Candy Crush Coding and $5.9 with 59 Days Left


First things first, on 11/2 there’s 59 days left in the year. 59=Kill. Perfect date to rearrange the holdings of the mind control industry, which is psychological warfare intended to cause a form of spiritual, mental, emotional, and eventual physical death. Notice the other coded Kill and Death references. Notice the timestamp of 11:06 corresponding to the Gematria of “Candy Crush,” the flip of “Call of Duty” and a 9/11 reference – extra spicy with the 11/2 date because in Europe the emergency number is 1-1-2.


2 thoughts on “Candy Crush Coding and $5.9 with 59 Days Left

  1. Yes! Nailed by Extra Capsa. Where are all the comments?? Its past due for a serious discussion on the Business World waging war on the Sheeple’s minds.

    King =66. King Digital =216 – and 216 is 6x6x6. Obama born on the 216th day of the year.

    King Digital Entertainment =261.

    Candy Crush – C C = 3 3.

    King Digital Bought By Activision Blizzard =422. We’ve had alot of 224 lately….i.e. russian plane “crash”.


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