Could it Happen in the West = Nine Eleven: Zionist Fingerprints

Fearmongering, both viscerally and subliminally, the double whammy of psychological warfare. As you can see, this CNN cover story from 11/8/15 =44 (Kill / Preview) is packed full of occult coding. We’ve been seeing a ramping up of 119 codes, and it remains to be seen to what exactly this is alluding. A reverse 9/11, and tomorrow’s date of 11/9. Which just so happens to be the date that Israeli PM Netanyahu is visiting the White House. As if their schedules aren’t programmed by the same crew of numerologists who write the scripts and code the stories, carrying out the grand narrative written ages ago. 

  • “Belief that Russian flight was bombed raises fears for air travel” =249. Novus Ordo Seclorum =249 (“New Order of the Ages” – written on the Great Seal)
  • ISIS INTERCEPTS INDICATES BOMB =121. Revelation =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Antichrist =121.
  • “ISIS intercepts indicates bomb, US says” =135. TERRORISM =135. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =135.

And with 9/11 firmly in both the front and back of mind, remember (as we interpret what exactlty the Feds’ message may be, that in Europe the emergency number is 112. [Feds=16 and Sixteen=33]

Let’s also notice the final three words from the last line: STAKE FOR PUTIN =58 (Bomb Took Down Jet / Freemasonry / Masonic Hitman / United States / Destruction / Agenda); =175 (Masonic Assassin / Satanic Worship). Are they suggests that VLADimir is a VAMPIRE =48 (Blood / Evil / Illuminati / Hoax / Propaganda); =84 (Bomb / Obama / President Biden / Jesuit / United States of America / Lawyer). That’s right, Lawyer and Vampire have the exact same Gematria. Sure provides some overstanding to the term “blood-sucker” – which itself has the same Gematria as “Airplane Crash.”


  • Even more 119 coding on this story. As crime scene investigators, this is as incrimating as a matching fingerprint. Who’s behind the cooked data on a black box? The same people behind Honeywell – who are the same people behind the Star of David – who are the same people behind Zionism – who may not even be people as we know them.
  • And with the regards to the 142=Terrorism, lest we forget that the terrorist attacks of the 9/11 mega-ritual lasted precisely 1 hour 42 min.

Ever wonder they call the flight data recorder the Black Box when it’s clearly ORANGE (=33)? Like the esoteric symbolism of the Kaaba at Mecca, the black cube is a symbol of Saturn, which is the occult roots of modern-day Satanism.

    I looked up the TSA blog and boy was I rewarded. Look at the date of the first blog post: 7/17/10 =33. And if you include the 20 that’s 53. The post was written by TSA Administrator JOHN PISTOLE =53. And he signs his name John S Pistole – kind of like John’s Pistol – kind of like Johnny’s got a Gun – kind of like subliminal reinforcement for the legitimacy of counterterrorism and the Big Brother apparatus. Kind of like the time I got groped by an Igor-lookin creep of a vile wretch at the Dallas airport. 

    • And continuing with the gun theme, get a load of the post’s subtitle: 
    • I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU =247. GUN =247. PROBLEM =247.
    • Here’s a real problem: CORRUPTED POLITICIANS =247.

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