Triangulating Yet Another Freak on a Freeway Sign


After threatening for about 2 hours, a 22-year-old man jumped from the Alder Avenue overpass onto the I-210 freeway in Rialto August 26, 2012. The incident began approximately at 3 p.m. when Jorge Luis Balderas made his way to the Sierra Avenue exit sign on the Alder Avenue overpass.  

8/26/12 =66. The second freeway sign jumper happened 7/25/2014 =66. And it was 66 days between the second incident and the third bizarre freeway death event. This one’s at Exit 67 and the second event is on a sign for LONG BEACH =67. COINCIDENCES =67. PSYCHIC TRAUMA =67. SIERRA AVE =44 (Kill / Earthquake / HAARP)

  • ONE MILE =73. Sacrificial Lamb =73. Interstate Seven Ten =73.
  • The last story was coded with 111 and coincided with the 111th a World Series in NEW YORK =111 where the Mets pitcher threw his 111th pitch against a batter with an average of .111
  • Another key number from the other two stories is 101: BIZARRE FREEWAY DEATH =101. SACRIFICIAL LAMB =101. Which reduces to 11 in numerology where 111 represents the ‘fulfillment’ of 11. Like the 101 days from the third story to Super Bowl 50; like the 1 year 11 months between this first instance of occult symbolic ritual and the second. 
  • And the thing about 111 is it directly translates to 666…


Notice too the mirror of 699 and 996, numbers very much like 666. CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE =699. SUCKER PUNCH =699. ISRAEL MURDERED B OBAMA =699. And 966 is the translation of 166: (Twin Towers / September Eleven / Annuit Coeptis / One World Order) – aka the fulfilment of 66, to bring it back to the key number here in this Freak on a Freeway Sign trilogy.


Now this happened in RIALTO CA =79 and the jumper is one JORGE LUIS BALDERAS =79. PARADOX =79. RIALTO =75, just like the “Colorado Boulevard” sign from the other story, which happened right by “Griffith Park” =75. Perhaps all signs of the NEW WORLD ORDER =75. 

It happened on Interstate 210 (which corresponds numerologically with 35) and if you took that Exit 67 you’d drive 3.5 km to Route 66, which runs parallel to the 210. And there we have another 66 reference, tying in with how Route 101 runs parallel to the I-5… Very curious indeed.

  • And how’s this one truth-seeker: August 26th, the date this happened, is the 239th day of the year. 
  • America is currently 239 years old and this number has been coded a lot this year, like September 23rd, the Day of Atonement, which came and went without major incident.
  • Yet (2+3+9) =14 and it’s been 14 years since 9/11 and (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) =14. 
  • And to further connect: 9 / (1+1) 2 / (2+1) 3

Speaking of 9/11, peep the timespan between this first event and the latest (body on the freeway sign hoax): 1160 days, like an upside-down 911. And reduced to 116 we get harmonic words like: Royalty / Rothschild / Reptilian (all synonyms in more ways than one). The other two incidents occurred on THE 5 FREEWAY =116 and involved much coding for 11/11 or 22 – Balderas was 22 on the overpass of ALDER =22 and TWO TWO =116. 

  • 324 = Eleven Eleven / Terrorism / Reptilian / Pentagram / The Black Pope
  • 324+423 =747 (Hypnosis / Amtrak Routes). AMTRAK =222 and recall the “for about 2-hours, a 22-year-old”. 
  • And since we’re stretching, mental yoga, tying 9/11 with 239 with 747 — Air India Flight 182 was a bombed 747 that killed 329 people. SYNCHRONICITY =182. There were 22 crew and 307 passengers, like the mirror of 73 = Sacrificial Lamb / Ritual Sacrifice. Like Pan Am Flight 73, which was also a 747 — and that occurred on a date with 119 numerology, like the 1160 days!

Ok it’s about time I unplug and go for a walk.

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