Back to the Future: The Cosmic Significance of Nov 12th and the Staged Satanic Shootings of October 2007


In Back to the Future, Nov 12, 1955 is suggested as “the temporal junction point for the entire space-time continuum.” (It just so happens this date is exactly sixty years ago at time of report. SIXTY YEARS LATER =221. Martin McFly Jr =221. Temporal Displacement =221. Michael J Fox is Marty McFly =2201). As the film is heavily coded for the JFK assassination, another date of cosmic significance, we can run a string between 11/12/55 and 11/22/63. This gives us a timespan of 8 years 11 days, or 419 weeks.

  • EIGHT TIMES ELEVEN =88. November Twelfth =188 (President Kennedy)
  • Eight Years Eleven Days Later =114. Griff Tannen =114. Hill Valley High School =114. Nineteenth =114. Chuck Berry =114.
  • On 11/12/55, Berry is named Billboard’s most promising artist of the year. Exactly eight years eleven days later, JFK would be assassinated.
  • “Go Johnny, Go go go” =144 (Goldie Wilson / One Sixteen AM / Forty-Four)


If we then correlate our target window of 11/19/15 (a date which has been heavily coded and foreshadowed) for the same duration back in time, we arrive at Oct 9th, 2007. This week saw not one but two shootings: the Crandon Wisconsin Shooting of 10/07/07 and the SuccessTech Academy Shooting of 10/10/07.

  • CRANDON WISCONSIN SHOOTING =121. SUCCESSTECH ACADEMY SHOOTING =121. S.T.A. =121. ONE POINT TWENTY-ONE JIGOWATTS =121. Four Hundred Nineteen Weeks =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Revelation =121. Psychopathic Serial Killer =121.
  • The 121st day of the year is May 1st, the Satanic Holyday of Beltane, a date which leaves 244 days remaining. Lone Wolf Terrorist =244. Of course ‘mayday’ is also the emergency distress signal, and Mayday =69 (False Flag)

The Crandon Wisconsin Shooting happened on a date with 17/44 numerology (10+7+20+7). Crandon =33. Wisconsin =44. Kill =44. Lone Gunman =44. Kill =17. A 20-year-old police deputy committed mass murder at a post-homecoming party. With regards to 17, the incident involved 1 wounded and 7 killed. 

  • Perp: TYLER J PETERSON =67. Occurred at 2:45 am: TWO FORTY-FIVE =67.
  • Satanic =67. Killer =67. Cycles =67. Coincidences =67. 
  • Peterson born 3/6/87 =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / 11+22+63 / Barry Obama); =34 (Murder)
  • His ex-girlfriend motive is listed as “Jordanne Michele Murray” =232. Satan =232. Jordanne Michele Murray =106. Prophecy =106. [The SuccessTech Shooting is listed at 1:06 p.m.]
  • Her initials JMM (1+4+4) =144 (Killer / Mark of the Beast / Forty-Four)
  • Notice the connection between JMM=144 and Peterson’s birthday of 3/6 =36; the first 144 digits of Pi sum to 666 just as the sum of 1 to 36 =666.

   (Main picture from SuccessTech Academy’s Wikipedia profile, coded right up with the branding of the Gang of Thirty-Three)

SuccessTech Academy Shooting =113 (Mainstream / Greenscreen / Dishonest); =139 (Freemasonry / Masonic Hitman / The Waking Dream / The Killing of the Divine King). CLEVELAND =33. {Victims included 2 Michael=33s and one Grassie=33.} CLEVELAND OHIO =125. SUCCESSTECH =125. TIME TRAVEL =125.

  • SUCCSESSTECH =44 (Kill / Preview / Lone Gunman / Wisconsin). SUCCESSTECH ACADEMY =69 (False Flag / Twilight Zone / Blast From the Past / The Future is Now)
  • The school was established by a grant from the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION =111. SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING =111.
  • Gunman (who shot 4 then killed himself): ASA COON =68. MURDER-SUICIDE =68 (Barack Obama / Helter Skelter / Back to the Future). Thirty Years Later =168. All the dates in the movie occur in 30 year increments: 1955-1985-2015.

And how about the address of SuccessTech tying together the entire report! FOURTEEN FORTY =188. NOVEMBER TWELFTH =188. PRESIDENT KENNEDY =188. 

  • FOURTEEN FORTY =71. SCHOOL SHOOTING =71. VIRGINIA TECH =71. ROYAL =71 (School nickname is the Royals)
  • Timespan between SuccessTech Academy Shooting and Virginia Tech Shooting: 177 days. SUCCESSTECH ACADEMY =177. Masonic-Satanist =177. (And if we play around: 1+(7+7) =144)
  • The SuccessTech shooter was 14 years old and 2015 – the year from Back to the Future – is 14 years after (9+11+20+01) =41. FOURTEEN =41.  
  • 44114: like Assassin =411 and Killer =144…
  • And what do you know: (4+4+1+1+4) =14.

And my fav detail is Asa Coon’s uncle, LARRY LOONEY =61 (Terrorist / Masonic Media / God) with intials LL (12+12) reducing to 33. Larry =74 from Ohio =47. 

  • PS: the two satanic shootings of October 2007 came 82 hours apart. Synchronicities =82 Aleister Crowley =82. High Magic =82. Barack Hussein Obama =82. Our American Cousin =82 (the play Lincoln was watching as he was shot) 
  • Our American Cousin had its first performance on 10/15/1858 =101. Assassin =101. Four Score and Seven Years =101.
  • The play’s protagonist’s name is ASA (111/1191) — just like the shooter at SuccessTech!! What are the odds. Especially when we examine the time durations in the frame of the Fibonacci Sequence: 2_3_5_8:
  • SUCCESSTECH occurred 3 days after Crandon and the play came out 5 days after SuccessTech (149 years earlier). Skull and Bones =149. 

PPS:: the timespan between the first performance of Our American Cousin and Lincoln’s assassination =339 days

  • The last line uttered in the play before Limcoln was shot: “Don’t know the manners of good society, eh? Wal, I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal — you sockdologizing old man-trap.” =1339.
  • Union =339. Repentance =339. Heroes Cancelled =339. Death is False =339. Celebrate Death =339. Masonic Seal =339. Doppelgänger =339.
  • Three Three Nine =82. Our American Cousin =82. 

One thought on “Back to the Future: The Cosmic Significance of Nov 12th and the Staged Satanic Shootings of October 2007

  1. Call it synchonicity:

    I was going to make a post about the number 168 this morning anyway.
    “Five people have been held in Lyon, say French media, as the interior ministry says 168 locations are searched across France.”

    I was doing some follow up on Columbine, on foot of Zachary Hubbard’s excellent recent post by going back through Dave Cullen’s 2009 book “Columbine”:

    It stated that Harris and Klebold were trying to top the Oklahoma Bombing:

    19th April, 1995 = 168 confirmed kills

    Eric’s diary:
    “Make today count”
    “Make today count” in the English Ordinal system equals 168

    It took 28 minutes for the attack to reach local news outlets:

    28 minutes = 1,680 seconds = 168 as we drop the zeroes in numerology

    “New York City” in the English Ordinal system equals 168

    To me, anyway, the number 168 links the 1995 Oklahoma Bombing, Columbine massacre of 1999, 911 and Paris attacks of 13th November, 2015 as PSY OPS.


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