GI Joe the Disgraced Cop: Psychic Trauma Double Whammy 


One of the first Gematria reports I ever did was way back in September when a cop in Fox Lake was allegedly gunned down by vague villains, sparking a massive police state manhunt a.k.a martial law drill. In case you missed it: Cop Shooting Hoax – The Psyop at 666 Lake. As I exposed, this is no normal town. It is an extremely Masonic place and the highest echelons of Masonry are synonymous with Satanism. The psychological operation was busted as a hoax then, on 9/1 – and TEN DAYS LATER (=144) on 9/11 the coroner said he can’t rule out sucide or accident – a statement that outraged the police commander, in the scripted propaganda psychodrama. 

Fox Lake mourned their fallen hero, grieved hard for him, then just days ago – just the wound was beginning to heal, they get smoked with another hardcore psychological warfare attack: their fallen hero was in fact a CROOKED COP =51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism / Psychodrama / “An Academy Award”) from LIBERTYVILLE =151 who had been embezzling money from the Explorer Mentorship Program. That is a massive blow to the psyches of the sheeple who believe the news. 

  • Plot twist came on 11/4. NOVEMBER FOURTH =74. FOX LAKE =74. MASONIC =74.
  • He specifically died in Volo, whose village motto is A FAMILY COMMUNITY =74.
  • And for a nice Gematria cherry on top: “ADD INSULT TO INJURY” =74. 
  • Now get this: the cop was JOSEPH GLINIEWICZ =91. He died on 9/1. MANHUNT =91. DECEPTION =91. ZIONIST CONSPIRACY =91. MASONIC RITUAL MURDERS =91. 
  • And if that’s not enough, the timespan between his death and this plot twist: 9 weeks 1 day


  • The headline even codes in a reverse 91: DEATH OF FOX LAKE COP DIVIDES ILLINOIS VILLAGE =190.
  • Another mirror in the 64 days: HERO =46. GI JOE =46. CHICAGO =46. (GI Joe was his nickname and practically every single propaganda story involving cops involves the subliminal 46 coding for Hero) 
  • VOLO =64 (which in the long-form system of Gematria) VOLO ILLINOIS =64.
  • Keeping with the Satanic Law of Reversal: 2 months 3 days =32. SAYTON ROAD =32 (where the incident occurred). AMERICA =32. OBAMA =32. Joe was a 32-year veteran of the force. News reports are now saying he tried to PUT A HIT =32 on an administrator.



He was born 8/25/63 =96. LT JOSEPH GLINIEWICZ  =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra); =115 (Freemasons / Killing / Psychological Operations). And 8+25=33. POLICE =33. SUICIDAL =33.

  • And check the timespan between the 9/11 suicide suggestion and the plot twist confirmation: 
  • 7 weeks 5 days =75. JOE GLINIEWICZ =75. NEW WORLD ORDER =75. SCOTTISH RITE =75.
  • The task team commander GEORGE FILENKO =75. The undersheriff RAYMOND ROSE =57. 
  • Joe radioed in for the last time at 7:50 am
  • 54 = Freemasonic / Make-Believe / Terrorism – which about sums it up


Joe was ex-MILITARY =44, an OFFICER =44 on THE FORCE =44, who is said to have EMBEZZLED =44 and faked an EXECUTION =44 to allegedly KILL =44 himself. The propaganda keeps referring to it as a “CAREFULLY STAGED SUICIDE” =94 (Terror / Stunt / Passive Voyeurism) which connects even deeper since the 94th day of the year is 4/4.

  • Joe was born on the 25th and died at age 52 (if he’s actually dead – or even real) REST IN PEACE =52.
  • The community 52 miles NW of Chicago suffered a DOUBLE WHAMMY =52. 
  • This is a TERRORIST =52 attack on the SUBCONSCIOUS =52 by the MASONIC MEDIA =52. 

And here’s one more coincidence for the coincidence theorists: POLICE =147. JOE GLINIEWICZ =147. “I JUMP OUT OF PLANES AND KILL PEOPLE” =147. 


2 thoughts on “GI Joe the Disgraced Cop: Psychic Trauma Double Whammy 

    • Cheers Mick, thanks for the share. What a joke eh. 39 alleged victims and THOMPSON =39. And with the S-Exception, 48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Crime / Propaganda) – the latter of which also =93, like the reflection of Thompson and the kill count.


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