11/2 and the Tremendously Trippy Tributes to 43 and 59


That enough 43s for ya? All this while the story of the day is still the PLANE CRASH =43. Chipotle =43 and it closed 43 stores. “Schools knew” and “a cent” both equal 43. And of course the Afghan gas station cost $43M… I mean, why wouldn’t it? 

  • Some other words with 43 Gematria: Freemason’s / Monarchy / Bloodline / Occultism / Secretive / The Agency / Fascism / Sheeple / Assassination / Massacre / Yale / Gog
  • Now watch me use all those words in two sentences:
  • There are 43 days left on the 322nd day of the year, drawing a clear connection to Yale’s Skull and Bones, the Freemason’s secretive bloodline-only club that is steeped in occultism and helps to perpetuate fascism for the monarchy to control the sheeple by organizing massacres and assassinations. Members include George HW Bush, whose nickname was Gog, and who went on to be Director of the CIA, aka the Agency.

This clipping is from 11/2/15 =48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Crime / Evil / Propaganda / Six-Six-Six / Sports Actors / Soccer Coach [above] / Slavery / Blacks). The last two are particularly interesting as 11/2 leaves 59 days left in the year and 59 is often coded on black folk throughout history. SLAVE =59. NEGRO =59. BLUES =59. TIGER =59 (notice its used above). 

  • NUMBER SEVEN =48. And 4+3=7. 
  • And for another connection to Skull & Bones, 11/2 is 233 days since the GermanWings plane crash which claims to have killed 144.
  • Kobe Bryant (aka BLACK MAMBA =59) said he “Freaking Sucks” =144.
  • Notice the highlighted STAR TREK =112 — on 11/2. 
  • (And I noticed while driving that gas prices in Banff today are $1.12/L)

And for the cherry on top, FORTYTHREE =59. Just to wrap it all up gloriously. 

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