 slid for 290 metres, reminding us of the last Mets World Series in ’86, 29 years ago. It landed on runway 13 at 11:02 (13) going 133 knots and the runway remained closed until 10:30 (13) the next morning. 

  • Was this another clue for the World Series?  1+3 =4 and the score of game 4 was 3-5 like the date.
  • Its numerology also =53. Andreas Lubitz =53 (Germanwings pilot).
  • It’s been 221/222 days between the Germanwings crash and the Sinai Halloween crash
  • The latter was an A321 like 3/21: MARCH TWENTYFIRST =222. ANDREAS =221
  • Timespan between 3/5 slide and Game 7 on 11/4 =244 (Satanic)

Air Canada Flight 624 crashed off the runway in a snowstorm on 3/29/15 =67 (Satanic / Cycles) injuring 23, again. Recall the Halloween crash happened 23 minutes into the flight. What is suspect is the crash time of AC624 – 0:43. Remember that PLANE CRASH =43. 

  • March 29 =3/29 =32. It was an Airbus A320.
  • There were 133 passengers. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS =133. THIS IS A HOAX =133.
  • It happened on the 44th parallel. KILL =44. And its serial number =233 (MK-Ultra Mind Control)


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