Brazil Dam Disaster Foreshadows Havoc at Hoover


Brazil dam burst engulfs homes in MINAS GERAIS =115. FREEMASONS =115. The event occurred on 11/5 in a city with a population density of 115/sq mi (44.4/km2). MASONIC =444. Masonic =74. Capital city is BELO HORIZONTE =74 [which is 62 miles from MARIANA BRAZIL =62]. The village was 7km(4mi) beneath the dam which “ruptured at 4:20 pm.”[42= Freemason / Zionism / Satanism]

  • MARIANA BRAZIL =62/125. MARIANA TRENCH =62/125. 
  • Mariana founded 7/16/1696 =119. Area: 119 hectares. The dam was co-owned by BHP-BILLITON =119. Order of Death =119. Al-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119 (Netanyahu is visiting USA on 11/9)
  • BHP-BILLITON =56. HOOVER DAM =56. Mariana fire chief ADAO SEVERINO JR =156. GOD =156. FALSE FLAG =156. THIRTY-THREE =156.

And how’s this fractal, like a Russian nesting doll: The state is Minas Gerais, the nearest city is Mariana, and the specific village that got wiped out is BENTO RODRIGUES =172. MARIANA MINAS GERAIS =172. And the potentially contaminated river  is GUALAXO DO NORTE =172. Is this another ritual sabotage by the goons behind Skull and Bones #322? THREE TWO TWO =172. 

  • Bento Rodrigues =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Tailings =37. Dam Breach =37. 
  • Guy Fawkes =37 (and it happened on Guy Fawkes day).


Is this a test run for the plot to blow the Hoover Dam? Recall it blew at 4:20 =42. FORTY-TWO =142. SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY =142. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142. TERRORIST =142 (the 9/11 terrorist attacks lasted exactly 1 hour 42 minutes). HOOVER DAM BOMBED =142. (Wikipedia says Hoover Dam annually generates 4.2 billion kWh and the profile picture is from 1942).

  • MINAS GERAIS DAM DISASTER =93, the number of Thelema. Route 93 used to run across the Hoover Dam, which was dedicated on (9/30/35) =93, just like 9/30, and added to the National Register of Historic Places on (4/8/81) =93. HOOVER DAM EXPLODES =93.
  • Another piece of evidence is this extremely suspicious Camry ad, which shows Route 93 blown out. The bold words, BOLD CAMRY =93. “One Bold Choice Leads To Another” =123. Conspiracy =123. 
  • And notice the paired 48s, like the date of 4/8 and ILLUMINATI =48. HOAX =48. CRIME =48. PROPAGANDA =48. This bridge is 48 km SE of Las Vegas.
  • And the TOYOTA CAMRY =156. LEFT THEM ALL BEHIND =156 (God / False Flag / Thirty-Three). Again, HOOVER DAM =56. What a coincidence!
  • The Hoover Dam was built in 1933, just like World Trade Centers fell 33 years after construction.


One thought on “Brazil Dam Disaster Foreshadows Havoc at Hoover

  1. The Hoover Dam. One of my fave subjects, and an even bigger fave in conspiracy circles. The Hoover Dam is a masterpiece built by the Masons – loaded & coded to the max. The conspiracy theorists say it will be the Hoover Dam that goes first when true destruction comes to America…..sorry for the bad news.

    There’s nothing I can comment that hasn’t been made into countless YouTube videos already. Its a guarantee that the Dam will be destroyed, and that the US shadow gov’t will be behind it to push their agenda. The Hoover Dam has been relegated to a mere tourist attraction these days. It supplies a minimal amount of energy, and is way out-dated. A perfect target.

    Hoover Dam Explodes =1206. From the Brazil Dam break on 11/5 to 12/6 = 31 days. 12/6/15 is a 33 day – so because of the 31-33 combo I wanted to speculate a lil. Hoover Dam was turned over the the US Feds on March 1st – 3/1. Thirty One =804, and 804 leads to many, many Obama connections. So its possible something happens to it btw now & Jan ’17.

    Long comment by me today w/out much meat – just gravy……Brother Berg has been the carnivore lately. Keep chowing down my friend – your leftovers are better then my gourmet meals!

    Dam Disaster =414, 41.

    Hoover Dam Destroyed =1666. Hoover Dam Destroyed =216 – Multiply 6x6x6 =216.

    Extra-Capsa The Cypher =216.


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